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500N 29th Aug 2013 15:54

"Now, I need to know...who am I to believe?"

Certainly NOT the ALPBC

I'd go wit any of the major newspapers regardless of Bias
because they are at least likely to report what Treasury has
said correctly and then put their own spin on it.

The first 3 are all the same stable but give different perspectives on things
according to the state.


Between that lot you should get an idea

RJM 29th Aug 2013 16:08

There's a lovely essay in Quadrant on the ABC:

Barry kept it up for the full 15 minutes, commenting not so much on the news and its coverage, which is his brief, but giving birth instead to the palliative mythology from which supporters of this government will draw comfort two Saturdays from now, as the tally of fallen seats grows by the hour. As viewed from the ABC’s ivory tower, Labor will not have lost because voters seized the chance to end six years of shambling incompetence, internecine feuds, party-room betrayals and general chaos, but because the electorate is composed of dim bulbs whose passions are turned on and off by Murdoch’s claw-like hand upon the switch.

Arrogant? Elitist? Condescending? All of that, you bet, but instructive all the same, as that smarter-than-you attitude goes some way towards explaining why Rudd’s flaws go unremarked in the ABC’s newsrooms, especially its Current Affairs unit. Tape worms are ugly creatures, but not to each other.
I hope this URL works:


Otherwise look for Roger Franklin, Aug 28, 2013. It's a good read, whatever your bias.

sisemen 29th Aug 2013 16:55

I have no doubt that the same hatey-lefty bile will be spilled in the 'letters to the editor' pages of press throughout the land as well as on these pages from the likes of HID et al who will refuse to accept the umpire's verdict and the will of the majority.

RJM 29th Aug 2013 17:04

It's already started. An inner urban dwelling, Prius driving, fashionable hound owning copywriter of my acquaintance is claiming that 'we', ie he ie the Labor Party, is being screwed over by Murdoch.

No mention of the ABC's bias, or of Murdoch's support for Rudd in 07, or of Labor's incompetence.

SOPS 29th Aug 2013 17:19

500N, I hope you realise my question was sarcastic, what I wanted is real news feed, not Intertass news in the guise of the ALPBC.::cool:

boofta 29th Aug 2013 17:34

Penny Wong says there is a black hole of 10 billion in the coalition
figures. Why no mention of the 300 billion deficit she has created
while running the finances, that's real Penny not maybe or any
sort of forward estimate. Someone has to pay for labors stupidities.

RJM 29th Aug 2013 18:27

Someone has to pay for Labor's stupidities
That would be those of us who are productive and earning an income.

The 'Blame Murdoch' thing - or meme, as its proponents call it - doesn't wash.

How much does it discount the influence of the huge and expensive, and FREE to everyone, government broadcaster, and its demonstrably left tilt?

Isn't it possible that the Murdoch press reflects rather than leads public opinion? After all, people pay to read Murdoch's reporting, and people won't continue to buy views that disagree with what they already think.

The alternative, that the average voters are idiots who pay Murdoch to tell them what to think would only be believed in ABC Land.

PS: Wong is a law/arts graduate. Nothing in her CV indicates any facility with financial management.

Worrals in the wilds 29th Aug 2013 22:57

I don't know why you all watch the ABC when it annoys you so much. Maybe it's the same reason I read Bolt occasionally; to find out what the enemy propaganda is saying? :suspect:

Or maybe some of you watch it because it annoys you? ;)

PS: Wong is a law/arts graduate. Nothing in her CV indicates any facility with financial management
So is Hockey. In fairness he was a banking lawyer, but I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. :}:eek:

500N 29th Aug 2013 23:00


Sorry, I misread your post :uhoh:

chuboy 29th Aug 2013 23:24

Originally Posted by RJM (Post 8019737)
Isn't it possible that the Murdoch press reflects rather than leads public opinion? After all, people pay to read Murdoch's reporting, and people won't continue to buy views that disagree with what they already think.

Arguable. When the papers are splashing huge editorialised headlines on the front page, people don't have to pay to see that. Hearing or seeing something enough times tends to cement a view in place. It's all about rhetoric.

Murdoch is free to support whomever he wishes, but there's no denying his papers have become outright LNP campaign material of late. There's nothing of the sort available from either Fairfax or the ABC, however hard you squint your eyes.

I definitely disagree that his papers are purely a reflection of public opinion. If they were, would we even be having this discussion?

Much like Sportsbet, I'm not a fan of seeing these huge companies use their might to try and influence the democratic process. But maybe I'm just a limp-wristed latte-sipping Prius-driving iPad-swiping socialist.

BenThere 29th Aug 2013 23:34

Is the Australian still one of the best newspapers in the world? It's one of the few I could read front to back, every day.

chuboy 29th Aug 2013 23:42

It is not immune to the will of Rupert Murdoch. Not a bad paper if you keep that at the back of your mind though.

You might like to balance it with the AFR which is the Fairfax equivalent.

500N 29th Aug 2013 23:46

It's good but don't know about the best in the world.

As chuboy and I have said, better off reading a couple of newspapers
and taking a bit from each / throw out the spin to get what you want.

BenThere 30th Aug 2013 00:07

Balance is good, agreed. But no need to blend truth with fantasy when it's the news you're seeking.

bosnich71 30th Aug 2013 01:01

I actually buy the Age ! Only on Sunday though as I like to attempt to do the crossword.
The 'letters page' is a hoot. I've stopped getting annoyed at the inner suburbs "socialists" with their greeny ideals,( and a tram at the end of the street of course),and treat the entire 'paper' as a sort of Beano for ancient hippies. I now find it quite soothing and look forward to reading the splutters of indignation in a fortnights' time.
As for bias, perceived or otherwise, it is noticeable that if the Age wishes to reprint anything to do with the U.K. it invariably lifts an article from the Guardian ..... now there's an unbiased publication, NOT. :hmm:

chuboy 30th Aug 2013 01:16

Originally Posted by BenThere (Post 8020262)
Balance is good, agreed. But no need to blend truth with fantasy when it's the news you're seeking.

That is precisely why you need to read from more than one media source, at least in this country. (I'm sure it's the same everywhere, except perhaps North Korea.)

sisemen 30th Aug 2013 02:02

Yep. There's no doubt about it - the demise of the ALP is all down to the Australian.

With an audited circulation of just over 135,00 in 2010 (probably a lot less now) it sure is influential

List of newspapers in Australia by circulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Perhaps if the bleeding hearts of the left didn't harp on about so much then people might not buy copies to see what all the fuss is about.

Yet another ALP own goal - but then again that's par for the course.

Andu 30th Aug 2013 02:05

Some people here, (along with Labor politicians) are carrying on as if Rupert Murdoch's support for one political party in an Australian (and British, and American?) election is something new.

His papers have always picked a side - certainly not always the Right/Conservative side - and made no secret where their sympathies lie.

Back in the Whitlam years, his support went both ways, and Labor copped it sweet and never complained when he supported them. (But squealed like girls - or like their current counterparts - when he switched to the Libs.)

When the Murdoch press switched, it was usually absolute, to the point where, whatever Labor did, they were shown in a bad light in the Murdoch press, to the point where a joke did the rounds in Canberra (I think it was the '74 election, where, despite Murdoch backing the Libs, Labor still won).

The joke?

The ALP holds is Christmas picnic on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Everyone gets a bit tanked, to the point where they urge Gough to prove what they all 'know' - that their Messiah can walk on water. Sauced up more than a little himself, Gough gingerly steps out onto the lake and.... HE WALKS ON WATER!!!! Increasing in confidence, he strides across the lake, the soles of his shoes hardly getting damp.

The Pardee faithful fall to the knees in adoration (as they've continued to do to this day), and all the national newspapers ran banner headlines about Whitlam's feat the next morning.

....except Sydney's 'Daily Telegraph'.


Nothing's changed -except that, incredibly, Labor governments have become even more inept than the sorry shower that Whitlam led.

500N 30th Aug 2013 02:22


Agree. Most or all newspapers since I have been in Aus
have been behind one side or the other and quite openly.

sisemen 30th Aug 2013 02:29

In the UK they always used to say that if you had the Sun on your side then you were home and dry.

The Sun is also a Murdoch paper and has tits and bums on page 3 and can be found in every working man's lunch box.

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