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SOPS 2nd Nov 2013 09:15

FB...is that a real ad of is it meant to be funny?

Flying Binghi 2nd Nov 2013 12:16

It was a real ad, and meant to be serious...

"...was sponsored by the UK government, major corporations like Sony, and ... must have spent months preparing, with casting, scripting and special effects meetings, so they could capture the effect of exploding ten-year-olds ... Incredibly the 10:10 death-flick mini movie was even going to be played at cinemas... "

Mystery Solved: Why the PR hacks exploded their credibility JoNova

"...This unbelievably vile video from the 10:10 campaign takes the award for the most disgusting climate and carbon reduction video ever..."

O?M?G ? Video explodes skeptical kids in bloodbath | Watts Up With That?


SOPS 2nd Nov 2013 12:32

Ok, before I just thought all the watermelons were crazy. Now I know they are crazy.

Clare Prop 3rd Nov 2013 01:30

That is really seriously disturbing. That anyone could even come up with that concept let alone have it get to production is ...sheesh...no words. :eek:

bosnich71 3rd Nov 2013 01:42

Don't know if the Melons are crazy but it does seem that they are prepared to be economical with the truth....... E.G.

"We need to get some broad based support, to capture the public's imaginations .....
So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubt ....
Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest".

Professor Stephen Schneider, Standford Professor of Climatology.


" We've got to ride this global warming issue. Even if global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy".

Timothy Wirth, President of the U.N. Foundation.


"No matter if the science of global warming is all phony ...... climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world."

Christine Stewart, former Canadian Minister of the Environment


"The data doesn't matter. We are not basing our recommendations on the data.We are basing them on climate models".

Professor Chris Field, Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research.


"The models are convenient fictions that provide something very useful".

Dr. David Frame, Climate Modeller, Oxford University.


"It doesn't matter what is true it only matters what people believe is true".

Paul Watson, co founder Greenpeace.


"isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse?
Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about "?

Maurice Strong, founder, U.N. Environment Programme.


"We must make this an insecure and inhospitable place for capitalists and their projects.
We must reclaim the roads and ploughed land, halt dam construction, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers and return to wilderness millions of acres of presently settled land".

David Foreman, co founder, Earth First.


Having read the last two I think I'll change my mind.......... yes the Melons are crazy !

Captain Sand Dune 3rd Nov 2013 03:05

And I assume all these people live in totally eco-friendly houses, drive electric cars (if they own a car at all) and don't fly lest it increase their carbon footprint.
But why do I think they're all a bunch of feckin hypocrites!?

Clare Prop 3rd Nov 2013 05:24

I just put that link on a farce book group where people like to talk about politics and many of them are quite naive and question nothing just follow dogma and propaganda; asking people to please put it in some kind of context for me because I just couldn't get my head around it, and within seconds it was reported and I am on the blacklist. Wow. just, Wow.

Worrals in the wilds 3rd Nov 2013 05:30

Ahh, Facebook politics. :ugh::rolleyes: Ultra leftie pages, ultra rightie pages and SFA in the middle, all filled with self-affirming statements, mutual love and zero rational debate. I take it you weren't on an ultra rightie page...:E
You're brave for trying though; I even talk politics at work :eek:, but I won't usually go near it on Facebook.

...many of them are quite naive and question nothing just follow dogma and propaganda;
And that's Facebook. IMO best left for gigs, overseas friends and amusing pictures of cats.

The first statement (and others like it from similarly minded academics) is interesting. I took a scientific ethics course at a fairly prestigious uni a couple of years ago, and climate change was examined at length as the prime example of how not to espouse an academic theory :8. Apparently similar courses are running the same line.

bosnich71 3rd Nov 2013 06:01

I've just found another example, I tend to write things down, it's an old bloke thing and no doubt my kids will have a laugh when I snuff it and they find notebooks filled with ramblings written by their Father.
The following is from Dave Foreman, of Earth First.... again.

" My three main goals would be to reduce human population to about 100 million worldwide, destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderness with it's full complement of species returning throughout the world".

As others have mused in the past, why don't these characters start the ball rolling ref. population, and top themselves ?

chuboy 3rd Nov 2013 06:07

Come now, it's a bit crass to characterise every environmentally-inclined person is equally as much a crazy as David Foreman. I would suggest the majority of "greenies" would be inclined to disagree with his sentiments just as much as yourselves.

Andu 3rd Nov 2013 06:12

If someone honestly thinks that that 10:10 ad. has any redeeming features at all, they are really, REALLY unbalanced, bordering upon and delusional. But then, they're Greens, so what am I saying?

Surely it was made by an anti-Greens group attempting to discredit them?


Andu 3rd Nov 2013 06:14

I suppose if they ever achieve power and start killing off non-believers en masse, we can't say we haven't been warned. They've told us their intentions loudly a clearly with that ad.

bosnich71 3rd Nov 2013 07:17

Chuboy .....Maybe crass or not, Dave may be a stand out crazy but I don't think that he is completely alone. At one time the National Socialist Party were deemed to be nutters because they decided to "euthanize" a few people but it now seems to be becoming the next big thing ..... or am I having a 'senior moment' ? ;)

7x7 3rd Nov 2013 11:03

Worth taking a look at, particularly when you know that Bill Shorten's father was one of the top men (if not the top man) in the Waterside Worker's Union at the time.


(Remove the underscore from that blo-g word.)

Andu 4th Nov 2013 00:40

There are some rather emotive comments following the article on the wharfies' wartime behaviour on the Miranda Devine blog (link in 7x7's post). I'm surprised that so many people had never heard of it before. I know one American senior officer caused quite a stir when he wanted to shoot the wharfies in Townsville when they objected to him threatening to use his own troops to load the ships that were taking them to New Guinea when the wharfies would not.

I can recall during my time in the Air Force that it was almost a given that anyone bringing a car back from Butterworth after serving a tour there would see the car damaged, sometime quite severely, by the wharfies on its arrival back in Oz. (Late 60s /early 70s.) Dropping the car from about 30 feet onto the wharf was a favourite trick.

Fubaar 4th Nov 2013 02:25

Surely the ongoing confusion over the WA Senate (non) result should be enough evidence to convince the government that the time is overdue for a comprehensive reorganisation of our voting system? Electronic voting, a centralised database to prevent multiple voting - and perhaps most importantly, an end to the crazy preference system that sees a candidate who gets only a miniscule number of primary votes win a seat over other candidates who secure tens of thousands of primary votes but miss out after multiple re-distributions of preferences.

Fubaar 4th Nov 2013 03:38

So what should we file this under? Ummm... "Cultural differences"?

Egypt's Executioner: Strangling Has Been My Hobby Since Childhood, I Just Love My Job

"When I was young about 13 or 14 years old the dry Ismailiya Canal in Shubra Al-Kheima still had water in it. My hobby was to catch a cat, to place a rope around its neck, to strangle it, and throw it into the water. I would get hold of any animal even dogs. I would strangle these animals and throw them into the water even dogs."

Interviewer: "That was a long time ago..."

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi: "Yes, when I was 13 or 14 years old. Strangulation was my hobby. When I applied for the job and did well on the tests proving that I could take the psychological pressure and so on they said: 'Congratulations. Now, grow a moustache. '"
"The truth is that my heart is dead, because executing comes from the heart, not the moustache. Only if you have a heart of stone can you be content in this line of work." [...]
"My parents were hard on me. They would say: 'This will get you to hell!' I would say to them: 'The cat bit me,' 'The cat bit some kid,' 'The dog bit a boy in the leg, and the leg got infected.' I became the enemy of all things harmful to Mankind."

Interviewer: "So you were violent as a boy..."

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi: "I was a little Satan..."

Interviewer: "Did you strangle many kids you were playing with?"

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi: "Whenever I would place my hands around a kid's neck, I would go soft when I remembered that it was a child, not an animal."

Interviewer: "So you had a disposition toward this job from a young age..."

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi: "It's a gift."

Interviewer: "Strangling is a gift?"

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi: "A great gift. I love my job very much, and I can't give it up. Even when I retire, I will report for duty in emergencies. I will leave this job only when I am dead." [...]
I wonder how many of our recently arrived, uninvited "New Australians" would not find anything expressed by this interviewee in any way unusual or remarkable?

Maybe someone should send that link to Sarah HansonTwoDads - with a bottle of smelling salts.

parabellum 4th Nov 2013 10:41

from about 30 feet onto the wharf was a favourite trick. ]
Around the mid sixties to late seventies shipping quality cars back to Australia was the done thing for Cabin and Flight Deck crew, first, don't bring it in to Sydney or Melbourne where it would get dropped, ship them to Adelaide and be there to pay off the wharfies in cash. Still a lot cheaper than going via Melbourne or Sydney.

SOPS 4th Nov 2013 18:05

Another shooting, this time of a young girl, reported in Sydney. Who is running around with all these guns, and thinks its fine to shoot 13 year old girls?

500N 4th Nov 2013 20:36

I was going to say Lebos but then thought, no, I'll be called a racist,
I'll go and read the article.

So I did.

I notice they conveniently do not mention ethnicity of the family
but then go on to mention that it could be related to last weeks
shooting of Mahmoud Hamzy of the Brothers for Life !!!

Middle eastern anyway !

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