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500N 17th Dec 2013 01:42


I like your lateral thinking. Get them "married" without putting
those who object to it noses out of joint.

If it gets it off the front page of the newspapers every day and the Gov't doesn't have to spend copious amounts of time on it anymore, then it is good.

I couldn't GAF either way, I just don't like the disproportionate amount of time the LGBT or whatever they are get in the media and the Gov't's time for an issue that ain't going to fix the country not is it going to break it. so why make it such an issue ?

Airey Belvoir 17th Dec 2013 02:16

Oh yuk, yuk, spit and double yuk. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/pukey.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/pukey.gif

That's not art - that's pure bloody sensationalism to get the allotted 15 minutes of fame.

What the bloody hell do her parents think about it?

Yuk again.

Ken Borough 17th Dec 2013 02:31

What a sad lot some of you are! To post a link to something truly depraved, watch it and then complain about it beggars belief. Surely the sensible thing to do would be to ignore the attention-seeker, just as most of our thinking society ignores ratbags like Senator Bernardi and his fellow travellers who espouse extreme views, be they left or right, right or wrong. :=

Captain Sand Dune 17th Dec 2013 02:39

It's that type of utter cr*p we can thank the lefties for wasting our hard earned taxes on.
Speaking of ignoring people..........................

rh200 17th Dec 2013 02:47

To post a link to something truly depraved
Bit judgemental on whats depraved?

Worrals in the wilds 17th Dec 2013 03:30

I think I can live without watching the knitting. :} Agree 100% re the grant.
Rh200, IIRC the Turks have that system (though not for gay marriage) and it works well for them. They went that way to get around religious issues.

It pays to remember that although approving gay marriage is now in the ALP's national platform, a lot of right wing ALP types were/are dead against the idea. So was Gillard. The last federal government didn't do much to push gay marriage except grandstand a bit about it when forced to comment by the media.

I think it's more the Greens who are pushing this politically rather than Labor, and I think it's important to remember that it doesn't have universal community support, even among Labor voters. That doesn't mean that it shouldn't happen, but a lot of the pro commentary has been dismissive, shrill and downright rude when responding to 'anti' proponents. IMO this hasn't helped their cause with the neutral or mildly anti members of the community, and if anything has strengthened some people's opposition.

bosnich71 17th Dec 2013 03:38

Ken ...... "surely the sensible thing to do would be to ignore the attention seeker".
Isn't that what most of the general population have been doing in regard to the Gay Lobby ? Problem is that the B*****s just won't let it go.
Then again there will always be some people who think that pushing anatomical appendages the wrong way through a one way valve is also 'depraved'.

Ken Borough 17th Dec 2013 03:48


I agree. I wish to hell that they'd 'go away' but a very noisy vocal minority aka 'The Greens' won't allow that to happen. For a minority, they sure get a lot if attention, not all of which is good. At least we know where they stand and what they stand for. Gays and Lesbianese already have the same rights as married people. Why they want to pervert a centuries old ethos is beyond my simple mind. :ok:

maxmartin96 17th Dec 2013 03:50


....and that's the latitude I have to deal with on a daily basis.:ouch:

Captain Sand Dune 17th Dec 2013 05:44

Well said. Seems to me the people who make the most noise about gay people are......gay people.

500N 17th Dec 2013 05:48


And the Greens.

but as said above, the very noisy vocal minority.

500N 17th Dec 2013 05:58

"Make no mistake he will be a one term wonder if tens of
thousands of people are put out of work on his watch."


bosnich71 17th Dec 2013 06:00

Ken ..... " why they want to pervert a centuries old ethos ... "
The fact that the Gay Lobby, call it what you will, have been banging away at this subject is probably what makes everyone else suspicious that once they have achieved this objective that they will then turn their attentions to the next. Gay marriage in church perhaps ..... but not the local Mosque of course.

500N 17th Dec 2013 06:05

I think you are correct.

Everyone is suspicious because the Greens et al including the "gay" lobby
tend to win something then take it to the next step, it never ends and people
are sick of it - the Greens especially.

So no one gives them an inch.

I know this is the case with the Greens, anti gun, anti shooting lobby,
the shooters have learn't the lesson in the past, don't give an inch.

chuboy 17th Dec 2013 06:42

I'm curious... Of the jurisdictions in the world where gay marriage is legal, how many of them have subsequently descended into a state of bestiality-filled, polygamous debauchery?

If it's between consenting adults, let them have it and you mind your own business.

500N 17th Dec 2013 06:45

"Of the jurisdictions in the world where gay marriage is legal, how many of them have subsequently descended into a state of bestiality-filled, polygamous debauchery?"

Who needs marriage for that to happen ?

Just look at Sydney, especially during the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras :O

Ken Borough 17th Dec 2013 06:55

This is unbelievable, especially as the voters of Indi spurned her. In this time of budget crisis, how much a year is paid for this sinecure?

Coalition appoints Sophie Mirabella to board of government-owned shipbuilding firm

And here's me thinking the adults were now in charge. Are they really? :confused:

500N 17th Dec 2013 06:59

I just read that in the newspaper. I couldn't believe it, legal background or not,
dealing with manufacturing or not, the mind still boggles.

Hell, we have enough problems building military equipment without
any help from having people on the board like that.

Sorry, not a good move.

Worrals in the wilds 17th Dec 2013 10:15

Gay marriage in church perhaps ..... but not the local Mosque of course.
They can lobby the Micks (Catholics) till their hearts are content, but it ain't gonna happen. Same with the non-mainstream Protestant churches; IMO a lot of Family First's primary vote in the last state election was due to quiet opposition to gay marriage and other 'lefty' issues from happy clapping types. The Muslims may get the headlines, but the Christian lobby is bigger and more influential than the Left likes to admit, hence (IMO) the ALP's shoulder-shrugging approach to the issue. They know who votes for them, even if they don't admit to it on Facebook.

If it's between consenting adults, let them have it and you mind your own business.
Personally I agree with you. It's a big Not My Problem. However, the much touted 'Australians support gay marriage' survey had a few interesting side results that haven't been so well publicised by the pro lobby.

But when asked how important same-sex marriage was in deciding their vote, 57 per cent of respondents said it was "not important at all". Even among those who supported legalising same-sex marriage, 49 per cent said the issue was "not important at all" in deciding their vote. Sixteen per cent said was "very important".
Gay marriage support up but it won't change poll
This is the political key. It's not a vote-changer. It might be right, it might be wrong or it might be in the middle, but when the Big (2500 respondents :hmm:) Poll comes up with the answer 'most people don't give a crap' then it's destined for the political back-burner, complete with motherhood statements for and against and little real action. :zzz:

The Abbott government has appointed former Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella to the board of the government-owned naval shipbuilding firm ASC Pty Ltd.
Mrs Mirabella, who lost her Victorian seat of Indi at the September election despite the landslide Coalition victory, was one of three new appointments to the board announced on Tuesday.
Cushy jobs for the boys/girls when they cock up? Nah, that's just a Labor thing... like factions. The Libs are above all that. :E:}

500N 17th Dec 2013 10:18

"The Libs are above all that."

Never :O

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