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owen meaney 16th Oct 2013 07:52

Hi Ken
my ancestory is with the Warlpiri people near to Tennant Creek.
We never go lonely, too many white fellas coming here with their bullsh1t.
So, you have many of these illegals camped at your place Ken, have they circumsised your daughter yet, maybe showed your missus how to do it lebanese style?


SOPS 16th Oct 2013 08:09

Like this family, a real class act.

Brothers of gang rapist Mohammed Sanoussi appear in court on assault charges - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

7x7 16th Oct 2013 08:38

Some passionate discussion on the Michael Smith site (with Bill Shorten now the Leader of the Opposition, should that be 'Michael Smiff'?) about major discrepancies in Julia Gillard's CV and hopes that VicPol might soon arrest her for her role in the AWU unpleasantness.

I don't think that will ever happen. The more I learn about the whole sorry mess, the more I'm reminded of the old saying "If you owe the bank a million dollars and can't repay it, you're in trouble; if you owe the bank a hundred million dollars and can't repay it, the bank's in trouble."

This is so big, involving so many people who have, since being involved to whatever degree either in the skullduggery or in covering it up that it 'the System' (whatever that is and whoever make up that 'System') simply cannot allow the (at best unsavoury, at worst, illegal) actions of so many people who are now established as part of that System to be revealed in a court of law.

If that was to happen, far too many of the common people (that's us) might lose faith in the System. So I believe they'll close ranks and collectively tell us all "nothing to be seen here; move along". And Julia Gillard will continue to collect her perks and "penshun" while her loyal acolytes re-write history to paint her as a victim of ignorant Australian males' misogyny.

Hope I'm wrong, but fear I'm not.

bosnich71 16th Oct 2013 08:41

Ken ... fair enough, no ill feeling meant, I was just quoting 500N.
Blimey, after all I used to vote labour and was a union member. :hmm:

bosnich71 16th Oct 2013 08:47

7 X 7 .... I've always been of the opinion that if you are, basically, an honest person and make one mistake in your life the 'powers that be, judiciary, call them what you like, will jump on you from up on high but if you are a career ratbag you will be given a multitude of chances to "reform" yourself.

SOPS 16th Oct 2013 09:06

And in other news, a call for Rudd to quit (haven't we be saying that for weeks?)

Nicola Roxon calls on Kevin Rudd to quit Parliament, says he had been a 'bastard' as PM - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 16th Oct 2013 09:37

We have now had a couple of articles on how bad Rudd was.

IMHO, I think Julia is winning the war on re writing the history.

Also noticed an article or two on the fact that the factions of
Labor are killing it.

SOPS 16th Oct 2013 09:49

As I put in an earlier post 500, they have learnt nothing. The factions are still running the show. As for Rudd, I think everyone (well every thinking person) in the paarrdy wants rid of him, but his ego is just too big for him to simply say goodbye. So I think we will see more and more articles and controlled leaks on just how bad he was, until the pressure becomes too much.

500N 16th Oct 2013 09:53

Agree, but I think he wants to wait for some Overseas position to become available. The problem with that is, I don't think the Libs will never agree to send him to an overseas posting.

Andu 16th Oct 2013 10:12

Officer in Charge goose neck flares at Heard Island sounds about right to me.

With tenure.

I16 16th Oct 2013 10:32

Got the job for bastard Kevin .Delivery Driver - Pizza Hut

Takan Inchovit 16th Oct 2013 11:01

There appears to be no "honest" bastards at all in the labor party. :}

Ken Borough 16th Oct 2013 11:46

There appears to be no "honest" bastards at all in the labor party.
And judging by the number of Coalition members being exposed for apparent travel and other rorts, it would appear there aren't any "honest" ba$tard$ on that side of the political divide.:{:{

500N 16th Oct 2013 11:53


Both sides are as bad as each other.

Just the media is trying to fill a void on TA since he isn't giving them much.

Andu 16th Oct 2013 21:37

Roxon's unload on KRudd seems to show the way the Emily's Listers have decided the history books should be written - KRudd the bad man, (or should that be bad MAN?), and Joolia the White Queen.

The uncomfortable fact that KRudd was parachuted back into the leadership to reduce the carnage for Labor and save the seats of half of those very same Emily Listers - and quite probably did - will be airbrushed away. For the adoring Labor history book writers, she's going to be up there among the gods alongside Gough Whitlam.

7x7 16th Oct 2013 22:03

After six years of Rudd and Gillard, I fear I've fallen into the trap of thinking the perception is as important as the fact.

I'm feeling that if Tony Abbott doesn't soon start to be SEEN to be doing something, (like undoing some of Labor's mistakes), people are going to start wondering if we haven't voted in a second Malcolm Fraser.

500N 16th Oct 2013 22:06

He has fixed the boats !!!

I do agree though, he now needs to get out and be more visible
and start making some (drastic) changes as well as be seen to do it.

owen meaney 16th Oct 2013 23:08

Parliament returns soon.
Tony should have something to say then

bosnich71 16th Oct 2013 23:57

Roxon certainly has something to say .... the beatification of Gillard continues !
Oh,and Rudd gets a bashing ,of course.

500N 17th Oct 2013 00:12

Just seen the news re their summary of what Roxon said.

Did she get stuck into him or what !

The best one was what we all knew, "he ignored advice" !!!

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