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Saltie 29th Nov 2013 00:25

From the Pickering Post:

The plane has left Darwin. No charges laid.
To which I could only add "of course".

Clare Prop 29th Nov 2013 01:40

Can someone explain to me why we are still giving aircraft (and aid and all the other "freebies") to the Indonesians?

All this grovelling to these people is making me sick, it's like feeding the crocodile hoping it will eat you last. Is our country really reduced to this, that we have to grovel and cower to third world countries because we are so terrified of them? :(

Saltie 29th Nov 2013 01:47

Also from the Pickering Post:

"The plane has left Darwin. No charges laid." Did anyone for one moment think it would go any other way? Liberal or labor, we are seen by our near neighbours - quite accurately, I'm afraid - as totally pissweak, politically correct to a fault, and guaranteed to fold at every turn.

As we do.

500N 29th Nov 2013 01:54

It makes me sick as well.

Pickering is spot on his view.

What pisses me off is if I did what they did,
I would have the book thrown at me.

I have the means, equipment, knowledge of bird handling, Catching
knowledge of where to go that would get a very nice million $$$ haul
of birds if I did it yet they let these people off without so much as a
public slap on the wrist :ugh:

It makes you wonder.

SOPS 29th Nov 2013 03:09

I note there is no mention of this on the ALPBC.

They are however reporting that Indonesia is closing detention centres, and releasing AS that had been detained trying to get to Australia. This action is in part retaliation for the so called, spy scandal. It seems that the ABC has achieved what it set out to do, destroy Abbotts boat policy at all costs.

That will have the lefties wetting their collective pants with excitement.

Surely it is time that some sort of charges are laid.

Edit...surprise surprise. ABC has just popped up with the story.

Captain Sand Dune 29th Nov 2013 04:52

I wouldn't get too worked up about it.
1. The C130H's were gifted by a Liarbour government.
2. They were knackered anyway. If we had kept them they would have just been pushed up against a fence and have cost Defence money just to have them sitting there. I refer to what happened to the C130A's and the S2Gs.
3. I question the amount of useful service life the Indons will get from them anyway.
4. I seriously doubt if the Indons went out and captured the birds. They would have purchased them from a seller, and I wouldn't mind betting that the Indons dobbed them in.
4. The bird smuggling issue is just more ammo for T.A. to use against SBY.

Saltie 29th Nov 2013 06:18

More from the Pickering Post. The poster doesn't give a link, but the post seems to be from a newspaper. Interesting times ahead for Electricity Bill.

What will be even more interesting will be how long the ALPBC and the rest of the MSM can continue to ignore this story.

Bill Shorten accused of raping 16-year-old girl in 1986. Victorian police are investigating


The Victorian police are currently investigating ALP Leader Bill Shorten for raping a 16-year-old girl in 1986. The mainstream media reported earlier this month that a “Senior ALP figure” was being investigated for rape but failed to name Bill Shorten although there is nothing to stop them from doing so.

Given Mr Shorten’s position as a potential Prime Minister every Australian has a right to know about the police investigation and we should expect a fully detailed explanation from Mr Shorten immediately. Failing that he should resign. His current tactics of hiding behind a lawyer and barrister will not do.

The average person can and do get named by the media all the time when serious allegations are made against them and even more so when the police are investigating. So what makes Bill Shorten so special?


The alleged victim started looking for help online in about mid-September which seems to have started on Kevin Rudd’s Facebook page where she wrote the below:

(Click here to see it on Kevin Rudd’s site. Screen grab)

I have not named the alleged victim as I do not feel there is any need to, not because of any legal restrictions. From what I can tell she went online looking for help and has decided to stop talking to the media and to leave it in the hands of the Victorian police after making a formal complaint.

On November the 14th 2013 The Australian broke the story in an article titled “ALP figure faces 80s rape claim” which said:

“A SENIOR Labor figure is under investigation by Victoria Police after it was alleged he raped a teenager at an event organised by the party’s youth wing in the 1980s.”

“The alleged victim, who cannot be named, claims the assault took place during an overnight camp organised by the “Vanguard” movement of the state’s Young Labor party and held in Portarlington, near Geelong.”

“The woman, a community nurse who now lives on the NSW central coast, last month made a formal complaint to Victoria Police. The complaint was assessed before the decision was made to launch an investigation.”

“Lawyers for the man said last night the “unsubstantiated claims date back almost 30 years and they have never previously been raised with him”.” (Click here to read more)

Other media that day ran with same story and referenced The Australian. The Australian wrote a follow-up article the next day titled “Tanya Plibersek backs full 80s rape probe” which starts off:

“THE deputy leader of the federal Labor Party, Tanya Plibersek, has said she fully supports the police investigation of a senior party figure after it was alleged the man raped a teenager at a holiday complex during the 1980s.” and “Tony Abbott has also said he supports the police investigation. “If something has happened, let it be looked into and treated as it should be by the relevant authorities,” the Prime Minister told Melbourne radio station 3AW yesterday.” (Click here to read more)

While the Australian did not name Shorten they did drop a very big hint. They pointed out in one article that it was not Kevin Rudd being investigated and they asked the Deputy Leader of the ALP, Tanya Plibersek, her viewpoint and PM Tony Abbott his opinion, but not the ALP leader Bill Shorten. It is not that hard for the reader to work out that The Australian is pointing the finger at Bill Shorten.

The alleged victim did make a number of other comments on Facebook such as the one below:

The allegations are detailed, so at the very least the alleged victim does seem to know Bill Shorten and Bill Shorten has not denied knowing the victim. Bill Shorten has also not denied having sex with the victim.

Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten and his advisors have and are working overtime behind the scenes to close this story down and I know because Shorten has form on the board for doing exactly that. In May 2012 Mr Shorten moved to close down a rumour that was spreading widely in Canberra and on the Internet and I wrote a post titled “Has Bill Shorten gotten one of his staff members Pregnant? Shorten calls the lawyers.” which starts off:

“The rumour mill has spread all over the net in the last few days that federal MP Bill Shorten has gotten one of his staff members pregnant. Bill Shorten says he has taken legal advice.” (Click here to read more) Bill Shorten and his wife Chloe Bryce did an interview to deny the rumour but never said what the rumour was. It was a big talking point in the media about how stupid it was because how can you deny something if you do not say what you are denying. The net effect is Mr Shorten did not deny anything. It was clearly designed to close down other media reports by the implied threat that Mr Shorten has called his lawyer.

I think Bill Shorten’s career is over. It is just a matter of time. He has handled this very poorly and had no option but to call a press conference when the allegations first surfaced and deal with them openly. To do what he has done seems like the actions of a guilty person in the same way that Rolf Harris tried to close down the media and he ended up looking guilty.

I could write a novel on Bill Shorten and his corrupt ways and have written plenty before (click here) but I will keep this post short and focused and do a follow-up post or two in the very near future.


Everyone who has followed the story closely knows that it is Bill Shorten that is being investigated. The problem being that is has not received a lot of media coverage.

This is very much like the Rolf Harris media issue that this site covered back in March 2013. The story was all over Twitter that Rolf Harris had been arrested and interviewed by the British police but all the mainstream media would only say that it was an “82-year-old Australian entertainer” who was “from Berkshire”. (Click here to read the three posts that I wrote on the topic) There was no legal reason not to name Rolf Harris although some media said there was. After the story was far and wide on the Internet the British paper The Sun announced the “World Exclusive” and named Rolf Harris and other media around the world followed.

There is no legal reason not to name Bill Shorten and if the story takes the same course as Rolf Harris and spreads far and wide on the net then the mainstream media will have no option but to name Mr Shorten. Because every day they fail to name Mr Shorten they look dumber and dumber in front of their own readers.

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SOPS 29th Nov 2013 06:52

I wonder if there will be any reaction to that.

priapism 29th Nov 2013 09:46

This story has been on the burner for a while. Neil Mitchell on Melbourne's 3aw spoke about it a few weeks ago- said he knew who the accused was but was unwilling to name him. Fear of litigation. Larry Pickering isn't. Let's see electricity bill come out and deny the accusations. If it were Abbott the GAYBC and Fairfax press would have been all over it!! This could get interesting.

Andu 29th Nov 2013 09:59

Yes, Larry Pickering unloads on the Left-leaning media for their studious ignoring of this and the AWU scandal in his latest editorial.


No better example of the Left’s destructive bias was Fairfax’s and the ABC’s gay vanguard, David Marr’s reporting of an accusation that a wall may have been punched by Abbott 30 years ago.

Although there was no witness, it was the Left's grand expose of Abbott’s possible hatred of women and his possible violent nature.

And the media’s Left spent ten days of excited hyperventilation covering that possibility.

Now that Bill Shorten has been accused of raping a young girl, the silence from the Left of the media is sickeningly deafening.

No suggestion that he stand down while the investigation is in progress. No, nothing, not one word, not one question. Only the inaudible mumblings of "a presumption of innocence" apply to Labor's accused.

Documented evidence shows Gillard, Shorten and others were complicit in the massive AWU WRA fraud. Still not a left-handed pen is lifted in anger!

Move on readers, there’s nothing to see here.
As one of the respondents to that editorial said, I hope he has his facts right, for he appears to be the only one to name Shorten so far.

Some of the comments following the article are instructive.

Worrals in the wilds 29th Nov 2013 10:07

This could get interesting.
It sure could, if VicPol decide there's anything in it. However, as has been repeatedly pointed out in various JB threads it's often easier to accuse than defend, particularly when it comes to 'date-rape' accusations (for want of a better term).

If it were Abbott the GAYBC and Fairfax press would have been all over it!!
That's probably correct and it would be unfair to Abbott, as was rightly said here when the unproven uni accusations came up and were ruthlessly milked by the lefty media. It's not Abbott, but doesn't the same rule apply? Two wrongs don't make a right.

Documented evidence shows Gillard, Shorten and others were complicit in the massive AWU WRA fraud.
Off to the coppers then, with the bag of documents! Given that both NSW and Victoria have LNP Governments at the moment (and coppers are endemically right-wing at the best of times :E) I'm sure there'll be an enthusiastic response. IMO the jacks would love to nail both Gillard and the AWU, but they keep coming up against a distressing lack of evidence. :suspect:

Andu 29th Nov 2013 19:39

Some will remember the Burmese woman asylum seeker who was flown to Brisbane for better medical supervision because doctors at Christmas Island or Nauru thought she was going to have twins. She had only one child, "baby Faris", now enthusiastically personalised at every turn by the ALPBC and 'Sunrise'.

ABC news this morning reporting that the government has backed down under threats of facing the High Court over sending the family back to Nauru and that, contrary to reports here and elsewhere, the fact that baby Faris was born in Australia does give him (or is it her?) 'anchor rights'.

I think this will give heart to many if not most of those who decided to risk making the trip to Christmas Island since Kevin Rudd's "under no circumstances will you gain entrance to Australia" announcement before the election. It may take them a bit longer than it did under Labor, but after this decision, they will now believe that eventually, they'll be allowed to stay.

500N 29th Nov 2013 19:44

I had to laugh yesterday. Talking to a hunting mate on the other side of the country, asked what other hunting mate was doing.

Managing a Detention centre :rolleyes:

Saltie 29th Nov 2013 21:28

In this morning's Weekend Australian is a report stating that 80 asylum seekers sent to Papua New Guinea have already been sent home having been found NOT to be refugees but "economic migrants". What's more, it is reported in the same newspaper, "Last Friday, there were 1144 asylum-seekers at the centre (Manus Island). None has so far been found to be a refugee."

500N 29th Nov 2013 21:41


Funny you mention those words "economic migrants".

The word used by my mate in Darwin was exactly that,
they are "economic refugees" (or migrants). I think he
said they a fair few were from Syria.

Dark Knight 29th Nov 2013 22:41

Three points re the shenanigans within the Labor party (party may be the operative word here?):

Isn't there supposed to be a Mistress with child belonging to the Federal Labor party leader?

More and more is coming out drip by drip about ex PM Gillard, Williamson, Thompson, Obied, et al?

Can someone give a reason/explanation why all the current sitting Labor members in Victoria are bailing out and not going to stand for pre-selection again? (10 [I think] at last count)?

More than a definite aroma of large rodent all round!

Clare Prop 29th Nov 2013 23:58

GG Barbie Junior was "Mistress with child" at one point, so he has form.

7x7 30th Nov 2013 03:38

The Shorten story, with Shorten named, is spreading beyond Pickering.

Bill Shorten accused of raping 16-year-old girl in 1986. Victorian police are investigating | Kangaroo Court of Australia

Some of the comments following the article are worth reading.

500N 30th Nov 2013 04:47

Not defending him but I am not surprised the MSM have taken a hands off attitude to this story since it broke.

Clare Prop 30th Nov 2013 05:28

There are probably a lot of skeletons and a select few that know where those skeletons are. I always reckon that's the only reason Gillard kept her job for as long as she did. The worrying thing wasn't so much what they did or didn't do, but how much it compromised their position and how it made a complete mockery of "democracy" and I include the way Shorten got his leadershp job as part of that mockery.

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