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bosnich71 22nd Oct 2013 07:02

Worrals .... the U.N. may be irrelevant but it does have a far reaching effect on the lives of millions of us who do not give a toss, perhaps we all should.
As for the Greens and associated hangers on having any concerns ref. native animals etc. of course they don't as these "charities" have become big business.There are literally thousands of different species in danger of extinction but, for example, do you ever hear of any concerns by the World Wildlife Fund for a spider or bug of some sort. No it's always something cuddly because there's more money in saving a Polar bear cub etc.

500N 22nd Oct 2013 07:18

The UN only has far reaching effects because our Gov't signs up to all these stupid bloody treaties.

Just like the UK Gov't has costed the cost of all the stupid EU rules and are looking at how to get rid of them, we as in Aus need to work on getting the Gov't to throw out some UN treaties and / or just tell them to FO and butt out.

7x7 22nd Oct 2013 07:25

Joe Hockey has just announced he's doubling the Oz Gummit's debt ceiling.

RJM 22nd Oct 2013 10:32

Also today, Hockey announced:

Today, the Coalition Government made two major announcements that are laying the foundations for the stronger economy that will benefit all Australians.

The Government has established a National Commission of Audit to ensure taxpayers’ money is spent wisely and in an efficient manner.

The Commission of Audit will assess the role and scope of Government. It is an essential step in getting the Budget back under control.

The Commission of Audit will be headed by respected business leader, Mr Tony Shepherd AO. He will be joined by Dr Peter Boxall AO, Mr Tony Cole AO, Mr Robert Fisher AM and the Hon Amanda Vanstone as fellow Commissioners.

How good to see the take no nonsense Amanda Vanstone given a spot on this panel.

Clare Prop 22nd Oct 2013 13:49

I would have thought, seeing as Australia has had bushfires for a very long time, that an indicator of climate change might be NO bushfires?

Thoughts are with the people and animals affected... :(

SOPS 22nd Oct 2013 14:42

Good point Clare. Australia has had bush fires since time began. In fact, I could be wrong, but I think there are some trees in Australia that rely on fire to seed.

The Climate Change Industry, is just that, an industry. And it has to keep coming up with crazy claims and facts to feed itself and get even more tax payer funding.

We just should start ignoring these people altogether, don't give them any air time, and maybe, just maybe, they will go away.

Just did a search.....when it came to trees and fire I was correct.

Pyrophyte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

500N 22nd Oct 2013 14:47

"but I think there are some trees in Australia that rely on fire to seed."

You are correct. Not just some gums but also I think some Acacia as well.

Australia has had bush fires since time began."

Natural (Lightning) and Aborigine lit.

It was burnt for a purpose.

Andu 22nd Oct 2013 21:23

You have to admit, Labor remains consistent.


CLAIMS of "political favours" have enveloped one of the ABC's most senior political commentators following revelations he was secretly appointed to a government board just hours before the election caretaker period kicked in.

The host of the ABC's Insiders program, Barrie Cassidy, was installed as chairman of the Old Parliament House Advisory Council by then arts minister Tony Burke on Monday, August 5, the day after the federal election was called.

Council members were not consulted or advised until one of them noticed the appointment after the election, and no public announcement of it was made.

"To be appointed on the day the writs were issued, it just doesn't look right," said council member and former Liberal senator Paul Calvert. "It just smells of a political favour."

The position had been vacant since January when the actor William McInnes completed his term.

Cassidy is a former press secretary to Labor prime minister Bob Hawke, while the council's deputy chairwoman is former Hawke government minister Susan Ryan. Other members include former Labor MP Graham Edwards and former Democrat senator Natasha Stott-Despoja, with Mr Calvert the only representative from the conservative side of politics.

Mr Calvert became aware of the Cassidy appointment only when he saw it mentioned in an email exchange.

"It is supposed to be an independent committee," Mr Calvert said. "But it is getting to the stage where it is a repository for former Labor politicians. I was surprised to see that Cassidy has been appointed as chair but even more surprised that we weren't notified until I asked questions."

Old Parliament House hosts the Museum of Australian Democracy.

Mr Calvert said the appointment appeared to be rushed ahead of the election and kept quiet for political reasons. "We hadn't had a chairman for quite a few months - so what was the haste?" he asked. "It could have been done after the election, so this was quite obviously a political appointment."

The council meets three times a year in Canberra and, on top of expenses, members normally receive a fee ($429 a day for members and $578 for the chairman). Cassidy will not be paid because he is already employed by the Commonweatlh via the ABC.

Cassidy said he was happy to fill the vacancy and the issues of process - the timing and the lack of an announcement - were not matters for him but for the minister at the time.

"It is a bit odd to claim this is a political favour - or any favour at all - when I am the one doing the favour," he said. "It is a job that carries no fee and no perks of any kind."

Barrie is the one doing us the favour. How shall we thank him?

500N 23rd Oct 2013 04:13

It's funny, I haven't seen a photo of burning fishing boats in ages.

New Gov't, what do I see in the NT news, burning fishing boats captured on the 11 October !!!

The Gov't obviously isn't waiting as it says in the article the crews haven't even been convicted yet !!! That should get the fluffies up in arms.

Message being sent, over :ok:


500N 23rd Oct 2013 04:36

You have to love this response from Tony Abbott :D:D:D

Talk about calling a spade a spade :ok:

"UN official 'talking out of her hat' on bushfires and climate change,
says Tony Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has dismissed the comments of a senior UN official who said there was a clear link between bushfires and climate change, arguing ''fire is a part of the Australian experience''.

"Mr Abbott batted away the comments on Wednesday, saying that Australia had had ''bad fires'' since the beginning of European settlement.

''Well I think the official in question is talking through her hat, if I may say so,'' he told Fairfax Radio.

''Climate change is real as I've often said and we should take strong action against it. But these fires are certainly not a function of climate change, they're a function of life in Australia.''

SOPS 23rd Oct 2013 06:27

On ya Tony:ok::ok::ok: at last some sense is prevailing.

bob2s 23rd Oct 2013 06:58

Report on radio yesterday as to why we don't use the DC10 tanker they were trialling ,seems that if the drop from to low an alt they damage the trees!!Well FFS what does the bushfire do. Appears the Watermelons are eveywhere

SOPS 23rd Oct 2013 10:19

Just listening to the news on the BBC. They are just about choking on their lattes over Tony's comments. Have some 'expert' on explaining how we are all doomed unless drastic action is taken over climate change, and it is probably too late anyway.

Why does the left always seem to take over public broadcasting?

500N 23rd Oct 2013 11:39


I heard some discussion on the ABC, 774 re Climate change just before 5pm, one caller was giving the presenter hell over the Climtae Change Scientists and what they sprouted, it was funny to listen to as he didn't agree.

It seems Tony's comments have really made people get all huffy.

SOPS 23rd Oct 2013 11:45

And I see Al Gore has stuck his nose in. Same message to Mr Gore as the UN. Keep you opinions to yourself, we don't want them here.

500N 23rd Oct 2013 13:07

The Army / Military is going to be in the poo bigtime !!!

"Army explosives exercise ignited State Mine blaze"

Two things I remember from my training. We were very aware
of starting bush fires when blowing things up because of how far
we could throw hot stuff. And any range I was on, if we started
a fire, all training stopped and the fire was put out quick smart,
no ifs, buts or maybes.

Army explosives exercise ignited State Mine blaze

Andu 23rd Oct 2013 21:43

Canberra (RAAF Fairbairn) Air Show 1972.... Combat assault (or 'Comic Insult', as they were more frequently known among the chopper crews) by three or four Hueys onto the grassed area immediately in front of the crowd - where quite a few of the static display aircraft are parked.

Someone has the brilliant idea of strapping a couple of smoke flares onto the skids of the Hueys for 'effect' (why, I have no idea). Hueys land, disgorge a platoon of Australia's finest fightin' men, all looking very fierce as they go to ground in the (oops) VERY DRY and quite long grass.

Hueys depart in seconds - but not before the smoke flares on their skids set fire to the grass. Airshow stops while every uniformed person within earshot busily stamps out fast-growing fire(s) that very soon were approaching all the static display aircraft.

I'm sure 99% of the crowd thought it was all part of the show.

SOPS 24th Oct 2013 11:21

Maybe he wasn't really so great after all. Boy the chickens are starting to come home to roost. On another note judging by what I have heard and read today, Tony's comments re bush fires have really go the watermelons and other latte lefties almost self combusting in rage.....beautiful.

Ex-Reserve Bank board member Warwick McKibbin accuses Wayne Swan of economic vandalism - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

dubbleyew eight 24th Oct 2013 11:29

one of the great tragedies in Australia IS the environmentalists.

they never seem to understand the evaporation rate during summer.
grow all that bush for years and have it dry out every summer and it will eventually burn.

if you burn it off often the fires never get sufficiently hot enough to cause real damage, the next wet period and all the bush regenerates.

follow the tree hugging greenie approach of never burning it off and when it eventually does burn off there is so much fuel that the fires burn so hot that all the trees are rendered to ash and the ground is sterilised by the heat to below the seed level .....then nothing grows for years.

watermelons ...I couldn't eat a full one.

I16 24th Oct 2013 11:54

Far to much ^^^^^^ common sense there.
They would never believe it because their greenie part time teachers told them not to touch/torch a tree.
Crimes against Australia!

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