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Andu 2nd Jan 2014 08:01

rh, I really don't think any doubts pass their minds for as much as a nanosecond. They simply know they are right with their collective worldview, and never bother themselves with mere details.

It would be really interesting to see a REAL journalist interview Sarah Twodads on this topic - a journalist who would refuse to move on to the next question until she has answered the first uncomfortable one put to her. However, if this was ever to happen, I fear most of us would come away disappointed, for she would walk away from any such interview as totally convinced she remains right in her stance on this and every other topic - and you can bet London to a brick that there would be thousands of inner city latte-sippers who would have seen the interview and, no matter how badly she handled the tough questions, would insist that she had 'nailed' it in every possible way.

Isn't it interesting to see how many of us on this site who were so outspoken about the mistakes we felt were being made by the Labor rabble while they were in power are now willing to say we're not content with everything Tony Abbott is now doing (or, more to the point, NOT doing)? How many of the True Believers on the other side ever spoke out when they disagreed with something Gillard or Rudd did?

God, I heard that woman's voice in a 'the year that was' presentation the ALPBC did yesterday and realised how incredibly lucky we are not to have it inflicted upon us daily as it once was. I have great pity for the students at Adelaide University who feel they must take the course she will lecture in.

But then again, maybe I should not have any pity for a student who feels he or she should take such a course.

SOPS 2nd Jan 2014 09:14

As I have said before, my sister is one of them, left of the far left lefty. But you can't even have a conversation with her about anything that is against any of her lefty views. She is RIGHT, everyone else is plain wrong and she will never ever, ever, accept any other point of view. I do note however, she spends most of the year telling me how my industry is pouring out noxious gasses causing the loss of the polar bear, but she is off on a 6 week trip now, jetting around the world!

rh200 2nd Jan 2014 10:35

Yea I find Tony as annoying as anything to listen too, not as bad as Julia though. But In all We new that and essentially you vote for the party and the policy's, not the person. There is a significant amount of the punters out there that don't see that.

Not sure what you expect to have seen them do by now, and in effect it looks like the punters expected more judging by the opinion polls. They don't have a majority in the senate so their stuffed with their major policy's. It takes a while to move the chess pieces around and get what you want, so its a long term slow an steady race.

but she is off on a 6 week trip now, jetting around the world!
She might have gone out and bought six weeks of green credits somewhere:E. Could get a "this trip is carbon neutral" sticker for her luggage:p

Fliegenmong 2nd Jan 2014 10:50

It would be really interesting to see a REAL journalist interview TA on any topic - a journalist who would refuse to move on to the next question until he has answered the first uncomfortable one put to him

Fixed that one up for you Andu mate...... :ok: The MSM won't ever put TA under the torch! :ok:

Ken Borough 2nd Jan 2014 11:07

I think there would be plenty of credible journos who'd love to have a no-holds barred session with the PM. The only problem is that TA has his favourites and won't allow anyone else near him. I wonder sometimes if it's Peta who's keeping such a tight rein on him? :E

Fliegenmong 2nd Jan 2014 12:51

Peta the drink driver? :confused:

7x7 2nd Jan 2014 20:34

Nice debating technique with that red herring, Fleigs and Ken, but it doesn't cut much ice with me.

Now while we're on the subject of ice....

Does anyone know how much the Chinese rescue of the "The world is still warming!!!" eco-tourists from the ice is costing the Australian taxpayer?

Somehow, I have a deep suspicion that part of the reason for the delay in the Chinese being able to get the tourists off the Russian ship could be attributed to waiting until an acceptable (to the Chinese) conclusion to negotiations over who would pay for the rescue was reached.

...and why do I suspect that that means Australia will foot the whole, not inconsiderable bill? (Jo Nova reports that the now sacked Labor government funded the "expedition" to the tune of $1.5 million BORROWED taxpayers' dollars.)

The tourists should have had travel insurance. They, and not I, the poor bloody taxpayer, should pay for their rescue through their insurance.

Captain Sand Dune 2nd Jan 2014 21:19

On a similar subject:

AUSTRALIAN activist Colin Russell has arrived home saying he has no regrets about his time spent in a Russian jail and that Greenpeace will campaign the "same as ever".
The 59-year-old flew into Hobart on Thursday night after being detained by Russian authorities for three months over a seaborne protest against oil drilling in the Arctic.
With his wife and daughter at his side he told reporters at Hobart Airport that being detained was unexpected and "wasn't in my travel brochure".
Mr Russell, a radio operator, was one of 30 activists arrested and detained in September for protesting against a Russian oil rig operated by Moscow-based energy company Gazprom in the Pechora Sea.
Known as the Arctic 30, the group, made up of 28 Greenpeace activists and two freelance journalists, had been accused of piracy then hooliganism.
The charges were dropped last week after the Russian parliament passed an amnesty law and freed the defendants.
Russian authorities granted Mr Russell an exit visa last week, allowing him to return home.
He said the Greenpeace protest was a peaceful one and the Russian reaction was "probably overdone".
But the arrests and detention would not deter the environmental group, he said.
"I think we'll still campaign the same as ever ... that's what we do.
"I have no regrets about the time in jail .. it's done the job," Mr Russell said.
"It's freedom of speech and I think maybe Russians learnt a bit of a lesson too that people should have the right to freedom of speech."
Mr Russell said the Russian troops who boarded the Greenpeace vessel "weren't messing around".
"It was pretty hair raising, pretty scary when you see people with full balaclavas on and automatic weapons, I'm not used to that of course."
That's why one doesn't fcuk with the Russians, idiot!

He said he was not harshly treated in the jail he was in but it was run down and not clean and one man there had tuberculosis and AIDS.
Mr Russell said he would have to have blood tests for the disease for the next two years.
He said the Australian government "could have gone into bat a little bit more for me".
Aww, poor diddums! What did you expect, a 5-star hotel? And yet another twit wanting the government to drop everything and clean up the mess they (the individual concerned that is) made in the first place.

"Australia was going to let me go through Russia's due legal process, but it just doesn't exist," he said.
Well it's their country and therefore their laws, you twit!! What is it with Australians who fcuk up in another country and are surprised to discover that that countries' laws are not he same as our pathetic legal system that allows d*ckheads like Mr Russell to do what they want.

But he did pay tribute to Australian consular officials who kept him informed and supplied him with food and books.
Mr Russell said he wanted to thank everybody in Australia who backed him during his ordeal.
His daughter Madeleine said it was a "huge relief" to have her father back and she was grateful to everyone who had supported them, while his wife Christine said she was proud of what her husband had done.
Of course she's proud. Her professional activist husband will now have the media queuing for interviews, and will probably write a book on his 'adventure'.
I'm sure the MSM and the Green will be fawning over this mungbean and give him 'hero' status.

parabellum 2nd Jan 2014 21:27

I think it is quite disappointing that normal level headed folk who post here are already whinging about Tony Abbott and their perceived 'lack of progress'.

Rome was not built in a day.

Ask yourselves, historically, has any new government coming from opposition issued much good news in the first year? No, they haven't. In this case the depth of deception and lying of Swan, Wong and Gillard regarding the real state of Australia's finances was not known until the LNP came to office, once revealed there was bound to be an effect across the board on all policies and Hockey has had to put together an altogether different budget than the one he originally planned.

The 'stop the boats' policy was deliberately sabotaged by the left wing ABC, a disgraceful act, the carbon tax policy will have to wait until the government has the support of the senate. On the up side there has been a lot of work behind the scenes making appointments that will, eventually, enable TA to deliver.

Have patience, Abbott needs at least six years to overcome the damage done by that wrecking crew also known as the last ALP government.

rh200 2nd Jan 2014 22:39

The 'stop the boats' policy was deliberately sabotaged by the left wing ABC
And was that not expected?:cool:

Will he ever be able to get the support of the senate?

I was thinking he might only get his flagship policy's though by calling another election, whilst it was a slam dunk he would win. Maybe blaming it on the other side not letting him institute the policy's he was elected for, hence maybe getting even more of a lead.

The way the polls are he might go backwards if he did that.

parabellum 3rd Jan 2014 00:47

And was that not expected
I don't think anyone forecast the ABC pulling such a treasonous stunt.

I agree, a double dissolution now might fail but after July possibly a better chance of success of scrapping climate change?

Dark Knight 3rd Jan 2014 01:08

Ship of Fools??????
Hitler stuck in the Ice......

(apologies for the Language but I guess when all is not melting around you one can be forgiven for loosing one's cool....)

Hitler Gets Trapped in Sea Ice - YouTube

bosnich71 3rd Jan 2014 01:32

The bit about Al Gore and his carbon footprint was a classic. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...cons/icon7.gif

Ken Borough 3rd Jan 2014 02:10

I don't think anyone forecast the ABC pulling such a treasonous stunt.
Que? What treasonous stunt? Even our uber-right wing Attorney-General has seen fit not to take any action. We don't need emotional, uninformed clap-trap of the kind spouted by certain right-wing bloggers. Just some balance and good sense please good people! :ok:

Andu 3rd Jan 2014 05:01

Ken, can you remove the blinkers just for one moment while you answer these two questions?

(1) Was the ABC "revelation" (of information they'd been sitting on since June, when Labor was still in power) damaging to the new Government's policy of reducing the flow of uninvited self-selecting immigrants via Indonesia?

(2) If you can't or won't answer question (1), a very slight variation to it: did the revelation - even unintentionally - damage the new Government's policy of reducing the flow of uninvited self-selecting immigrants via Indonesia?

Supplementary question: forget question (2). Was the revelation designed to damage the new Government's policy of reducing the flow of uninvited self-selecting immigrants via Indonesia?

Remember: blinkers off.

Ken Borough 3rd Jan 2014 06:26


The blinkers are off, not that they were ever on. :ok:

I recall that although the Guardian had a truck-load of stuff, including the so-called spying leaks, from Snowden for a while, it took an equally while to trawl through it to establish what was there and then publish the stories. If you can believe the media, there's much more to come. I don't for one minute think it's had any effect on the flow of asylum seekers: where the bloody hell are they? We really don't know what's happening as Morrison seems to have been rendered deaf and dumb since the election. Perhaps he was hit by a bolt of lightning? :E

I reckon the spy issue is pretty much dead and buried apart from the brouhaha over the alleged bugging of the Timor Cabinet room. I think this has some way to travel.

We all know that governments of all persuasions indulge in a spot of espionage. They all know that one of the rules is not to get caught. The Aust Govt would not have been caught were it not for an embarrassing issue to another sovereign state. I don't for one minute think that the ABC was trying to play 'gotcha' with the LNP - it is a fact that what they did is certainly not treasonous. Cheers

alisoncc 3rd Jan 2014 06:35

No mention of the lefty plot to get the Bureau of Met to announce that Aust has just had it's hottest year on record. I really like a good conspiracy story, but it's quite okay 'cos Tony says it didn't happen.

rh200 3rd Jan 2014 07:31

No mention of the lefty plot to get the Bureau of Met to announce that Aust has just had it's hottest year on record
Yawn, note the "on record bit", and how long does that record go back. In the grand scheme of things sweet stuff all. We can determine climate for particular temporal modes, but there are a few we have no idea about.

Ethel the Aardvark 3rd Jan 2014 09:00

For once I am in agreement with the abc haters, the commy views that banana 1 portrays to Banana 2 is unbelievable, even the weather girl mentioned how hot it was in Queensland, now if that ain't lefty socialistic views then my name is not Malcolm Turnbull.

Takan Inchovit 3rd Jan 2014 09:12

Yep, lets tax the arse out of everybody instead, that'l fix it.

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