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Ken Borough 6th Nov 2013 11:00


I'm with you for WIW! The Fairfax media is right onto BJ in a big way. I hope they nail this trough-dwelling parasite! I'm surprised that anyone at a game of Thuggery League would be capable of or wanting to talk policy with an

500N 6th Nov 2013 11:02

Talk ?

Mumble or grunt more like ;)

Fliegenmong 6th Nov 2013 11:05

"shadow minister for agriculture" and NRL Finals,
wouldn't he be there because they are animals

Ha ha, fair call 500! :ok::D

But really, you're happy your taxes paid for it?? Claiming 5k to go to the footy...when no doubt countless Aussie strugglers couldn't afford to? If he's on 300k+ a year, he can afford it....if the NRL want an audience with the shadow minister for sorghum, they can pay........I don't see why I have to pay taxes to support such BS, I mean really I've had to listen to Julie bishop try to justify her 'study trip' to India for a wedding, true to form the MSM never questioned the findings of here 'study trip'.....I paid for it I want to know what the outcome was!!

It is not unreasonable to know what I paid for....but it is apparently unreasonable for the MSM to press the point.

As an aside.....how long before Uncle Ruppy is allowed to own the 10 network do you reckon??

Ken Borough 6th Nov 2013 11:15

Some very depressing albeit interesting reading can be found here:




These cover thre periods July-Dec 2012. Earlier illuminating reports can be found here:


For those interested, here's a link to a special SMH section on politicians' grab for cash. From the Herald, there are links to Govt sites that list the claims made.

Australian MPs Expenses Investigations

Lastly, I think there's also data in spreadsheet form on the Guardian website. It's easily searchable but doesn't cover all of the spending

Enjoy! :ok:

500N 6th Nov 2013 11:16


No, not happy, I should have said.

parabellum 6th Nov 2013 11:16

Be interesting to see how long this tit for tat expose on expenses is going to carry on. It is said that Ms P. Wong has quite a list, which is no surprise, she didn't do anything constructive in six years so why not make lists?

Reminds me of an old Asian saying, "Be careful who you cut off at the ankles lest they come back and cut you off at the knees....."

Fliegenmong 6th Nov 2013 11:24

Para! Not wrong mate!!!, no doubt plenty of Labourites shivering in their boots about the bogus claims they've made:rolleyes:....but as always i was just trying to bring some balance to the one eyed willy waving competition that this thread has so often descended to..

It is said that Ms P. Wong has quite a list, which is no surprise

Not saying you're wrong...but by 'It is said', who do you actually mean 'said' Para?

Ken Borough 6th Nov 2013 11:30


I don't think there will be any tit for tat on this issue as the Libs and Nats have been well and truly wedged having been caught with more than their finger in the pot of honey. The SMH provided links to the various Govt reports and invited readers to become analysts and report findings. The latest Joyce rorts are the result of a reader's work that's been supplied to the Herald. Bloody good job I say. :D:D

The rorting story has been current now for some weeks with little mud thrown at the ALP by the Guvmint. I think this is because of the adage 'people in glass houses.....' The mendacious self-described 'good guys' have been at last found out.

500N 6th Nov 2013 11:33


I'm not sure "one eyed willy waving competition" should be mentioned
in the same sentence as Penny Wong.

I think she is against that type of thing ;)

I suppose she could use a strap on ?

Fliegenmong 6th Nov 2013 11:40

Ken I understand what you're trying to say, but mate you have to understand that if the perpetrator is labour -

Response = froth at mouth,

(BUT) if perpetrator is coalition

Response = understandable excuse,

I know deep down you understand this double standard :ok: Barnaby does :ok:

May I open my wallet for you some more barnaby?? Ya need a train ticket or something mate? an ice cream maybe??

parabellum 6th Nov 2013 23:24

Not saying you're wrong...but by 'It is said', who do you actually mean 'said' Para?
Best I can do there Fliegs is that, one morning very soon after the election, on Sky AM Agenda, (08.30), it was mentioned at a table with polies from both side sitting there and the statement went unchallenged by the ALP types.

Ken, dream on, enjoy living in your bubble. Very noticeable that the government are distancing themselves from the brash, fish wife kind of crap that the ALP so wallowed in. As Fliegs says, there will be many ALP members shaking in their boots right now, but one sniper with selective shots can be worth as much as a complete rifle company, so no need to blow all their ammunition in one go.

500N 6th Nov 2013 23:27

Interesting that that Bastion of respectability, Laurie Oakes
blasted the Gov't and TA yesterday over transparency and
trying to deprive the media of information.

I will admit I do thing TA and the Gov't need to start being
more visible now.

Labor seems to be "stepping up to the plate" in terms of
ministers being in the media a bit.

I think this rorts is actually making both sides duck for cover,
maybe the media should let it go.

Ken Borough 7th Nov 2013 00:01

maybe the media should let it go
Disagree mate! We need politicians who we can trust. We need people with integrity, honesty and courage. Those who have rorted their expenses need to be exposed, shamed and run out of office. If that's not done, we'll end up with a Federal political culture not that dissimilar to that which is being uncovered by the ICAC in NSW. Do you want that?

Worrals in the wilds 7th Nov 2013 00:52

This has been a cushy little lurk that's suited both sides of the house very nicely :yuk:. That's why neither major party is in too much of a hurry to point the finger at the other.
I reckon there's a collective, bipartisan hope that this will all go away.

500N 7th Nov 2013 00:55


That is what I was trying to say.

chuboy 7th Nov 2013 01:08

The Coalition has blown a $3 billion hole in the budget after announcing it would abandon or amend a suite of tax initiatives that would have cracked down on wealthy superannuants, multinationals and those who claim large ''self-education'' expenses.

Announcing the latest measures, Treasurer Joe Hockey said the budget position would deteriorate even further when the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook is released at the end of the year. ''The budget has deteriorated, of course it has. And we are methodically and carefully going through every cupboard,'' he said.

While the mid-year outlook would show the extent to the problems, the May budget would '''offer the solutions'', Mr Hockey said.
Read more: Treasurer Joe Hockey blows a $3 billion hole in budget

bosnich71 7th Nov 2013 02:24

Fliegenmong .... "Craig Thompson used members money, Barnaby's using mine".
In my case, mate, both are using mine, or my wife's anyway so I won't be excusing either.

500N 7th Nov 2013 05:29

I see the Gov't is snubbing the Climate Change meeting.

Somehow I don't think Climate Change and all that goes with it is going to get much traction in the next 4 years.

The Greenies are going to be having hissy fits :ok:

MTOW 7th Nov 2013 06:27

Sarah will be apoplectic, maybe even reduced to tears (in her best Marlo Brando: "Oh, the horror!"). And doubtless, the ALPBC will put her on camera to have her hissy fit.

Worrals in the wilds 7th Nov 2013 09:17

Somehow I don't think Climate Change and all that goes with it is going to get much traction in the next 4 years.
Word 'round the campfire is that they were packing up the office and putting out resumes back in 2012.

And doubtless, the ALPBC will put her on camera to have her hissy fit.
Or the conservative press may do exactly the same thing, as a covert op :suspect:...pre-election, every time SHY appeared on the telly I reckon another batch of people decided to vote Liberal. :ooh::}

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