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Flying Binghi 10th Sep 2013 10:52

via 500N:
Malcolm has come out and said that we need to go to Electronic voting.

Informal votes were over 5% again.

He commented that although some were "Damn the pollie" type,
most were mistakes.
Who's this "Malcolm" ? Not banker boy eh..:hmm:

Electronic ? The hackers would have fun with that..:hmm: ...then there's equipment and power failures...

Seems simpler just to put up with the 5% waste.


Flying Binghi 10th Sep 2013 11:08

David Leyonhjelm comments on that 'fluke'...

h/t - Listen to David Leyonhjelm | Catallaxy Files

500N 10th Sep 2013 19:56

I said this would happen.
The lefty wankers are screaming already :D:D:D:D:D
Bishops slam foreign aid cuts

Australia's Catholic bishops have attacked the Coalition's planned foreign aid cut, saying the proposed $4.5 billion “clawback” was like a rich man chasing a beggar to recover crumbs from his table.

John Ferguson, executive officer of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, said the policy, unveiled just two days before Saturday's federal election, was unworthy of a civilised nation.

How about we fix our own problems first, INCLUDING our Budget before we hand out $4.5 billion ?

BenThere 10th Sep 2013 21:20

Well then John Ferguson should set about forthwith to tireless fundraising from kindred spirits to attain his giveaway goals rather than use the government to coerce charity from people struggling to get by as it is.

The freedom of the fortunate and generous individuals of a society to donate charitably to causes they find worthy is the mark of a civilized nation.

I suspect John Ferguson would find that ethic repulsive somehow, but I don't care what he wants someone else to give. Let him take the vow of poverty and give what he has. I could respect him for that.

Ken Borough 10th Sep 2013 23:56


Stick to politics where you may be on safer ground! :mad:

500N 11th Sep 2013 00:05


No thanks, I don't like George Pell, or his type or the Church he represents,
he's squirmed out of too much already.

Ken Borough 11th Sep 2013 00:29


That's obvious, but we don't need any more religious bigotry. Isn't there enough hatred in the world? Put a sock in it. :ok:

heated ice detector 11th Sep 2013 01:27

Put a sock over it , more like:E

Charlie Foxtrot India 11th Sep 2013 01:46

For goodness sake keep religion out of this or I have no chance of keeping it open. In fact I might even close it myself. :mad::mad:

Andu 11th Sep 2013 01:55

I'd have to agree with you on that point, CFI.

HID, care to explain your comment that the asylum seekers will soon stop? With events currently transpiring in Syria and soon to transpire in Afghanistan (in the months immediately after Barak Obama declares "victory" and the Taliban take over the whole country), I would have thought the West was about to see a couple of million genuine refugees - like the poor bastards in Afghanistan who were silly enough to side with the Americans - and us.

Clare Prop 11th Sep 2013 02:04

I've been observing the reaction to the result on social media.

It strikes me as very ironic that the people who wail and moan about how "horrible and mean" the new Government will be, then go on to viciously attack not only anyone who might have a slightly different point of view or even indifference, but even those who don't actively cheer along with their foul vitriol.

"Let's be compassionate...as long as you agree with me and my views or you can :mad: off you right wing nazi" blah blah.

Clearly there is a large percentage of people in this country who don't believe in democracy. Can we ship them off to an Orwellian wonderland somewhere? I'm sure they'd be much happier... until they realise that some animals are more equal than others.

And going on about propaganda from the media while spouting propaganda from the ALP is just silly and betrays their inability to think for themselves.

I have seen a lot of friendships come to an end this week as sore losers have shown their true colours as brainwashed bigots. Is this the legacy of Rudd/Gillard? If their aim was social division through ignorance, they certainly achieved it.

SOPS 11th Sep 2013 03:59

Having a rampantly Green sister, Clare, I see this all the time. "You can have any opinion you as long as it agrees with mine. And I won't listen to other ideas, as only Green ones can save the world"

She, and her mates will genuinely not be happy, until we are living in tents with no electricity, eating lentils and wearing Jesus sandals and letting the AS run what is left of the country.

She is in absoloute shock and denial at the moment, that the people of Australia have ousted the labor/green alliance.

This sort of thing is what I think you are seeing reflected on social media and in some letters to editors.

bosnich71 11th Sep 2013 04:55

....... "until we are living in tents, with no electricity and eating lentils etc. etc. etc." But not the average Melon though.
I note that Attenborough is wailing about over population again and he may well be right but perhaps he and others of the same opinion can start by volunteering to do away with themselves, after all large movements start with small movements .... as my wife the colostomy expert is fond of telling me.

500N 11th Sep 2013 05:10

CFI - Apologise, didn't realise we weren't allowed to speak about religion.

Clare and others.
Agree. The left are worse than the right when it comes down to it.

And IMHO, TA and the Coalition will lean a bit more to the right than they
might otherwise have had to because of how far out of whack Rudd / Gillard
have taken this country.

Just looking at the sense of relief and consumer confidence figures,
the country really was sick of what was going on.

sisemen 11th Sep 2013 07:02

the country really was sick of what was going on.
and that's what the left will never understand. CP is absolutely correct when she points out that ignorance = sore loser bigots.

Andu 11th Sep 2013 07:16

The World Today - Fmr RefugeeTribunal member says dump UN Treaty 18/07/2013

Flying Binghi 11th Sep 2013 07:17

These labor people are .......... :mad:

"Latham says, 'I have always assumed the gushing, out-of-proportion praise (for our defence forces) could come only from those who have never met our soldiers and experienced first-hand their limited intelligence and primeval interests in life.'

'Surely the worst job in Australian politics is to be the minister for defence. Anything, even the most tedious and loathsome of public duties, would be better than knocking around with the meatheads of the Australian Defence Force.'..."

Compare and contrast Tony Abbott's genuine care for our defence force people with the man who would have been PM - Michael Smith News


500N 11th Sep 2013 07:25

It says it all really.
And to think the fore front of Australia's foreign policy
is in the hands of some "meatheads of the Australian Defence Force" !

Let's see.

The Indonesians opened fire on an Aussie patrol in Timor that could have escalated quickly if it wasn't for thinking Aussie soldiers.
(by coincidence Jim Molan tagged along on that patrol).

SAS Troopers (Private soldiers) in foreign lands where a slip up could cause
a major problem for the Gov't if that occured considering they aren't supposed
to be there.

Yep, real no thinking meat heads who are probably more intelligent
and more psychologically stable than he is.

500N 11th Sep 2013 07:28


Thanks for posting that. I was trying to but having problems with PPRuNe.

It makes very interesting reading, especially considering who is saying it.

heated ice detector 11th Sep 2013 07:47

Thanks Andu,
nice article by the same person encouraging the use of torture no less.
I suppose he is a head of a law uni. well qualified in torture
what's Sizey doing back, is he allowed to comment on this thread wot with him being back in the mother land and on his British passport an all that. Cor blimey luv a duck what is this country coming:) too

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