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SOPS 9th Oct 2013 19:15

Well here we go, this might get interesting. What is good about it, it might stop Sarah Two Dads and her mates having any say. I just hope Clive votes the right way, and does not grandstand for the sake of it.

Clive Palmer says fourth Senator-elect set to join forces with PUP in voting bloc - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 9th Oct 2013 19:39

So do I.

But if he can negate the Greens and make them irrelevant,
take away their publicity, I will be very happy indeed because
at the next election their vote might go down even more.

Solid Rust Twotter 9th Oct 2013 20:04

Not politics, but I see Chopper Read's rolled a seven.

bosnich71 10th Oct 2013 04:13

Funny how the Oz media rabbits on about gangsters, thugs, murderers etc. but then wants to make "celebrities" out of the likes of Chopper read and Ned Kelly. :ugh:

500N 10th Oct 2013 04:17


Did you read in the paper yesterday about a letter written by a witness
to Ned Kelly's shooting and arrest plus seing the burnt bodiesof the other

It dispelled a few myths as he was an impartial bystander who had gone
there solely to see him.

One of the myths was a comment written about a copper who as was said
"had been maligned by the Pro Kelly forces" but as it said in the letter
was actually a good natured, kind person !!!

bosnich71 10th Oct 2013 04:56

500N ..... further to Chopper Read .
His manager, Andrew Parisi said today, of Read that " Beneath his incredible machismo was a very gentle straight shooting giant of an Australian man.
Read made his last public appearance in front of a sold out audience at Melbourne's Athanaeum Theatre two weeks ago.
"Despite his failing health he delighted his audience with his skills as a raconteur and story teller".
The mind boggles ! I doubt that if his manager or any of the Athanaeum audience had met Read in his 'gangster' heyday they would have thought of him exactly like that.

500N 10th Oct 2013 05:06

Read was old school. He was a crim, Cops were cops.
One of the ex Asst commissioners said that as much as he was a hard crim,
the Police never felt threatened by him. Unlike today of course.

bosnich71 10th Oct 2013 05:41

500 N .... 'the police never felt threatened etc."

Maybe the police may have never but I bet a lot of us mere mortals, the general public would have been. Once,when I was a lot younger I happened to be in the same room, but not involved, with a certain 'nutter' .. someone who ran with the Krays and I can assure you I was pooing myself. The bloke just oozed evil.
With regard to Mr.Kelly and the rest of the "Australian Larrikins" a good book to read is " The Sandy Creek Bushranger".by Edgar F. Penzig. He writes mainly about Ben Hall and other bushrangers in N.S.W. and only briefly of Kelly but he does manage to nail many of the myths surrounding their exploits. They were not nice people.
When I read up on Kelly and the Stringybark Creek murders it was noticeable that Kelly pursued one of the wounded Police officers through the bush for some miles before finishing him off. Despite that Kelly later claimed to have been 'in fear of his life' as a reason for the killing.

500N 10th Oct 2013 07:10

I have spent a fair bit of time at Jerilderie which of course has famous links with Kelly and his gang so yes, they were not nice people.

It is HTFU !!!
He did take his own medicine, he said he could never ask for a liver transplant.

Takan Inchovit 10th Oct 2013 07:23

It is HTFU !!!
My bad, had to harden up and google it.

7x7 10th Oct 2013 09:27

Too funny - and accurate - not to share here. (From the Pickering Post.)

A well known World Leader allegedly said off the record that "negotiating with Kevin Rudd is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game."
Much discussion as to who that well known world leader might be.

SOPS 10th Oct 2013 09:28

Excellent, just excellent.

Worrals in the wilds 10th Oct 2013 09:43

That's fabulous. :ok:
IIRC, when it first came out Read's first book was the most shoplifted book of the year. Figures...:}
Just wait until Schapelle makes it home; by comparison Chopper will seem like a shy, retiring type. :hmm:

500N 10th Oct 2013 09:55


Oxygen Thief.

Rest of the family doesn't seem much better.

Can't understand why the media maintains such an interest in her.

Worrals in the wilds 10th Oct 2013 09:59

TNT... aka Tits 'n' teeth.:}
Woman's Day couldn't survive without her.

RJM 10th Oct 2013 15:08

The Aust media are fairly predicatable. Look at the coverage they gave Joanne Lees (girlfriend of murder victim Peter Falconio). A bit of a looker, Lees had the press pursuing her and further, had every male in the country interested in the physical contortions she used to get her bound hands from behind her back to her front, as demonstrated in court and reported in detail.

Back to serious political 'news' of the day - the antics of media tart Palmer and his PUP.

Meanwhile Abbott gets on with governing the place.

SOPS 10th Oct 2013 15:10

BTW, anyone heard, have we had any boats lately?

SOPS 10th Oct 2013 17:36

And why don't we consider deporting this guy and the rest of his mates?

Sydney rapist Mohamed Sanoussi released on parole - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 10th Oct 2013 17:45

Because the lefty do gooders would be up in arms over the "human rights"
of such people who "deserve" a second chance :rolleyes:

Deportation is too good for them, "cripple" them so they live in pain
for the rest of their lives. All of them can live together so they can
"care" for each other.

SOPS 10th Oct 2013 18:04

Last time I checked, the lefty do gooders lost the election. So as far as I am concerned, they can squawk all they like, but when a person tells his poor victims, 'you are going to be raped Leb style', I don't really think we need him in Australian society.

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