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Fool Sufferer 15th Dec 2013 11:57

Sounds like a similar situation to my neck of the woods. I never have nor never will watch or listen to the offerings of our publicly funded broadcaster. I know it to be a hotbed of crypto-communism however, as the newspapers and radio broadcasters I follow in order to reinforce my confirmation bias tell me so.

500N 15th Dec 2013 14:25

Abbott is getting serious about dismantling the left regimes empires.
The gravy train is coming to an end :ok: :D:D:D

I see they being replaced by an ex mil man.

"The Abbott government has disbanded a key group that provided advice on the health of asylum seekers in detention,........"

Members of the Immigration Health Advisory Group (IHAG) received letters late on Friday telling them the group would be dissolved and replaced by one adviser.

Dr Paul Alexander, the group's chairman and a former head of Joint Health Command in the Defence Force, will become the sole independent health adviser to the Immigration Department.

7x7 15th Dec 2013 22:23

From Pickering's latest editorial:

“The Salvation Army has been infiltrated by pink-haired, tattooed people with rings hanging from every orifice and boy, are they are causing havoc”, said the informant.

“The transferees are getting their clothing via the Salvos who in turn get it from Aussie collection bins. Thing is that they refuse to wear anything other than big brand name stuff like Dolce, Levi, Nike, Adidas etc.

“So the Pink Salvos are picking out the best stuff and giving it to the boaties while needy Aussies back home are getting left with crap”, he said.

“Iranians and Afghanis, who are banned from having cigarettes since they burnt the place down, are dealing in contraband and, assisted by the Pink Salvos, are now getting all the smokes they want from down town.”

The official described the tolerated sexual behaviour of the all-male Iranians as disgusting and they have now been isolated in No. 2 Centre for health reasons.
Sounds awfully like business as usual, doesn't it? The Greenies among the Sallies sound just like the staff at the ABC - they think Labor is still at the helm in Canberra.

500N 16th Dec 2013 02:52

Well worth a read. Edit - taken with a pinch of salt considering
where it is written !!! :O
How Labor booby-trapped Australia's future

At 12.30 on Tuesday, Hockey, who has also been the stand-out thespian of the new federal parliament, will unveil the real horror, dysfunction and narcissism of Kevin Rudd's contribution to Australian political history, disably assisted by Julia Gillard. Hockey will release the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook, known in the trade as MYEFO, which will show a budget deficit much worse than Labor led us to believe, probably close to $50 billion, debt obligations much higher than Labor led us to believe, and unfunded liabilities that are so irresponsibly crushing the government will have to walk away from many of them. The most monumental folly is the National Broadband Network, whose economic rationale was worked out on a piece of paper by Rudd. The scheme subsequently created by former communications minister Stephen Conroy would cost more than $70 billion and never recover its cost of capital. The Abbott government will have to start again.

Rudd also authorised the spying on the President of Indonesia and his wife, a booby trap that duly exploded in the face of his Coalition successor. Rudd also poisoned the relationship with China, with his lectures to Beijing, which has also come back to haunt the Coalition government. Then came Gillard, who directed a decisive shift of funding and power to the unions. She exposed the Commonwealth to a massive unfunded financial obligation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
She provided political cover for the disgraced union official Craig Thomson. And she set up and then stacked the Fair Work Australia bureaucracy with former union officials and Labor lawyers.
Labor booby-trapped the future.
It is also busy booby-trapping the present, putting improvised explosive devices everywhere, with the help of the Greens. Together, they have engaged in scorched-earth, rearguard, morally bankrupt obstructionism as if the 2013 federal election was a meaningless exercise, the will of the people has no moral authority, and the idea of a mandate, delivered by the only poll that matters, is an empty ideal to be ignored. The worst among equals in this cynicism are Labor's leader, Bill Shorten, his deputy, Tanya Plibersek, and the Minister for Gutter, Anthony Albanese, assisted by the deputy leader of the Greens, Adam Bandt.

The rest is just as good ! :O

How Labor booby-trapped Australia's future

Ethel the Aardvark 16th Dec 2013 03:04

Will The honourable Mr Abbotomy be placing a muzzle on the honourable
Mr Bernadi, or will that be mistaken for beastiality? Go dem Libs

maxmartin96 16th Dec 2013 03:16

Mr Bernadi is a fool. All you have to do is look at his far right rants. Calling on Turnball to resign? Like that will happen. Back in your box Bernadi. Your views on LBTG speaks volumes.:ugh:

7x7 16th Dec 2013 03:59

maxmartin96, there'd be some who'd tempted to say that your use of that oh so trendy PC four letter acronym in your last sentence speaks volumes about you. I'm almost as sick of hearing how everyone but me feels so strongly about LBTG as I am about that bloody neverending burial in SethEfrika. On the ALPBC at least, Nelson is fast turning into their Dame Nelly Melba.

Interesting to read in the Pickering article that the Tamils are seen as the best behaved of the country shopper groups. Their leisure activity of choice apparently involves quite a bit of team play, whereas the Iranians' favourite leisure activity of choice is carefully not described.

What's the bet they'll all end up here in Australia? And what's the bet they'll all be given huge compensation payouts for the pain and suffering (and all those 'leisure activities') they endured while in detention?

500N 16th Dec 2013 04:04

I must really be Non PC, I had to look up what LBTG means !!! :rolleyes:

You are not the only one, even if I didn't know it's meaning off the top
of my head, this whole gay marriage et al non stop media coverage !!!

500N 16th Dec 2013 04:12


Have you been on here before under a different name ?

500N 16th Dec 2013 04:13

"The problem with comparing the ABC with the Murdoch press is that Rupert swaps sides as it suits him. Something which I haven't noticed from the our ABC."

Yes, but he admits it and often states why.

bosnich71 16th Dec 2013 05:31

500 ... 'yes but he admits it and often states why'.
That was my point exactly.

Airey Belvoir 16th Dec 2013 05:33

Will The honourable Mr Abbotomy be placing a muzzle on the honourable
Mr Bernadi, or will that be mistaken for beastiality?
A read of the following would do you a great service Ethel.


maxmartin96 16th Dec 2013 05:49


It's something I'm close too. have you seen Binardi's rant? He is so out of step with what's occurring today. In one of his rants he liken Bestiality to Gays, so yes, it does affect me. But this is a Liberal love fest and I outta here. No, I'm not a Labour supporter either, nor Greens.

Ethel the Aardvark 16th Dec 2013 06:10

Yes you are very correct Airey,
However, the right honourable mr bernardi likened homosexuality to beastiality therefore after today's outburst, a muzzling from Phoney would be similar to what happens to an animal during the before mentioned act. ( or so I am told )
Phew, hope you are up to speed now.
Can we get on with knocking the ABC now

500N 16th Dec 2013 06:19

I can't believe how much hot air is wasted on this whole gay marriage
et all BS.

FFS, haven't we got more important things to worry about ?

bankrunner 16th Dec 2013 07:26

If they legalise gay marriage, what's the worst that'll happen? Gay people will get married.

Just legalise it and move on to more important things.

500N 16th Dec 2013 07:59

I tend to agree on that.

Takan Inchovit 16th Dec 2013 09:32

Disagree, in the context that marriage is considered sacred between bloke and sheila.
After all, we go out of our way to respect other institutions considered sacred then perhaps we should stop eroding the standards that are in place to keep our societies together. The focus should be on assisting the current marriage norms and keeping families together.

Clare Prop 16th Dec 2013 13:19

Don't really mind one way or another...only that I think there are far greater real inequalities in our society that should also be addressed but don't get the publicity.

As explained to me by a gay friend, who is anti-gay marriage BTW, in Australia a same sex couple have all the same rights and recognition as a de facto heterosexual couple (eg when he returned to Aus after a few years overseas his long-term partner was allowed to migrate as his de facto).

So, apart from the "piece of paper" they are not discriminated against or persecuted here.

Most people I talk to about it feel the same as me, they don't really care all that much one way or the other.

CoodaShooda 16th Dec 2013 18:40

Can you please provide Bernardi's actual words where he equates homosexuality to beastiality.

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