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RJM 6th Oct 2013 11:04

Let's hope so. It's a disgrace.

7x7 6th Oct 2013 11:24

Paul Murray Tonight reporting that Barnaby Joyce now thinks selling vast numbers of hectares of prime cattle land to Indonesia is a "win/win" situation for Australia.

It's so sad to see these politicians turning so quickly into the very type of politician we were so keen to kick out. I'm sorry, those of you who think this doesn't matter. It does. Call me emotional and not understanding the "big picture", but selling freehold title to vast swathes of land in my country to a foreign government does not sit well with me. To those of you who say "the land is still there", sorry, people, it does not cut it with me. So what are you saying? We can renege on the deal and take it off the Indonesian owners some time down the track? That usually involves a revolution.

We GIVE the Indonesians hundreds of millions of dollars every year in aid - hundreds of millions of dollars (thanks to gross mismanagement over the last six years) we have to BORROW from other foreign governments and banks - and our new government is comfortable will selling the freehold title of prime cattle land?

If Tony Abbott goes ahead with this sale, this thread will be reinvigorated - and many who were his supporters will become his critics.

dubbleyew eight 6th Oct 2013 11:27

the amorphous belief that sovereignty no longer matters is rubbish.

try buying land in thailand for an example. you can't.

500N 6th Oct 2013 12:54

"the ABC cut straight to Kerri-Ann Kennerly"


Is that where she ended up ?

Jesus, since when was she a journalist / reporter ?

500N 6th Oct 2013 12:58

Agree. Selling off the NT (and other areas of the country) is crazy,
and all because of some stupid knee jerk reaction to a TV show.
Christ, no wonder business in this country gets cranky over
things the Gov't does.

Worrals in the wilds 6th Oct 2013 13:13

Paul Murray Tonight reporting that Barnaby Joyce now thinks selling vast numbers of hectares of prime cattle land to Indonesia is a "win/win" situation for Australia.
I thought he was a Nat. Have they done a 180? One of the things I always liked about the Nats was that they opposed open slather selling of agricultural land to foreign companies. :confused:

500N 6th Oct 2013 20:41

At last, someone who calls a spade a spade.

A very good and Interesting article from Amanda Vandstone in the Age
exposing the AS for what they are.

Media-savvy asylum seekers play hardball
Having a sad story does not entitle entry to Australia.

"Media coverage plays a strong part in affecting our perceptions of what is happening around us and of what others are thinking. The recent tragic sinking of a boat off the coast of Java with asylum seekers on board, many of them children, is a case in point.

From the initial media coverage, one could be forgiven for thinking Australia was somehow to blame.
If anyone doubts that these people know full well what they are doing, all they need do is watch the TV clip of the man who claimed they had rung the Australian embassy but help had not arrived. To travel with mobiles on international roam, with the numbers in hand either of the Australian embassy or onshore colleagues ready and willing to contact it, is not the modus operandi of uninformed people who are duped by people smugglers. No, this is the work of people who are playing hardball with the Australian government and using the media to do so."

Media-savvy asylum seekers play hardball

SOPS 6th Oct 2013 20:47

Someone speaking sense at last:D:D

500N 6th Oct 2013 20:55

Jesus, re read the article. I think this needs highlighting as it clearly
shows why Australia has moved to the right when it comes to the
AS (Illegal boats) issue.

"Remember, the lives of these people and that of their families are not at risk in Indonesia. Perhaps the Refugee Convention does need an overhaul. Rising incomes and ease of air travel have made forum shopping a possibility that was not as likely when the convention was drafted. Maybe the world needs to move to a system that shuts the door on forum shopping. The people who travel through or past two, three or four other countries in order to get to the country of their preference are certainly not those most in need."

Labor, by putting the sugar back on the table, started the boats up again. It has created endless problems for us and the Indonesians. Now it needs to be fixed again."

I'll add that Labor has the deaths of 1500+ AS on it's hands because of it.

Maybe the do gooder lefties might open their eyes a bit.

500N 6th Oct 2013 21:49

Interesting article in general about left of centre parties. in Aus
and around the world.

What the left needs to do to regain its mojo

bosnich71 6th Oct 2013 23:29

"What the left needs to do etc."
I notice that the Age listed the 'left leaning' governments of Obama and Hollande as some sort of success. Possibly there are a few people in America and France who would dispute that however it is the Age after all.
After 35 years I bought my last Sunday Age yesterday. In the past it has been worth buying for the crossword and the T.V. programmes even a quick read of the letters page was up there with the Dandy and the Beano for a laugh but finally I've cracked. The wife gave me my $2.50,I put the lead on the dog and off we went to the newsagents. It's about a 20 minute walk, the dog likes Sundays as he gets to discover new scents and can p****e in new places, it makes a change from his weekday walks down by the river. I picked up my Age, you can tell where they are without reading the title, it's the smaller pile, about 10 copies as against a couple of hundred of the Herald Sun, placed my $2.50 on the counter and turned to go out of the shop. "Excuse me Sir," said Tracey," but the price is now $2.80". It's very embarrassing to have to tell a 16 year old, in front of a shop full of geezers buying Lotto tickets, fags etc. that you don't have an extra 20 cents. That's probably worse than admitting to all and sundry that you buy the 'effing Age in the first place.
I trudged home, told the wife what had happened. She, being the lovely lady that she is, gave me another 20 cents and suggested I drive back to the shop and buy my weekly paper. I just couldn't, the shame of returning was too much. It's one thing to be seen as an Age reader in Werribee but when you're known to be broke as well ! ! !

Andu 6th Oct 2013 23:33

bonisch, I'd bet you'd have been REALLY pissed off if you'd gone back with the extra 20 cents to find that you actually needed an extra 30 cents to buy it.

500N 6th Oct 2013 23:42

You beat me to it :O

You aren't the only Age reader in Werribee !

However, I gave up buying the weekend Age
as like you, I just found it wasn't worth it.

In fact, I really do think all the newspapers
have gone to the dogs.

I used to enjoy Saturday and Sunday, lying on the floor
reading the papers from over to cover. Not any more :(

Worrals in the wilds 6th Oct 2013 23:52

They've all gotten so samey :(. I had read the Courier Mail most days since my childhood, but after the federal election coverage they can stick their $1.20 where the sun doth not shine. Also, they stuffed up their comics page which was often the only reason for buying it in the first place. :mad:

In any case, having travelled a bit recently I've found that these days the Courier, Telegraph et al are all basically the same paper with different car accidents and fishing guides. The Aus is okay but I find it a bit right wing, the AFR is a good paper but finance dominated (which is fair enough but not my cup of tea) and the Murdoch rags are largely full of drivel and over emotive hysteria pieces. :bored:

No wonder their sales figures are dropping; they all deserve it.
Newspaper circulation June quarter: Fairfax and News Corp | Crikey

500N 6th Oct 2013 23:57

As much as I criticize the Age, when I go to the NT, on a weekend
if we pop into the local town, we (the person I am staying with and I)
tend to buy The Age, The Australia and the NT News :O

I think the NT News makes anything look good and after a week or two of it,
you are in desperate need of something even remotely intellectual :O

Worrals in the wilds 7th Oct 2013 00:07

If you enjoy the NT News :} you'll love the Gold Coast Bulletin. I think the NT News is actually more high brow.

500N 7th Oct 2013 00:16

High brow ? :O

That's only because they have a better class of drunks because of
all the Overseas back packers :O

Enjoy the NT News :O
It takes me about 4 minutes to read anything even remotely interesting.

The one good time I can recall was that last cyclone 2 years ago,
it passed directly over us as a Cat 1 then dumped all that rain on
Katherine and washed everything away. Was well covered.

parabellum 7th Oct 2013 00:23

The Indonesian land purchases will have to be approved by the FIRB, as all property bought by foreigners does.

I had to get approval to buy this house and the condition is that when I sell it it must go to an Australian citizen or, at least, some one with the right of permanent abode in Australia. Don't see why the Indonesian land purchase should be any different?

bosnich71 7th Oct 2013 00:30

I wondered if anyone would notice that 'Freudian Slip'.
SWAMBO is always insisting that I get more exercise perhaps that was another of her cunning plans. ..... she, like the majority of her gender, God bless 'em, is way ahead of us mere men. :sad:

bosnich71 7th Oct 2013 00:35

P.S. for those of you searching for something a little more uplifting/more intellectual perhaps it is worth noting that both the Beano and the Dandy are available online. Her Indoors questioned why I read it but I explained that I have to so as to keep up with my Grandsons.

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