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bugged on the right 20th Dec 2013 07:32

I agree with Worrals post 9997 and add that we should look at the present situation as a kind of outsourcing. The Royal family have been doing what they do for a very long time and have polished the art to perfection. They are popular in Australia and really don't cost a lot. The portraits of the Queen and all the stationery are not replaced that often and we have essentially been a republic for a long time. For anybody to suggest that the country would be measurably better off is laughable. I also dread the thought that some entertainment functionary could be appointed. The British have their republicans as well and I would suggest that without the Royal family, there is little apart from castles to attract tourists.

500N 20th Dec 2013 08:26

"However, the message that it sends to the rest of the world would be immeasurable."

We might think it immeasurable, the rest of the world probably
wouldn't hear it or read it and if any did, shrug the shoulders
and say who cares. It wouldn't make one bit of difference to how
others deal with us.

Like others, put up a valid case with some good benefits and even I might have a close look at it but change for change sake on some perceived wim doesn't cut it with me.

Whether we like it or not, it is part of our history and our country was forged under it. We have thrown enough bath water of our countries history out already without continuing to do it.

Ken Borough 20th Dec 2013 08:28

One immeasurable benefit would be that an Australian born citizen would be our Head of a State, instead of a foreigner who doesn't even live in the country. What could top that? Anyway, I don't think we here will make a difference so let's move on.

Does Australia need a Bill of Rights, especially as TA's mob is moving inexorably further to the right?

Worrals in the wilds 20th Dec 2013 08:30

Maybe, but that was also voted down by referendum back in 1988.

500N 20th Dec 2013 08:35

For all intents and purposes, we do have an Aussie head of state.

Sorry, having the Queen there makes bugger all difference.

John Eacott 20th Dec 2013 08:44

Originally Posted by Ken Borough (Post 8217072)
especially as TA's mob is moving inexorably further to the right?

Especially as they are starting from the extreme left. I suppose that you were thinking that an LNP Government would remain there?

How strange.

Ken Borough 20th Dec 2013 08:53


They are moving further to the right than they were positioned prior to the election. I wasn't suggesting movement from the left. :ugh::ugh:

John Eacott 20th Dec 2013 09:02

How easy it is to misunderstand!

Nonetheless, I'd disagree that there is a 'move' from the pre-election position (which is what I now guess that you mean/meant?) other than recognising the reality of what they've inherited.

Forecasts based on estimates soon crumble when access to the real figures are made available; hardly the fault of the incoming administration. Yet some of the current popular press is giving a charmed run to the bizarre claims of the opposition which infer that they are blameless and it's all Tony's fault :rolleyes:

Andu 20th Dec 2013 09:43

Donning my pedant hat here.

Each State has a Governor - just that - 'Governor'. The 'nayshun' has a Governor General.

It was the Governor of NSW, the Rev Peter Hollingsworth (sp?) who was prevailed upon to step down because of his history of not falling over backwards to put a stop to all sorts of questionable goings-on in the Anglican Church. (Anything he may have done or failed to do paled into insignificance compared with what we're learning about the behaviour of 9/10ths of the leadership of the last Labor governments, both Federal and NSW.)

I share the misgivings of those who worry about the risks of change. However, I think it's time we took that/those risk(s) and shed the last formal ties with England/Britain. It was a very good suggestion re making it a requirement that the person HoS be above a certain age and with a required amount of public service behind him/her. Anything to avoid the latest sporting 'hero' or the latest winner of 'Australia's Got Talent' or 'Dancing With the Stars' getting the nod from adoring Bruces and Sheilas.

Ken Borough 20th Dec 2013 10:46


I'll don my hat as well and raise you one! Hollingsworth was a Governor-General appointed on Howard's recommendation. He was never the Guvner of NSW.

Andu 20th Dec 2013 11:09

I stand corrected, Ken.

Ken Borough 21st Dec 2013 00:32

Be afraid. No, be very afraid!

George Brandis' inside job on human rights draws fire

Captain Sand Dune 21st Dec 2013 00:37

A SIEGE outside Parliament House has ended after a tense two hours, after former Wollongong taxi driver Abdula Ganiji drove on to the footpath and threatened to blow himself up.
Mr Ganiji has been a regular visitor to Parliament, where he held a hunger strike about a $200 fine he copped 15 years ago, and called on the Premier Barry O'Farrell to solve a dispute with his employer, Wollongong Radio cabs.
Staff inside the building were alerted to the threat with an announcement from security at about midday, that said the front of parliament would be closed due to a "security operation".
Staff were told to only exit and enter the building through the back entrance, and stay away from the front of the building.
Mr Ganiji was demanding to speak with the Premier, or he would blow himself up.
Mr Ganiji was dragged from a Chrysler 3000 around 2pm by tactical police, and is now receiving medical attention.
Macquarie Street was blocked off at both ends and workers in surrounding buildings were escorted out .
Security sources told The Telegraph the man's threats included a claim that he had packed the car with an explosive - one report suggested this included 25 litres of petrol.
Mr O'Farrell remained in the building throughout the siege.
Assistant police commissioner Mark Murdoch told media that at no time were members of the public at risk, and staff within Parliament were not in danger.
Assistant commissioner Murdoch said tactical police stormed the car, after the man stopped responding to negotiators and ignited a cigarette lighter.
"At that instant specialist police, our public order and riot squad and our tactical operations unit moved forward quickly, a hand-held device was used by police to inject a canister of gas into the car, entry was gained to the vehicle and the man was removed," he said.
"We were satisfied that at no time, and I stress, at no time, was anyone at risk, no member of the community were at risk, no one in any building was at risk and importantly no members of our parliament were at risk because of this incident."
"No one was at risk at any time, apart from the man in the vehicle, and the officers who were trying to resolve the situation."
Security at Parliament House announced that the Macquarie street entrance of the building had reopened just after 3.30pm.
Firstly, well done to the NSW police who dealt with this nutter. If it were me in charge, I would evacuated everyone within a suitable radius and told the nutter to go ahead and put everyone out of their misery. But that’s just the type of caring, sensitive bloke I am.

Secondly, I note the offender is of an ethnicity that has a predilection for blowing themselves and others up when they aren’t getting what they want. I trust those who have championed the cause of Australia’s ‘open door’ immigration policy are proud of themselves.

Thirdly, I predict the following will now happen:

1. There will be an army of lawyers (the usual lefty types such as Slater and Gordon et al) knifing each other in order to defend this nut case.

2. He will ‘diagnosed’ with some type of ailment (bipolar, schizophrenia, Asperger’s, take your pick) that will be used to mitigate what he has done.
3. He will be given a suspended sentence and a fine, and not the goal time he so richly deserves.

And while I’m at it – ah yes, the great Australian republic debate. I have no problem with a republic per se. However no one has yet informed me how being a republic will benefit the average tax paying Australian. And no, having an Australian as head of State and a flag without the union jack does not qualify.

500N 21st Dec 2013 00:38

The vocal minority are having the temples they built under Labor
torn down bit by bit.

At least they won't have all these semi Gov't organisations available
to speak on their behalf now, they'll have to get off their backsides
and do some work themselves.

By the time Abbott has finished, it will take them 3 years to rebuild
under Labor before they are effective again which is good. I hope he
crushes them so it takes them longer.

Captain Sand Dune 21st Dec 2013 00:42

The vocal minority are having the temples they built under Labor
torn down bit by bit.
And my, aren't they squealing!! A sure sign the government is on the right track.

500N 21st Dec 2013 00:46

Oh yes, they are squealing big time.

Asylum Seekers Health group, now one doctor.
The Appointment of the guy to the Human Rights group.

and a few others.

TA still hasn't gone far enough, he needs to clean out the Public Service,
especially the Greens within the enironment departments that hinder so much
with red tape.

Hopefully a balance will be restored !
(A balance far right of centre ;) :O).

Hempy 21st Dec 2013 00:52

Goebbels would be proud

500N 21st Dec 2013 00:58

We haven't gone far enough yet for him to take notice.

Give it a year or two.

Just Remember, it was Labor that made more and more people right wing !

chuboy 21st Dec 2013 08:02

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 8226528)

TA still hasn't gone far enough, he needs to clean out the Public Service,
especially the Greens within the enironment departments that hinder so much
with red tape.

Just curious, do you believe there is a better way of ensuring our environment is not harmed by development or do you just not care about it at all? I would be interested to know what you think would work better.

Takan Inchovit 21st Dec 2013 08:25

A better way for who, the green ideals or the general public?

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