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500N 9th Sep 2013 14:19

Had a good laugh at this

'Grandiose narcissist': The secret diagnosis that helped bring down Kevin Rudd

'Grandiose narcissist': The secret diagnosis that helped bring down
Kevin Rudd

The Liberal Party had a secret campaign tool in the form of a personality diagnosis of Kevin Rudd which found him suffering from a disorder known as 'grandiose narcissism',

Describing grandiose narcissism as less a psychiatric disease and more a destructive character defect, the document suggested Rudd was held together by one key strut: an absolute conviction of intellectual superiority over everyone else. “Kick out that strut and he will collapse".

SOPS 9th Sep 2013 14:29

These people are not living in the real world anymore.

500N 9th Sep 2013 14:41

I don't think Rudd has ever lived in the real world.

Behind the scenes Politics in Qld, then National Politics.

I am surprised his wife hasn't told him what is what sometimes.

Flying Binghi 9th Sep 2013 22:02

Now that we know better, what do we do...
Well, back to it..:)

German Chamber Of Industry and Commerce: Renewable Energy Driving Out 25% Of Industrial Companies

Jennifer Marohasy is not taking a post election break...

"Popular sceptical blogger, Jo Nova, has responded to Labor’s defeat in yesterday’s Australian federal election with the headline ‘Voters crush the carbon tax and corruption – worst Australian government gone’.
Voters crush the carbon tax and corruption ? worst Australian government gone ? Labor learnt nothing « JoNova

I’m not so sure...

...the Howard government, of which our new Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was a senior Minister, was instrumental in introducing a raft of very damaging legislation.

Top of the list is perhaps the renewable energy certificate, an ongoing economic disaster as detailed in an article by Ray Evans and Tom Quirk entitled the ‘The Ruinous Privileges of Renewable Energy’:
The mechanism through which electricity consumers pay greenmail to the owners of windmills and solar panels is the mandatory Renewable Energy Certificate, introduced by John Howard in his 2001 MRET legislation..."

continues - Jennifer Marohasy » Remembering Appalling Policies Introduced by Previous Coalition Governments (Part 1)


500N 9th Sep 2013 22:12

What are we, 3 days out from the Election and Labor is still fighting
over Rudd.

Front page of the Age today (and in articles yesterday), some are very firm
that he needs to leave Parliament.

Andu 9th Sep 2013 23:41

There's a precedent to the current Rudd situation. British PM Edward Heath stayed on as a backbencher after being removed as PM, and from all accounts, it was an utter disaster for all concerned, and in particular, for his new party leadership.

Someone likened it to leaving prawn heads in the curtain rods when you move out of a house.

KRudd is such an egomaniac, he honestly believes, (as by far the smartest man in any room), that the Pardee will be forced to come to him, caps in hand, to beg him to lead them yet again. That was blatantly obvious from his... unique... concession speech last Saturday night.

There's some CMFEU idiot in Geelong advocating Tony Abbott's assassination. I'd be betting there'd be more than a few senior Labor luminaries who've had at least fleeting thoughts along similar lines in regards to KRudd. He'd be useful to the cause as a martyr. Apart from that, he's in every way detrimental to Labor's future.

The most telling moment of his concession speech (if you'd didn't see this moment, it's worth seeking out) was when he said to the screaming, crying, cheering, adoring crowd: "...now I know it will come as a disappointment to many of you, but I will not be contesting the Labor Party leadership."

That comment was met with... utter and complete silence.

Anyone who has ever written a political speech will tell you that he would have started a new paragraph after a comment like that, for that's what they call a 'pause for applause/cheers' moment. On Saturday night, the crowd, even a crowd searching for something - anything - to put a positive spin on a debacle defeat, didn't follow the script, and even Kevni could not have missed it.

Ken Borough 10th Sep 2013 00:39

It didn't take long for the claws to come out!

Former Victorian premier Steve Bracks sacked by Julie Bishop in 'vindictive' decision

Now think Vanstone, Nelson, Fischer.

BenThere 10th Sep 2013 01:11

Isn't in her remit to appoint kindred spirits to diplomatic posts?

That's certainly how the US operates. When the White House turns over, we expect those types of changes.

I suspect the left is just sniping on this one.

500N 10th Sep 2013 01:24

Ben There.

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, announced in January an election date for September.

Then in May she appointed Steve Bracks to this post.

Now, generally, the convention is, once you call an election,
you don't appoint people OR if something is urgent, you consult
the opposition and get agreement. An example of this occured
when the Governor Generals term was extended slightly so that
the new Gov't could appoint who they wanted.

Either way, it is messy and IMHO, doesn't look good.

500N 10th Sep 2013 01:34

Julia is to end self imposed exile and speak at two public forums,
giving her side of the story.

It should be interesting.

I do hope she dumps some dirt on KRudd.

Anthill 10th Sep 2013 03:26

Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott's chief of staff, avoids punishment as drink-driving charge dropped - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I see that Peta Credlin has pleaded guilty to a drink-drive charge in an ACT court. Just as well this was delayed until after the election; it wouldn't have looked good for Abbott's CoS seen as a drunk driver.

Apparently there is another LNP member facing court in Qld later this year. What is it with people who set themselves up to be the bastions of society and yet display a complete lack of social responsibility.

Remember that old toad Sir Henry Bolte? They named a Melbourne bridge after that cnut. Recall that Bolte had attended a "long lunch" and was observed to have consumed a bottle of Grange and several whiskies before driving off in his car and having a head-on with a farmer coming the other way. Blood samples were taken and Bolte's tested positive for a high range alcohol level. The sample was to be taken to Melbourne for a more accurate analysis but it 'disappeared' from a padlocked box (the padlock had been cut off). No DUI charges were subsequently laid.

That farmer, is known to my family. They were neighbours of the Bolte's but hated their guts after the accident. Ain't it nice to know that you can be Premier of Victoria, a holder of Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George and get a bridge named after you and still be an irresponsible p.o.s.

500N 10th Sep 2013 03:29

But Peta doesn't hold herself up as a bastion of society.

As for Bolte et al, it's been going on for ages.

BTW - Which bridge did they re name for him ?
I thought it was always going to be called the West Gate Bridge ?

Anthill 10th Sep 2013 03:45

Ah..yes. It's been a while since I've been down to Melbourne. Error corrected regarding the Westgate/Bolte bridges :\

Anthill 10th Sep 2013 03:51


Personally I would have expected a higher standard of behaviour from Tony Abbott's Chief of Staff. I am gobsmacked that somebody in such a high profile position of responsibility and influence would be so lacking the common sense and self-discipline and drive a car on a public road after consuming alcohol.

Maybe I just set a higher standard for myself..:rolleyes:

Worrals in the wilds 10th Sep 2013 03:52

Apparently there is another LNP member facing court in Qld later this year. What is it with people who set themselves up to be the bastions of society and yet display a complete lack of social responsibility.
You've got a point, but don't expect Labor to say anything. Apart from anything else just about everyone in the union movement has been busted for drink driving at least three times. :ouch::}

Someone likened it to leaving prawn heads in the curtain rods when you move out of a house.
Normally I believe an elected MP should serve their full term (barring illness), but he's going to be a deadset PITA if he does.

bosnich71 10th Sep 2013 04:06

Anthill ....... someone, driving JEG's taxpayer provided car was involved in driving incidents which resulted in loss of points. A freedom of information request asking for the name of the driver of the vehicle was placed some months back. Still no answer. What goes around comes around so don't whinge, at least this lady was just a staffer and not, maybe, the Prime Minister. ;)

500N 10th Sep 2013 04:09


I don't drink drive but I can see where you are coming from.

People from all walks of life get busted for DUI, at least she fronted court !!! :O

bosnich71 10th Sep 2013 04:38

irrespective of whether the decision is 'vindictive' or not, given that the 'victim' is Steve Bracks ,it remains a good decision.
Bracks was just another 'safe' candidate parachuted into a safe seat with no input from local Labour party members.( my wife was told after he had been an M.P. for less than 6 months that he would become Premier in the near future and so it became. Some things are just pre ordained. Especially on the Labour side of politics).
He arrived as the M.P for the Labour seat which included Williamstown at a time when the local hospital, which had been in existence for over 100 years, was under threat of closure from the state, Liberal, government. A public meeting had been called and Mr. Bracks, as the new local member, was asked to speak against the closure decision of the government. The answer from Bracks was a point blank refusal to get involved. This set the scene for the rest of his tenure as firstly an M.P. and then as Premier. The bloke was known as 'Mirror' because of his habit of never answering a question merely replying that he, "would look into it".
His departure, and that of his 2 i/c ,John Thwaites one Saturday afternoon left many people not only glad that he'd left but also puzzled as to why. If it had been known at the time that he was to be the recipient of numerous well paid sinecure jobs we would have all understood.

Saltie 10th Sep 2013 05:20

Anthill me ole china, is that outrage just a teensy bit concocted? "Oh, the horror..." Marlon Brando would be pround of you.

But your outrage remains what it is - acting.

500N 10th Sep 2013 06:08

Malcolm has come out and said that we need to go to Electronic voting.

Informal votes were over 5% again.

He commented that although some were "Damn the pollie" type,
most were mistakes.

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