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500N 17th Oct 2013 16:21

I used to.

Now I try to stay away from the subject of cats, most people hit the roof
when you tell them they are classed as vermin and shot on sight. even when
you explain the last one I got spent the previous 5 minutes eating a rare parrot.

RJM 17th Oct 2013 16:27

The household ones are fairly poor sport, though. And one must be careful not to shoot one's foot as they nuzzle the trouser leg.

500N 17th Oct 2013 19:31

Wake up and what is one the front page of the Age.

So much for shutting up.

Dumped senator hints at Gillard's 'shocking' behaviour.

Former Labor senator Trish Crossin says she has a shocking story to tell about Julia Gillard's behaviour but will not provide the details now because it is not the right time for the Labor Party.

Dumped senator hints at Gillard's 'shocking' behaviour

Worrals in the wilds 17th Oct 2013 20:19

The three of them (Burke, Crossin and Roxon) sound like they've come straight out of Hating Alison Ashley. :ugh:It all seems to be nails, eye-rolling hair-tossing at ten paces.
Less about personalities and more about politics would be greatly appreciated by at least one female Labor voter. :bored:

500N 17th Oct 2013 21:21

Re what Brandt tweeted, someone should have tweeted back that
the bush fires are often significantly worse in the last two decades
because of Green Policies about burn offs and this has cost lives
of people as was proved during the Royal Commission.

So the Greens have blood on their hands !

500N 17th Oct 2013 21:24

I see a whole heap of Motorcycle gang members are handing in colours
and closing clubs on the Gold Coast.

If only they had kept a low or lower profile, both in Qld and Vic,
they wouldn't attract the heat of the Police.

And now that the tax man is looking closely at all the club members,
I reckon you might find they get hit with a few bills.

bosnich71 17th Oct 2013 21:37

I watched ABC 24 this morning and Mr. Brandt was asked 5 times if his twatter about Tony Abbott was in poor taste. Five times he didn't answer the question but merely indulged in a party political broadcast on behalf of the Water Melon movement. As someone on this thread has said he should have been asked if the rise in the incidence of bush fires, houses being destroyed and lives lost could be as a result of more people living in high risk areas and local councils refusing to allow those very same residents from clearing around their house. Then again one shouldn't expect an A.B.C interviewer, with presumably a degree in journalism, having the nous to actually think outside the square as someone once said.

500N 17th Oct 2013 21:40

I think I might make a phone call since he is local to me and give
his office an earful.

Andu 17th Oct 2013 21:47

In the interest of brand accuracy, the Greens should re-name themselves as "The ICLS" (pronounced "Icicles")

Inner City Latte Sippers.

Andu 17th Oct 2013 21:54

500N, ref the bikie gangs becoming a bit too visible of late: I think it has a lot to do with the increased Lebanese influence in the gangs in recent years. It's as important to them to be seen as 'The Man' as to actually being 'The Man'.

The Old Guard, (many of whom, let's face it, were not nice people), understood that keeping a low profile was a far more successful tactic if continued profitable business was the main aim.

CoodaShooda 17th Oct 2013 21:56

Given that the high fuel loads feeding these fires is a direct result of the heavy rains of the past two years, it would seem more appropriate to claim that the fires are a result of the carbon tax than any future action Abbott may take.

500N 17th Oct 2013 21:56


Re the old school keeping a low profile, I have a saying.

50% of a 1000 is better than 100% of nothing. Some in these clubs might
think of that if they want to survive.

The Police can only go so far unless in harassing unless they break the law, I reckon that now the Tax man has got involved and I reckon they will look at EVERY club, they will find there is not escape.

TWT 18th Oct 2013 01:41

Unhappy campers
Didn't take long

a long-time Coalition staffer warns morale around Government ranks is "abysmal" and "resentment is festering"
Senior Abbott staffers furious after being told they will not get pay rise - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Dark Knight 18th Oct 2013 01:45

Have to hand it to Zanetti; sums it up perfectly

Love Tony housekeeping

ps>> do you really believe stories from the ALPBC?

Jeps 18th Oct 2013 02:11

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
On the Bandt comments: he has a right to say whatever he wants whenever he wants and I have a right to call him a fcuking inconsiderate moron. Sure, the climate is changing but it's not the primary cause of these fires and it's not the conversation to have whilst housing are burning, people's pets have been incinerated and people are missing. You just stay in your inner city cafe,drinking your weak soy latte and preach your bullsh!t from there about a world you clearly no little about.

500N 18th Oct 2013 02:14


That, IMHO, is a sign of desperation of the media.

My question is, "is that all they can come up with as a story ?"

John Eacott 18th Oct 2013 02:17

Brandt was his abysmal self on 3AW this morning: Neil Mitchell backed him into a corner over his comments and then asked him if he'd ever been involved in firefighting (cue TA comparison). AB then swung his response into self promotion over a Federal issue about compensation for asbestos/firies!

Loathsome creature, but another High Priest of the Greens Religious Movement.

500N 18th Oct 2013 02:18

Re Bandt, here is something that came from the Greens after the Vic fires
when people said the Green policies were to blame.

"But the Greens have asked the industry to keep the confrontation for another time."

Senator Brown said it was unacceptable to seek a political debate while the fire tragedy was still unfolding.

"There ought to be healing and division, not confrontation and nastiness," he told AAP."

Green policies 'to blame for Vic fires'

Jeps 18th Oct 2013 02:29

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Bandts career follows such a predictable, almost formulaic path to politics also. Member if student union, Public interest lawyer at slater and gordon, then left leaning politician.

How many hours if his own time has he volunteered to say for example fight bushfires like TA has done for many many years? People like him would rather climb atop their soapbox and tell everyone what needs to be done rather than actually ever do anything.

I do apologize, I normally laugh off what politicians from all sides say but I think the fact that the left seems to be the first to take the moral high ground over trivial issues and begin burning effigies in the street makes me all the more angry.

SOPS 18th Oct 2013 02:36

What is it with Slater and Gordon and left leaning lawyers that become politicians.,

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