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Dark Knight 22nd Feb 2012 08:57

Trust Me!

Would you buy a Carbon Tax from this Woman?

Dark Knight 22nd Feb 2012 09:04

The Options
The Options?

Kev already has his UN job tied up so can resign and if necessary resign form Parliament leaving Labor in the lurch?

Kev can challenge for the leadership and and will settle many scores?

Kev challenges and loses returning to the backbench where he will/can still create havoc?

Kev resign s from Parliament"

Kev returns to the backbench and unavoidably/unfortunately misses/is absent for a vote and the Government is defeated in Parliament?

The possibilities are endless and statements by KRudd & Labor ministers is Julia/Kevin are the best to defeat Tony Abbott totally misses the point; this is not about defeating Tony Abbott it is about governing Australia competently and honestly for the people of Australia!

Slasher 22nd Feb 2012 09:17

Jesus H DK did you have to plaster that bloody horrible ugly
hag across our monitors? Its really put me off my dinner and
any amorous intentions of shagging the missus afterwards! :*

I'll need to google up a quick dose of Yingluck now to scrape
off that butt-ugly bogan.

Solid Rust Twotter 22nd Feb 2012 09:32

Eye/brain bleach required, Slash.


Buster Hyman 22nd Feb 2012 09:36

To be fair...I used to laugh at the Kiwis for Helen Clarke... :oh:

Andrew Bolt has called it "A brilliant move"...a day of wonders people! :p

Fliegenmong 22nd Feb 2012 10:31

"Andrew Bolt has called it "A brilliant move"..."

Andrew Bolt and Brilliant in the same sentence???.......well that's controversial :rolleyes:

Howard, Costello and the rest of the @rse clowns lost me forever....actually lost some friends of mine who are now EX Liberal Party members and shall remain so......None of us are inclined to vote for this current crop of Idiots & Watermelons either.........

I Think Cooda wanted to hear from a Banana Bender...well for what its worth......Anna is f%^king gone!!!, a list too long to mention but asset sales & swimming pool laws are first to mind, followed closely by....no wait too long a line of f&ck ups

Campbell of the Liberal Newman Palmer Party (Because that is all he represents) is as big a @rse clown as his federal counterparts are, and we all know that as soon as Big Tone gets his chance, its 457 visas for checkout chicks because Coles & Woolies will complain that Oz staff are too expensive....and a reborn WorkChoices ensures you can't fly in Oz unless you want to live in Burma and commute to SIN to go to operate a flight between BNE / Melb..BB & The Leprechauns wet dream, made real thanks to the Liberals...:*

May I be allowed at this point to make this subtle fact known...I F&*KING HATE BOB BROWN & THE GREENS.....F*(kwits of the first order...but as for Coal Seam Gas exploration for tree huggers they're silent!)

The Big Parties .......I've seen that tap on fire in the US after the 'fraccing'....and the watermelons support that??

Who is the only person differentiating themselves here???

Who is the only person saying what I wean to hear?

Who says Don't reopen Nauru, give them a tank of Kero & turn them around

(For those of you who are actually particularly bothered by a very small influx of boat people, the Howard Dog Whistle recipients)

Funny how the loudest proponents were known as dogs...but he was a lap dog so I suppose you were in good company...

Oh Dear....I Digress.............

The Man in the Hat will show you the way, God only knows the other 2 are only concerned about each other and not the country :hmm:

vulcanised 22nd Feb 2012 11:51

Every time I see that woman (and I wish I hadn't) it sets me wondering whether she is where she is because she failed the audition for Neighbours or Home & Away.

Fliegenmong 22nd Feb 2012 12:43

Gillard to call leadership spill - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I Know why, she has the numbers

sisemen 22nd Feb 2012 13:33

Not necessarily and maybe not in sufficiency to stop a second ballot. Whatever. She's mortally wounded.

Half the Cabinet Ministers are now parading in front of the cameras telling us how useless Rudd was and other significant members of the government telling us how useless Gillard is.

Conclusion? Both of them are useless (as evidenced by their peers, let alone the Australian public). Winner? Abbott.

CoodaShooda 22nd Feb 2012 20:41

Thanks Fleigs. Seems the reporting is close to the mark.

Where to from here for brand labor?

alisoncc 23rd Feb 2012 00:36

So who would you vote for? Abbott and Bishop - no way. Wouldn't trust either of them with the petty cash. Same goes for Gillard and Crean. As for the coloureds - Brown and Greens. Seem to be more interested in knocking whatever anyone else puts up. I have a vague recollection of voting informal last time. Be hard pressed not to do the same again. So what are the options?

CoodaShooda 23rd Feb 2012 00:58

I still believe we should be given the choice of "none of the above" at the ballot box.

If the majority vote this way, the candidates are eliminated and a new ballot held with fresh wannabees.

Might take a few extra elections in some seats - but the voters end up with a local member with broad electorate support; rather than the party hacks du jour that we are currently forced to choose between.

Buster Hyman 23rd Feb 2012 01:20

Funny thread this.

During the most calamitous few weeks in the history of the ALP, where bitching, in fighting, and the airing of dirty laundry has reached a new high, there's still opportunity to launch attacks on Abbott.

Bravo to the true believers! :D:D:D You guys crack me up...Nothing to see here, move along...lol!

MTOW 23rd Feb 2012 01:26

Cooda, I logged on to make a similar comment about the ballot of despair (for surely, for many labor backbenchers, it must be) on Monday morning. I'm unaware of how such ballots are taken in a leadership spill. Is it an option for backbenchers to vote "neither of the two on offer" or to abstain, casting their vote for neither candidate?

In a not dissimilar situation to the one many US Republican voters are about to find themselves in over the next few weeks and months, I would imagine there'd be quite a few Labor backbenchers who'd like to take that option if it was available.

tinpis 23rd Feb 2012 01:35

I have a vague recollection of voting informal last time. Be hard pressed not to do the same again. So what are the options?
alisoncc is online now Report Post Reply
Stay home and watch the footy

CoodaShooda 23rd Feb 2012 02:53

Julia has given her committment that, if defeated, she will move to the back bench and renounce any future leadership ambitions.

Anyone care to believe her?

Not surprised to see Martin "the only adult in Cabinet" Ferguson come out in support of Rudd. Also not surprised to see him echo Rudd's call for temperence in the public debate.

Team Gillard seems hell bent on trashing what's left of labor's public image to get at Rudd. Scorched earth policy or is it simply the only way they know to deal with oppositions?

Captain Dart 23rd Feb 2012 03:01

I wouldn't believe her! Didn't she say,

'Theer'll bee nao cairbon tex unda a guvmunt oi llleead'?

Surely that statement with a Pinocchio-like characature of her would be all the advertising the Liberals would need when the election comes.

gupta 23rd Feb 2012 04:05

'Theer'll bee nao cairbon tex unda a guvmunt oi llleead'?

Given that the carbon tax doesn't commence until 1 July, this may NOT have been a complete untruth

Howard Hughes 23rd Feb 2012 04:14

Abbott and Bishop - no way.
I gotta say as a Liberal Supproter I'm not that impressed with the Abbott and Bishop show either, but at least with the Liberals I will know they are not going to tax me into oblivion! Labour has cost me and my family an additional $11,000 per annum in the last twelve months (that's before any impact from the carbon tax).

Worrals in the wilds 23rd Feb 2012 04:51

...but at least with the Liberals I will know they are not going to tax me into oblivion!
But those of us on wages will all be working for three bucks a day, no penalties and no say at all, because that's the 'flexible work solution' all their little mining and commerce buddies want. :yuk:

I do not trust the Libs on workplace relations after Howard's efforts in his last term. I was quite a Howard fan before that, too; along with a heck of a lot of other people who quietly voted for them term after term. There is room to improve the unfair dismissal laws and add some concessions for small businesses (which I have also had experience with, and I know first hand how hard it is to sack someone hopeless) but whenever the Libs get together with their posh friends and talk about IR they all get these cheesy grins and you just know we're all in for a pineapple. After all, Gina's struggling, dincha know? Richest woman in the country thanks to her ol' man, but she's really doing it tough. :yuk:

I think one of the key factors that got the ALP almost over the line last election was that a lot of people felt the same way about the Libs. They didn't like the ALP or what they had to offer, but didn't trust the Libs enough to tick the box. That's just an observation from talking to people.

The ALP are completely incompetent, the Greens are a don't-go-there so we're left with no viable option. They should print the ballot papers up with a box marked 'none, because they all suck.':(

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