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RJM 3rd Sep 2013 15:06

It looks as though Rudd may join the list of ALP fraudsters.

There's a dirty little document circulating at the moment giving dates, dollars and addresses of three of Rudd and Rein's residential real estate deals.

The first one, at 62 Philip St, Hawthorne Qld, if the document is correct, involved a Queensland stamp duty fraud followed by a political coverup on its discovery.

The second was a house at 41 Dilkera St in the electorate of Griffith, a house bought by the Rudds and which they claimed as their residence while Kevin unsuccessfully campaigned for the seat of Griffith. The Rudds sold the house without ever living in it.

The next deal was apparently part of an illegal phoenix scheme, ie the purchase of a bankrupt company by its own directors for a fraction of its former value and without its debts. The vendor, hidden behind a wall of trusts, was a union investment company which was a fully owned subsidiary of a company called Texberg Pty Ltd. Here's a condensed version of what happened:

Texberg bought a house at 85 Norman Crescent, Norman Park, Qld on 5/5/94 for $500,000 and spent $50,000 renovating it. Texberg sold the house to the Rudds, without advertising it, on 14/12/94 for $384,000. At the time, Texberg was being operated by ALP bagman and convicted paedophile Bill D'Arcy. The bagman's job was to pay people off for favours delivered. Based on the figures given, the Rudds benefited by at least $166,000.

PM me if you want the whole document.

Clare Prop 3rd Sep 2013 16:28

50 in August???

Google search brought up this:

Boat Intercepted | Hazara Asylum Seekers

I counted 1342 including crew.

Worrals in the wilds 3rd Sep 2013 22:20

There's a dirty little document circulating at the moment giving dates, dollars and addresses of three of Rudd and Rein's residential real estate deals.
QPol are hardly pro-Labor (their union make Sir Joh look like a leftie :eek:) so Rudd won't get any special treatment. I assume someone's sent it to them, and/or the REIQ?

On another note, what happened to 7's Sunrise? Being currently too far north to get channel 9 I threw it on this morning, and it's even crappier than it used to be. They gave the poll numbers for the Libs, ALP and Palmer but not the Greens (or Katter). The 'analysis' totally misrepresented the numbers due to the approximately 9% missing Green supporters. It was like they didn't exist; I know many people wish this were so (me included) but it isn't...:confused:

I'm not one for massive media conspiracies, but it did make me wonder. Mind you this was followed by Koch having a skating lesson and some guy dressed in a cow suit, so I turned it off before we got Plucka Duck doing the finance report or whatever came next. :rolleyes: Wasn't it a news show once??

500N 3rd Sep 2013 22:25


No, Sunrise was never a solely news show.

It was a morning show with news.

Re Rudd Real estate investigation, I see in themedia today that
Abbott said he will hold an inquiry into the AWU dealings and
that included Gillard's role.

CoodaShooda 3rd Sep 2013 23:48

The first one, at 62 Philip St, Hawthorne Qld, if the document is correct, involved a Queensland stamp duty fraud followed by a political coverup on its discovery.
If there was a political cover-up at the time, that suggests the dirty little document has come out of the labor party rather than the libs dirty tricks unit.

I wonder if the voters of Griffith understand that a vote for Kevin is a vote for an early by-election.

Abbott said he will hold an inquiry into the AWU dealings and
that included Gillard's role.
Abbott's still pursuing a philosophy of "Dead, Buried, Cremated" then.

RJM 4th Sep 2013 04:03

It will all help to keep Gillard out of our lives in the future.

It looks as though Gillard has been offered an associate professorship at my local university. A reward for a job well done, I don't think.

If the allegations about her are true, she doesn't deserve any further public funding.

7x7 4th Sep 2013 10:14

Imagine having to endure that dreadful atonal drone for an hour, let alone for a whole semester, from the podium as part of your course. Then again, anyone doing political science - or what passes for political science in Australian universities (aka Left Wing indoctrination 101) - possibly deserves it.

I'd like to see part of the settlement that saves her from gaol time being she never makes a public appearance in any form ever again.

Andu 4th Sep 2013 22:35

A new low for Kevni's boys?

No Cookies | thetelegraph.com.au

They must be getting desperate to be following the American model to this extent.

7x7 4th Sep 2013 22:47

On ABC radio this morning, a news article about doctors and human rights lawyers demanding that a two year old refugee be transported to Sydney. The child is suffering from severe Downs Syndrome and other disabilities. Face it: if you were in a Third World country and the parent of this unfortunate child and there was this other country far, far away where the taxpayers of that country would pay all your child's medical expenses and a carer's allowance to you - for life - wouldn't you fork out $10,000 to $20,000 to a people smuggler?

There's an alternative argument: there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of deserving people in countries other than Australia with equally compelling and equally heartbreaking stories. Is the Australian taxpayer someone responsible for each and every one of them who manages to present themselves - uninvited - at our borders?

500N 4th Sep 2013 23:14

I just voted. Got it over and done with.

CoodaShooda 5th Sep 2013 00:38

Voted yesterday as I'm flying to, of all places, Canberra on Saturday.

Won't get to the hotel until around 2100 so will "sadly" miss a lot of the coverage. :D

I'll be able to report on the mood in the National Capital over the following week. :E

I heard a report this morning that 2 million early votes have been cast so far.
What's that; around 20%?

Flying Binghi 5th Sep 2013 01:21

Hmmm... Banker boy has been relatively quiet this time...

2007 "the Coalition's Environment Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, kicked an own goal in Howard's face this week, after leaks that he had tried to persuade cabinet to ratify Kyoto. Turnbull denies leaking the story..."

An omen...
2007 "It was hilarious seeing Kevin Rudd give a press conference on renewable energy at a Townsville school on Tuesday, when the wind and solar batteries failed and plunged the room into darkness. The media questioning continued, but under the thin light of the battery-operated TV cameras.

..an omen of things to come if climate-change hysteria continues and the desire to drastically slash carbon emissions overrides reality...."

Dead treaty, but Labor's flogging it - Opinion - smh.com.au


Andu 5th Sep 2013 02:15

I for one am looking forward to complaining here about what (I think) Tony Abbott is getting wrong as he attempts to unravel the damage done over the last six years. I'm sure I'll be joined by a very loud chorus from the ALPBC and Fairfax as their "reporters" suddenly rediscover their ability to question what governments do (an ability that has been sorely lacking in 99% of them these last six years).

Here's a suggestion for Tony Abbott. Put a photograph - a very large one - of Malcolm Fraser beside your shaving mirror. Say to self EVERY MORNING: "I will not make the same mistake this man did in 1976".

Buster Hyman 5th Sep 2013 02:35

Is Leigh Sales just Bill Lawry in a wig?

dat581 5th Sep 2013 03:42

No. She has far less integrity than Bill Lawry.

RJM 5th Sep 2013 03:59

Nor, I think, the same reputation as a great opener.

chuboy 5th Sep 2013 06:34

Anyone else underwhelmed by Hockey's "costings"? A less-than-half a percent improvement to the budget bottom line. Sorry but I don't think that's a great achievement from a party who has bored us half to death repeating the mantra of End The Waste.

500N 5th Sep 2013 06:38

Yes, haven't read it in detail but it hasn't set the world on fire.

I really think they needed to do so or at least have some
sort of "bang".

chuboy 5th Sep 2013 06:59

Meanwhile, internet filtering rears its ugly head again, this time from the Coalition.

500N 5th Sep 2013 07:04

I don't have a problem with opt out laws ;)

As they say, it empowers parents !!!

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