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CoodaShooda 2nd Sep 2013 12:14

There's a counter view circulating that del Ponte was talking about a smaller event back in April.

I'll be keeping an open mind for now. :8

sisemen 2nd Sep 2013 12:30

Worrals over the years I've read your posts and pretty much all of them have been well written and insightful but that last one takes the prize! :ok:

The ALP will dump Krudd quicker than a chef drops a turd thinking it was a sausage. He's barely being tolerated by his supporters let alone the party at large. Just have a look at some of the stills photos taken during his obligatory standing ovation and look at the body language. If there was such a thing as guilt-free murder in this country then Krudd would be dead already.

heated ice detector 2nd Sep 2013 12:48

Hey 7 x,
Funny that me a true believer is hoping that Abbott makes a major cock up and the neo cons that inhabit this site are praying that he doesn't, at least we are in agreement that we all know what Abbs is capable of.

CoodaShooda 2nd Sep 2013 13:14

Hate to break to you hid, but you won't find too many neo cons around these parts.

Just a gaggle of rational (ok, occasionally rational) thinkers with a healthy dose of real world experience.

The most erudite and intelligent member is an avowed union activist.

We're a broad church. Most of us welcomed the 2007 election result (although most of us recognised Rudd was hollow - but, hey, how much damage could he really do?)

The way you see us now is the result of the evolutionary process called 6 Years of Rudd/Gillard/Rudd/Greens.

I expect this week to see the smear job to end all smear jobs but, even if Abbott puts both feet in his mouth, I don't see it changing the outcome.

When your avowed long time supporters are coming out against you, the writing is on the wall. When those long time supporters are having their views broadcast on the ALPBC, you know it's definitely over.

RJM 2nd Sep 2013 13:21

Yes, sadly, :p Cooda's right.

heated ice detector 2nd Sep 2013 14:08

Hi Cooda,
You could be right, I was referring to the Bolt clan.
As I have mentioned before, the current opposition are way too scary for my liking, better the gooses you know.

500N 2nd Sep 2013 14:53

"As I have mentioned before, the current opposition are way too scary for my liking, better the gooses you know."

Regardless of how scary you think he oppos is, no way are they going to
be as bad as the goose already in the kitchen.

SOPS 2nd Sep 2013 15:24

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am hoping that its over. Labor can tell the population what ever they like in the last few days, they can paint Tony Abbott as Satan himself, they can try and convince the public that Kevvie Boy is the man, but I really think its finally over, the fat lady is about to sing, and we will hear her on Saturday.

Clare Prop 2nd Sep 2013 15:55

Looks like the red haired lady will be doing some singing too

Gillard's law firm files seized as police investigate AWU 'slush fund'

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

7x7 3rd Sep 2013 02:25

Krudd in Tassie telling the Taswegians that Tassie nurses are better trained than mainland nurses. Given the rabidly pro-Labor (mainland) Nursing Federation ads. on radio and TV, you'd have to wonder why he feels he can make a comment like that without offending some of the 'sisterhood'.

I'm not the first to say it, but will this man ever shut up? Every word he says sounds so incredibly insincere and FALSE.

Roll in Saturday.

Jeps 3rd Sep 2013 02:58

Funny you should mention the 'sisterhood' 7x7, was looking on Politifact today and of the few politicans, unions and interest groups that have received the "Pants on fire" accolade the NSWNMA got the gong for their ads against Abbott. Most election ads I just turn a blind eye too but this one was so ridiculous I found myself hurling abuse at the television.

Dark Knight 3rd Sep 2013 03:17

Wipe-out: Rudd's 'dreaming' in Queensland
Rob Burgess

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may be a “once-in-a-century egomaniac”, as Mark Latham put it, but he is also a once-in-a-generation political salesman.

How else could Labor manage to have stayed above the level of support Julia Gillard had, while being led by a man who undermined her government for three years, and who certainly hasn’t improved Labor’s suite of policies?

At Labor’s too-late campaign launch in Brisbane on Sunday, Rudd’s salesmanship was magisterial. One could forget, for moments at least, that he was selling too many turds, and too few diamonds.

Amongst this odious grab-bag of rehashed policies were some gems intended to impress voters in the seats Rudd was brought back to save – primarily in Western Sydney and Queensland.

There was extra cash to buy young tradies more tools, an increase in the instant asset write-off to tempt Mum-and-Dad small business owners, and a threat to go over the heads of unpopular conservative state governments and rebuild the TAFE system directly with federal funds.

In the first two of that list, Rudd was only adding a bit of extra cash to existing policies. Nonetheless, it’s a direct bribe to the voters he needs on side in those key electorates, dominated by what Business Spectator’s election analytics partner, Torque Data, calls ‘mid-status family’ and ‘mid-status suburban’.

Think The Castle, and you’ve got a snapshot of the families Rudd is trying to win over. But it’s not working. Voters are effectively repeating the phrase Michael Caton’s (who was sitting in the audience at the Labor launch looking decidedly poe faced as were many others) character Darryl made famous in that film: “Tell him he’s dreaming.”

However, Torque’s analysis suggests Rudd will keep his seat. Torque chief executive Oliver Rees says: “A number of marginal polling booths will switch to the Liberals but not enough to challenge the 8.5 per cent margin held by the prime minister.”

The story is less happy elsewhere. Rees says the seat of Moreton will probably be saved, but the remaining six seats – Blair, Capricornia, Ranking, Lilley, Petrie and Oxley – are too close to call.

They will fall to the Coalition unless some of Rudd’s salesmanship cuts through before Saturday.

The goodies announced on Sunday may help, but overwhelmingly Rudd is starting to look like Darryl Kerrigan, standing beside an overhead projector in his garage, trying to convince his neighbours not to give up their homes to allow an expansion of the nearby airport.

And what was one neighbour’s memorable response in that film?

“Get ya hand off it, Darryl.”

500N 3rd Sep 2013 03:23

Well, he might keep his seat hey ?

8.5% swing needed.

I happened to see Julia's electoral seat yesterday, it said SAFE !

And then 22 or 27% lead at the last election.

It will be interesting to see if the new person can build on it or starts
to fall backwards.

Arm out the window 3rd Sep 2013 03:55

The machine has a loose cog, and its name is Rudd
I dare say there's a few other faulty parts in there too, Worrals!

No wonder the older believers (Crean, Richardson, Ferguson etc.) have thrown their hands up and distanced themselves from the mess.

You mentioned that it'd be good for them to not be trounced too badly so as to be around as a credible opposition - I agree strong, unified opposition is a cornerstone of our system, but what a job to try to coax something credible out of the ashes of this current mob.

The union rorting, crooked mates' deals and refusal to take responsibility for anything are bad enough, but what really gets me is their willingness to stand up in public and blandly insist everything's great. I guess that's the only option when the edifice is crumbling around them, but I wouldn't think it's the way to win anyone over to the cause.

A bit of humility and respect for the voting public would go a long way, something that at least appears to be being taken seriously by the conservatives.

FullOppositeRudder 3rd Sep 2013 03:59

Even if Kevvo keeps his seat, but is no longer PM after Saturday (and I'm daring to hope this), he probably won't be around long as leader of the opposition. If he is deposed, I find it very hard to comprehend that he will sit for too long pouting away on the back bench. He'll grab his entitlements and resign.

Which means that the people who still will vote for him next Saturday (for some reason - who knows why :rolleyes:) will have to go through another election campaign and another election - perhaps even before Christmas.

Serves 'em right if they do :E

500N 3rd Sep 2013 04:00

Kennett was on TV this morning saying the Polls when he lost were the same,
he was in Abbotts position but lost the election as people didn't want to
give him too much of a lead again.

He was saying these polls might make some switch back to Labor or the Greens and was warning everyone that we might end up with a hung Parliament again.

Personally, Labor needs to be kicked out good and proper, it doesn't matter if the Libs have a good lead IMHO, they won't control the Senate anyway.

Labor will be weak for a while whether they lose by 1, 2 or 10, it will still take
them 2 years to get back as effective opposition.

Anyway, just my HO.

bosnich71 3rd Sep 2013 04:18

7 X 7 .....Krudd is definitely a plonker isn't he ? Basically he has slandered every nurse in Oz except for those trained in Tasmania.And there are good and bad in every profession and everywhere. A short story ....
A few years back whilst on holiday in Tasmania my wife was taken ill and I had to take her to the emergency department of the Royal Hobart Hospital at 2 o'clock in the morning. Both the doctors and nursing staff on duty were excellent. My wife was quickly diagnosed with pleurisy and pneumonia, not nice things for a lady in her mid sixties. Before any decision could be taken ref. admission etc. the shift changed. The night shift went home and the day shift started "work". The difference was chalk and cheese. The 2 nurses rostered on basically ignored my wife and spent their time bitching about being rostered on to the emergency dept. That was bad enough but the attitude of the female registrar was, quite frankly, disgraceful. Obviously an Emily's Lister.
My wife has a mitral valve problem, amongst other problems, but on examining her the registrar could not find the 'click' that my wife's heart has. This in itself was fine but she then sarcastically cast doubt on my wife's story. She then refused to admit my wife despite my telling her that we were on holiday and were at that time residing in a Hobart Motel and weren't even sure if we could extend our stay there. No advice was given to either of us ref. when my wife could fly home or whether she should see a doctor etc. in the meantime only that she should take analgesics every 4 hours. When I asked for my wife's chest X Rays to give to her G.P. back in Melbourne the registrar retorted scornfully that she was not in the habit of giving patients copies of their X Rays ! We were then basically kicked out into the street and I then spent the next 4 days attempting to nurse my wife back to a level of fitness where she was able to fly. Having said that she was still very sick for the next 3 weeks . Her G.P. was also not very impressed with the behaviour of the Tassie 'lady'. and the lack of X Rays. Naturally we no longer visit Tasmania.
The ironic thing about the whole saga is that my wife had recently retired after a 40 year career nursing in QARANC, and U.K. and Australian civilian hospitals.

500N 3rd Sep 2013 04:55

"When I asked for my wife's chest X Rays to give to her G.P. back in Melbourne the registrar retorted scornfully that she was not in the habit of giving patients copies of their X Rays !"

Small minded people.

Jesus, i got my X rays for my broken leg as an 17 year old once
I left the UK Hospital and came to Aus.

Pinky the pilot 3rd Sep 2013 05:59

I am in the habit of muting the TV screen or turning the radio down or off every time Krudd is given airtime but I will make a point of watching and listening to his concession speech come Saturday night.

What price he does a very public melt down??:hmm:

But if they put Juliar on for a comment, I hit the mute!:*

Ken Borough 3rd Sep 2013 06:50

It's somewhat sobering that the subject (liberal candidate for Lindsey, centred on Penriff, New Souff Wails) of the following report may well be an MP at the close of play on Saturday night. If she and some of the other dullards win seats for the Coalition, God help us all!

Fiona Scott's asylum-seeker comment the 'silliest of the campaign'

Immigration Minister Tony Burke says Liberal candidate Fiona Scott, who suggested that asylum seekers were causing road congestion and hospital delays in western Sydney, deserves the award for silliest comment of the election campaign.

"[Asylum seekers are] a hot topic here because our traffic is overcrowded," Ms Scott, the candidate for Lindsay, told the ABC's Four Corners program on Monday.

When asked to explain her view, she said: "Go sit on the M4, people see 50,000 people come in by boat – that's more than twice the population of [western Sydney suburb] Glenmore Park."

During an immigration debate at the National Press Club on Tuesday, Mr Burke and opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison were asked whether they supported Ms Scott's comments.

Mr Morrison leapt to her defence.

"I think what Fiona's referring to I think is a broader population impact ... [of] the population pressures on western Sydney and in places of Melbourne I think put real constraints on the cost of living," he said.

"They put real constraints on the infrastructure that people can access and the services they can provide. I think Fiona has always been a passionate advocate for those things, and while the actual intake of refugees and asylum seekers into Australia is not as great as our general skilled migration program, the way that people are just frankly being dumped into the community by this government because the detention centres are full in a very unplanned way ... I don't think that's the way to run a program."

Mr Burke mocked Ms Scott's remarks.

"The answer to your question is no. The comments would, I think, rate as some of the silliest of the election campaign, were it not for what Scott had said about [the] boat buy-back. The competition has been fierce. And it's no surprise given what Scott said himself that he at least feels compelled to defend someone who says something a little bit less extreme.

"There are genuine issues in western Sydney that go to infrastructure, that go to planning ... and more specifically with Sydney, of all of our cities, one where we keep putting the jobs at one end of the city and the houses at the other end of the city.

"But let's be serious. In a context of the immigration program, where we're dealing with 12 million people coming in and out every year – this is the cause of traffic? I think Scott deserves full marks as a loyal son of the Liberal Party for the answer that he just gave."

Ms Scott, who is challenging Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury in Lindsay, came to prominence last month when Opposition Leader Tony Abbott controversially said she had "sex appeal".

Asked about Ms Scott's comments on Tuesday, Mr Abbott said he did not accept the reporter's "characterisation" of her remarks, but accepted that asylum seekers were putting a strain on society.

"Obviously when you've got something like 50,000 illegal arrivals by boat that's a big number," Mr Abbott said at a press conference in Adelaide on Tuesday.

"We have all sorts of pressures that are created."

The Opposition Leader then listed Australian towns that housed fewer people than the number of asylum seekers that had come by boat since Labor took power.

"The point of the matter is if we stop the boats we have less pressure on the budget," Mr Abbott said.

"We have less pressure on our facilities for dealing with illegal arrivals, we have less pressure on our relationship with Indonesia."

Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul said Ms Scott's comments were "shockingly ignorant" and said there were only a few thousand refugees in the area.
Do we really deserve mental pygmies like her?

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