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7x7 9th Dec 2013 04:39

The Victorian magistrate has found in favour of the police in the Bruce Wilson/AWU fraud case, finding that Wilson - (and one could only assume, his lawyer, who advised him and set up the slush fund) - has a case to answer.

Interesting times ahead - but I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for said lawyer to be doing a perp. walk, however much that lawyer might richly deserve to be doing one.

7x7 9th Dec 2013 04:47

AN ASYLUM seeker has been charged for allegedly sexually assaulting seven teenage girls at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre yesterday.

Mohammad Salem Nazari, 33, who has only been in Australia for six months on a bridging visa, is accused of indecently assaulting the girls, aged 14 to 18, in the rapids section of the centre between 4pm and 4.30pm.

Police said the girls reported the incident to pool security and after officers reviewed CCTV footage Nazari was arrested and taken to Auburn Police Station.

Nazari, who was living in Parramatta, has been charged with five counts of indecent assault of a person under 16 years of age and two counts of assault with an act of indecency.

His legal aid lawyer told Burwood Local Court his client spoke no English and required a Dari interpreter. Dari is a Persian language spoken in Iran and Afghanistan.

Nazari was refused bail to reappear on Wednesday.

Under the Coalition government asylum seekers on bridging visas facing criminal charges immediately have their visas revoked and placed in detention.

Abbott Government in crime crackdown on asylum seekers

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison's office confirmed Nazari's visa had been cancelled and court papers said he was the "subject of an immigration hold" should he be granted bail.

Mr Morrison's spokesman said "since the election 31 illegal boat arrivals on bridging visas who were charged with criminal offences have had their bridging visas cancelled".

Immigration staff interviewed Nazari today while he was in custody.
Wait for the lawyer to tell us that cultural differences should excuse this poor man as, in his culture, all the nubile bare flesh displayed in front of him made it the young females' fault that he simply could not control himself.

Under Labor, he'd be allowed to say here after he was released. It will be interesting to see if Scott Morrison has the cojones to put him on a flight out of the country the moment he completes whatever sentence he is awarded for his afternoon in pool.

SOPS 9th Dec 2013 04:52

And in other news, the lefties reckon is such a good idea releasing these people into the community, I hope he is deported immediately and Sarah Two Dads explains to the girls in question what this person was in this country in the first place.

Man charged over alleged assault of seven teenage girls at Sydney swimming pool - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

RJM 9th Dec 2013 08:07

He'd have to work fast in that rapids section.

Andu 9th Dec 2013 09:44

In the Dubai Wild Wadi, the viewing platform over the rapids section was VERY popular with the local lads, as it wasn't unusual for the young expat females to lose their bikini tops - and on the odd occasion, the bottom as well - in the rapids.

It would seem that the lads from that same part of the world are a little more 'hands on' in Western Sydney.

SOPS 9th Dec 2013 09:51

Yes, they are more hands on because they are " only " Australian girls, so doing indecent things to them doesn't really count.

Worrals in the wilds 9th Dec 2013 09:52

I imagine there's a tough penalty for being 'hands on' in Dubai. :eek: If found guilty I hope they do deport him; the country already has more than enough perverts and gropers.

Fliegenmong 9th Dec 2013 10:56

Thought the 'ALPBC' didn't report this sort of stuff?? :confused:

RJM 9th Dec 2013 11:09

Perhaps Trioli and Alberici could try out these rapids, with camera crew. Do some real reporting.

Fliegenmong 9th Dec 2013 11:15

Or perhaps the MSM could do some real reporting on the current state of boat arrivals??

RJM 9th Dec 2013 13:13

In what way? There's a press conference every Friday.

The government is entitled to manage the situation as it thinks best. The idea is to stop the boats by nobbling the people smugglers, not to sell papers.

I don't know if you condoned Labor's attempts at solving the problem (it had largely created) Fliegs, but in general, the ALP are the last people who should be telling anyone how to stop the boats.

RJM 9th Dec 2013 13:17

Having said that, I've just had an idea that might be a disincentive. How about having Sarah H-Y on the dock a Flying Fish Cove, skirt hooked up over her slim thigh, saying "hullo sailor!" as the boats arrive?

dat581 9th Dec 2013 13:38

Just stand Christine Milne in the dock. That leathery face will have them jumping back on their leaky boats in a heart beat!

Solid Rust Twotter 9th Dec 2013 15:58

How about having Sarah H-Y on the dock a Flying Fish Cove, skirt hooked up over her slim thigh, saying "hullo sailor!" as the boats arrive?

Just stand Christine Milne in the dock. That leathery face will have them jumping back on their leaky boats in a heart beat!

You heartless barsteward! Have you no mercy...?

Andu 9th Dec 2013 20:00

Careful lads and ladesses; Sarah Twodads is suing Zoo magazine for "ridiculing" her and making her look "a not serious politician" by planting her head on a killer bikini-clad body.

I can only imagine that the magazine's lawyer's line of defence will be that it would not be possible for anyone else to do a better job of making herself look and sound ridiculous than Sarah does herself every time she opens her mouth in front of those ever-obliging MSM cameras.

The woman gives a whole new dimension to 'lightweight' - not in avoirdupois, but in intelligence.

7x7 9th Dec 2013 20:19

ALPBC reporting this morning three dead and 27 rescued by Indonesian SAR authorities when an asylum seeker boat was hit by a large wave and then turned back to Indonesia.

The fact that the Australian Navy was not involved probably means that the boat broached as it attempted to get beyond the first line of breakers and the survivors made it back to shore by body surfing.

The same report said that an Afghan who is appealing his forced return to Kabul, if successful in his appeal, will affect the cases of 100 others in a similar situation.

The ABC's fact check unit (sorry, that should be Fact Check Unit) also reports that the Coalition's claims that asylum seeker arrivals have reduced by 80% are "problematic" and that the reduction could be attributed to "other factors" rather than the Coalition's policies.

SOPS 9th Dec 2013 20:30

I think the interesting part ( if true) of the report is that it states the AS survivors are in custody. It sounds like the Indonesians might be cooperating (a bit) again.A few weeks ago they were talking about closing detention centres and letting the flood gates open.

Andu 9th Dec 2013 20:39

From the Tim Blair blog. Anyone who thinks this skit is totally ridiculous should hope it really is...

Tim Blair – Tuesday, December 10, 2013 (5:31am)

(Scene: Parliament House. Two Holden marketing executives are in Joe Hockey’s office)

Executive #1: Thanks for meeting us, Mr Treasurer.

Joe Hockey: No problem. But I warn you, it won’t be a long meeting. There will be no subsidy increase.

Executive #2: Oh, but you haven’t seen our latest model, Mr Treasurer. It’s a game-changer!

Executive #1: A guaranteed winner! A mega-seller!

(The men present a large colour photograph and slide it across Hockey’s desk)

Hockey: [pause] This is a standard current model 2013 Holden Commodore. What’s new about it?

Executive #1: Take a closer look, Mr Treasurer.

Executive #2: Yes, Mr Treasurer. Look at the badges.

(Joe Hockey squints at the photograph)

Hockey: The Holden … Mandela?

Executive #2: If you say no to the Holden Mandela, Mr Treasurer, you’ll be saying no to the greatest human being who ever lived.

Executive #1: It’s a rolling tribute to the unifier of all humankind, Mr Treasurer.

Hockey: Are you people serious?

Executive #2: As serious as the mobs who will gather outside your house once they learn how much you hate the father of modern Africa, Mr Treasurer.

Hockey: What the …

Executive #1: This model also has the top of the line Madiba option package, Mr Treasurer, with Robben Island trim and Biko brakes.

Executive #2: Zuma zoom-zoom V6 power!

Executive #1: Stompie Seipei seat inserts!

Executive #2: Low-profile Bridgestone necklaces and …

Hockey: Get out. Now. Leave.

(Scene: the two executives are driving away from Canberra)

Executive #2: That didn’t go very well.

Executive #1: It isn’t over, mate. Have those Whitlam badges arrived yet?

Flying Binghi 9th Dec 2013 22:38

You can trust me on this...
Hmmm... interesting. Will a known terrorist group be dictating outcomes to the Oz government ?

Decision close on whaling hunt: Govt | News.com.au


RJM 10th Dec 2013 13:55

Well, Pickering's not pulling any punches today.


They all get it. Pickering must either be confident that what he says is true, or if he's doubtful, he must be trusting that his targets think that silence is better than defending themselves in court. There's a lot of potential for lively if Pickering is wrong.

Speaking of people suing people, and not that she'd sue me or PPRuNe, but I'm feeling a bit guilty about sledging ol' SH-Y back there. I still don't like her or her irrational politics, but none of us can help how we look.

I see Pickering has updated his column with a few words about Gillard and co...

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