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500N 13th Oct 2013 23:15

"Garrett certainly talked a lot more politics as a muso than as a pollie."

+ 1

Did he ever.

So, the "Hand" returns :O

500N 14th Oct 2013 01:07

Labor looks to be shown to be hypocrites.

Women may miss out in new Labor frontbench

In addition, have a read of the following, the factions are at it
by the way this reads so nothing has changed.

Women may miss out in new Labor frontbench

Clare Prop 14th Oct 2013 02:12

Agreed, it was ironic how once Garrett entered parliament he just became a Labor hack spouting the pardee line where previously he had been inspirational not only as a musician but also as an environmental activist. I suppose Rudd parachuted him in because he though Oils fans might think that the "old Peter" would actually be able to make changes once he was on the inside. Sadly we were very very disappointed, Labor chewed him up and spat him out. He would have been far more effective as an independent in the Senate, pity that his Senate bid in the mid 80s failed because of nutty preference deals.

I might forgive him if he does a "Blues Brothers" and gets the band back together but still have to drive through a sandpit to Jandakot every day and see a massive Halliburtons training centre where once there was pristine bush, flattened with a stroke of Peter Garrett's pen - he had the power to stop it and he didn't.

Trust me being a musician is not a cushy job, and a lot harder to get to the top than being an airline pilot!

500N 14th Oct 2013 02:20

Labor shouldn't have chewed him up and spat him out.

He would have bought a fair few Greens / Enviros over to vote Labor
IF he had been allowed to at least have a say in public.

Just my HO.

Clare Prop 14th Oct 2013 04:18

Prophetic...he stood obediently enough in line for Gillard. It was really horrible to watch.

At least Rob Hirst is still playing the drums.

500N 14th Oct 2013 04:31


That is the worst I have ever heard Midnight Oil.

By the sounds of it, they improved a lot since 1980.

Worrals in the wilds 14th Oct 2013 04:54

At least Rob Hirst is still playing the drums.
Over the years I've heard that Hirst was actually the primary driver within the Oils, both musically and politically. Dunno if it's true, but it wouldn't surprise me.

IMO Garrett would have been a decent ALP Senator, but he was out of his depth in the House of Reps. Nor did he have the three decades of affiliations, alliances and favours bank deposits that professional pollies (from both sides) build up over the years.

No one said modern politics was nice, and I think that's why there's such a shortage of decent people getting into it. :uhoh:

bosnich71 14th Oct 2013 06:57

I once had occasion to speak with Joan Kirner .... the first female premier of Victoria ... about politics when involved in the Melbourne bid for the Olympics many moons ago. Ms. Kirner was of the opinion that I.O.C. politics was a great deal more dirty than anything she had met with in the Labour party.
I extremely relieved when the Melbourne bid failed.

500N 14th Oct 2013 07:03

It explains why the Labor party have to have a quota on women !

parabellum 14th Oct 2013 10:42

I don't think being borne into parliament on the back of a gender influenced policy is going to strengthen Shorten's time in office.

If Shorten doesn't deliver to the Unions, as they wish, then he will be gone in fairly short order.

500N 14th Oct 2013 10:45

I loved his comment in his speech today.

Disloyalty won't be tolerated :rolleyes:
(or words to that effect).

And he said it with a straight face !

SOPS 14th Oct 2013 12:23

These idiots just can't help themselves. The factions are back, the faceless men still in control. They have learnt nothing. Brilliant, it's just bloody brilliant.:D . They are heading for at least 3 terms on the opposition benches, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Now all we need is for the Greens to finally implode, and all will be well.

Labor MPs slam return to factional 'cabals', after missing out on frontbench - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

SOPS 14th Oct 2013 17:35

It's a pity none of the local ALPBC 'personalities' in WA were employed by the State Government, they could be first out the door.

Captain Sand Dune 14th Oct 2013 20:57

These idiots just can't help themselves. The factions are back, the faceless men still in control. They have learnt nothing. Brilliant, it's just bloody brilliant. . They are heading for at least 3 terms on the opposition benches, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Now all we need is for the Greens to finally implode, and all will be well.
Anna Bligh had a great dummy spit this morning on ALPBC. T.A. must be having a quiet chuckle to himself Playing the gender card when one doesn't get what one wants seems to be a default position for female Laybor politicians.
Just vindicates the Australian public's decision to turf these self interested idiots out.

500N 14th Oct 2013 21:04


Don't you mean Anna Burke, not Anna Bligh ?

Yes, I have just read the article in the Age, def rumblings in the ranks :O

I loved this quote

"The sway of the factions immediately drew fire from Anna Burke, who lashed out at the process on Lateline. After failing to get the job as chief opposition whip, the outgoing speaker said the caucus voted on deals done beforehand rather than on merit.

"I'm bitter and twisted at this point in time, I'll be brutally honest,"

Ms Burke said."

So a quota is good in some instances but merit in others ?????


7x7 14th Oct 2013 22:37

I think Anna Burke proved conclusively, with her letter to the Guardian, that she's a true blue berk.

Interesting comment on the Pickering site yesterday that might spark some debate here.

Comments here about Bill Shorten being a Catholic. Bill Shorten's Catholicism is about as deep and meaningful as John Kennedy's was.

However, it's probably worth noting that having even notional Catholics as leaders of both major Parties/Pardees, even 50 years ago in Australia, would have been about as unlikely - and been seen my the rigidly Protestant Australian Establishment** - as having two bearded, fire-breathing, America (and all the West)-hating, Koran-quoting Muslims in those same jobs today.

That was 50 years ago... It will be interesting, (especially given the widely disparate rates of procreation of "New Australians' of the Islamic Faith against what I'd call 'mainstream Australia' today), to see the names of the two leaders of the major parties in 50 years time.

What's the bet one on them might be Mohamed?

Edited to add (from a later comment in the same thread): ** I meant to say that the very thought of two Catholics as Party leaders would have been met with horror and disbelief - and VERY active measures to prevent it - by the Protestant Establishment of the time.

7x7 14th Oct 2013 23:04

And a totally predictable piece of news on the Michael Smith site.

A FILE detailing Julia Gillard’s role in helping set up a union slush fund from which her former boyfriend stole hundreds of thousands of dollars has disappeared.

Law firm Slater & Gordon yesterday said it could find no documents relating to the work done by Ms Gillard — a former salaried partner of the firm — in establishing the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association in 1992.

Police believe the association was used by Ms Gillard’s former boyfriend and senior AWU official Bruce Wilson to steal more than $400,000, including about $100,000 which helped fund the purchase of a Fitzroy unit bought with Ms Gillard’s professional assistance.

Slater & Gordon managing director Andrew Grech told The Age last night that the firm had not been able to locate any documents relating to the controversial transaction. ‘‘We have not been able to identify any such documents following extensive searches of our archival records,’’ Mr Grech said.

‘‘If there are such documents, we don’t have them. They could have been misplaced, or lost. I simply don’t know.’’

We know that the file was present at Ms Gillard's departure interview on 11 September, 1995.

500N 15th Oct 2013 00:35

Shock horror, an article criticizing Abbott !!!
Well, for those that said we would not highlight when criticism of Abbott came about, here is an article from the Age.

I'll let you read it.

At least someone is calling him on an issue.

"Our Prime Minister needs to think before opening his mouth, both here and abroad."

Abbott walking tricky tightrope on diplomacy

500N 15th Oct 2013 03:34

"And one other criticism of Abbott. He needs to rein in his underlings who are bellicose about a double-dissolution election over carbon pricing."

+ 1

I couldn't believe that was said when I read it.

500N 15th Oct 2013 05:14

Does anyone else see the new strategy emerging re Asylum seekers ?

ANOTHER Article within a week re AS by the UN High Commission for Refugees.

The bleeding hearts are in full swing making "everyone go on a guilt trip"
and trying to shame the Gov't.

Time to shut them down for good, close the office and cut funding and kick the bleeding hearts out.

"The federal government has sent a second pregnant asylum seeker to Nauru's immigration detention centre, the United Nation's refugee agency says. The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) spokeswoman told AAP a 30-year-old woman of Rohingya origin is seven months pregnant with twins and is in detention along with her husband and two children."

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