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Wonderworld 29th Oct 2013 22:05

The war memorial thing is a beat up by that idiot Michael Smith. I just read a report in the SMH the known unto god text has only been there since 1999!
It'd be funny if the unknown soldier buried there was an atheist.

Ken Borough 29th Oct 2013 23:28

It'd be funny if the unknown soldier buried there was an atheist.
Yes, it would be ironic but who's to know? To those who do believe, God would know!

The expression 'Known unto God' is on the headstone of every grave of an unidentified soldier/sailor/airman buried in a Commonwealth War Graves cemetery anywhere in the world. As such, it's quite appropriate that the grave of the Unknown Soldier at the AWM should be similarly marked. But why not add Paul Keating's words to it? Like it or not, Keating was Australia's leader at the time he spoke those words which obviously resonate with many people. Why not immortalize them? After all, phrases used by politicians from many nations make up the fabric of their societies. Surely we in Australia can do the same without finding it necessary to drag everyone/everything to the LCD,

Andu 29th Oct 2013 23:52

Wonderworld, you say (one can only assume, in mock outraged terms):

I just read a report in the SMH the known unto god text has only been there since 1999!
Errr... I wonder if that would be because (with great fanfare and much publicity at the time) it was only in 1999, 80 years after the First World War ended that Australia went to considerable effort to repatriate and inter at the War Memorial in Canberra the body of one (highly symbolic) unidentified Australian soldier of the Great War who had, until then, been buried in France, where he was killed?

So, the unknown soldier has been there in the AWM only since 1999, but that inscription, coined by Runyard Kipling - (who lost a son in that war, whose body was never identified) - immediately after the Great War, has been, as Ken B already mentioned, used on the gravestone of every unidentified Commonwealth soldier since then.

Zero out of 10 for you and your GetUp! mates for that attempt at a Conservative shoot down.

500N 30th Oct 2013 00:09

It was not long before that that Australia started to take an interest
in everything to do with WWI, II with the main focus on Gallipoli,
ANZAC day.

Before that, no one cared that much.

Worrals in the wilds 30th Oct 2013 00:22

IMO Keating's speech was excellent, but I don't think it's in good taste to use quotes from a recent politician on the tomb itself, particularly one who was as divisive as Keating. I'd be similarly cranky if some John Howard quote was chiselled into the top of it. While Attaturk's quote is on the ANZAC Cove memorial, he is more like royalty (or a deity :}) to the Turks than a politician. Keating isn't.

I also suspect this was a sneaky PC attempt to remove a reference to God. While I'm not overly religious I don't agree with the way some people are so dogmatic about removing any and all references to God in public places, particularly when it's a covert attempt without public discussion. Most Australians still believe in a god of some sort, even if they're not Christian.
Australians believe in God: poll

Anyway, apparently they're putting Keating's speech on a plaque inside the Hall but not on the tomb itself, which I think is far more appropriate.

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500N 30th Oct 2013 00:26

"Attaturk's quote is on the ANZAC Cove memorial, he is more like royalty (or a deity http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/badteeth.gif) to the Turks than a politician."

And well respected by Aussies as well, even if he was the enemy.

500N 30th Oct 2013 04:55

Article in the Age re people smugglers having a hard time of it.

But the last line made me smile.
"The Abbott government has said arrivals are running at about 10 per cent of the traffic at its highest level under Labor." :ok:

Which, for those soft c ock lefties means one hell of a lot less drownings and deaths which means Abbott is doing the right thing in not having bodies
of men, women and children floating around the ocean !

I bet the Navy is using the time to take a big breather !

People smugglers struggle as demand dives

SOPS 30th Oct 2013 06:48

As I keep saying, it want hard was it?

7x7 30th Oct 2013 06:51

Reports in the MSM that Deb O'Neill has taken UsedCarr's spot in the Senate. Jobs for the girls - and clear evidence that the Labor Pardee hierarchy haven't learned a thing from their defeat in October.

The woman is a prime example of all that is the very worst of what Labar has become.

500N 30th Oct 2013 06:52


The funny thing is, Abbott hasn't made that much of a big deal out of it
and as a result has made Rudd / Gillard look like fcuking idiots by not
being able to do it when they were in.

And to think it was one of the reasons that cost them Gov't, I would like
to think that Labor won't make that mistake again.

500N 30th Oct 2013 06:55

Who is Deb O'Neill ?

I have never heard of her.

I'll go an look it up.

SOPS 30th Oct 2013 07:05

Gillard couldn't do it, she was too ham stung by Sarah Two Dads and co. by the way, where is two dads, haven't (thankfully) seen her pop up in ages.

500N 30th Oct 2013 07:11


That is what is so stupid.

It cost over 1500 lives and in the end helped cost Labor Gov't.

This is exactly why the Greens narrow focus means they are not taken
seriously because they won't budge and people just end up bypassing them.

How much did the last 6 years cost Aus because of it.

Worrals in the wilds 30th Oct 2013 07:59

Careful darl! :)
What you say to your friends as a joke and what you publish online are two very different things. :ooh::suspect:

My first read of your post was that it referred to Australian MPs :eek:. My second read was that it referred to boat arrivals which is probably no different to various previously published sentiments on other forums, but either way I think it's a little inflammatory.

500N 30th Oct 2013 08:01

I have to love this.

The Palmer United party taking the fight to the Greens in Tas :ok:

Apart from being good politics, if she can tie the Greens up
and lay some serious blame on them, even if it is just to cast
doubt in the minds of voters, it could well damage them.

If she says it enough times and gets enough media coverage,
it will eventually stick in some peoples mind.

She should also push the fires blame onto the Greens as well,
especially after they got blamed for the Vic fires.

Go for it lady :ok:

"The Palmer United Party has fiercely attacked Tasmania's Greens, saying they should be subject to a Senate inquiry over the state's high unemployment rate. PUP's federal senator-elect for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie, is laying the blame for the unemployment squarely on the Greens and says she will seek to instigate the inquiry after she enters Parliament in July.

"I simply believe that the Greens have destroyed all hope in Tasmania," Ms Lambie said.

Palmer United Party wants inquiry into Tasmanian Greens

I16 30th Oct 2013 11:34

I thought that Bill Shorten was a sparkie - have a look at this.
Essendon Air Crash - Residents Sue Rudge

Wonderworld 30th Oct 2013 12:09

And zero out of ten for you Andu assuming I have something to do with getup. Can't stand them. I voted liberal last time but just can't stand beat ups by shock jocks to outrage the aca and today tonight audience. Are you one of them btw?

500N 30th Oct 2013 16:52

Anyone see the article about the Oz Immigration minister meeting with Indonesian officials ?

Apart from the top two who had to go away, they admitted the problem
and are looking at redeploying more warships to the south to help fix
the problem of Boats !!!

Progress never ceases to amaze me !

They did make some other pointed comments about Oz but I think
they are worth copping if it means they do something.

7x7 30th Oct 2013 21:26

voted liberal last time but just can't stand beat ups by shock jocks to outrage the aca and today tonight audience.
Wonderworld, if it was a "shock jock beat up", it shows that the so-called "shock jocks" have a very finely attuned understanding of what will strike a chord with their audience. I've looked at three or four media sites (mostly right wing reactionary, like me, I'll admit :) ), and those taking the time to comment were almost without exception totally against the idea. Many were calling for Brendon Nelson to step down after displaying an attitude so out of touch with their understanding of what he should be doing at the AWM.

I've never been particularly impressed by Nelson. He doesn't come across as a man of any substance, and if this idea was his (or if he only put forward an idea posited by that utter f***wit Peter Fitzsimons,) he showed himself far too ready to run with the current Labor/Left imbecilic Political Correctness for me.

I watched Paul Murray's show on TV last night, and if what he said in his editorial about the demonstrators in Melbourne yesterday makes him a shock jock, I'll have to be classed as a shock jock in waiting, for he was refreshingly straight-talking. I've never listened to him on 2UE, but I've heard him described in his radio ramblings as left-leaning and pro Julia Gillard, (I'm assuming he does talk back?), but on Sky TV, he's anything but.

I think the term shock jock could be more accurately put on idiots like Peter Fitzsimons, whose "histories" of our soldiers and explorers could be described, at best, populist ramblings. Histories they are not.

The red bandana says it all about the man. He robs himself of any credibility even before he opens his mouth.

500N 30th Oct 2013 21:36

far too ready to run with the current Labor/Left imbecilic Political Correctness for me."

I like the description.

Problem is, far too many others do the same, including most people on councils
in this country.

The good thing is, those of the centre and the right are becoming more and more
outspoken and trying to put a stop to the left / green BS that pervades our society.

It will be very interesting to see in 3, 6 and 9 years time whether the country
swings back to the centre and / or left or whether they stay as they went at the last election.

Taking AS and the hype this caused out of the equation MAY make people
go back the other way as IMHO, that one subject did cause the country to move to the right.

Not sure if you agree with me on that but that is my HO.

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