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500N 23rd Sep 2013 21:46

Er, who is Short Willie ?

500N 23rd Sep 2013 22:19

Re this new method of picking a Labor leader.

Rudd has created a bloody nightmare with what he introduced.
Not saying it's not good to give the members a say but Jesus,
talk about a long winded, high cost method as well as Labor
not having the eye on the ball for a whole month.

I wonder if "modifications" will be made to the process
in the future ?

bosnich71 23rd Sep 2013 22:59

Short Willie ........ The Honourable (?) William Shorten. M.P.

Probably so called because of his propensity in putting it about, as they say.

parabellum 24th Sep 2013 02:03

as well as Labor
not having the eye on the ball for a whole month.
So that makes a total of six years and one month then 500N?;)

There must be at least one good Socialist out there who still maintains decent values, why are there none of these on the ballot slip? A seat in Parliament can come later at the first by election, Queensland found a leader first and a seat for him next.

Saltie 24th Sep 2013 03:45

This lack of "major" announcements two or three times a day by senior politicians is a bit like going cold turkey after having a major drug habit. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Joe Public to get used to it. The journos - or the Canberra press gallery - must be hating it - Tony Abbott's making them get off their arses and do some work to find the news. Of course, some of them will just manufacture it.

Am I the only one to notice how selective their indignation is? Particularly in regard to the country shoppers. Lost of photographs now of the "secret" arrivals at Xmas Island - women, children and family groups only. Not once did a picture of the overly steroided monsters we saw arriving thanks to Michael Smith when Labor was in power.

500N 24th Sep 2013 04:11


A comment was made about that a number of times on the radio in the last week,
that Gov't get on with things and everything "quieten" down and that the public
might actually like it.

Me, I love it, the whole thing was crazy with Labor, non stop feed
the 24 hour news cycle which was not necessary.

Re the AS, what I find interesting is Labor made all the announcements
re the boats but in the end, it was one of the things that cost them the
election, from the perception that they weren't handling the "crises".

Ken Borough 24th Sep 2013 07:01

Some of the uber-right who frequent these parts and who criticize the ABC need to take a look at who appeared on Insiders last Sunday! All three of the guests were scribblers from the Murdoch empire. One was from the extreme right. These people incessantly whinge and moan about the ABC but they are not prepared to decline a piece of silver for their appearances. And The Drum on Monday featured that well known so-called 'Liberal powerbroker', Michael Kroeger. It's not often that you hear anyone from the Centre or the Left get such opportunities from the right-supporting shock jocks on commercial radio. :yuk::yuk:

500N 24th Sep 2013 07:06

Why let the truth get in the way of a good bashing of the left ? :O

(Might as well use the left's tactics !)

Worrals in the wilds 24th Sep 2013 07:39

It's not often that you hear anyone from the Centre or the Left get such opportunities from the right-supporting shock jocks on commercial radio. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/pukey.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/pukey.gif
That's because no-one from the centre or left ever listens to them, except under suffrance. :zzz: Australia has a range of media that pick their target audience and provide content accordingly. As Ken points out, there's no shortage of right wing content (I assume the Bolt Report is still screening and Alan Jones still seems to be lurking around spitting bile and fear)?

While I understand people's frustration with the ABC's bias given its public funding, there are other things to watch. The other public broadcaster SBS is reasonably bi-partisan and puts a lot of interesting shows on that the commercial networks wouldn't have a bar of (until they get popular, Top Gear being a notable example :hmm:).

Should the ABC be more partisan? Sure, but it isn't, and hasn't been since at least the 1980s. Howard ignored it and still won several terms hands down. I just don't think it's that important; like talkback radio, people watch / listen to either re-affirm their beliefs or enjoy themselves by getting annoyed by the proponents of the opposing POV. I don't think either swing public opinion much, however their staff would like to dream otherwise.

SOPS 24th Sep 2013 08:35

And back to those boat arrivals. To those who feel that it is our duty to welcome Chemically Enhanced Individuals, and others, with open arms, please note the following:

3 of the people who are currently shooting up the shopping centre in Kenya are from overseas. 2 Americans and 1 British subject (a women!). American officials are now worried ther could be further people in America, waiting to do the same thing on Home soil.
And yes, all 3 are Somalian/ Muslim Immigrants.

No further comment required.

Worrals in the wilds 24th Sep 2013 09:05

All hail ASIO/AFP. :suspect::suspect: The only defence against these home-grown flea species is to hunt them down first; something both agencies have been very good at. Long may they keep on sneaking around listening hard. :ok:

I assume they're immune from the new government's predicted public service staff and budget cuts. :cool:

SOPS 24th Sep 2013 09:14

Now you mention that, WITW, I noted yesterday that Tony or someone had instructed the Immigration Department (or some similar agency), to give the known addresses of all AS to the AFAP/ASIO. From the way it read, it appeared that they did not have full access to this information under Labor.

Of course, Christine Milne popped up to say this was a violation of AS rights of some sort. I was expecting Sarah Two Dads to throw in some hysterical comment, but she seems to be being kept under wraps at the moment.

SOPS 25th Sep 2013 12:00

Isn't amazing, without the constant 24 hour thought bubbles, and ideas like moving the Navy to Hobart or whatever, we can slide to page 2?

500N 25th Sep 2013 15:24

I am finding it quite pleasant not having a Pollies
in the first 3 stories of the news everynight or
splashed over the front page of the newspaper.

It' like the whole of Australia has breathed
a collective sigh of relief and everyone is
working out what to do with this "void".

Of it is so nice.

sisemen 25th Sep 2013 16:15

Maybe this thread has run its course? With the various supporters of the opposition having been consigned to the permanent sin-bin because, like their political idols, they were unable to work out what differentiated a constructive argument from a personal attack, there is now no-one left to construct the opposite point of view on this thread. Maybe we should take on the job ourselves:\

500N 25th Sep 2013 16:16

Oh you have to love the Greens imploding !!!
The Greens implode after the bad election. It will take them a year or two to get back up and running.

"Greens leader Christine Milne has lost all of her senior staff in a post-election shake-up that has exposed rising tensions inside the minor party.

Following an election that sent the Greens' Senate vote backwards, there has been a mass exodus of senior advisers, with some privately citing dissatisfaction over the direction of the party and its poor campaign strategy.

A 4.5 per cent Senate swing against the Greens and a 3 per cent negative swing in the lower house had the party shed more than 400,000 votes at the election and has sparked a round of internal recriminations and soul searching.
Senator Milne's highly regarded chief of staff, Ben Oquist, quit this week amid suggestions he had too many differences of opinion with Senator Milne.

''He left on good terms, but Christine wouldn't take his advice and he got tired of that,'' one Greens operative said.

Mr Oquist responded to questioning via text message, saying he resigned to pursue interests in the business and community sector.

Senior media adviser Georgie Klug is also gone, while others have also parted company."

500N 25th Sep 2013 19:42

I thought this was a good start to an article about the changes
to student uni funding.

"University leaders accuse Coalition government of reviving
outdated ideological debate."

Also, Milne was on the news this morning denying that a crisis of leadership
was occurring in the Greens party :O

Takan Inchovit 25th Sep 2013 19:59

I think Milne is floating down that big river in Egypt.

500N 25th Sep 2013 20:00


It won't be long before Brandt is installed as leader.

Which is a pity as he might galvanise more support
which is not what I want.

Takan Inchovit 25th Sep 2013 20:14

Perhaps there is an opening on a boat near Russia. :}

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