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parabellum 11th Sep 2013 23:34

Well said Bugged on the Right, it is all about integration and the willingness to do so. Major problem now is this very irritating catch-all the lawyers keep producing called Human Rights. In my book break the law and you forfeit those 'rights' relating to deportation and extradition, this should, I believe, be implicit in the granting of the visa/passport.

CoodaShooda 11th Sep 2013 23:56

Saw this video at the Canberra Museum yesterday, at the end of its Centennial Exhibition. No prizes for guessing it was produced at the Canberra studios of the ABC.

The other highlight of the exhibition was the opening panel which declared that the local Aboriginals lived here for 40,000 years in a natural utopia, until the Europeans arrived and destroyed it all.

Andu 12th Sep 2013 00:38

I lasted 3 minutes and 12 seconds, and it took quite a stretch for me to endure that much. Has anyone beaten that?

In my 'yoof', my girlfriend in Canberra worked at the then NCDC, planning the future Canberra (and was paid considerably more than I was for doing it). Watching the first 3 minutes and 12 seconds of that glowing future fantasy brought back memories of discussions I had with some of her friends.

I'm sure some of her friends recall the same conversations, to this day regaling their Canberra friends with tales of their 'walk on the wild side' when they briefly shared a coffee table in Civic with a warmongering baby killer (as every man and women who wore their country's uniform in those days was considered to be by most of those who did such important work as planning the future of Canberra).

500N 12th Sep 2013 00:42

Here is a classic video and article about AS.

It is interesting that the mainstream media are now writing it how
a fair few think (quote below which is what a fair few on here are saying) :ok:

But check out this quote from head in the sand Milne.
What a ****** to say this.

GREENS senator Christine Milne claims the "overwhelming majority" of Australians support more compassion for asylum seekers. The statement suggests Milne does not get out enough. :D:D:D:D:D

Australians have become hardened on the topic. When boat-bound asylum seekers in Java ask, as they often will, whether Australia will welcome them, to tell give them an unambiguous "yes" would not be truthful.

No new group of migrants, unauthorised or otherwise, has ever found automatic welcome in Australia. And these people, who are mostly Muslim, will find it even harder in a country that no longer worries so much about race, but certainly kicks out against the infiltration of people they suspect of importing intolerant doctrine."

I'll let you read the rest.

Video: Angry asylum seekers demand money back from people smugglers | The Mercury

heated ice detector 12th Sep 2013 00:51

Lib supporters attacking women again.
Oh no it ok, just the usual suspects rabbiting on about Sarah Hanson again.
Tony must be impressed!

500N 12th Sep 2013 00:56

"Lib supporters attacking women again."

Typical lefty, bring in the women angle !

How about "Liberals attack SHY" ? (you could add for being
a complete WOFTAM).

I have no problem with that but because you are losing
you need to bring in the sexist angle which does you no
good at all.

Andu 12th Sep 2013 01:16

Don't bite, 500N. He's trying to get the thread closed, and he'll only succeed if people bite. Putting him on your ignore list is more effective and better for the blood pressure.

500N 12th Sep 2013 01:17

I know these are UK articles about the UK but a good insight
into the Loopy left.
Outrage as 'loopy' UN inspector lectures Britain: She's from violent, slum-ridden Brazil, yet still attacks us on housing and human rights

Outrage as 'loopy' UN inspector lectures Britain: She's from violent, slum-ridden Brazil, yet still attacks us on housing and human rights | Mail Online

If the UN thinks Britain is so ghastly, why does half the world want to live here? | Mail Online

500N 12th Sep 2013 01:19


No worries, thanks for the heads up :ok:

I'll ignore him from now on.

chuboy 12th Sep 2013 01:53

I know I've bored you lot to death more than once talking about the NBN, but...

Just once more - what does everyone make of the petition that has gone around in recent days? Started by a young Liberal supporter, it advocates a change of policy from the 'copper from the node' plan which Malcolm Turnbull has been spruiking. It's got nearly 200000 (online) signatures in just a few days. Sure, not a lot relative to the number of enrolled voters, but the number is climbing all the time.

I think if you weigh up the options fairly, the plan Labor was going with is objectively better than what the Coalition want. If you look into it more deeply, it's rational to form the opinion that investing billions into obsolescing copper wire, when fibre optic cable is now a mature, future-proof technology, is bad practice. Especially when you do it as a "cheaper" alternative. For what we can hope to achieve using copper, the return on investment just isn't there.

I can accept that the Coalition believes we can't afford fibre internet. I can't accept its claim that investing in copper wire is a sound use of money we are not supposed to have. My view is that Malcolm Turnbull should either pull the plug on the brownfields rollout completely and keep the money, or continue with the full fibre rollout.

Surely, if the election were contested on the NBN alone the Coalition would have lost miserably. Obviously other issues were considered a priority for voters. But now that the Coalition has been elected and the possibility of government money being wasted on an extremely poor investment is now very much a reality, what view do posters here take? Are you wholly satisfied with every policy the Coalition has proposed, or do you share the view of the young man who started this petition - that no party is perfect and some of their policies leave a lot to be desired?

500N 12th Sep 2013 02:01

Everything should be open for discussion and modification if needed.

I don't know enough about the alternative offerings to comment on this.

But I will say that I wish the Federbal Gov't would get State Gov'ts
to implement a law that means all future sub divisions and housing
estates have fibre optic (or whatever is decided but something better
than just copper) installed BEFORE the houses are built.

ie. Long term thinking and planning of a standard that building companies
can follow and that can be upgraded as needed (such as when cabling improves).

I'll try to read up on the NBN.

heated ice detector 12th Sep 2013 02:11

I make no apologies for defending someone who is not a ppruner and therefore unable to defend herself.
I am also interested the view of a ppruner who is a devout user of this thread, sprucer of Australian politics yet regularly changes nationality.
are we Australian or not and where do our allegiances lie.
would not have a problem of having a beer with any you neo's, I am sure it would be a laugh and very entertaining.

CFI says *red card. How much more rope do you need?

RJM 12th Sep 2013 02:36

2 minutes 30 seconds, andu. What a heap of drivel, a fantasy future where every 'progressive' box is ticked, in the handily-named Republic of Australia Capital City-State.

Another hundred thousand down the drain in production costs and a 'working group' of public servants kept busy for a few months until the inevitable launch with drinks attended by the usual suspects before the pointless exercise is filed away. :*

parabellum 12th Sep 2013 02:51

investing billions into obsolescing copper wire, when fibre optic cable is now a mature,
Not technically competent to offer any opinion myself but many moons ago someone on here ridiculed the ALP NBN scheme because, among other things, fibre optic cable has a life of twenty five years in a temperate climate and more likely fifteen years here in Australia.

I'm on copper ADSL2 and the technicians say that, had a larger calibre wire been fitted in the first place, all would be in good order for many years?

500N 12th Sep 2013 02:54

"fibre optic cable has a life of twenty five years in a temperate climate"

Yet they lay it under the sea ?

Seems strange.

Clare Prop 12th Sep 2013 03:33

Can I just thank the thought police for their kind private messages and say how predictable it is to see their true colours shining through now that the election is over and they can drop the "kind and compassionate" façade bollox.

7x7 12th Sep 2013 03:34

Re the film link in post 8282: I think they got a few things wrong.

(1) the narrator was speaking English. The way we're going, by 2113, it's more than likely to be a language other than that, and one not with a Roman alphabet.

(2) the narrator, if female, would almost certainly be dressed somewhat differently with far less skin showing (see point one) .

(3) Given points (1) and (2), the money would have run out long before 2113, so it would be highly unlikely the country would have a national TV (or 22nd century equivalent) network or anything like the futuristic Green-friendly megacities shown.

(4) Given all the above, rather than the Federal Republic of Australia, I'd be inclined to think you could delete 'Federal' and insert another word starting with "I".

Just an opinion.

500N 12th Sep 2013 03:36


Say what you mean :O :ok:

dat581 12th Sep 2013 04:14

After watching Bill Shorten give his speech for leadership of the labour party it screams loud and clear that labour still doesn't get why they have been booted out of government with the lowest primary vote in 100 years. He says it's the disunity that has caused the loss instead of the real reason that their policies were rubbish, they got in bed with the loony greens and constantly lied to the electorate and threw open our boarders to unwanted illegal muslim immigration. Not to mention the record levels of national debt.

He says labour has a mandate to block the removal of the carbon tax and other labour policy. They must want to spend the next twenty years on the opposition benches.

500N 12th Sep 2013 05:37


An article in the The Age re exactly what you wrote.

Disunity was one factor but they focus on the Carbon Tax and
as soon as Julia broke her election promise and in it came,
the ratings went against them.

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