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bosnich71 4th Nov 2013 21:12

Had to smile when I watched the ABC "news" this morning and they stated that there had been a number of shootings in Sydney over the past two weeks.
More like the past two years ! :rolleyes:

MTOW 4th Nov 2013 21:59

ship them to Adelaide and be there to pay off the wharfies in cash.
I was told of two stories along the same lines. One, a mate went to the wharfie foreman and offered him $50 to see that the car made it onto the wharf undamaged. (A relatively hefty sum in 1971.) The wharfie took the money and, when the car was still high above the dock, the crane stopped. The wharfie smiled and said it was going to cost another $50 to ensure there wasn't an unfortunate accident. My friend said he paid up.

The second story, the car owner offered the wharfie foreman (I forget the amount, but let's say $100) so the car would make it off the docks in one unbroken piece. The wharfie foreman took the money and then stuck his head out the window and shouted to his team that they'd be getting half of the amount just paid if the car made it onto the dock undamaged. I suppose the second story isn't all that unusual. In that environment, everyone who can takes his cut along the way.


I had to laugh this morning when the NSW Deputy Police Commissioner, while being interviewed on the ALPBC about the shooting of the 13 year old girl, crowed, apparently with no small amount of pride, that until this 'unfortunate incident', they're had 24 days of no shootings in Sydney's western suburbs!

24 days... Hoo hah!


Two headlines in this morning's 'Australian', to me at least, show just how much what passes for the norm has slipped in Australia over the last few years.

HOLDEN workers will receive cash bonuses and annual pay rises worth almost $5 million during the next two months as the carmaker seeks extra taxpayer assistance from the federal government to stave off closure. The struggling car company, which has received $2.7 billion in subsidies over the past 12 years, including a $275m co-investment package from state and federal governments last year, will have to walk away from a wage freeze it had negotiated with unions in August in an attempt to keep down costs. - See more at: Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

"HUNDREDS" of Australians are participating in the Syrian conflict, lending weight to fears among security officials that the two-year-old civil war is breeding the next generation of jihadists. And just days after ASIO issued its annual report in which it named Syria as the "primary destination" for Australians fighting abroad, there are fresh claims extremist groups such as the al-Nusra Front are being supplanted by more radical organisations, potentially posing new challenges for Australian authorities. - See more at: Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian
99% of people would be outraged by both of these stories - particularly, I suspect, the Holden "workers" getting pay rises and bonuses, but damn near 100% of them know that nothing will be done about either.

500N 4th Nov 2013 22:02

24 days is pretty good actually.

PinkusDickus 4th Nov 2013 22:53

Cooment about the ABC Q&A program last night - posted on Andrew Bolt's Blog today:

Q&A was at itís extreme worst tonight. One conservative, Peter Hitchens, Christian conservative and brother of the late Christopher. The rest of the panel - an American feminist who wrote a book called ĎThe End of Mení, a gay guy, and Germaine Greer. So of course the three lefties took turns bullying, insulting, talking over, interrupting and laughing at the conservative.

The gay spokesman on the panel, Dan Savage, offered this idea: make abortion mandatory for all women for the next 30 years. This was offered as a way to save the planet. Club of Rome style.

Yet another confirmation of how wacky and biased the ABC really is.

Takan Inchovit 5th Nov 2013 04:12

Yet another confirmation of how wacky and biased the ABC really is.

Perhaps they could try it with a local Imam next.

When I saw the ads for that particular show and who was in it, the reflex was to avoid, avoid, avoid! After all TVs aren't all that cheap to replace.

SOPS 5th Nov 2013 05:26

re The 13 year old who was shot...just heard the Premier of NSW on the radio. He is furious because the family of the girl are refusing to cooperate with the police investigating the case.

Either the people who did it have this family really scared, or they simply think they are not part of our society.

7x7 5th Nov 2013 06:56

I know the level of craziness in the Government was pretty high under Rudd and Gillard, but I don't think we quite reached this level of utter (I don't know what word to use next to describe it), did we?

Taxpayers' £10,000 bill to teach failed asylum seeker to fly | Mail Online

At least I can be forgiven for posting this - it does have aviation content.

500N 5th Nov 2013 07:01


Or they are crims who just don't talk to the Police ?

Same as the Melbourne gangland shootings, they sorted their own problems out.

Worrals in the wilds 5th Nov 2013 07:18

re The 13 year old who was shot...just heard the Premier of NSW on the radio. He is furious because the family of the girl are refusing to cooperate with the police investigating the case.
I smell narcotics. :suspect:

The men were reportedly looking to settle a score with the girl's brother, who is suspected of having links to the notorious Brothers 4 Life gang.
Family of shot Sydney girl talk to police | News.com.au

Andu 5th Nov 2013 20:47

On the ALPBC this morning, lawyers for David Hicks trying to have his conviction for assisting terrorism quashed because he made the admission to this charge "under torture". If the courts stick to form, this will be granted, he'll get huge compensation and will probably end up claiming veteran's benefits and demanding campaign medals before he's finished.

At the other end of the scale, take a look at this.

At the recent ceremony for the 57 family members of the 40 Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, Fred sang 'Dust of Uruzgan' and 'The Sapper's Lullaby'. I guarantee there wouldn't have been a dry eye in the audience. If you haven't heard these songs, take a look here:

Dust of Uruzgan with intro

Sapperís Lullaby with intro

If you can make it to one of Fred's concerts, particularly (but not only) if you're an ex-serviceman, do yourself an enormous favour and go. See tour

Worrals in the wilds 5th Nov 2013 23:26

On the ALPBC this morning, lawyers for David Hicks trying to have his conviction for assisting terrorism quashed because he made the admission to this charge "under torture".
Let's see how that rolls :hmm:. Mind you, I think most Australians would be more than happy if it were true.

Not that torture is completely unheard of in Australia...
Back in the 1940s there was a police station on Brisbane's George Street (in the CBD) that was used by detectives. Many a miscreant claimed that during interrogation they had been half drowned in a bathtub by a couple of beefy detectives in an incentive to 'fess up to whatever they wanted to get off the 'unsolved crimes' list that week.

Naturally the Qld Police laughingly shrugged this off as fanciful, even though several honourable citizens reported hearing screams and splashing noises as they walked past the station. :ooh:

The 'rumours' came to a head one sunny morning when a naked, dripping wet man bolted out of the station and sprinted down George Street shouting 'the police are trying to drown me! They're going to kill me'! Naturally this caused some comment amongst the populace and after a few phone calls to various pollies from influential legal types the practice was discontinued.

The way Premier Newman's going they've probably reinstalled the damned thing. :rolleyes:

500N 6th Nov 2013 00:14

You just need to know when to stop and let them up for air !

Just like water boarding, don't "over due it" ;)

MTOW 6th Nov 2013 06:04

Heard a bloke interviewed on the ABC a few months ago who has written an authorised biography of Terry Lewis, the ex-Police Commissioner in Qld. (Lewis, apparently, has kept a very detailed daily diary all his adult life, which he made available to the author, as well as copies of damn near every piece of paper that ever crossed his desk.)

In the interview, the author spoke at length about Frank Bishof, who I think was Lewis' immediate predecessor. (There may have been another Commissioner in between, but Bishof was top cop for most of the Bejelke Petersen years.)

What he described was pretty close to what Worrals said in her last post and included a very involved tale about the supposed suicide of a very high profile prostitute immediately before she was to testify in court and apparently say things that would have proved to be embarrassing to the police. Shirley someone?

The book sounds like it would be a good read - and proves that the last six years of very crooked people in government is by no means new to Australia.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Nov 2013 07:38

(Lewis, apparently, has kept a very detailed daily diary all his adult life, which he made available to the author, as well as copies of damn near every piece of paper that ever crossed his desk.)
IIRC it was also made available to the Fitzgerald Commission, though not with Sir Terence's permission :eek:. At the time there was a certain amount of :ugh::ugh::ugh: amongst Brisbane's legal, police and criminal circles (circles that were more intwined than the Olyimpic rings :suspect:) along the lines of 'what sort of idiot keeps a diary'? Anyway, to quote Mae West, if you keep a diary, someday it will keep you. Lewis' diary kept him in state issued cornflakes for a decade.

The 'suicide' was a well known incident and is probably still more discussed in Brisbane than the JFK shooting. Whether Lewis himself had much to do with it is questionable; he wasn't the only member of the QPS running his own personal agenda, and (allegedly :}) nor did he have control over the many and varied rackets that were being run in the name of the law :yuk:. There are many stories that still do the rounds, none of which are either verifiable or appropriate for a public forum.

Either way it's probably an interesting book, albiet one from Lewis' POV. IMO pretty much everyone else who'd know the true story first hand is either dead, senile or Not Talking, so it will only ever shine a light on a piece of the darkness. I don't think anyone alive really knows the whole story of what happened to Shirley Brifman. If they do, they're not saying and I don't see any death-bed confessions coming anytime soon. :suspect:

As you say, government/ police corruption is nothing new. Nor is it an exclusively Labor phenomenon. Many born Brisbanites who might otherwise have been LNP sympathisers are endemically Labor because they saw how the state National Party government behaved through the 70s and 80s. I'm not saying that's right (or that Labor are any better, as the NSW Right are demonstrating on a daily basis :mad:) but that's how it is.

Andu 6th Nov 2013 09:04

I met a few mates in the Valley for a beer on a Brissie overnight back in the mid 80s. I've seen Bangkok at its sleaziest - and I mean waaaay down market from Phat Pong Road; the really sleazy areas.

But what I saw in the Valley that night - and NOT, I hasten to say, in any restricted to the public 'private clubs', but just bars that anyone could walk into, wasn't far removed from Bangkok at its sleaziest.

As Caff or Kim would say: 'not noice'.

I see Tony Abbott has announced he's going to get legislation pushed through Parliament changing the Constitution to "recognise Aboriginals", whatever that means. Whether it's putting the dark skinned race above or below the other races, it's still apartheid, and I think he's making a terrible mistake with an idea that will appeal only to people who will never vote for him whatever he does and will alienate many of his staunchest followers.

The best thing we could do for all Aboriginals is to remove all the lurks, perks and benefits they now enjoy purely for being Aboriginal and start treating them exactly the same as every other citizen in every way.

I fear Abbott's going to end up as another Malcolm Fraser.

500N 6th Nov 2013 09:09


When I first came to Aus in about 82, the three places I was warned about were.

St Kilda
Kings Cross (and to an extent Redfern)
The Valley.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Nov 2013 09:19

Chucking a patriotic 180 here, you're just not going to the right places! :E
Seriously, these days the government runs prostitution, gambling and post-midnight drinking, so it's All Changed...

Truth be told, it's a hell of a lot more respectable than when the coppers, the Mafia and the Triads ran the joint. The activities are largely the same, but business owners pay taxes and join the relevant Liquor Accord :\.

I see Tony Abbott has announced he's going to get legislation pushed through Parliament changing the Constitution to "recognise Aboriginals",
Any change to the Constitution has to go to refurendum. Historically Australian referenda have been defeated, so my guess is that this is a gesture by the current government safe in the knowledge that it won't get up. Remember Howard's 'mateship'? :E

Fliegenmong 6th Nov 2013 10:38

I don't know if this was mentioned anywhere in the MSM, now that Rupert has his puppet installed as PM I guess not....

Barnaby Joyce won't repay more than $5,000 billed to taxpayers for attending State of Origin, NRL finals - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Anyways......I'll let you defend it...:hmm:

I'm not sure what I get about being the shadow minister for agriculture, being invited to discuss drugs in sport at an NRL State of Origin match, didn't think it was an agriculture thing drugs in sport :confused: ....horse steroids? I dunno? I'm confident enough the MSM won't ask any hard questions though, in fact I'm sure of it....they seem to be operating in a very 'move along, nothing to see here' kind of way.

So anyway being as it may, should we not be privvy to what was discussed here? Meeting notes? I mean MY taxes paid for this junke, sorry work related meeting....as an elected representative it is not unreasonable to expect to see what was the outcome of the meeting,.:rolleyes:, what did the 'honourable' shadow minister of agriculture achieve in a drugs in sport meeting with the NRL.......And if the NRL wanted an audience with the shadow minister, why do my taxes pay for it and not the NRL.

Just wondering out loud here......I know what the Faux outrage would have been like if it was on the other side....at least that con / crim craig thompson used members money....barnaby's using mine!!:ugh:

500N 6th Nov 2013 10:46


"shadow minister for agriculture" and NRL Finals,
wouldn't he be there because they are animals ? :O

FYI, it is front page of the Age newspaper and so will be across the country.

Andu 6th Nov 2013 10:54

Fleigs, you have this old reactionary on your side in this case. Politicians of both stripes have been getting away with rorting allowances for so long now they see it as a right. They see their salaries as 'keep' money, and the allowances system there to cover as much as they possibly can of their day to day lifestyle expenses.

If it hadn't been for individuals like Slipper going absolutely over the top with blatantly incorrect claims that in no way could be justified, the game would probably have just continued, with the odd comment now and again about 'study tours' able to be ignored in most cases, as both sides didn't want the gravy train upset. Hopefully, the current outrage will not subside and those on both sides who have sailed a bit close to the wind with their claims will be forced to repay their employer, the taxpayer, and even moreso, hopefully, a new set of rules will be introduced that will not be so easily rorted.

The Libs have been every bit as guilty as Labor politicians in this.

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