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500N 9th Nov 2013 03:55


I wonder as well.

500N 9th Nov 2013 03:57

"I think they were in international waters but the Indonesians SAR zone is that correct?"

That is my understanding of it.

All international waters are covered by some countries International SAR responsibilities.

Andu 9th Nov 2013 04:20

Since the RAN crew first found that the engine was serviceable (after the first distress call) but then it was not, it has clearly been sabotaged. You would think that charges of sabotage would be strenuously pursued by the Australian authorities against the boat's master.

But we know that won't happen. Just as we - (and the people smugglers - and the country shoppers) - know that eventually, many if not most of those sent to Manus Island will end up in Australia on the benefits for life gravy train.

You blinked, Tony, and that's a bit like being "a little bit pregnant". It's going to take an enormous - and incredibly expensive - amount of work to undo the damage you've done in folding to the Indonesian bluster over this one boatload of people. The boats will now come in large numbers.

I don't buy for one moment the argument about allowing the Indonesians to save face. The new Australian Government has an equally important problem with maintaining face over this matter - and by caving, it blew it, with enormous loss of face, which will only be regained by now having to up the ante hugely at some time in the future in some way that will make Australia look even more nasty to the ever ready to criticise mainstream media.

Malcolm Fraser Mark 2.

Not happy, Jan.

alisoncc 9th Nov 2013 04:23

So Abbotts mob are just like the previous, just smoke and mirrors.

500N 9th Nov 2013 04:27

Wait and see.

A lot to be said for making sure the Indonesians save fave.

Am disappointed myself but give it a week.

SOPS 9th Nov 2013 05:34

Have to agree with Andu, I am very disappointed. I thought that this lot were better than this.

SOPS 9th Nov 2013 16:05

Two Dads has just popped up on the news demanding we open the doors and don't hinder their progress. They should not have blinked...give them an inc and they take a mile.:ugh:

7x7 9th Nov 2013 20:02

If there's any doubt that Australia is a soft touch, this should put those doubts to rest once and for all.

Parents despair:

THE parents of Thomas Kelly, the teenager killed by a random king hit during a night out, have questioned why a 25-year maximum jail term exists for manslaughter after their son’s killer got just four years.

Angry at the light sentence given to 19-year-old Kieran Loveridge [above] by NSW Supreme Court Judge Stephen Campbell, Thomas’s parents Ralph and Kathy Kelly told 60 Minutes in an interview to air on Channel 9 tonight that the legal system is geared around “protecting the criminal”.

The Australian:

The lenient punishment prompted questions about why the murder charge that Loveridge, 19, had originally faced—which normally attracts at least 20 years in jail—was downgraded.

Mother Kathy Kelly howled with grief as judge Stephen Campbell passed the sentence in the NSW Supreme Court, saying it reflected Loveridge’s genuine remorse, his youth, early guilty pleas and social disadvantage—the latter a factor he said could be attributed in part to Loveridge’s Aboriginal heritage.

The judge:
The offender was born on 9th March 1994. He was nearly eighteen years and four months old at the date of his offending, and is now nineteen years and eight months. Both parents are of Aboriginal heritage. I bear that in mind only for the purpose of reminding myself that it may be a circumstance relevant to a degree of social disadvantage in the offender’s upbringing.

31The offender’s father was involved in criminal activities and his mother had separated from the father at the time of the offender’s birth. The offender’s father was in gaol during the offender’s infancy. After his release, the offender’s parents attempted to reconcile and during that time the offender’s mother fell pregnant with his sister. However, his father abused drink and illicit drugs. He was occasionally violent and certainly abusive. On one occasion during the offender’s childhood, his father struck him across the face with a bamboo cane as punishment for a trivial misdemeanour.

32The offender grew up in his mother’s care and without the benefit of love, support and guidance from his father. He is apparently a talented junior rugby league player. He formed a close relationship with his football coach, and I infer from his mother’s statement, that man may have been something of a father figure to the offender. Unfortunately he died of cancer, which the offender’s mother states was very confronting for the offender.

33The offender completed primary school at Toongabbie without much trouble. His high school education has been fractured, partly due to an expulsion for his involvement in his juvenile criminal activities
I try to put myself in the position of the Kelly family as I read the judge's fanciful findings, and wonder if I wouldn't be standing before a judge myself after taking the law into my own hands as I sought some semblance of justice for my son's death. Am I the only one who thinks that, since I didn't have such a tragic childhood, I would not get such a sympathetic hearing from the bench?

There's a photograph with the Bolt article clearly showing how much "Aboriginal heritage" this thug really has. He'll be 23 when he gets out of prison.


7x7 9th Nov 2013 22:25

Pickering is reporting that the people 'rescued' by HMAS Ballarat now arriving on Christmas Island have been denied entry to Australia twice before and returned to Indonesia on both occasions.

It would seem to be a clear case of "if at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again"...

I can't see this ending in any way positively for the Abbott Government. The next step will be people self-harming to ensure they are taken to a hospital in Australia, where the Julian Burnsides of this world will be on hand to work the system to ensure they get to stay here.

Ethel the Aardvark 10th Nov 2013 02:19

You can't of written Tony Abbotomy off already, he's only been in power over a month. Stay firm to your leader. I see they mention how dangerous it is to apprehend the illegal entries, I would also find it dangerous whilst speeding arround in the assault boats with a sharp writing implement inserted in the chocy starfish. Is the sharp implement manoeuvre part of Morrisons plan!!:O

500N 10th Nov 2013 02:23

"The next step will be people self-harming to ensure they are taken to a hospital in Australia,"

Where they die en route or very soon after entering the emergency department.

Everything was done to save them but when the wound was opened up
to see how bad it was and clean it they bled out ...........................

Or we could give them instruction on self harm and to use the No 1 method,
cutting into the femoral artery just to one side of the groin ;)

Ethel the Aardvark 10th Nov 2013 04:10

Hey 500, you should stay off the playstation and try and get out more! :O

I see bishop wants to stay friends with Indonesia but intends to keep spying on them, out of her depth possibly.

500N 10th Nov 2013 04:33

Playstation ?

Reality :O

But some poeple wouldn't know you were giving them deadly advice !

I16 10th Nov 2013 06:52

If he can bat as well as being a fast bowler - he is on a jetplane to Aus!

Asylum seeker arrives on Christmas Island dressed as Australian cricket player - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Andu 10th Nov 2013 07:52

If history's anything to go by, he's in!

I16 10th Nov 2013 08:54

Cunning little cricket players
NZPA are reporting more Australian cricket players Asylum seeker arrives on Christmas Island dressed as Australian cricket player - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
are arriving in New Zealand - all [except the really good ones] will be sent back on the first available flight to Australia.

I16 10th Nov 2013 09:43

Trending tonight -

News Flash
The Royal Navy intercepted three boatloads of people off the coast of Kent today. This placed the Navy in an awkward position, as the boats were not heading to, but away from Kent towards France. Another surprise finding was that they were loaded with British people who were all of pensionable age. Their claim was that they were trying to get to Calais so as to be able to return to the UK as illegal immigrants and therefore be entitled to far more benefits than they were receiving as legitimate UK pensioners. The Navy, it is believed, gave them food, water and fuel and assisted them on their journey.

We are booking the next boat out; let me know if you want to come.

RJM 10th Nov 2013 13:16

Of all the actions of governments, it seems to me that those which involve diplomacy are the most difficult for the ordinary Joe to comment on. There are almost always, I suggest, issues, currents and undercurrents of which we're not aware, and about which we can't get good information.

Turning to light relief, not everyone knows that there exists a parallel universe, in which our best ever PM, Saint Julia Gillard of Lalor, was most cruelly deposed by the Forces of Evil.

Read all about it here:

The Political Sword | An accolade for Julia Gillard: a fine prime minister

Andu 10th Nov 2013 20:02

RJM, I see from your post, as we predicted here, that the re-writing of history has begun.

I gave up about a third of the way down the first page, gagging on the cant and utter bullshit I was reading.

I see that the bronze plaque with Paul Keating's "immortal" words will be unveiled today as that selfsame Paul Keating gives the main speech at today's Armistice Day cereMOANy at the AWM in Canberra today. I can predict with some certainly that there will be more than a few tightly clenched jaws among those in the audience wearing ribbons on their left breast. They'll be too gentlemanly to turn their backs on Keating or even walk out as he speaks, but many will want to.

Brendan Nelson should be deeply ashamed of himself for politicizing a function like this with such a divisive character as Paul Keating. The man made no secret of his utter disdain for anyone in uniform during his time as a politician.

One day I'll run across you, Brendan, and I will embarrass my wife if she's with me by telling you in undiplomatic terms what I think of you.

Andu 10th Nov 2013 20:08

I went back and looked at the comments following the Julia Gillard article. The first comment, by the author of the article, says it all:

This piece gives you an opportunity to add your words of commendation of Julia Gillard, so richly deserved. It is not a forum for brickbats; we have had more than enough from just a few who comment here.
The guy must work for Fairfax or the ALPBC. Favourable comments only will be accepted.

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