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Ethel the Aardvark 6th Dec 2013 09:51

Can I take over from Andu and start reporting the amount of asylum seeker boats,
That's 5 this week and 1 even managed to land on Xmas island undetected.
Too quote his honourable Mr Morrison " it's a big ocean and the boats are small"
Maybe not as easy as they thought!

7x7 6th Dec 2013 10:23

Tell me it isn't true... but are we even remotely surprised?

All charges have been dropped against Craig Thomson when the magistrate ruled that the charges could not be heard in Victoria.

As for the Burmese who arrived on the east coast of CI undetected "after their boat was wrecked"... My suspicion is that the people smugglers have come up with a new ploy, using a commercial cargo ship that just drops its unlisted passengers off as it passes close by CI and continues on its way.

Andu 6th Dec 2013 10:34

an I take over from Andu and start reporting the amount of asylum seeker boats,
That's 5 this week and 1 even managed to land on Xmas island undetected.
Ethel, are we in any way surprised after Tony Abbott blinked and backed down over the the Indonesians refused to accept the survivors of an asylum seeker boat that foundered in Indonesian waters?

Quite a few here predicted that this would be seen as a clear signal to reopen the floodgates of hopefuls.

And so it has come to pass. We'll be back to daily arrivals, if not multiple daily arrivals within another week.

wardie 6th Dec 2013 12:00

7 x 7

Craig Thomsom is still facing 145 charges that occurred in Victoria and these will be heard in the Melb Magistrates Court. 79 charges where the offense occurred outside of Vic have been dropped as they have been ruled out of the courts jurisdiction.



Ethel the Aardvark 6th Dec 2013 12:54

I think you may find the judge was very critical of the prosecution case and the main prosecution witness turned up trumps for the defence. Coupled with lots of MSM accusations regarding prostitutes and brothels that had already been investigated and dismissed by the federal police.
I think Mr Thompson deserves an apology and at least have his costs paid.

Airey Belvoir 6th Dec 2013 13:36

Tell me that was written with your tongue firmly in your cheek Ethel.

If it wasn't then one has to wonder what planet you inhabit.

bosnich71 7th Dec 2013 04:03

Ethel ..... you are obviously NOT a member of the H.S.U.

david1300 7th Dec 2013 04:59

Fliegs: "Davo, the 'Nayshuns' economy is in dire peril because of the previous gummint (apparently)....the present gummint wants to increase the country's debt even further....the Green Loonies are not keen for the Nayshun to get further in debt......the compromise is we ditch a debt ceiling, and the gummint of the day just let us know when they go a further 50 mill in to debt.? Seems all well and good to me, in lieu of a spending limit., just give us a heads up when you are going to bust another 50 mill..... "

You conveniently bury your head in the sand as to how the debt arose, and the reasons the debt ceiling has to be raised - so the government of the day can pay for the mess Labor left behind. But that's so typical of you lefties - lets spend other peoples money without thought as to where it will come from and who needs to foot he bill.

Andu 8th Dec 2013 03:56

It will be interesting to see if this gives the story any traction in the MSM.

A chapter in the soon to be published Inside Lawyers Ethics features Julia Gillard and The AWU Scandal - Michael Smith News

I can't imagine that Julia Gillard will be pleased with the Case Study that features her boyfriend, his misdeeds and her role before and after.
And this.

A fresh line of enquiry for the Royal Commission into Unions, the AWU, Ms Gillard and her partner Bruce Wilson Pt 2 - Michael Smith News

Flying Binghi 8th Dec 2013 05:00

First they help create the illegal arrival problem, then...

"...Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson questioned why Australia's purpose-built Southern Ocean patrol vessel, the ACV Ocean Protector, was at Christmas Island..."

Apparently Australia is supposed to support the sea sheeperd terrorists..:hmm:

Send customs ship to stop whaling: Greens | News.com.au


500N 8th Dec 2013 05:07


Yes, I did notice that and smiled.

Anyway, lets hope the Japs do a better ramming job this year
and send another of the boats to the bottom of the sea.

What's the score at present ?

Japs 1 Sea Shephard 0
French 1 Greenpeace 0

My kind of scoreline :ok:

Takan Inchovit 8th Dec 2013 08:30

Well Christmas is near and the shopping is starting to build up. This is when the ABC shop does a roaring trade in DVDs, books etc.
But not from moi, not this year, or any other year from now on. Unless its notable political bias is removed, there will be no donations at all! :* Humbug.

SOPS 8th Dec 2013 09:57

Well, that's an interesting little development.

ASIO cancels passports of 20 Sydney men - The West Australian

bosnich71 8th Dec 2013 10:32

Don't agree with this. ASIO should not have cancelled their passports.
They should have waited until any of the 20 went to Syria and then have refused to let them re-enter Australia. Problem solved.

Worrals in the wilds 8th Dec 2013 10:36

From the article:

Some of these guys were just young guys wanting to go on a holiday to Bali - they even packed their boardshorts," Ms Burrows said.
My heart bleeds for them. Guess they'll just have to slob it out on the Gold Coast. :} Cancelling a passport requires some seriously major grounds (even in the Howard Government's time ) so I'm standing by and very interested to hear about the reasons why the poor, boardshort wearing 'Aussies' with sick grannies overseas have been victimised. :hmm:

Of course Bali hasn't got any Islamic extremists. If it did, there would have been a bombing or some other atrocity that we all remembered :suspect:. There must have been some mistake...

SOPS 8th Dec 2013 11:05

That was what I was thinking as well, Worralls. Cancelling a passport is not done lightly. I doubt these people were off to impress an ailing Granny with their surfing skills.

Pinky the pilot 8th Dec 2013 23:28

Tend to agree with bosnich71 here. They should have let all of them head off to their sick Grannies back in Syria and then cancelled their passports.

At least that way the country would be rid of them!

Andu 9th Dec 2013 00:05

This morning, ALPBC Sydney radio interviewed one of the 20 Australians whose passports have been cancelled, a 19 year old labourer named Abu Someoneorother.

Some here might not be aware that this man would not have been born with that name. To have a name "Abu -", (literally "father of"), this man must have a son (I don't think daughters count; I've never heard of a Muslim declaring himself to be "Abu Fatima"). Until having a son of his own, he would have been e.g., "Ali bin Mohammed", literally, "Ali, son of Mohammed" and his sister would have been "Fatima bint Mohammed", ("Fatima, daughter of Mohammed"). After siring a son, he becomes "Ali Abu Someoneorother" (the first son's name).

So the young man, still a teenager, is manfully doing his bit to increase the numbers of his family members among the future generations in Australia.

Of course, he insisted that he had no plans to travel to Syria to fight, and neither were the videos he had produced designed to encourage people to go to Syria to fight. But he went on to insist that the Jews were radicalising young people here against the Arabs.

I can't help but think ASIO (=the current Federal Government) would have been far better advised to have cancelled the passports of these people only after each person considered to be a security threat had left the country. Then, when that person attempted to have his passport re-issued, he would be required to prove where he had been and what he had been doing whilst overseas and if he had broken Australian law by fighting in a civil war as a member of an unofficial militia, (or even as "a humanitarian aid worker", which seems to be what they all do in Syria and elsewhere), he could know that if he returned to Australia, he would face gaol.

Everyone would be the winner. The people involved could avoid gaol and remain free by staying in the country - and the society - they had fought for, and the Australian taxpayer would be saved the expense of accommodating them at Her Majesty's Hotel Nofrills at Goulburn.

Captain Dart 9th Dec 2013 00:18

True Andu, but at least ASIO's action has sent a message to the rest of these 'hyphen Australians' that don't seem to be happy here.

Andu 9th Dec 2013 02:41

They're happy here every time they go to that ATM every fortnight with their (sometimes multiple) Centrelink cards, Capt Dart.

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