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Hempy 10th May 2016 15:11


clark y 10th May 2016 20:16


That's how I feel (and probably most of the voting public) about the state of Australian politics at the moment.

Clark y.

Jeps 11th May 2016 02:15


If a truer photo exists, i haven't seen it.

Flying Binghi 11th May 2016 05:49

Preference deal struck with greens...




HarleyD 12th May 2016 21:56

Leyonhjelm and the greens.

What could possibly go wrong?



Flying Binghi 24th May 2016 09:16

David Archibald has an interesting article over at J-Nova...

David Archibald: Australia Defence Policy (plus Perth speech Weds 7pm) « JoNova


Clare Prop 24th May 2016 12:17

Hmm I wonder if their super is going to get affected at all?


parabellum 9th Jun 2016 01:47

Only been back home in Australia for a few days, after six weeks free of Australian media, I notice that Shorton and Co get quite a lot of direct to camera opportunities to put their case and make their points whilst Turnbull usually only gets pre-recorded sound bytes shown or very short excerpts from interviews he has given. Mainly noticed this on Sky and Ch.9.

Disregarding the usual and anticipated howls of protest from the Ladies of The Left, what do the rest of you think? Maybe I am being too quick to judge?

Flying Binghi 11th Jun 2016 03:55

Yet more corruption exposed at an Australian university...

"...When marine scientist Peter Ridd suspected something was wrong with photographs being used to highlight the rapid decline of the Great Barrier Reef, he did what good scientists are supposed to do: he sent a team to check the facts.

After attempting to blow the whistle on what he found — healthy corals — Professor Ridd was censured by James Cook University and threatened with the sack. After a formal investigation, Professor Ridd — a renowned campaigner for quality assurance over coral research from JCU’s Marine Geophysics Laboratory — was found guilty of “failing to act in a collegial way and in the academic spirit of the institution”.

His crime was to encourage questioning of two of the nation’s leading reef institutions, the Centre of Excellence for Coral Studies and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, on whether they knew that photographs they had published and claimed to show long-term collapse of reef health could be misleading and wrong…"

Another university shuts down a sceptic | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog


layman 12th Jun 2016 11:20


Perhaps the reason for reduced number of sound bites is the number of interviews they have each conducted.

I understand that Sky have been counting interviews and while Shorten has made himself available on TV and radio for 28 interviews, Turnbull has given only 8.


parabellum 17th Jun 2016 11:46

Thanks Layman, explains a lot.

SOPS 18th Jun 2016 09:00

Top choice of dinner guests, Malcom, not!

bosnich71 18th Jun 2016 12:14

Sops .....not surprising though.

megan 19th Jun 2016 02:58

SOPS, I'm not so sure about it being a bad idea. It's got all the media talking about the hate preachers. Might it give the preachers pause? I frankly don't know, but why let them slink about under their vile rocks unnoticed?

SOPS 19th Jun 2016 08:28

Good point, Megan. It also has the Greens tying themselves in knots. The are trying to condem what these morons are saying, without referring to them directly as morons (because you can't offend Muslims, no matter how vile the stuff they preach), but if they don't say something it looks like they are supporting their vile stance on homosexuals.

Why these people are even allowed in the country is beyond me.

Flying Binghi 19th Jun 2016 10:49

Seems some of me posts are a bit 'racey' for the mods as they keep disappearing..;) Anyway, back to-it...

Top choice of dinner guest indeed. turnBulls dinner guest has either got some serious personal issues with women, ...or there's some other influence...:hmm:

"...the national president of the Australian National Imams Council, has said in online videos that females will be “hung by the breasts in hell” and that women should not even look at men..."

LOOK WHO CAME TO DINNER | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog

Where's Dave Allen when ya need him. He woulda been working 24-7 with the material these real life buffoons put out..:)



Flying Binghi 27th Jun 2016 05:09

Sleazy hewson starts to panic. One part of the Brexit battle were to get rid of the costly global warming idiocy afflicting the UK. That global warming profiteer hewson must be worried it will hit his profits in Australia..:hmm:

"...Speaking on ABC radio, former Liberal leader John Hewson criticised both leaders for failing to acknowledge the full consequences of a Brexit for Australians..."

No Cookies | Herald Sun


chuboy 1st Jul 2016 10:31

Anyone going to place a bet on the outcome of tomorrow's election?

I16 1st Jul 2016 11:34

Originally Posted by chuboy (Post 9426794)
Anyone going to place a bet on the outcome of tomorrow's election?

Australian Politics Betting Odds | Politics | Oddschecker

parabellum 1st Jul 2016 23:42

Never seen such a weak electoral campaign as that just completed by 'Marshmallow' Malcolm.

Election campaigns are not an intellectual exercise, if they were Malcolm would win all hands down, but, by and large, the Australian people cannot be bothered to examine and evaluate the finer points of an intellectual exercise, they would prefer to watch a dog fight.

Shorten/ALP/CFMEU are the experts in this arena and the LNP should have got down and dirty too and exposed the ALP for what they are, the political arm of the totally corrupt militant trade union movement.

The pundits are forecasting a LNP victory but it could have been so much more decisive. Shame on you Malcolm.

Ascend Charlie 2nd Jul 2016 00:27

Horsefeathers, Parabellum!

I would hope that anybody with an IQ higher than the room temperature will see Shorten Curly as the union puppet that he is, rolling around in the mud and only using negatives in his campaign. Mal didn't need to get down in the mud with them.

CoodaShooda 2nd Jul 2016 00:32

Searched the ballot paper for a viable independent - but in vain.
So reverted to a "none of the above".

Captain Dart 2nd Jul 2016 00:54

The backstabbing 'intellectual' Waffler from Wentworth with no runs on the board may not roll in the mud but he did not distinguish himself by visiting a mattress factory while our dead diggers were being repatriated. He also invited some rather undesirable dinner guests, who reportedly would not eat from plates that had been previously used by Christians. Not so bright.

As a delusional conservative (I want Tony back), I voted Nationals in the Reps, ALA in the Senate, with Labor and the lunatic Greens last.

chuboy 2nd Jul 2016 01:11

You numbered every box?

If Labor or the Greens win seats in the senate, how will you sleep at night knowing one of the votes they received was yours? :E

parabellum 2nd Jul 2016 13:08

What say you now Ascend Charlie?

Mal didn't need to get down in the mud with them.

SOPS 2nd Jul 2016 13:27

Well it's a mess. Bloody 'Jobs and Growth'. Down a dirty was needed, not stupid 3 word slogans, and look at were we are now.:mad::ugh::ugh:

chuboy 2nd Jul 2016 13:36

Who in the Liberal party would have achieved a better result as leader? Perhaps the tree needs a shake.

I don't believe it's a sign of Australians becoming more progressive or left wing considering Pauline Hanson has picked up a seat in the senate.
Can't blame the voters at the end of the day.

Stanwell 2nd Jul 2016 13:56

Interesting to speculate on the result had Tony been 'leading' the Coalition troops into battle.
Had that been the case, Labor would now be sitting on the Speaker's right with a clear majority.
Just my two cents' worth.

SOPS 2nd Jul 2016 15:13

I'm watching the Senate results on the AEC web site. It seems the new voting rules ( at the moment) have destroyed the minor parties.

Ken Borough 2nd Jul 2016 15:23

Interesting to speculate on the result had Tony been 'leading' the Coalition troops into battle.
I have to agree with Stawell. The outcome would have been a non-event with the ALP romping it in. What a surprise to know that our Tone spent millions on the TURC in an effort to discredit Shorten was so successful? It now appears that a own-goal of epic proportions has been scored.

Flying Binghi 2nd Jul 2016 15:42

"Interesting to speculate on the result had Tony been 'leading' the Coalition troops into battle..."

Considering you didn't pick the actual election result I'd say your credibility when it comes to speculating on alternative outcomes is all waffle..:hmm:

Looks like the corrupt bankers boy turnbull has achieved yet another clustafeck that will cost the country dearly. Meanwhile them 'carbon' profits just keep rolling in for the select few..:hmm:


SOPS 2nd Jul 2016 16:25

Hate to say it, FB, but I think you are correct. It seems Malcom really misread the electorate.

Wait....Trump would never win...Brexit will never happen...maybe it's time they took their collective snouts out of the through. But don't get me wrong, BS as PM scares me.

Stanwell 2nd Jul 2016 17:35

Looking forward to your next post when you lay yet another selection of Andrew Bolt's 'words of wisdom' on us.
Oh, and please don't hesitate to let us know what the rest of Murdoch's minions think, as well, OK? :ok:

FullOppositeRudder 2nd Jul 2016 21:18

Well Malcolm, that wasn't such a good idea was it .....!:rolleyes:

BlueWolf 2nd Jul 2016 22:34

Interesting to speculate on the result had Tony been 'leading' the Coalition troops into battle.
Um, I hate to be a sh1tp1cker, but if Tony was still leading the Coalition troops, there wouldn't have been a battle.



Ethel the Aardvark 2nd Jul 2016 23:36

3% swing against Malcolm and a 10% swing against the ex monk. Does that spell it out !
Why are the votes not being counted on sun and mon? didn't the Libs get rid of penalty rates..
Would love too see the fool Dutton thrown overboard but alas he may scrape in!

Takan Inchovit 3rd Jul 2016 00:08

Smile, wave! Here they come :)


Ethel the Aardvark 3rd Jul 2016 00:24

Thanks Tacky, that must be a labor archive photo as their are no children being thrown overboard.

Takan Inchovit 3rd Jul 2016 08:06

Boat looks too seaworthy for any labor era invasion. :)

Captain Dart 3rd Jul 2016 08:10

...and they are not mainly military aged men in designer tee shirts, carrying mobile phones.

Michael Smith's 'Shaz of Christmas Island's photos' from the last invasion were eye-opening to say the least. Worth 'Barney Googling'.

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