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CoodaShooda 17th Oct 2013 00:19

From what I saw/heard of the TV coverage, it seemed a strongly misandrist rant.

Or does forming that view make me a mysogenist?

bosnich71 17th Oct 2013 00:46

The ironic/hypocritical thing about Roxon's 'speech' was that they, i.e. the Labour party, the political media and all the hangers on knew that Rudd was just as Roxon now says he was and yet the P****s still expected us to line up and vote for the Bastard (s).
Nothing has changed and evidence of that is channel 9 this morning brought in that A******e Richardson to comment on Roxon's ravings. Do they really think that all of us are so stupid that we don't know anything about his background ?
P.s. Cooda .. ref. your query, your rant does make you a misogynist but only in those dark places inhabited by the members of Emily's List and their followers so I shouldn't worry too much. :cool:

owen meaney 17th Oct 2013 01:43

Reference Roxon:
Woman scorned methinks

Dark Knight 17th Oct 2013 03:03

Nicola Roxon at best was little more than a mediocre law clerk promoted way above her station.

Apart from the fact she along with many others never stood up to KRudd she was complicit in the political coup removing him.

Equally complicit were her later actions on the `Second Coming of the Messiah' knifing Julia Gillard who, by her own actions leading a thoroughly corrupt, dishonest, incompetent, untrustworthy and untruthful government needed to be removed.

Roxon along with her `Sisters' and Emily Listers were missing in action resigning as did others with KRudds return.

All stand condemned for a period of six years where OUR country stood still.

Ken Borough 17th Oct 2013 04:02

Nicola Roxon at best was little more than a mediocre law clerk promoted way above her station.
What a crock of [email protected]! If Dark Knight had any knowledge of her education or work experience, he or she would not have written such nonsense. I wouldn't mind having an intellect as good as hers.

CoodaShooda 17th Oct 2013 04:27

I'm not familiar with her background, Ken.
Can you fill us in please.

Ken Borough 17th Oct 2013 04:42


Google is your friend, but I understand that she graduated in Arts and Law with honors from the University of Melbourne and was for a time an Associate to a Justice of the High Court of Australia. Justices of the High Court personally chose from 'the brightest and the best' to be their Associates who conduct the research that goes into written judgements, and also play a fair hand in their writing. She then spent time as an industrial lawyer before her foray into politics. I wouldn't object to having a similar CV! :ok:

Clare Prop 17th Oct 2013 05:11

Note that this event was put on by the Australian Fabians.

Event Detail [Australian Fabians Inc]

A group that no doubt inspired her Orwellian style of law making. I don't care how clever she thinks she is. People like her present a clear danger to democracy and freedom of speech.

Like her fellow Fabian Gillard she wasn't clever enough to be subtle about about being a wolf in sheep's clothing. THAT is why they both had to go IMO. They were making the long term agenda way too obvious.

Andu 17th Oct 2013 05:18

Ken, let's put aside the question of Nicola Roxon's 'superior intellect' for one moment (although I believe it is debatable, for I can't say that she displayed any of it during her time as a backbencher or a Minister).

For anyone - of either gender - to become Attorney General of Australia with Nicola Roxon's limited experience in the legal profession is on a par with a (completely hypothetical, you understand) person becoming President of the United States when his only job description before becoming a totally uninspiring Senator was 'community organizer'.

The galling thing about this whole sorry mess is that Rudd, in his fanciful arrogance, has allowed Gillard to walk away and re-write history as the (in political terms) 'poor woman scorned'. I loathe Rudd, but I honestly believe he saved ten to fifteen seats for Labor. Seats which, if Gillard had led Labor into the September election, they would have lost.

500N 17th Oct 2013 05:26

"with Nicola Roxon's limited experience in the legal profession"

+ 1

She may have been the best and the brightest but she didn't have breathed or depth of experience in the legal field.

7x7 17th Oct 2013 05:29

'You Couldn't Make This Up' Chapter 'n'

5th Muslim School faces freeze in state funding after allegations of multi-million funding fraud

Here's part of Leo Shanahan's report, you can read it all in today's The Australian.

I'm trying to imagine 5 Catholic schools, or state schools who've been accused of serious financial offences, like creating multi-million dollar false invoices. Five Muslim schools in two years, with the largest of them ordered to repay $9 million.

A MUSLIM school in Sydney's southwest has been accused of serious financial mismanagement, becoming the fifth Islamic school in two years to potentially face a freeze in state funding.

Although the allegations have been put to police, no action has been taken by the NSW Education Department or Education Minister Adrian Piccoli, who has declined to reveal when he was first made aware of the claims.

Sam Cannavo resigned as principal late last month over the management of the 230-student school, making a formal complaint to police alleging that up to $2.1 million had gone missing from the school. Mr Cannavo has given police allegedly falsified building receipts with millions drawn on an account managed by a senior school official.

A builder hired by the school has also made a police complaint, alleging he was paid only half of the almost $5m the school had charged for projects at the school, alleging the school had charged millions in fake invoices.

In the past two years, The Australian has revealed four Islamic schools that have had state or federal funding frozen after allegations of financial irregularities.

Sydney's largest Muslim school, Malek Fahd, has been ordered by the federal government to pay back $9 million after an investigation by The Australian revealed millions were funnelled from the school to the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. The school's funding has been released on the basis it pays back the money, and is challenging the ruling in court.

Despite the formal complaints to police about Bellfield and a police investigation, no action has been taken against the school by Mr Piccoli, the state or commonwealth education departments or the Association of Independent Schools, all of whom were made aware of the complaints. It is understood there are concerns about being seen as "anti-Muslim".
Source: Michael Smith site.

500N 17th Oct 2013 05:35

What a wank.

Talk about pussy footing around just because someone doesn't want to be seen to be offending Muslims.

Andu 17th Oct 2013 05:45

Loosely translated from the Italian, Mr Piccoli's family name is rather apt. (Shorty) If that name has any correlation to his willingness to make any political move that requires political courage, he is incredibly well named.

The crooks among the Muslim community play the religious persecution card with supreme skill. What many well-meaning people do not understand is that to diehard Muslims, it is not only acceptable, but quite permissible to steal from the kuffur.

CoodaShooda 17th Oct 2013 05:47

Between 1992 and 1994, Roxon was employed as a judge's associate to High Court Justice Mary Gaudron.[1] She then became involved with the trade union movement, joining the National Union of Workers as an organiser. Roxon was also an industrial lawyer and senior associate with the law firm Maurice Blackburn and Co. from 1996 to 1998
Hmmmm. Six years in the "workforce" and then off to a safe labor seat. (I am presuming that her first job after uni was as a judge's associate.)

I have a lot of respect for Gaudron's achievements in the face of real sexism within the legal profession when she joined it. But it cannot be said that she was independent of the ALP.

All in all, not much to demonstrate your point, Ken. :confused:

500N 17th Oct 2013 05:55

This Muslim thing and pussy footing around.

I was reading and thinking of the two soldiers who were charged
by that aggressive Brigadier, the whole thing dragged on for a few
years and then all charges thrown out by the Judge. So two soldiers
had lives turned upside down for years, "innocent until proven guilty"
but if the case had been reversed, I doubt the same would have occurred.

david1300 17th Oct 2013 06:00

I do find it somewhat enjoyable that while the government gets on with doing stuff without fanfare and 'government by media release' the Labor Party continues to tear itself apart and the media find that it has to fill the void reporting these antics. :ok:

Takan Inchovit 17th Oct 2013 06:27

+1 ^ : I've observed quite often that intellect is null and void if one is basically stupid. The horsesh*t being played out in the public arena is embarrassing, disappointing and scary. A bit like pigs fighting over the same trough.
Labor was supposed to be of the people for the people. I do not know who they represent now.

500N 17th Oct 2013 06:33

Just after I read David's post, I looked at the front page of the Age.

Top story - Labor needs to shut up, grow up and move on"


RJM 17th Oct 2013 06:40

I do not know who they represent now.
They represent themselves. Modern Labor is about power - the pursuit of it and the exercise of it once obtained. Government is an incidental activity.

That opinion appears laughably cynical, until you line it up against events.

Takan Inchovit 17th Oct 2013 06:47

Cannot argue with that RJM. The "Policy Degrade" light is flashing in the warning panel.

I cannot believe my taxes are funding/subsidising those idiots.

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