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chuboy 10th Sep 2013 06:17

Believable considering the size of the senate paper. It's simply astounding that over 8% of NSW managed to vote for the Liberal Democratic Party by accident.

Democracy in action :suspect:

500N 10th Sep 2013 06:19


3 letters in your post above said it all.



(Hat, coat and I am out of here fast ................)

Anthill 10th Sep 2013 06:22

Saltie, How would you know what outrages me and what doesn't. :cool:

Oh, I see, Saltie has access to a mind reading machine. How else would you be able to peer into the screen and, somehow, deduce what I am really thinking! Or rather, what you imagine that I am thinking! Are you saying that because she is the CoS for Abbott that I am biased against her? NO, I'm biased against her because she drove a car when she was pissed!

The stupid bitch is a drunk-driver. These people are dangerous and a menace to community safety. At least she came out and admitted that she is an idiot. Hopefully she, and others, will change their behaviour before they kill or maim some innocent pedestrian or road user.

Just because she is highly placed in the LNP doesn't absolve her from what she did. How would you like it if she wiped out one of your friends or family! For your information, I have no time for ALP or any other individuals who act with similar levels of irresponsibility :=

500N 10th Sep 2013 06:27

"will change their behaviour before they kill or maim some
innocent pedestrian or road user."

You got it in one why I don't like DUI.

I couldn't give a flying fcuk if someone wants to DUI and smash
their car and themselves into a tree or lightpole, TBH the quicker
they do it the better BUT the problem is more often than not
they take out another car or someone else who is totally innocent.

The one that always got me was ? pregnant ? mother and child
in a ? VW Beetle ? at Christmas, I think Christmas day or close
to it in Perth. Killed them all outright.

7x7 10th Sep 2013 06:27

Clive Palmer has a chance to legitimise his fledgling party and turn it into a valid political force rather than a fleeting abnormality if he was to lead a concerted campaign to modernise our hopelessly outdated voting system.

What's needed is a method that will stop double voting, the dead rising to vote, people other than the person on the electoral roll voting in that person's stead (aka photo ID) and perhaps as well, a safe electronic voting option for those willing and able to use it. The current paper slip should be left as an option, but the vast majority of voters should be encouraged to use the electronic option.

Anthill 10th Sep 2013 06:29

500N, I'm with you on that!:ok:

500N 10th Sep 2013 06:31

"The current paper slip should be left as an option,"

The paper slip will ALWAYS be an option in Aus because we are
such a huge country and some places it is just required, not just
remoteness but because the ding bats can't do anything else :O

500N 10th Sep 2013 06:33


The problem is, I object more often than not to being
told what to do by the Gov't :O

So do all the young, fun and full of spunk brigade who see it
as OK to DUI !

sisemen 10th Sep 2013 06:42

The sound of knives being sharpened is deafening. Craig Emerson leads the pack with this:

"You cannot take anything out of this to say that it is a good thing that someone who destabilised and reduced the Labor vote in the 2010 election, destabilised a prime minister for three years, deserves accolades and support and recognition," he said.

"The only recognition that I can give to Kevin Rudd is that he has been, through his entirely parliament career, a destabilising influence.

"If the parliamentary Labor Party is to rebuild, Kevin Rudd must leave the parliament."

Anthill 10th Sep 2013 06:50

I agree, 500N. It used to make me sick in a previous job to look at ASIC applications and the number of cabin crew (about 1 in 4) at that company had DUI convictions.

In the early '80s, I knew a guy who rode motorcycles. His mom and mine were friends. One night while he was waiting at some lights, a drunk woman plowed into the back of him. She was at BAC of 0.21.

He became a total quadriplegic. He couldn't even talk. She got a 2 year suspension of her licence and a $2000 fine. She appealed... which I guess shows the absence of remorse and belief of entitlement some people have.

500N 10th Sep 2013 06:51


Well, someone needed to say it in B&W !!!

Anthill 10th Sep 2013 07:16

I take it that the ALP can expel members. I'm sure that they could boot him out. That would leave Rudd as an independent. Still, he owes it to his constituents to put in the next 3 years without the expense of a by-election.

owen meaney 10th Sep 2013 07:36

So do all the young, fun and full of spunk brigade who see it as OK to DUI !
Settle down old man - in the Territory in the 60s and 70s the trip was calculated in number of stubbies consumed, i.e. a six stubbie trip etc. DUI is in the eye of the beholder.

500N 10th Sep 2013 07:41


Yes, and not just the NT either.

And it still goes on in the NT except now it;s how many cans and
how much gunja :O

As I said, I don't have a problem if people DUI but it's the others
they take out that I don't like.

Andu 10th Sep 2013 08:26

Just posted on the Pickering site.

AMSA have a PANPAN alert for a SIEV with 100 POB 292kms NNE of Christmas Island. HMAS Parramatta appears to be responding as it is proceeding in that direction at 25knots. Are people smugglers testing the system? Berk is still caretaker Minister for Immigration.
(My boldface. Labor still caretaker or not, this will be seen by many as a test of Tony Abbott's resolve.)

500N 10th Sep 2013 08:30

"292kms NNE of Christmas Island."

That puts it almost on the beach of Indonesia ?????????

I just checked the map. It is in Indonesia !!!

Check this out

Google Maps Distance Calculator

SOPS 10th Sep 2013 08:54

This is getting ridiculous. They are sending out calls before they leave the beach. Hop to it Tony, it's action station time!

500N 10th Sep 2013 08:58


So would you agree that it is still in Indonesia ?

I am glad I did Nav because those type of things stand out to me
like dogs balls but obviously not to the journos.

Re "HMAS Parramatta appears to be responding as it is proceeding in that direction at 25knots."

If they are still in Indonesian waters, how the hell can an Armed warship
of Australia enter them ???

I thought the Indos had already said that they could not deliver people
back to Indo on a warship ?

SOPS 10th Sep 2013 09:07

500N, I agree 100% that they still are in Indonesia. It wouldn't surprise me if they are sitting in the local bar having a beer before setting sail. How the hell we can dispatch a warship to intercept the Indonesian coastline is beyond me. Can't Tony call them back, before someone thinks that Australia is invading Indonesia?

500N 10th Sep 2013 09:14

Sorry about the marker on the map which was NNW.
I wanted to see how far the island to the NNW was as well
since anything N to NE was well within 292 nm.

Even if you allow for a 12 nm limit only for Indo
instead of the normal 200 mile limit, you are still
well within Indo waters.

I'd love to know what the full and correct story is.

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