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SOPS 17th Oct 2013 07:01

That is why labor in government is such a disaster. Their only M.O. is power at any cost. However, once they get that power, they have no idea what to do with it....and then their only idea is to hang on to it at any cost.

And this is why the paarddy, is pulling itself apart at the moment. The factions are still active, and they all want power, so there is a lot of infighting to try and determine which faction comes out on top.

I think it's great. While they are concentrating on themselves, they won't have time to worry Tony.

Andu 17th Oct 2013 07:11

We should be thanking Kevin Rudd. Without his 'thought bubble' popular election of a leader, we'd have been enduring this current blood-letting for a month.

What's the old saying|? "No one does hate like Labor."

For a Party/Government that, judging by its single-minded fixation on feeding the 24 hour news cycle, seemed to value perception above all else, Nicola Roxon allowed herself to be perceived as totally uninspiring. She was singularly successful in one thing - and that was showing herself to be totally out of her depth as a Minister.

500N 17th Oct 2013 07:39


That is a damn good saying.

If you don't mind, I might pinch that.

SOPS 17th Oct 2013 09:41

Here we go....we have to keep the guilt trip going. Now migrant women and refugees are the victims of racism, and Australia, it seems, must do more to improve the multi cultural society.

Women bearing the brunt of racism, forum told - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 17th Oct 2013 09:44

racially vilified ?

They should visit the NT and see what White people are called.

Maybe we should teach these people what a comeback is
so they can do a typically witty aussie response.

bosnich71 17th Oct 2013 11:44

RJM .... 'Modern Labour is about power' etc. never a truer word.

As British journalist, Melanie Philips said,
" Once upon a time when Labour owed more to Methodism than to Marx it was a hallmark of progressive politics to attempt to minimise harm and to maximise socially responsible behaviour.But now Labour chooses to attack socially responsible behaviour and provide instead rocket fuel for social devastation and individual misery".
Okay she was writing about the British Labour party but I'm sure that some of you will be able to see the connection to what we had for the past few years.

7x7 17th Oct 2013 12:10

(Note: I'm trying to break the Pprune record for the longest single sentence paragraphs ever written on this site.)

Now migrant women and refugees are the victims of racism
Racism is the catch-all phrase that covers every unpleasantness. In 99% of cases, it isn't racism, it's tribalism, especially when the women of one tribe (you all know the one I mean) make a statement that is loud, clear and totally unmistakeable every time they step in to the street "Lookitme! Lookitme! I'm different to all the rest of you!" by the way they dress.

It might not be very nice, but it's human nature for some from the other tribes, perhaps because they aren't very nice people themselves, perhaps because they're simply having a bad day, to sometimes express their displeasure at women who are so obviously of another tribe - particularly if there is a perception (even if it's not true) that that other tribe enjoys advantages that their tribe does not.

The Labor Lefties love to tell us of the benefits of multiculturalism, (benefits that somehow elude the notice of those forced to 'enjoy' living in the most multicultural areas), but again, it's human nature (or just more comfortable) for people to want to live among their own, and the Labor Lefties do it themselves by congregating in their inner city café latte suburbs where they can mix with like-minded people and constantly reassure themselves that their ideas about the way things should be are right and all is well with the world by reinforcing those opinions every time they have an exchange with one of their own.


bosnich71 17th Oct 2013 12:15

Talking of the "inner city latte sipping set" Mr. Brandt of tree hugging fame, has just twatted ,( sic), that the fires currently sweeping New South Wales are all Abbotts Fault.
Must be nice when you have just lost your home or maybe a friend/ relative that the nice Mr. Brandt has got your back and knows who to blame ... the Pillock !

500N 17th Oct 2013 13:02

I thought he had more brains than that.

SOPS 17th Oct 2013 13:12

These people are just t:mad:s

SOPS 17th Oct 2013 13:31

Who is the Mr Bandt person, anyway?

Sorry, google is my friend. Put brain in gear before posting!:O

500N 17th Oct 2013 13:31

I noticed Abbott "allowed" footage of him training for the CFA
and driving a fire truck yesterday on the news.

Not often they show that.

I believe it was in response to someone asking about the danger he is in
but I missed the very start of the story so can't be sure.

A CFA guy said as the above poster did, he has done the training
and knows what he is doing.

500N 17th Oct 2013 13:35


"Who is the Mr Bandt person, anyway?"

Elected member for the seat of Melbourne.

Deputy Leader of the greens and likely IMHO to take over from
that **** Milne that is currently leader.

Comes across well on TV / Radio unlike most Greenies.

SOPS 17th Oct 2013 13:44

Thanks mate, I worked that out after posting. He is not getting a good write up here.

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

500N 17th Oct 2013 13:48

Good, I am glad someone wrote it up. I was looking for it in the Age.

I hate Greenies but thought he would do well for them but my estimation
of him has gone down 10 fold since his tweet.

Worrals in the wilds 17th Oct 2013 14:24

There's nothing like a natural disaster to bring out the worsh in the Greens. Bob Brown was similarly vile after the SE Qld floods. :yuk:

SOPS 17th Oct 2013 14:38

Please can someone make these people irrevellent. As I have said before, I have a sister that is so left of Green, it is unbelievable the stuff she comes out with. But she is 50, single, and sips lattes and loves to tell me how to bring up my kids, how my industry kills Polar Bears, (until she needs to fly to the next conference on the fate of the yellow toe tree frog) and that every boat should be welcomed with open arms.

These people need to be stopped in their tracks somehow. Except for voting them out of existence, I'm not sure how to do it .

RJM 17th Oct 2013 16:04

I can't understand why these zealots can't disagree on an intellectual level. If they don't like your ideas, they don't like you, at all, and they make it quite plain. Ad hominem, right off the bat.

500N 17th Oct 2013 16:10


Because if you discuss, argue or whatever with them, their argument falls apart.

Being a hunter / shooter, I have often discussed this with people who are against it, especially Greenies. Generally, about 5 questions shoot them down.

1. How many trees have you planted, nest boxes for birds have you put up or how many intorduced verminthat eats our native fauna and flora have you removed from the landscape ? The answer in 99% of cases is Zero.

2. Do you have wood in your house, either the frame or as ornaments that is not plantation grown ?
Most do, be it Meranti window frames or Red gum type ornaments.

And others.

RJM 17th Oct 2013 16:18

...such as 'Do you own a cat?' :uhoh:

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