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Worrals in the wilds 30th Aug 2013 05:36

Sounds like the Gold Coast Bulletin. :bored:

Arm out the window 30th Aug 2013 05:56

The Sun is also a Murdoch paper and has tits and bums on page 3 and can be found in every working man's lunch box.
Maybe if the ALP were fair dinkum in trying to better the lot of the working person, ideally by strengthening the economy rather than spending like there's no tomorrow, they'd have a bit more cred.

As it is, they are coming across as being extremely out of touch with the 'grass roots', a bunch of professional pollies who've never done a proper day's work and their snouts in the trough.

Would any real worker in the country still believe their current union officials and those who've moved up the line into politics are really there to help them?

Although to be fair, Kev did once attend a titty bar, apparently, so he could claim a tenuous connection to the working man's page 3 bikini pic.

Flying Binghi 30th Aug 2013 12:06

Kevin Rudd has pledged that if re-elected on 7 September, he will commit Australia to land a fair dinkum Aussie on the Moon.

Speaking at a campaign function, where he had just announced a bunch of random, back-of-the-envelope, thought-bubble, far-fetched and completely un-costed policies so far into the future that nobody will remember, Rudd said that he asked the electorate to return a Labor government so that it could put Australia at the forefront of the space race...

Election 2013: Rudd promises to put Aussie on Moon Australian Climate Madness


500N 30th Aug 2013 12:14

That's a good one.

Australia, if it had the balls to think ahead could have well been
at the forefront of space technology when people were looking
for places.

We have good locations up North close to the equator and possibly
even Woomera could have been used.

RJM 30th Aug 2013 12:37

Re Murdoch's influence - it's probably a mix of reflection of prevailing views and the papers' own position. The ratio of those two influences depends on who's talking. The left probably overplays it, keen to find a scapegoat other than their own side. The right probably underplays it. Safest to look to the NT News for inspiration.

Buster Hyman 30th Aug 2013 13:19

They were laughing at Rudds rail plan on pro ALP 3MMM's breakfast program the other day. Mick Molloy pointed out that Rudd would be 110 when it was finished...or something like that.

I think its just one of those "Lets say anything to see what works for us".

CoodaShooda 30th Aug 2013 13:33

Meanwhile, labor once again drop the Defence force in it; this time to distract the media from their costings scandal. :yuk:

I'm at a loss to understand why anyone can still support this rabble.

You don't have to vote Liberal but this mob masquerading as the labor pardy is worthy of nothing but contempt.

I just hope the party can eventually reform itself and give us a decent alternative government.

RJM 30th Aug 2013 13:42

I wonder that too, Cooda. Fran Kelly on ABC morning radio in Sydney is beside herself, reduced to promoting Labor's inherent compassion for the disadvantaged. But this Labor party seems to have no traditional Labor values to promote. It's as if Labor were hijacked by greedy opportunists who will do 'whatever it takes'.

500N 30th Aug 2013 18:56


"Safest to look to the NT News for inspiration."


Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh !

After 6 months of reading the NT news, your view of Australia
would be
1. Crocodile stories come first,
2. Car crashes and deaths on the road,
3. Everything else.

Flying Binghi 31st Aug 2013 21:48

Positive Inspiration...
Ashton Kutcher Acceptance Speech - Teen Choice Awards 2013 (High Quality) - YouTube

h/t - Islam: Making a True Difference in the World - One Body at a Time

500N 31st Aug 2013 21:51

Rudd losing his cool on TV the other day was quite funny.

But following on from that, a report in the print media
that he has been prone to tantrums, moods and grumpiness
as things have not been going his way.

So the true Rudd has been showing himself.

And it looks like the election result will be even
more of a swing against him.

Andu 31st Aug 2013 22:30

I voted yesterday, (obeying at least half of that old ALP dictum "vote early and vote often"). It was a waste of time, at least my Lower House vote, for I'm in one of the safest Labor seats in the country and it will take a landslide of unimaginable proportions to oust the oxygen thief who "represents" me.

What I really like about the process is that while standing in line, I was able to share a joke and chat amiably with a bloke who (judging by the only how to vote slip he was holding in his hand), was going to vote for Kev - and, he felt quite happy to chat to me with my differently coloured how to vote slip in my hand.

What I didn't like was that:

(a) I didn't have to show any ID to do what should be among the most important things I could ever hope to do in a democracy. (I can't rent a bloody video without showing PHOTO ID!!!)

(b) my name, although crossed off by the nice lady, remains available to be crossed off again at every other polling station in the electorate, and I (or someone else) could lodge a postal or absentee vote in my name as well, and

(c) when marking my voting slips, I was provided with a soft lead pencil that would allow someone - anyone - to so easily 'amend' my slip with a quick wipe of an eraser.

When you consider that three or four seats were decided by fewer than 200 votes in the 2010 election, Tony Abbott really should add electoral reform, at the very least a computer a every polling booth connected to a centralised data base to prevent double voting, to his list of things that must be fixed.

sisemen 31st Aug 2013 23:59

Andu ditto to all that. I also cast my vote yesterday (in my electorate the Senate voting slip is over a metre long to take account of the 62 candidates!) and it certainly drives it home just what a slack system it is relying only on the honesty of Joe Blow citizen.

chuboy 1st Sep 2013 00:04

The requirement for anonymous voting is one of the technical reasons why computerised voting hasn't been implemented yet. It would certainly speed things up. AFAIK we don't yet have a way of protecting a system from vote manipulation without compromising the integrity of an individual's vote.

As for your other concerns, about your name being crossed off and being given pencils, they are answered on the AEC website if you are interested.

There is no requirement to fill out the vote in pencil, if you are concerned about people changing your vote (although counting is heavily scrutinised). It is just AEC convention/policy to provide pencils because they CAN be erased and don't run out at inconvenient times.

The double name crossing thing is probably the least secure of them all, but since you make a legal declaration when you get your name crossed off, that you haven't voted in this election, you make yourself liable for prosecution I should think. And it has worked that way for many years (or maybe it hasn't?!)

Buster Hyman 1st Sep 2013 00:12

I have faith in the name crossing system. My name is identical to my old mans (no originality in my family) & we often had our names crosses twice, which lead to Dad getting a fine for voting twice, and I'd get one for not voting at all.

Easily sorted, and we decided that he should tell them to cross the first name out, and I would do the second one. Different electorate now so problem solved.

CoodaShooda 1st Sep 2013 00:13

On the last point, chuboy, it's not someone being foolish enough to try to vote several times in their own name.

It's more to do with several people turning up at different booths, or in front of different polling booth officials, wanting to vote as chuboy.

In this day and age, it should be reasonable for voters to produce some form of photo id.

chuboy 1st Sep 2013 00:18

Fair point, I hadn't considered that. I suppose you only need to know a person's name and address to get the slip of paper. A photo ID rule would be easy enough to implement.

Is there really an epidemic, though, of people getting fined for voting twice when they didn't really? I don't believe it's a huge problem but I'm happy to be corrected.

RJM 1st Sep 2013 00:39

There's no need for photo ID, if the system works.

The penalty for intentionally fraudulent multiple voting is 12 months in prison.

After the election, all the marked off rolls are scanned. Any double markings off are investigated, with the voter contacted. If there are fraudulent double markings off, and the number of them is sufficient to have affected the outcome of the vote in that electorate, then either the returning officer or the losing party can have the vote in that electorate declared invalid for fraud and a bye election is held.

Since the system was overhauled in 1983, this has not happened.

(information from AEC site)


CoodaShooda 1st Sep 2013 04:28

Listened to labor's launch on radio while driving around this morning.

Albo did the warm up with a Tony Abbott roast. Should have been accompanied by a warning advisory "Contains untruths". A bit too over the top to appeal to many, other than the true believers. Too much in the gutter to swing the uncommitted.

Ms Rein did the intro and again used a number of long debunked claims to introduce Saint Kevin. Rather cringeworthy.

Kevin delivered. Passion, vision, ideas.........vintage Rudd.
Ignored the difficult issues and spent more time than was needed attacking Abbott. Left a lot of his claims about Abbott open to rebuttal and valid accusations of, again, resorting to untruths.
Made lots of promises aimed at the hip pocket and announced grand new schemes.
The only problems for me were:
What he left out, particularly Defence
How he would pay for it all (we've got a AAA rating so nothing to see here, move along) and
How you could possibly believe he could deliver on his promises given his and labor's past performance.

Still, it went down well with the gathered throng.

Worrals in the wilds 1st Sep 2013 05:48

A surprising number of people don't have photo ID, particularly amongst the elderly who often turn in their driver licences and don't hold passports. Unless a mandatory national ID card scheme is introduced, demanding ID is unworkable.

It is not compulsory for a citizen to have a photo ID, but it is compulsory for them to vote. I'd think that preventing Australian citizens from voting because they don't possess an optional photo ID card would be legally very dodgy.

Still, it went down well with the gathered throng.
I guess it was hardly an impartial audience :E! Launches are for true believers, which is probably why they're so excruciating to outsiders. The Albo comedy routine sounds particularly awful; I'm glad I missed it. :ouch:

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