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Captain Sand Dune 16th Dec 2013 19:49

On September 18 2012 in the senate Cory Bernadi during a debate on proposed gay marriage laws stated that legalizing same-sex unions would prompt calls for more extreme changes.

“The next step ... is having three people that love each other be able to enter into a permanent union endorsed by society, or four people,” Senator Bernardi said.
“There are even some creepy people out there, who say that it's OK to have consensual sexual relations between humans and animals. Will that be a future step?”
He was under order by TA not to inflame the debate, which he obviously did. He was forced by TA to resign. Cory Bedrnadi no longer represents or speaks for the Liberals.
And that, kiddies, is called ‘discipline’. Fcuk up, and there will consequences. Pity the Labor Pardee don’t know the meaning of the word.

maxmartin96 16th Dec 2013 19:49

Clare, not quite true. The law does differ from state to state. Tax breaks as well.

500N 16th Dec 2013 19:53


Well said. Just one example where Abbott showed leadership
and kept the party under control.

CoodaShooda 16th Dec 2013 20:15

Thanks CSD

It seems the link that Bernadi is alleged to have made between homosexuality and bestiality is not as direct as the media reports would have us believe Who would have thought?

Lack of political judgement on Bernadi's part, certainly. Homophobia? :hmm:

500N 16th Dec 2013 20:19



How is lovely Darwin ???

Andu 16th Dec 2013 20:24

In one of his rants he liken Bestiality to Gays
No he didn't. You've either fallen for - or, like many, have chosen to fall for, because it suits your 'narrative' - a selective and out of context partial quoting of what Senator Bernadi said.

Firstly, let me say that I agree with what Senator Bernadi ACTUALLY said, as opposed to what he's being accused of saying by the LBTG(!) activists and those who are all too willing to jump upon their bandwagon. What he said was that if society loosens the current requirement that marriage is acceptable only for a union between a man and a woman, there will be, within years if not months, and without the shadow of a doubt, calls from other special interest groups that their particular sexual preference should also be officially accepted.

The first would almost certainly be the more outspoken among the Muslim population, (who seem quick to push the boundaries at every opportunity), demanding that polygamy be officially accepted. (The fact that CentreLink seems to be already quite accepting of this within the Muslim population in everything but name is quite similar to the way same sex unions are accepted by most of the population in everything by name is not be lost on most of us. However, like the activists among the "LBTG" community, the activists among the Muslim community will want to ram it down everyone's throats - [no pun intended in this context with that last, perhaps unfortunate, turn of phrase].)

After the Muslims, who next? In my limited exposure to the more esoteric ways some people find sexual gratification, I can't think of too many other groups until, like Senator Bernadi, I come to an extreme - those whose sexual preference is intercourse with animals, a.k.a. bestiality. There'd surely be some among that "community" who'd want "recognition" for their particular sexual bent.

Senator Bernadi did not 'liken' homosexuals with bestiality. Instead, he said that recognition of homosexual unions as marriage would quite likely lead to demands for recognition for other 'unions' as 'marriage', even, to use an extreme example, those involving men and animals.

I don't believe any person with even a modicum of logic could deny that there are not some crazy bloody people out there who would latch on to any such relaxation of the current rules on marriage and who would not push the boundaries in this way. There'll always be some who will push the boundaries, even if only for the shock value. We've all seen the young woman who is currently touring the country knitting out of her vagina. (On a sizable grant, of course.) After she's been accepted by the art establishment and the glitterati for her 'cutting edge "art"', either she - or someone else - will have to come up with something even more outrageous and 'cutting edge'. And, as sure as night follows day, either she or someone else will - maybe by demanding that 'dull, boring, old' society accept someone doing what Chris Kenny was depicted as doing recently by some ABC luminaries.

Cory Bernadi was quite correct in asserting that this is quite likely, even inevitable, and will be hastened by acceptance of same sex marriage.
Edited to add that I hadn't read the posts after Cooda's post when I launched into my rant.

maxmartin96 16th Dec 2013 20:36

Andu, with all due respect, he did I'm sorry to say. It was an interview in S.A. that I'm referring too where , I'll paraphrase, if we give gay people the right to marry, what's next? Bestiality? I'll try and hunt down the video.

maxmartin96 16th Dec 2013 21:02

Andu, sorry but I disagree. Most of what you state are illegal acts that have no hope of ever being decriminalised and rightly so. Please do not group Gay people with those into bestiality. That is disrespectful of what I have with my partner.

Where is the evidence that Centre Link tacitly supports Polygamy with in the Australian Muslin population? It does not support that view at all. That is very misleading and you accuse me of the very thing you have just done . Again, the fringe groups you list, will never be decriminalised even when, not if, Gay people are allowed to marry. You have fallen into the same trap Senator Bernadi fell into by trivialising Gay marriage. From your tone I hazard a guess you are not in favour of marriage for Gay people and I respect your right to hold that view. The way it stands now, the majority of Australians are in favour of marriage equality. That is all Gay people want. Equality.

As some one else said....what's the worse thing that could happen? Gays getting married. It wont affect the straight community at all. Prime minister Abbott's sister, Christine Forster, recently got engaged to her partner so the winds of change gather force. Marriage equality will happen whether you like it or not. As 500N said, enough of all this gay marriage stuff. Just get on and legalise it and then deal with the next issue.

If you are in favour of marriage solely between a man and a woman, then you must also be against divorce as that is a direct threat to the institution of marriage.

Worrals in the wilds 16th Dec 2013 21:43

I can't think of too many other groups until, like Senator Bernadi, I come to an extreme - those whose sexual preference is intercourse with animals, a.k.a. bestiality. There'd surely be some among that "community" who'd want "recognition" for their particular sexual bent.
The key difference is that an animal or child cannot give informed consent. All the other activities are between consenting adults and IMO, their problem.

I think Bernadi was being deliberately rude and inflammatory, and Abbott was right to censure him. However, saying he no longer represents the Libs is incorrect; he is still a Coalition MP.

Personally I think the whole issue has been made a lot bigger online and in the media than it actually is for most people. I don't think the average person really cares a lot, even if they have a general agreement or opposition to the idea.

Ken Borough 16th Dec 2013 22:00

While I appreciate that this article is just over a year old, nothing has changed. Bernardi is a loose cannon if ever there is one! I wonder if he deserves a place in the Parliament. :E

If You Like Sarah Palin, You?ll Absolutely Love Cory Bernardi | The Global Mail

Airey Belvoir 17th Dec 2013 00:18

We've all seen the young woman who is currently touring the country knitting out of her vagina

Oh no we haven't http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...milies/eek.gif. The mind truly boggles ........ big time http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/confused.gif

500N 17th Dec 2013 00:43

I haven't seen it either !

The last weird thing I remember being done with that part was the firing of ping pong balls across the bar room in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert !!! :rolleyes: :O

rh200 17th Dec 2013 00:50

The comparison between beastiality and homosexuality is not new, neither is the outrage expressed by the the left when some one does it.

I believe there is a couple of so called progressive modern European states the that its legal. I also believe there are a few states in the US where it is not expressly outlawed. They have then found it hard to implament laws on solid grounds, as the only thing people could come up with is the "yuck" factor and "thats disgusting". There are ways to bring in laws that could stand up to solid scrutinity, but its hard.

Theres also the case of adult incest, i.e. consenting adults etc etc. The fact is our laws are a mish mash of values, some which stand the test of time, and others that change with current values, all the while each side screaming outrage.

Andu 17th Dec 2013 00:51

Airey, here's the link:

Vaginal Knitting (The Feed) - YouTube

maxmartin, my thoughts on the matter are very similar to 500N's. Like him, I thought the best outcome would have been for the High Court to let the ACT act slip through (even though that would have gone against all precedent - marriage has always been a Federal matter in Australia). Had that occurred, it would have faded and quite quickly become a non-event.

In regards to my comments about Cory Bernadi's sound bite: if you re-read what I said, you'll find I'm NOT lumping homosexual people in with practitioners of bestiality. I'm saying that acceptance of homosexual marriage will encourage people with other agendas to be more outspoken in demanding 'equality' for what they see as normal behaviour.

Let's hope this thread stays in cyberspace for a few years so we can look back on our predictions. My prediction is that homosexual marriage will become law in Australia within a year or two - (let's say three - after the current term of this government is over, as I believe it will feature quite heavily in the next election campaign and it will become law soon after the next government, [be it Coalition or Labor], is formed).

A few years after that, we'll see whether my predictions about other special interest groups making similar demands proves to be true or does not.

Only time will tell...

500N 17th Dec 2013 00:56


Thanks for the link but I think I'll refrain from watching the whole of it !
I watch about 1 minute, that was enough.

If you ever get caught, just tell the Judge you were having a pee
and the animal backed onto you ;) :O
(So said a person in the 60's who got caught !!!)

Andu 17th Dec 2013 01:06

500N, the lady knitted for a month - every day - with all that that implies. I'm not so much offended that she sat in public in Darwin with her all on display. I objected that she was given a $10,000 grant to take her "show" on the road.

The soundtrack - her explanation of how deep and meaningful her pubic public display was - brings bullshit baffles brains to a new level.

500N 17th Dec 2013 01:10

"I objected that she was given a $10,000 grant to take her "show" on the road."

The mind boggles what some grants are given out for.
This is one of them. It is BS.

maxmartin96 17th Dec 2013 01:10


You have again lumped what I have with my partner of nearly 31 years with bestiality *again*. Thank you for showing respect to what I share with my partner. There's nothing more appalling then to be compared to bestiality, for you have done so. You may disagree with that assumption but it is evident that it was implied.

Fortunately, we no longer live in the 1950's, no matter how much some would like it to be. Society is constantly changing to reflect current standards. It was as recent as 1992 that homosexuality was a crime punishable by a goal sentence in Tasmania. Neighbours *did* report same sex couples to the Tasmanian Police during that year and as a direct consequence, served goal time for loving someone of the same sex.

I'm sure you didn't suddenly wake up one morning and make the conscious decision to be heterosexual as I didn't wake up and decide to be gay.

..........for everyone else, I do apologise for the thread drift. Enough space has been used on this issue. Just legalise it and move on.:)

maxmartin96 17th Dec 2013 01:20


No offence taken with your response.

In effect though, people are still putting gay people into the mix with sexual activities that will never be decriminalised. ........once again, sorry for the thread drift.

......it's a bit confusing and awkward to still have to wait for MOD approval before my posts appear. I answer one Q and then have to wait for it to show up. As a result, the conversation has moved on. I feel like *I'm* stuck in the 1950's.:O

rh200 17th Dec 2013 01:22

My prediction is that homosexual marriage will become law in Australia within a year or two
Have a solution to the whole charade. Ran it past a friend of mine who's gay, and she thought was a good idea. Ran it past another one, who's against gay marriage, and he thought it was a good idea.

Basically get marriage out of the system altogether, if we need something in the constitution etc, we rename it to some [email protected] like Australian union certificate. Basically all institutions would then issue the new certificate, and that is the one recognised by law.

If the institution wants to issue a "marriage' certificate in conjunction, so be it, but they will still need to issue the new one as well. All marriage certificates already issued would still be recognised as such.

Hence if I was a god fearing person and got married in a church because that is what it means to me, then I would get both.

Hence each institution can hook up whom, or what ever they like.

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