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bosnich71 18th Oct 2013 02:52

SOPS .... "what is it about SLAG" ? Good question perhaps they are the Australian version of Hogwarts

Worrals in the wilds 18th Oct 2013 03:17

I see a whole heap of Motorcycle gang members are handing in colours and closing clubs on the Gold Coast.

If only they had kept a low or lower profile, both in Qld and Vic,
they wouldn't attract the heat of the Police.
The big gestures re handing in colours etc doesn't mean they've either 1. gone anywhere or 2. stopped their criminal activities. No doubt it's business as usual, but just in plain clothes. :hmm:

500N 18th Oct 2013 05:49

I see the Greenpeace / Greenie media machine is in full swing.

"At his home in Woodbridge, Tasmania, his wife Chris told Fairfax Media: "It's quite absurd, this piracy charge.

"He's just an ordinary Australian citizen... out there because he wants to peacefully raise awareness about the environment.""

Last I heard climbing onto an oil rig isn't exactly a peaceful demonstration
nor is running into ships in the Antarctic.

Might at least give them a wake up call.

30 days in a Siberian prison wouldn't be fun.

Clare Prop 18th Oct 2013 06:01

Adam Bandt.

Pity the USSR no longer exists, he would have been right at home there.

Quite an old article but these people don't change.

VEXNEWS 2013 | ENTRYISM: Adam Bandt?s plan for Marxists to seize control of the ?bourgeois? Greens party revealed

bosnich71 18th Oct 2013 06:07

A few years ago I went on board the Sea Shepherd while it was docked in Melbourne .... the grandsons wanted to visit so ..
Screwed to a bulkhead was what could be described as a 'tally board' like those kept by squadrons during the Battle of Britain only this one listed ships, allegedly, sunk by the sea Shepherd. This could well have been a bit of Bulldust but the crew were quite proud of it. Hopefully someone in the Russian judicial system will be aware.

Ken Borough 18th Oct 2013 07:44

Why is anyone taking any notice of anything uttered by The Greens? They are a spent force. 'Tis best to save one's angst for those occasions when some good flows from it!

SOPS 18th Oct 2013 07:52

Well, the boat numbers are down. 3 boats this week, 167 total on board. Of those 76 were Sri Lankins, that were flown straight home. Progress it seems.

500N 18th Oct 2013 08:29


You missed an opportunity to sink it and add one to your tally board :ok:

SOPS 18th Oct 2013 08:48

And I see TPVs are about to be reintroduced, including for those that are already here. That is going to get the huggy fluffs bleating!

500N 18th Oct 2013 10:38

That will get them frothing at the mouth :O
Anyway, while they are bleating about it, the Gov't can get on with
doing what they do best.

"Of those 76 were Sri Lankins, that were flown straight home. Progress it seems."

When I heard that on the news, I thought shyte hot, get them out of the country
before the "huggy fluffs" even know and can raise an objection through the courts.

Best way to handle it because once in the "system", all kinds of blocks seem to be able to be thrown up.

I hope Abbott can arrange for a similar agreement with some of the other countries they are coming from.

Now the Gov't just needs to sort out the 3000+ we already have on the islands.

Def seems to be a slow down in the number of boats.
I bet the navy is pleased with the breathing space.

MTOW 18th Oct 2013 11:36

30 days in a Siberian prison wouldn't be fun.
I wonder how many tatts they'll accrue in 30 days? (I understand that tatts equates to survival in Russian prisons.)

I wonder if the Sri Lankans sent home without delay are still being paid $3300 "go home quietly' money? (As they were under Labor.) Even if they are, it probably works out a damn sight cheaper for the poor bloody taxpayer than keeping them here.

MTOW 18th Oct 2013 11:38

Now the Gov't just needs to sort out the 3000+ we already have on the islands
And the 50,000+ we have on the mainland.

SOPS 18th Oct 2013 16:39

Can we please give this girl, an Australian passport, a house and as much money as she needs, until she has established herself. She is the type of person we need in this country, and I mean this with all my heart, this girl is just amazing

Malala Yousafzai all smiles as she meets Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 18th Oct 2013 16:49


Agree. She also has a sense of humour.

500N 19th Oct 2013 17:19

You have to like Morrison, the Immigration Minister. He is taking back the BS names that the left have given the AS like "Clients" !!!

Minister wants boat people called illegals

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has instructed departmental and detention centre staff to publicly refer to asylum seekers as ''illegal'' arrivals and as ''detainees'', rather than clients.

The directive has been criticised as a ''profound'' shift by a leading asylum seeker agency, which says the new terms are designed to dehumanise people.


Read more: Minister wants boat people called illegals

BenThere 19th Oct 2013 19:26

The Greens and their Sea Shepherd friends need to come up with a medallion to recognize their heroes who take to the open sea, then find themselves languishing in a Siberian prison, guarded by a Cossack who doesn't GAF.

I would call it the 'Order of the Tree' if I were a Green. I'd also establish that all Greens salute those awarded at every encounter, (in their own way as to actually salute anything would be considered regressive).

500N 19th Oct 2013 19:46

"then find themselves languishing in a Siberian prison, guarded by a Cossack who doesn't GAF."

It's funny watching the fluffies jump up and down over them, getting every gov't to try to put pressure on Russia / Putin who also doesn't GAF and the various Gov'ts knowing full well that interfering in another countries legal process is fraught with danger. And when it comes to Russia, the more they push the likelihood the longer the delays !!!

parabellum 20th Oct 2013 00:10

Be interesting to see if the drilling company prosecute for costs when they had to stop drilling to deal with the interlopers! Back in the late sixties and early seventies it cost US$10,000 a day for a relatively small rig, today ten times that would probably be nearer. These jokers may have to stay in prison until the bill is paid, regardless of any punishment the courts hand down:E

500N 20th Oct 2013 00:16

I couldn't think of a better use of Greenpeaces funds :O

parabellum 20th Oct 2013 00:22

You could build a gallows and still have change!;)

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