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Ascend Charlie 6th Sep 2013 23:19

My diary tells me that today is Threatened Species Day.

Does this mean that the species in question (a Labor supporter) gets special treatment? A Bex and a cup of tea to help reduce the dismay at having been booted so throughly out of every state?

Andu 7th Sep 2013 00:16

Sorry, Worrals, your argument doesn't cut it for me. We'll soon have... (wait for it.... tah rah)... the NBN!!!! [That's a joke, Joyce].) But seriously, even if it can't be reconciled until the next day (in your Cape York example), a centralised database where the voter's name goes 'hatched' on every laptop in every voting booth when that voter votes the first time isn't a big ask in today's IT world.

Until Bob Hawke changed the rules, (and you could be forgiven for asking "why?"), an individual voter had to vote in a designated polling booth in his or her electorate. Now that same voter can vote in any (and every?) polling booth in his or her electorate.

I really think double voting in marginal electorates in a bigger issue than many are willing to admit. I'm pretty sure the AEC reported "only" 16,000 cases in the 2010 election, most of which, they insisted, were "mistakes", when doddery old timers forgot they'd voted already or "new Australians" who didn't understand the system voted twice by mistake - to which I reply to both of those comments with "yeah, right".

As few as 200 double votes in the right electorate would have been the difference between defeat and victory in three or four electorates in 2010, and if there's anyone out there who thinks the numbers men in all parties aren't totally aware of that, I have a bridge for sale.

HID, if you're right, this nation's in deep trouble. I suspect we'll see a higher proportion of informal votes from disaffected Labor voters who just can't bring themselves to vote for the Libs.

CoodaShooda 7th Sep 2013 00:50

H I d

It would seem that those who put their protest vote to the minors/independents will be from the group who usually vote labor.

I doubt there will be many traditional lib voters looking to register a disaffected protest vote this time around.

Abbott has not measured up to the demonising picture labor has painted for him; and so seems acceptable by comparison.

Internet based systems can also be hacked. :E
But we need a better system to ensure Qld voters aren't given NSW Senate ballot papers in future.

TWT 7th Sep 2013 01:01

I think the existing paper and pencil voting system is just fine.Worrals explains it well.

And,if any state based intelligence agency such as the NSA or the Chinese equivalent want to hack the IT systems on election day they could easily influence the outcome.

If it ain't broke......

Andu 7th Sep 2013 01:29

Internet based systems can also be hacked.
I'm not suggesting an electronic voting system. Just an centralised database to help minimise double voting. if you turn up to vote and find your name already hatched, you report it to the electoral officer. If enough such reports are made in an electorate where the margin is less than the number of reported 'errors', that electorate might require a by-election.

TWT. I think it is broke and requires fixing, perhaps at the very least, a return to the designated polling booth for each individual voter.

TWT 7th Sep 2013 01:34

Thanks Andu.

Is double voting widespread do you think ?

They might know you or a proxy using your name has voted more than once since no ID is requested but they don't know who you or your proxies voted for,so thus cannot alter the results.


7x7 7th Sep 2013 02:08

Is double voting widespread do you think ?
TWT, "vote early and vote often" has been the semi-official motto of the NSW Branch of the ALP since its inception during the shearers' strike in the 1890s.

Edited to add: some clown rang Sydney talkback radio a couple of months ago and proudly boasted that he'd voted 50 times for the Greens in the 2010 election. Don't ask me how you do that, (or if it's true), I'm only repeating what I heard on the radio.

In some of the electorates with a high numbers of (shall we say 'ethnic') electors from societies where voter fraud is a way of life, it's said to be endemic. In the UK, the first MP (Labour, of course) of a particular ethnicity elected to the House of Commons was found guilty of voter fraud when widespread multiple voting was found to be practised by his electoral office workers.

SOPS 7th Sep 2013 05:41

ALPBC is reporting that early exit polls point to losses of 17 to 24 seats for the Labor Paardy, I bet it makes them almost vomit to say that!

sisemen 7th Sep 2013 05:43

I don't know about the use of technology for the actual voting process but here I am in the UK - it's 0640 and I'm watching ABC 24 live so am able to get my political fix and take my part in witnessing the destruction of Labor.

Technology? Blows me away!:D

dat581 7th Sep 2013 06:00

Can't wait to see the front page of the Age tomorrow, they will blame everyone but the "progressive" left for the massive loss and most likely keep pushing the lies about Abbott and start to spin Rudd and Gillard into the next Whitlam.

Clare Prop 7th Sep 2013 06:13

Some of the comments on youtube for the polar bear speech :D:D:D

"That would be a bi-polar bear"

"I really should be voting but I'm eating a fish"

Etc :D

I voted two weeks ago. As Dr Frank-N-Furter would say, I am quivering with antici...................................pation

PS Were Therese Rein and Frank-n-Furter separated at birth? I think we should be told.

sisemen 7th Sep 2013 06:23

At this point, just as the polls are about to close in the Eastern States I think that a word of thanks for CFI (and her other nom de plume!) is due. It must, at times, have been a thankless task to keep this thread alive when all before have died. I guess that it took someone from Oz to understand the political situation and to moderate accordingly.


Captain Dart 7th Sep 2013 06:42

Hopefully in a few hours the 'War in Australia' will be over and we can go back to a 'Hamster Wheel'!

500N 7th Sep 2013 06:48

Any prediction of when the election will be called ?

Andu 7th Sep 2013 06:52

Michael Kroeger called it on Sky at 4.39pm.

CoodaShooda 7th Sep 2013 08:16

I'm not looking for the destruction of the labor party.
Just the removal of the self anointed elite that has bastardized a once great party for their own benefit.
17 - 24 seats ain't enough. They'll claim to have saved the furniture and use it to justify hanging around.

Flying Binghi 7th Sep 2013 08:22

Hopefully in a few hours the 'War in Australia' will be over...
Oh, it aint done yet. Still Turnbull and the carbon profiteers to deal with yet..;)


Buster Hyman 7th Sep 2013 08:45

Agreed Cooda. I hope the ALP realise what these two clowns, and an alliance with the Watermelons has cost their brand, and get back to what they once stood for!

Worrals in the wilds 7th Sep 2013 09:06

I don't know about the use of technology for the actual voting process but here I am in the UK - it's 0640 and I'm watching ABC 24 live so am able to get my political fix and take my part in witnessing the destruction of Labor.

Technology? Blows me away!
Good for you. I'm in Townsville and the swanky new digital signal keeps cutting out :(. Off to the pub for the time honoured election watching approach of good naturedly arguing/agreeing with a bunch of total strangers.

Andu, as happens so often we'll have to agree to disagree :). However, I do agree with Sisemen 100% in his :ok: to CFI. Thanks mate!!!

Oh, it aint done yet. Still Turnbull and the carbon profiteers to deal with yet..
Ahh, Liberal infighting. Daggers at ten paces!! If you only know how we'd missed it...:E:}

P.S. turns out that the NQ Cowboys are playing Balmain. Election? What election? :suspect:

SOPS 7th Sep 2013 09:58

Can I just say, it's been a fun ride with you guys. Agree or disagree with each other, we have all managed to get along. And my thanks to CFI as well :ok:

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