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Flying Binghi 13th Dec 2013 10:28

This one's been around for a while, but that doesn't make it any less alarming...
Oh well, look on the bright side. Under islam there will be no female politicians - Bye, bye greens :ok: Also, there will be no females allowed in the work force - more employment for males :ok: ...Oh, and there will be no females allowed to post on pprune :E

Ah, yes. Under islam it will be back to the good old days where females cooked cleaned and did as they were told and yer give em an occasional belting to show who's boss.. :cool:


waren9 13th Dec 2013 15:36

counting the votes wont take as long, and you could safely halve the education budget too

cant wait

Fliegenmong 13th Dec 2013 20:15

From up on the 'Alan's not happy' thread...

"and everything the Abbot Government does is designed to grind you deeper into the mud."

Reckon he's summed it up! :ok:

500N 13th Dec 2013 20:25

Well, Labour did a pretty fcking good job of fcking the economy and confidence
of the whole country, unless you were a soft cock lefty tree hugger on welfare
or a Asylum Seeker on hand outs.

They did far more damage to everyone than Tony has done.

Fliegenmong 13th Dec 2013 20:34

Not a tree hugging lefty, or an asylum seeker on handouts......hard working, tax paying white Australian Male.....who is waiting for..... everything the Abbot Government does is designed to grind you deeper into the mud ..... :{

500N 13th Dec 2013 20:46


Care to give some examples ?

Captain Sand Dune 13th Dec 2013 20:54

Watching ALPBC24 where they're announcing the government's decision to hold a royal commission into union corruption.
I wonder if a certain ex PM, Liabour identities and union 'heavy weights' will be taking a long overseas holiday.
Interesting times ahead. :E

Andu 13th Dec 2013 21:23

They'll all be employing lawyers with one overriding brief - "Keep me out of any witness box in ANY court of law or inquiry."

Watch for a long series of illnesses that preclude a long series of people from 'enduring' the 'stress' of giving evidence. The major illness many if not all will be suffering from will be acute amnesia.

Not that it will make any difference once they are dragged screaming into any witness box, for the one thing you can be as sure of as night following day is that each and every one of them will lie and lie and lie under oath ("Oaf? watza oaf?") without turning a hair.

And they'll get away "wif" it, if not on obscure technicalities dredged up by their expensive lawyers, then because of the decisions of judges, many of whom were appointed by the very people who will be in the witness box. Judges, who in too many cases, have as much to hide in their pasts as the people they'll be investigating.

Pickering has a list of "Little Things the Media's Left Has Missed"

1. Magistrate Lauristen’s ruling on the attempted suppression of AWU evidence by S & G and Bruce Wilson.

2. Julia Gillard under investigation by Vic. Major Fraud Squad.

3. ABC chair, Spigelman’s outrageous response to questions regarding the treasonous release of national security material.

4. Shadow Deputy Leader Plibersek’s bizarre performance in the House in Shorten’s absence.

5. Shorten being under investigation for the rape of a 16 year old girl.

6. Julia Gillard’s communist background.

7. Julia Gillard gifting the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia $100 million only days before she was dismissed and accepting in return a professorship, with trappings, immediately her government was thrown out.

8. Plibersek’s ‘interesting’ insistence that police “fully investigate” the rape claims against Shorten.

9. Julia Gillard’s statement that all married women are prostitutes.

10. Blatant and admitted bias by the ABC.

11. Rampant paedophilia within the judiciary.

12. The ALP’s NBN disaster.

13. Cardinal Pell’s complicity in paedophilia.

14. GetUp’s illegal $40,000 in bribes to voters.

15. Peter Beattie’s sordid history and his attempt to gain office in the seat of Forde.

16. Anthropogenic global warming scam.

17. The far Left’s takeover of the CSIRO.

18. Jenny Macklin’s $5,000 baby bonus for each completed abortion.

19. The Cambridge and Kernohan affidavits that are set to sink Gillard.

20. Bob Carr’s DEFAT and its illegal involvement in child abduction. (That'll do for now.)

But let’s be fair here. The Left of the media did give extensive and continuous coverage of an unconfirmed report that Tony Abbott may have punched a wall 30 years ago.

Anyway, imagine the difficulty to aspire to balanced reporting when the statistics on politicians found guilty of offences under the criminal code are these:

One Nation.......1 (later acquitted)
Libs .................5
ALP..................15 (and counting)

No wonder Fairfax and ABC journos find it agonisingly difficult to attain balance.
One "little" thing Pickering missed is the Heiner Affair, which the current Governor General, then Governor of Queensland, played a part in suppressing.

7x7 13th Dec 2013 22:09

If we had a properly disinterested national broadcaster, at the very least, 4 Corners would be running with this story. At most, it would be the first item on the ABC's evening news for days on end.

Craig Thomson charged taxpayers $12,321.76 for part of a family holiday to Bali - Michael Smith News

Craig Thomson charged taxpayers $12,321.76 for part of a family holiday to Bali
This SMH story quotes Mr Thomson. He confirms he was on holiday in Bali in early April 2013.

A Fairfax reader saw Mr Thomson in a craft shop on April 8 in the tourist village of Ubud close to the well-known monkey forest.
Mr Thomson confirmed he was there, saying: "Anyone who has faced the type of pressure and continued scrutiny that my family has endured should be able to take a private two week break. Unfortunately due to the continued harassment by media my family has not been able to get that break in Australia. The cost of our holiday is cheaper than most similar holidays in Australia."

It certainly was cheaper for Craig - because taxpayers funded $12,321.76 of it.

Craig Thomson himself charged taxpayers for this travel on the way to his holiday. Travel from .

30 Mar 13 - Sydney to Perth $1,470.01
16 Apr 13 - Perth to Sydney $1,470.01



Craig Thomson charged travel for two family members on the same dates.

Family member one

30 Mar 13 - Sydney to Perth $1,470.01
16 Apr 13 - Perth to Sydney $1,470.01

Family member two

30 Mar 13 - Sydney to Perth $1,470.01
16 Apr 13 - Perth to Sydney $1,470.01

That is a total of $8,820.06 in airfares.

Plus this separately billed amount for overseas calls up to 20 April from his PDA.

Mobile PDA overseas calls 20 Apr 13 $3,501.70

GRAND TOTAL $12,321.76

CoodaShooda 14th Dec 2013 00:53

Courtesy of CoodaKid 3, I had the privilege of attending the ADFA Graduation ceremonies this year.
This was the class of which "Kate" was an original member, before her experience allowed the previous government to initiate seven, yes seven reviews into ADFA and the military culture.
Given the saturated media coverage over the past three years, you would have reason to expect the parents of the graduating class may have had some reservations about their darling children's management and care over the past three years.
The reality was somewhat at odds with the media picture.
Throughout the various ceremonies, the appearance or mention of Commodore Kaefer was met with applause and respect from both students and their parents who have traveled this road with them.
The high regard in which he was held was nowhere better demonstrated than the immediate, spontaneous and extended standing ovation he received from the entire audience of 1000'staff, students and guests when the UNSW conferred a Fellowship on him. As this was only the 6th Fellowship conferred by the University in it's history, it clearly demonstrates the high regard for him held by those who have direct contact with him.
It is also a clear demonstration of the disconnect between the real world and the political world with its attendant media handmaidens.
As the Vice Chancellor of UNSW, David Gonski, presented the Fellowship, my immediate thought was an uncharitable "Up yours, Stephen Smith."
Talking to other parents after the ceremony, I found this was a common reaction.

Captain Sand Dune 14th Dec 2013 01:12

As they say, the best revenge is success.
I sincerely hope CDRE Kaefer makes 2 star - soon!

500N 14th Dec 2013 01:47

That is good to hear.

And I don't think he will suffer any career limitations,
at least not the next one or maybe two steps. The
fact he returned to his position said a lot.

And as you said, up yours Stephen Smith !!!

dubbleyew eight 14th Dec 2013 05:15

I'm intrigued by a persistent piece of nonsense perpetrated by the media.
that is that Holden are leaving because we dont buy holden cars.

Holden like all the american car industry have been cruising along fat dumb and happy for years. hardly any innovation to speak of and cars that are now flakier than their predecessors of 20 years ago.

Why was it that when I looked at replacing my 1998 mazda that the fuel consumption in a 200,000km car was better than the latest Holden Spark?
The mazda 121 was bigger inside and 5.4litres per 100km beats a 5.6 litres per 100km hands down.

The paradigm of the big orstraylian six has long passed. most urbanites seldom leave the urban.

If you look at VW. there was a company almost stuffed. some talented engineers and a new lineup of products that people actually wanted and the company is going gangbusters.

sorry Holden but the reason you are leaving australia is that you are too stupid to adapt and survive. look at Honda, Look at VW, look at Mazda.
I wonder why their cars dont look anything like yours?

porch monkey 14th Dec 2013 07:50

I'm a long way from being a Holden man, but your comparison is complete garbage. Try comparing apples to apples, dude. Then you might have an argument.

bosnich71 14th Dec 2013 08:05

Talking to a bloke in the motor business today and he said that the present Holden Commodore is the best ever produced whilst the rest of the range is quite frankly rubbish.
Ironically, he said, the Commodore is designed, produced in Australia whilst the rest of the range is designed/made overseas.

RJM 14th Dec 2013 08:26

IMHO there are several contributing factors. Removing any one would have given Holden more time here. Hewre are a few I can think of - not in any order:

Small market/fragmented market/low tariffs/high wages...

The Commodore 6 or V8 may have become a dinosaur to the average private buyer, but the model as with the Falcon has been sustained by fleet sales - government, corporate and taxi, although the taxi ranks seem to have an increasing number of Camrys in them now.

The specification of the better Commodores is very good as per last post. However, the dealer repair network is still good enough to make driving around Australia prefererable in a Commodore than a BMW 525 or a Mercedes E series, and the resale is better.

The sad thing it seems to me is that the easiest issue to fix is the high wages. Dropping those from featherbed to rational levels would give the factories here a few more years in operation, maybe long enough for a serious restructure. They dropped the wages in Detroit, I believe, but it wouldn't happen here.

When union loyalist and puppet Shorten was on TV crying crocodile tears about the poor factory workers on $60,000 pa, even Virginia Trioli pulled him up. The average production line worker at the South Australian Holden plant is on closer to $100K thanks to their enterprise bargaining agreement, and long term employees will get payouts of $300-$400,000 on termination in 4 years' time.

chuboy 14th Dec 2013 08:30

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 8205122)
Well, Labour did a pretty fcking good job of fcking the economy and confidence
of the whole country, unless you were a soft cock lefty tree hugger on welfare
or a Asylum Seeker on hand outs.

They did far more damage to everyone than Tony has done.

Hit a raw nerve? It's been 100 days in office but the government has shown no signs of improving or even attempting to improve the dire situations our country faces.

Our economy is running on a hair trigger, bolstered by a resources boom. Dutch disease has done away with almost all domestic manufacturing and when the foreign companies have bled us dry of resources they will leave with the majority of their money and leave a husk of an economy that has no hope of recovery for at least ten years. Labor failed to ensure Australia would get a fair cut and the Coalition has promised not to take any more money than they already are.

What is the coalition going to do about the elephant in the room, housing affordability? Baby boomers taking advantage of negative gearing and Chinese investors buying up everywhere are creating a generation of people who can't afford a first home. What will they do when it comes time to stop work? I guess TA, like the rest of our gutless pollies, doesn't care because it won't be his problem when it happens. What is a problem is saying anything that might affect the housing prices because surprise, most of our politicians own properties and have conflicts of interest in that sense.

Is TA going to make it any cheaper for companies to do business here? As it stands every level of government has is hand out for a slice of pie along the way in the form of application fees, taxes, duties, et al. Businesses are leaving or deciding not to come and once they're gone as I mentioned you have a problem.

Our literacy and numeracy levels are sliding. TA does not seem interested.

It was said in parliament re: Holden earlier this week that Australia has strengths in higher education, biotechnology and other sci-techs that don't need to compete with low wage countries. But what commitment has the Government made to make sure we hold on to those? Abolishing the ministry of science wasn't a conventional start, to be sure.

How about the NBN? A world class infrastructure construction project that would have paved the way for Australia to become a technological leader like S. Korea and Japan. Now we have a commitment from the government to blow at least $41b on a compromised solution which is doomed from the outset to become a white elephant. Acting against the advice of almost every independent industry professional, they decided to reuse the very medium they set out to replace in the first instance - copper! Adding insult to injury, a complete overview was conducted, finding that the compromised plan would indeed deliver inferior downloads and uploads to the existing plan, and would cost $20-odd billion more than promised - as long as the 30% of the population in a HFC area never received any infrastructure upgrade. But Malcolm the technology "agnostic" went with the compromised plan anyway. What a visionary.

All of these problems and more have their roots in the decisions of the Howard and RGR governments, but that's irrelevant because it's TA's government's responsibility to deal with them now regardless of how they came about.

I never held high hopes for this government, but I do feel for those here who must be feeling so bitterly disappointed or perhaps confused that TA isn't the inspirational, reinvigorating leader you dreamed he would be.

Captain Sand Dune 14th Dec 2013 08:51

Coz 100 days is plenty of time to fix the plethora of monumental fcukups made by the preceding idiots.:rolleyes:

RJM 14th Dec 2013 08:54

To give the Libs their due, there is a lot of work going on in my industry (construction) anyway - sponsored by the federal government - in streamlining regulations, improving transferability between states of qualifications etc.

I agree with chuboy on the lack of recognisable improvement. Perhaps things will change once the Senate is renewed, and ALP supporters would have to admit that the Opposition is opposing a lot of things counter to the reasults of the last election, including doing 180 deg turns to oppose things - like opposing Hockey's refusal to sell the grain handler to US interests.

There are lots of reviews going on too, hopefully productive and necessary ones.

Education is a problem. I tutor university subjects and I'm shocked at the low skills of the students in English. I'm not being precious here, I'm talking about knowing what verbs nouns and tenses are, and in history, the approximate dates and outlines of for example the first and second world wars. I tutor in English and Latin, for God's sake, but I often ask the students to use their talents to express their views on history, (which I wouldn't dare tutor).

Their general knowledge of recent events is usually subtly skewed:

'The war in Vietnam ended with the North Vietnamese liberating their country from American occupation'

'The Berlin Wall fell because the Soviet Union decided to reach out to the West.'

'The recent history of Africa is the history of liberation from European oppression and exploitation'

Surely it wouldn't cost much to get a few grammar and history text books into the curriculum?

chuboy 14th Dec 2013 11:23

Originally Posted by Captain Sand Dune (Post 8205780)
Coz 100 days is plenty of time to fix the plethora of monumental fcukups made by the preceding idiots.:rolleyes:

That's about 10% of his term as a PM... not enough time to fix everything sure but more than enough time to get started. How long do we have to wait for a new government to start taking responsibility and stop dwelling on what they inherited? It's the perennial question.

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