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Takan Inchovit 28th Dec 2013 09:40


Ha! Just as I thought, a Liberal voter.

rh200 28th Dec 2013 10:54

Ha, what a crock, I'm dead on the horizontal and a mickey wisker to the left of the center vertical. Damm and I was even being truthful.:p

bosnich71 28th Dec 2013 10:57

Sorry but I went off Cosgrove at the time of the Timor business.
There he was on the telly, in Timor, and his nearest companion in that hot bed of danger (?) was a young lady soldier, all of 5ft.4 ins. who looked as if she had just been introduced to her rifle that very morning.
I came to a few conclusions ....

1. There was no danger so Cosgrove didn't need a body guard.
2. The whole exercise was a sop to P.C. etc.
3. There was danger to Cosgrove and the man was an absolute P***t for not getting himself a couple of rather large S.A.S. blokes to walk the walk with him.
Regardless of that, though, he did, we are told, do a good job after the floods in Qld. but then again if Bligh and the rest hadn't been a bunch of Drongos the floods wouldn't have happened would they ? http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...cons/icon7.gif

bosnich71 28th Dec 2013 10:59

Ken .... are you sure that you got the thingummy the right way up ? http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...cons/icon7.gif

Ken Borough 28th Dec 2013 11:02


I'll try again while my iPad is the right way up! As said, I vote neither Green nor ALP. What a surprise.

Captain Sand Dune 28th Dec 2013 21:01


Surprised me. I'll have to revoke my membership of the Extreme Right of Ghengis Khan and Compulsory Firearms for All Australians Party!

Re Cosgrove, I have also heard mutterings about him from my Army brothers. However no having served under him it's difficult to make an accurate assessment. Having said that, I reckon he would be quite good as GG. Certainly preferable to the incumbent or an ex pollie.

Willi B 28th Dec 2013 21:30

Re the GG, IMHO, Angus Houston would be a better choice. He has form in challenging politicians' versions of events!

Dark Knight 28th Dec 2013 21:51

Angus may have but underneath he is a bleating heart leftie.

Previous commentary here did not speak well of him.

Captain Sand Dune 28th Dec 2013 21:55

Dunno about that DK. He called Howard on the 'babies overboard' incident. Many in the ADF thought that he was finished following that incident but it got him promoted to CDF.
Similar to Cosgrove, AH would also be a good choice for GG IMHO.

Andu 28th Dec 2013 22:41

Whatever the strengths and weaknesses of the main contenders, I think, with the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing being a major function during the next GG's term, some of the decision makers think the uniform has to be khaki, and not white or blue. Angus will still get to hug (some, unkinder than I am, might be tempted to say 'hog') the cameras at that event as he's the chair of the organising committee, but the main player will need to be in khaki, so it was (and maybe still is) between Cosgrove and Gillespie.

I heard only last night from someone who should know that Marie Bashir is about to hang up her spurs and that an ex-Navy man in a front runner to replace her as NSW Governor. If that's true, I would imagine Chris Barrie's name would be on the short list, although there'd almost certainly be some who think he did himself no favours by making some unfortunate comments about the asylum seeker topic during the Gillard years.

rh200 28th Dec 2013 22:46

He called Howard on the 'babies overboard' incident
Did he "call" him on it, or just correct him on the incorrect advice they where given by defence in the first place.

That whole debacle is the perfect example of instant news and the issue of spin doctors (both sides of politics) wanting to get in first instead of waiting for a while to get proper compiled reports.

Captain Sand Dune 29th Dec 2013 01:28

Did he "call" him on it, or just correct him on the incorrect advice they where given by defence in the first place.
According to my sources, AH (then Chief of Air Force, and acting CDF at the time) had pressure on him to say that the illegal immigrants were tossing babies overboard. AH told what he saw; ie no babies being given swimming lessons.

7x7 29th Dec 2013 01:57

an ex-Navy man in a front runner to replace her as NSW Governor
He's way too junior for such an appointment, but putting that aside for one moment, if it's a Navy many they want as the next NSW governor, wouldn't it be poetic to see the Libs put the ADFA commandant into the job just to see that **** Stephen Smith eat a whole flock of crows?

Edited to add: the case for Angus getting the GG gig must have taken a bit of a hit the day a near giggling and swooning Eileen admitted to being "a little bit in love with him".

Ethel the Aardvark 29th Dec 2013 04:15

Be careful what you say about the ex military types on here Ken,
I fear many of them may of killed with their bare hands.
I mean it's standard operating procedures in the catering corps!;)

Airey Belvoir 29th Dec 2013 05:16

Oh dear. Mr 'ad hominem' is back. :ugh:

7x7 29th Dec 2013 05:56

I fear many of them may of killed with their bare hands.
If I may be permitted one brief dip of my toes into ad hominum territory for the holiday season, that sentence construction pretty well says it all about our friend Ethel. As I descend into senility, I can't recall how many I may of killed with my bare hands.

Airey Belvoir 29th Dec 2013 06:11

That's probably lost on him 7x7.

I understand that it's now perfectly acceptable in uneducated "yoof-speak" to write 'of' in place of 'have'. That's how they talk, you see.

Captain Sand Dune 29th Dec 2013 06:16

Well school is out for Christmas holidays.:E

Worrals in the wilds 29th Dec 2013 08:06

...just to see that **** Stephen Smith eat a whole flock of crows?
If that's the outcome then I don't care who they put in the position. Snivelling little pr*ck....:mad:

Houston is undeniably a political animal, but often they're a good choice for Gs/GGs. Apart from anything else, they know how to handle the press. He came to Brisbane during the 2011 floods and everyone thought he was great. That's not to say he was the world's best military commander (I wouldn't know either way) but when he came here he certainly aquitted himself well with the public and the state government, which is what a GG has to do.

Figures. :E:}
Funnily enough, more leftie than the last time I took the test (about two years ago when I was much closer to centre on the economic axis), which I attribute to the current Qld state government.

Ken Borough 30th Dec 2013 11:12

There were some Letters to the Editor of the SMH today suggesting that Cosgrove may be an inappropriate choice for G-G. The letter writers make a fair point as to some of the ADF scandal that is supposed to have taken place during his leadership. We wouldn't want another Hollingsworth would we?

As the Queen's man, Cosgrove may not be the people's choice

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