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parabellum 26th Apr 2012 12:39

I don't doubt that the House of Representatives could, at times, elect a speaker that suits all , but right now, I doubt it, I concede that the process should remain within the Westminster system but, that the same system should be used as a means to bring down or support an incumbent government leaves me wondering, maybe constitutional change is required?

I continue to believe that the retiring CDF is the obvious choice for GG, for a pre determined period. If Australia ever achieves Republican status I see no reason why the same rules should not apply. The very last thing Australia needs is a politician or a lawyer in the top spot, it should be a reward for service, it should include police, fire service, SES, Nursing etc. etc.

Wiley 26th Apr 2012 13:11

Hmmmmm... this leads us into areas we haven't touched upon since two or three blocked Cane Toad threads ago, namely 'what kind of republic will we have (if we ever have one)'?

If we ever go that way, I'm inclined towards what I'd label 'minimilist change', keeping as many if not all currrent converntions with the one obvious exception, that of stripping all connections with that faraway country an increasingly large number of Australians have absolutely no connection with (be it by blood ties or emotional ones).

If we're going to have a home-grown Head of State, I'd like to see that position being titular and ceremonial, along the same lines as Germany and Israel HoS. (Has anyone ever heard or either (except when Israel's HoS was busted not too long ago for sexual harrassment)? If not, I hope my point is proven. For that reason, I really think the position should not be one won by popular election. A selection requiring 2/3rds of parliament would ensure that no one even vaguely political would ever get a look in, which in my opinion, would be a good thing. If we went for popular election, we'd end up with something approaching the American system, where the richest man wins.

I know that many will disagree - the 1999 referendum was defeated more or less because the Murdoch press rallied against John Howard's plan (a plan that the unabashed Royalist John Howard cleverly and perhaps cynically set forward as the only option on offer so it would be defeated, in my opinion) with emotiove cries of "don't let the parliamentary elite select the Head of State; we the people should do that".

If, at some time in the perhaps distant future, we ever do decide to ditch HM Betty Britain or (far more likely) one of her progeny for someone closer to home as our HoS, (something, whether you want it to happen or you don't, I think will come to pass eventually), I really think this is one decision that we should leave to the pollies. Leave the popular vote for the people who will be running the country - the Prime Minister and his or her MPs. I'm not sure if I could handle even the thought of yet another election (local Council, State, Federal AND Presidental?) with possible primaries a la the USA.

Meanwhile, Julia fiddles in Turkey while Rome... (sorry) Australia burns. I have to agree with WitW's comment about FM radio. Julia Gillard has achieved what to me seemed impossible; without closing the pubs and clubs, barb wiring the beaches and banning horse racing, she's politicised a large slice of the usually totally apolitical Australian youth, although not, I suspect, quite in the way she would wish to have done. Even the kids think you're on the nose Jools.

sisemen 27th Apr 2012 14:04

Which bit of "when you're in a hole stop digging" does this bunch of incompetents not get?

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese said there was nothing stopping Mr Slipper returning to his job.

Mr Albanese also dismissed the odd circumstances.

sisemen 28th Apr 2012 09:48

They're still at it! Obviously the "line to take" is to try and push it on to the Coalition.

All it does is to underline the lack of moral credibility that Gillard's government has. The ALP took him, knowing his background; he's their man.

Dr Emerson said on Saturday the allegations of criminality against Mr Slipper for misusing taxpayer-funded dockets had become "absurd".

Mr Slipper, who is alleged to have signed several Cabcharge vouchers that were later filled out by a limousine driver, attempted to clear his name this week by releasing copies of 13 Cabcharge vouchers he said were signed and completed in his handwriting.

Dr Emerson believes the dockets are authentic.

Read more: Abbott uses 'weasel' speak, Emerson says
Having seen the photocopies of the documents in today's Australian I'm betting london to a brick that the handwriting alleged to be Slipper's is, in fact, the handwriting of the cabby (copies of which were also printed).

Emerson (the one-time married shag of that woman) will probably live to regret his words. As will Albanese. :ugh::mad:

Clare Prop 28th Apr 2012 09:56

Meanwhile Bill Shorten and his real-life "Clarke and Dawe" sketch has gone viral....

The Talented Mr Shorten - YouTube!

His mother-in-law must be so proud.

sisemen 28th Apr 2012 10:24

And some wonder why there is absolutely no respect for the Gillard government.

SOPS 28th Apr 2012 10:39

re the video....are you telling me that is for real??? That is actually the answer he gave???:mad:me...there is no hope!!!!!!!

sisemen 28th Apr 2012 10:54

Yes. Unfortunately that is real. And that demonstrates the problems that Australia is suffering at the moment.

tony draper 28th Apr 2012 10:56

The Clip featured on Newsnight last night.:E

RJM 28th Apr 2012 12:09

Which bit of "when you're in a hole stop digging" does this bunch of incompetents not get?
They seem locked into a suicidal kind of groupthink. Numerous conservative journalists (whose views the groupthinkers dismiss), have commented on it.

Gillard's men and women say again and again that Gillard's poor standing is a matter of perception, not substance, and that somewhere ahead, just out of sight, is a magical J-curve which will form once people realise what a superb government Gillard is leading.

This 'sure and certain hope' on the part of the Gillardians reminds me of the saying that there are no atheists in foxholes. However it's a mystery, to me anyway, why Gillard's crew should be so stubborn in refusing to face facts. Graham Richardson has spellled it out in illuminated letters, but the groupthink persists.

The future looks interesting. If one heavyweight bails, it may start a stampede. There has to be a limit to the blind faith in Gillard. On the other hand, it may be that they are all realists, but no-one wants Gillard's job, at least until after the election.

PS Shorten's stupid answers on TV don't inspire confidence. How much damage has he done to his prospects? He might have got away with it if he'd sounded a bit jokey, but as it was he just looked weak and pathetic.

Buster Hyman 28th Apr 2012 12:50

Well, that's 2 in a week for the GG's Son in Law!

(btw...I don't think 94,000 views qualifies as viral...unless it's elsewhere?)

Takan Inchovit 28th Apr 2012 21:41

Slipper and Shorten, do they they serve to take the focus away from the upcoming budget and C/Tax introduction? There's always a scandal of some sort just before big changes happen in this Government.

Buster, WTF is the GG's son in law? :confused:

CoodaShooda 28th Apr 2012 22:36

WTF is the GG's son in law?
aka Bill Shorten

Fliegenmong 28th Apr 2012 22:51

Oh Dear, that was appalling that video. Should have taken a leaf out of howards or costellos or swans or julias songbook and answered something completely unrelated to the question asked, worked for them

Ovation 29th Apr 2012 00:10

Craig Thomson, the embattled Labor MP whose credit card was (mis)used to pay for steamy nights in Sydney brothels, has left the ALP and will sit on the cross benches.

One down, two to go. :ok:

RJM 29th Apr 2012 03:11

Pretty soon, the smarter minds in the ALP are going to see a single common denominator in all of Labor's problems. Julia Gillard.

eagle 86 29th Apr 2012 03:28

Don't get too excited about CT jumping ship - he was gently pushed - he will still support juliar.

Takan Inchovit 29th Apr 2012 03:35

aka Bill Shorten
Thanks Cooda. :)

sisemen 29th Apr 2012 13:32

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has asked embattled Labor backbencher Craig Thomson to quit the party and move to the cross-bench.

"I understand the matters concerning Mr Thomson and Mr Slipper have caused Australians to become concerned about standards in public life today," Ms Gillard told reporters.

She said Australians were looking at parliament and "seeing a dark cloud".

Too little. Too late.

You ain't got no idea how dark Jooliar.

Worrals in the wilds 29th Apr 2012 23:24

The government doesn't see it as a problem.

Trade Minister Craig Emerson says Ms Gillard has Labor's full support. "Her job is safe because she is a leader with gutsy determination," Dr Emerson said.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet backed the prime minister's judgment, saying the two scandals were "distractions" that needed to be cleared up. He said it was frustrating the issues were overshadowing the government's "hard work" and "strong reform agenda".
Apart from Wong (who at least acknowledged the fact that they've got a credibility issue) they're just not getting the fact that people are cranky about the alleged rorting...You get the feeling that apart from Wong they all think rorting is par for the course, like a perk or something. :*
Ministers back PM on Slipper and Thomson

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