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Worrals in the wilds 9th May 2012 02:30

I saw that, Andu. Appalling. Obviously a change of government hasn't altered the NSW huggy fluff brigade's belief in the 'one rule for some' system. :ugh::ugh: Even I've got issues with this, and I'm well known for being the Cane Toad Wheel's resident multiculturalism apologist.

There's a bias in the community against violent men who physically abuse their female relatives, and religion has nothing to do with it.
Grotty little wife beater. :yuk:

What's to bet the next high profile Outlaw Criminal Motorcycle Gang member to get pinched in NSW for assaulting someone runs the same argument? After all, there has been adverse publicity in the community about people who are patched bikies, even though not all club members are crims. Now that would be funny...:E:}

parabellum 9th May 2012 04:30

To be honest I am surprised at the lack of posts regarding the latest budget.
The one message that the budget does send is that the ALP are scared out of their Blundstones and that the next general election isn't that far away and they know it.

resident multiculturalism apologist
Isn't Australia much like France, Germany and the Netherlands, giving up on multiculturalism?
European immigrants have pretty well integrated into Australian culture leaving the Middle Eastern and North African immigrants, who make no effort to integrate and frequently actively resist integration, to make society multiracial rather than multicultural.

Worrals in the wilds 9th May 2012 05:03

A lot of people said the Mediterranean immigrants would never integrate and couldn't be trusted, particularly the Italians. These days you see people with names like Napolitano on Keep Australia Australian committees. :hmm:

There are a number of Africans in Brisbane trying very hard to integrate. It can be difficult when you're coal black, two metres tall and have people yelling 'speak Australian' at you when you're attending classes to learn just that, in between your shifts carting rubble for the local dodgy demolition company.

Likewise, not all Muslims are grotty little wife beaters, any more than all Irishmen were (another ethnic demograph that had a bad reputation for wife abuse in the 1930s, which was also partly justified). That's all I was trying to say.

People who are alleged to be grotty little wife beaters should be fronting court the same way as everyone else does; in front of a jury.

Anyway, we've had this discussion. :} Sorry to use the contentious M word.

sisemen 9th May 2012 05:26

To be honest I am surprised at the lack of posts regarding the latest budget
That's probably because it's a non-event; a piece of political chicanery full of smoke and mirrors.

The budget deficit for the current financial year was put at $12 bn by Swan at the budget last year. It is currently running at $44 bn.

In order to achieve his $1.5 bn projected surplus he knew that the bribes, sorry - compensation, for the carbon tax would totally undermine the prospect of a surplus so what does Swanny do? He brings the budgeting for the payments back from the next financial year to this financial year where the blow-out and the bad news is already old news.

So if the criteria for being "the best treasurer in the world" is being able to spout shit with a straight face then yes, Swanny must be the best. However, unlike the world's financial shysters the Australian public are about to give their verdict on his and his compatriots performances.

And it ain't gonna be pretty.

Andu 9th May 2012 05:30

Ref my post # 983:

Thankfully, good sense:

The Crown appealed against Judge Solomon’s ruling on the basis that every Muslim would then be entitled to a judge-only trial.

Last week, the Court of Criminal Appeal overturned the ruling and ordered Belghar be tried by a jury.

Worrals in the wilds 9th May 2012 06:08

Yay. The system works.
Bet the Bandidos are unhappy. :E

HotDog 9th May 2012 09:12


Budget 2012: Cooked books, Carbon tax, more debt

This Budget again confirms that Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan have no plan to build a stronger economy, repay debt or create secure jobs.

This is a confused Budget with no coherent economic strategy to deliver stronger growth and higher productivity.

Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan only have a plan for more borrowing, more taxes and record debt.

Budget 2012 shows:
• the world’s biggest carbon tax;
• record net debt of $145 billion;
• a record new debt ceiling of $300 billion;
• a $26 billion deterioration in the Budget over the past year;
• Labor’s fourth massive deficit in four years; and
• higher unemployment.

This is a deceitful Budget from a Labor government that has broken too many promises
It is a “cook the books” Budget – the forecast wafer-thin surplus in 2012-13 is based on fiddled figures, money shuffles and the mining boom continuing.

And the Budget provides no buffer against future economic shocks as the economic storm clouds gather in Europe.

RJM 9th May 2012 11:08

To keep things in persepctive, it's iseful to remember that Australia's Gross Domestic Product (parity purchasing power) is about a thousand billion US dollars. So $10 billion is one percent of that and Swan's budget surplus of $1.5 billion is one and a half tenths of one percent of our annual gross product.

sisemen 9th May 2012 12:05

Swan's budget surplus of $1.5 billion is one and a half tenths of one percent of our annual gross product.
Like I said...

So if the criteria for being "the best treasurer in the world" is being able to spout shit with a straight face then yes, Swanny must be the best.
Still, they are planning a surplus and that's better than their record for quite a while. Shame they're not even going to get within cooee and that they will be out on their ear before the awful reality hits.

Interesting watching Gillard front the 7.30 Report and not Swanny. She must be desperate to claim ownership. Mind you I suppose that is another of her famous misjudgements. :E Didn't come out of the interview well either.

CoodaShooda 9th May 2012 21:30

Oddly enough, $1.5 billion is the amount being brought forward into this year to pay the student bonus and local government assistance packages. So they avoid it showing up as expenditure next year.

The government is applying the guillotine to debate on both bills, so they can avoid scrutiny. They're not even subtle.

and those guvmint reps are nothing more than 'workers' who couldn't care less who they tread on to elevate their own positions.

That sounds more like the actions of the corporate sector and their lofty ideals of receiving a bonus at the expense of everyone else.

Lex, I'd suggest the description applies to members of both camps. Not all of them but human nature will out.

eagle 86 10th May 2012 01:25

The budget was seen by most to be what it is - a not so very well disguised grab designed to drag juliar's appalling polls out of the depths to which they have sunk. The only people to benefit are the low and low middle income voters with kids at school. Unfortunately the ferals amongst this group will spend this windfall on xboxes and flat screen tvs etc and the kids will see none of it.

Andu 10th May 2012 01:38

...and the *** Libs have done it again - shot themselves squarely in the foot with the ACT liberals announcing that it's time to "reconsider" long service leave, which they consider to be "out of date" and a throwback to colonial times. Do these idiots have a death wish or secretly want to remain on the opposition benches permanently?

Labor will make a veritable feast of this, portraying the Libs as being in the pocket of the big end of town and the enemy of the working man. (Shades of Work Choices.)

eagle 86 10th May 2012 01:47

Tones has done a reasonable job to date in keeping coalition mouths shut and to toe the party line but I do fear as the next election approaches some idiot - read Malcolm T as an example - will open his/her mouth and talk crap.

Worrals in the wilds 10th May 2012 03:20

Interesting. I heard whispers about LSL being 'outdated' early last year; a couple of big companies were making noises about it at negotiations with their workers. I thought it was an isolated thing and probably the by product of a local golf course think tank :hmm:, but obviously it's the latest great idea from magnates and management gurus, and they've since been in Tone's ear.

Clare Prop 10th May 2012 03:21

I grew up in England where there was a real class diffferential (I wouldn't call it a "war") One of the things I loved about Australia is that you could be whoever you want, be defined by your achievements rather than your accent, parents' jobs, where you went to school or whatever...none of that mattered here. It was your choice to be a "have" or a "have not" and the opportunities were there, as was a safety net if you fell on bad times.

Yesterday, after 20 years as an Australian citizen, someone I know started having a go at me for being a"Middle class bourgeoise" (I am self employed with three staff). FWIW I wasn't born middle class. And I am probably a great deal worse off that most wage-slaves. No kids so don't register on Labor's radar... But now I am one of Julia's "bad guys", just a cash cow getting labels like "bourgeoise" stuck on me..

It seems to me that Julia has brought something that belongs perhaps in the time and place of her birth into all of our lives, things that shouldn't matter are now causing bitter divisions in the community. (Sound familiar, or doesn't it count if the immigrant is welsh?)

This seems to be quite sudden, or have I been living under a rock?

It's made me sad for this country, which is perhaps slightly less bad than being furious. I feel like I'm back in the UK in the 70s.

sisemen 10th May 2012 03:32

I would echo those sentiments CP. It seems to be a deliberate ploy by the ALP to exploit supposed class divisions.

As to long service leave that was brought in so that Government servants (usually on secondment from the UK) could go and visit home and family after a lengthy time in the antipodes. It generally took 3 months by sailing ship to get to the UK and the same again on return.

I would be more than happy to see a continuation of long service leave providing that:

a. The taker had immediate family in the UK.
b. The leave was taken to visit said family in the UK.
c. The trip be undertaken by sailing ship.

Just have a look around the world and see which other countries have the same over-generous entitlement.

Arm out the window 10th May 2012 03:34

There has been criticism of Labor for some time about how they're not differentiating themselves enough from the coalition and how they should return to the good old labour values - if we're talking cronyism, financial irresponsibility, corruption in the higher echelons, doublespeak, and milking the business sector, then they're doing a great job of returning to their roots!

And I just wish Julia, Bill Shorten, Swanny and pretty much anyone else who gets their head on TV would just say something - anything, as long as they meant it - rather than waffle to deflect the question.

Roll on the election, and soon.

Andu 10th May 2012 03:35

I think you've struck a chord with many of us with those last comments, Clare Prop. Could this new emphasis on class warfare, I wonder, have anything to do with Labor's new spinmeister, Mr McTernan, who is guiding his new employers with what was a winning formula for his last employer?

bob johns 10th May 2012 03:43

bob johns
As for Malcolm T. I dont know if Abbott is better off having him in the tent p!ssing out or the other . Personally if I were Tony Abbott Id buy him an ALP membership and find a way to get rid of him,---may be a fact finding tour to Pategonia and forget to send the aeroplane back to fetch him. j ust wish he wasnt there.

Lex Talionis 10th May 2012 04:15

Budget 2012 shows:higher unemployment.
HotDog you might want to revise your synopsis of the budget and our economy.

Australia's unemployment level in April came in at 4.9 per cent, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Economists had tipped the jobless rate to increase to 5.3 per cent from 5.2 per cent in March.
That latest drop comes after a drop from 5.3% to 5.2% in Feb.I wonder who most here as well as Mr Abbott will give credit for that to?

As Andu pointed out the opposition is listening to calls to remove LSL and also the rumour today is that some in the Liberal party want Peter Costello back.With the opposition winning the next election a foregone conclusion unless Mr Abbott does something really stupid then why would someone want Costello back?
Is it because people are worried about the things that Abbott may say or do that might cost them the next election.
Could it be that now that the Liberal party knows that they are odds on to win they are looking at a real leader for the role of PM?
The problem is that now like last time I doubt that Costello has the gonads to put his hand up for the job.
Under Abbott they are already saying they are going to block the education allowance as well.
Now that will win the opposition the votes they need.:hmm:

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