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Flying Binghi 29th Aug 2013 01:50


Sportsbet has declared the federal election a one-horse race and we’re paying out all bets on the Coalition nine days before Australia goes to the polls.

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Ovation 29th Aug 2013 02:09

Asa you contemplate who to vote for on 7 Sep, consider what Rudd's own colleagues have said of him on the public record (try and imagine what they'd say in private.....).

If they don't like him (and remember, they're supposed to be on his side of politics), why would anybody with half a brain want him back for another 3 years?

How Rudd’s own colleagues portray him:

Julia Gillard - February 23, 2012:

KEVIN Rudd as prime minister always had very difficult and very chaotic work patterns ... the 2010 election was sabotaged.

Nicola Roxon, ABC TV, February 23, 2012:

HE was very difficult to work with ... I think we need to get out of this idea that Kevin is a messiah who will a deliver an election back to us ... It wouldn’t be good for the country to have Mr Rudd as prime minister again.

TONY Burke - ABC1’s 7.30, February 22, 2012:

And the stories that were around of the chaos, of the temperament, of the inability to have decisions made, they are not stories.

Stephen Conroy - Today Show, February 23, 2012:

KEVIN Rudd had contempt for the cabinet. Contempt for the cabinet members. Contempt for the caucus. Contempt for the parliament. Ultimately what brought him down ... was the Australian public worked out that he had contempt for them as well.

Stephen Smith - ABC 720, Perth, February 23, 2012:

IF you wanted one sentence why the cabinet and the caucus and the party moved away from Kevin, it was because it became increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to work difficult issues through with him.

WAYNE Swan - ABC AM, 23 February 23, 2012:

The truth is, that Prime Minister Rudd is deeply flawed ... he has great weaknesses ... which today have not necessarily been seen in public.

bosnich71 29th Aug 2013 03:13

Ken I haven't seen a Liberal candidate. But then I've not seen any Labour candidate either.
There was a rumour last week that Julia would drop in and say goodbye and she did. Unfortunately no one other than the left leaning council here in Wyndham, who put on a valedictory luncheon for her, knew anything about it. There'll probably be a bill for the cakes etc. in our rate notices next year though.
Then again it's only to be expected. Our state M.P; Labour .. naturally .. was always M.I.A. whilst the Labour party held power for 12 years but has since surfaced as a campaigner for better roads etc. although as Roads minister, for 10 years, under Bracks he did absolutely S.F.A. The word Hypocrite comes to mind. Personally I'd like to give him a smack on the nose for thinking that all "workers" such as myself don't have half a brain.
As an example of the way the Labour party works there is a housing estate being built at the moment with approx. 5,000 houses. No new access roads to cope with extra traffic etc. and this was pushed through by the Bracks Labour government. Our local member, the roads minister at the time did absolutely nothing, no protest at all. In fact the planning minister, a former footballer ! stated that he didn't care what the people of Werribee thought they were going to get the new estate and it's associated traffic chaos so there ! You can all get stuffed.
So you see,Ken.no matter what you come on to this blog and write many of us,those that have experienced the Labour party in the past and have, on occasion given them a fair go have now have now decided to kick them where it hurts. :rolleyes:

BenThere 29th Aug 2013 03:28

When the government swings back to Labor will you be moving out again?
Probably, but if past is prologue, that's another 12 years away.

Actually, Adelaide is a recent change from our previous Queensland focus. The wife's parents decided to move from Innisfail to Adelaide to be closer to their grandkids. Until last year, Cairns or Port Douglas was the target. Things change. Always thought of TNQ as a giant Hawaii.

Ken Borough 29th Aug 2013 03:32


Welcome to the real world! Come up to NSW and see the nation's finest in terms of planning. There's none, zip, zilch. Equally from both sides of politics. In fact, the current Coalition State Govt wants to remove most planning controls and won't touch infrastructure unless it's in cahoots with the private sector. I call it a lack of social conscience and an abrogation of its responsibilities. :ugh::ugh::ugh:

Worrals in the wilds 29th Aug 2013 03:59

Why are so many candidates hiding, and why won't they make themselves available to electors?
Cos the Libs ain't stupid! :E They know what their local candidates are like...:}
Bosnich's post illustrates the experience many of us have had with our 'local' MPs :ugh:. This is why I found a recent trip to Katter country most interesting; on crossing the electoral boundary into Kennedy, suddenly the Bruce Highway became a work in progress. Higher, wider, bigger and better, with the upgrade employing a stack of local people.

Much as he's an obnoxious gob, I can see why Katter retains such strong support in Kennedy. If I lived there I'd probably vote for him too. Three years of grandstanding (without doing a deal with Labor) and he's obviously secured a big wad of badly needed federal road funding for his electorate. :ok:

That's a good local member, and it's a pity there aren't more of them. Presidential campaigns might be easy for lazy journos and spin doctors, but they do nothing to address people's local concerns.

In a tight election where every seat counts (not that I think this will be tight) those issues suddenly become federally important, but if the local guy is a lazy prat, by then it's too late.

sisemen 29th Aug 2013 04:05

Ken, you have remarkably left-leaning aggressive views towards the Libs for a professed Liberal voter. Or maybe you're just using the standard tactic of pretending to be a supporter in order to give your views more credence and be allowed in the door?

Just to clarify where I stand to help save some bandwidth. It may not be obvious but I have never voted for anyone but the Liberals as they were the least of all evils.
Not obvious? That's the bloody understatement of the year :eek:

CoodaShooda 29th Aug 2013 04:21

A fringe party with more sensible policies than the Greens? :E

bosnich71 29th Aug 2013 04:26

Ken ... I know all about the real world and realise that the buggers are all the same etc. etc. but when the Labour party and the unions behave as they do well,quite frankly, they need a good kicking and hopefully this will happen in a few days time. Perhaps then the Labour party, or something which grows from it, will go back to what it used to be and not what it is now, a party for shysters, con men, hypocrites, liars etc. etc. etc. I've been a union member and I've seen how they have been hijacked by the likes of Shorten, Howes, Ludwig.
Then there's Craig Thompson, who by the way spent some of my wife's hard earned contributions on "ladies of negotiable virtue. She, my wife, has never been re-imbursed despite the Federal Labour Party spending $360,000 on Craig's legal costs. No, Julia, despite her abhorrence of misogyny was more concerned about keeping her majority and despite all the Emilys in parliament not one of them ever spoke up on behalf of the FEMALE H.S.U. members who Thompson ripped off ..... so much for women's rights and working class solidarity there, Ken.
There are many genuine people at shop floor level but unfortunately when it comes to those from up the "main office" they are just ladder climbers all after that job in government and the riches that follow. I've seen at first hand how they manipulate meetings for their own ends, how the unions have become more bothered about the "rights" of everyone but their own members, whose money by the way keeps the whole stinking edifice afloat. I could go on but my wife is constantly reminding me about stress.

Ovation 29th Aug 2013 04:31

And just in case anybody has forgotten about our larger than life Clive Palmer, he's had a blue with the refuellers at Tullamarine. Sounds to me like he's tried to exploit the situation but then it's Clive and you should probably expect such behaviour.

Palmer and Rudd airport stand-off

Ken Borough 29th Aug 2013 04:42

Cos the Libs ain't stupid! They know what their local candidates are like...
The HO people aren't but many of the local candidates, some of whom have benefitted from Branch stacking, are that way inclined. That's why we're not seeing or hearing from them.

Siseman, believe me, I am a Liberal fellow traveller but surely I'm allowed to be critical of their behaviour? As I have stated several times, I'm of the small 'l' variety, hence a fair serve of criticism. We deserve better, much better - from each side of the political divide. And if you think my comments so far are aggressive, I suggest you consult the OED. :ok:

bosnich71 29th Aug 2013 06:00

Cooda ..... We have a candidate from the "Sex Party" here in Jule's old fiefdom of Lalor. I've just read her answers to questions asked of her by the local paper. Here are a couple.
Asked what "would you do to help alleviate the pressures of growth"?
Answer .
..... " That's not my area of expertise".....( being a candidate for the "Sex Party" I would have thought that growth, of sorts, would have been an area of her expertise but I digress) ...her answer continued, " I'd have to consult somebody on that . I would have to talk to the party leader." She then asked for the question again and answered "I don't actually have an answer for that".
Next question .... Name the suburbs in your electorate.

Answer ...Werribee, Altona .... I'm sorry, I'm actually running outside my electorate. I can't name every single suburb, errrm Hoppers Crossing ?" ( there are actually about 12 ).

Definitely not in with a chance I'm afraid. Probably would be better off going back home to Port Philip and checking out her stock of D****s .

500N 29th Aug 2013 06:13


I have managed to avoid reading the local or any election material
although I have to do my postal vote today so can't avoid some of it.

I do wonder why they chose Lalor as one of the seats to stand in
considering it is so Labor it is not funny.

CoodaShooda 29th Aug 2013 06:35

I must admit I hadn't been paying any attention to them until today.

A 70yo friend and former spin doctor told me he had found a party with reasonable policies - and he wasn't joking.

I'm starting to wonder about his aging faculties - but when you put the policies (ignoring the actual candidates) against those of other fringe groups, they aren't as loopy as some.

Having stirred the pot a bit, I will return to my natural political campaign state of nursing an insulted intelligence.

I think the thing I dislike most about the current labor party is that they have made Tony Abbott look electable.

Andu 29th Aug 2013 06:35

Ken, you ask "where are the local Lib candidates?" I think I could answer that question in two words - Jamie Diaz.

The Lib leadership quite accurately sees their Party in a winning position - a not dissimilar situation to the one they were in until John Hewson, Mike Willisee (sp?) and that ***** sponge cake popped from out of nowhere into the electorate's view - and they're doing everything they can to avoid another 'sponge cake'.

Labor, meanwhile, have been hoping and praying for something even remotely resembling a 'sponge cake' to loom into view for at least the last twelve months, if not more.

I'm rather of critical of Tony Abbott in some areas, (and suspect I will be even moreso after Sept 8th). However, in one area, I doff my hat to him in great respect. He's managed to keep a disparate Liberal/National coalition whilst in Opposition almost completely in line, with, at least to the general public and to journalists, a show of almost military discipline within its ranks.

It will be interesting to see if he can maintain that discipline, especially among the prima donnas in the Liberal ranks, once they regain the government benches.

Ken Borough 29th Aug 2013 07:04

I think the thing I dislike most about the current labor party is that they have made Tony Abbott look electable.
:D :D :D

Where is Malcolm?

Worrals in the wilds 29th Aug 2013 07:54

I think the thing I dislike most about the current labor party is that they have made Tony Abbott look electable.
Die hard, big L Libs don't like Turnbull. They think he's a closet leftie, and I suspect they're correct. That's why a lot of Labor types (myself included) like him, but he doesn't wash with a lot of hard core Libs. In any case, he lost the leadership ballot, and unlike the ALP, the Libs (and Turnbull himself) have stuck with that.

Andu 29th Aug 2013 12:26

It would seem Kevni, Albasleazy and Penny Pong have been caught out telling porkies BIG TIME over their claims that Treasury uncovered a $10 billion black hole in the Coalition's costings. Obviously, someone at Treasury is hoping to keep his job after Sept 7th.

And over on the Michael Smith site, some "movement at the station" over JEG's days as a young and naive lawyer showing her to be perhaps a little less naive than she would like us all to believe she was. And she was being 'young and naive' two years before she met Wilson.

sisemen 29th Aug 2013 14:52

I think that little episode will be the final nail in the coffin of the ALP campaign. Krudd kicked off saying that the election was about who to trust; he prefaced today's pantomime by calling Abbott untrustworthy and yet here he is, caught with his hand so far down the cookie jar that he got his shoulder stuck!

Wong and Bowen, by standing by Krudd's side and nodding heads, stand equally condemned.

At least we can now answer Krudd's question - who do you trust? It sure as hell ain't you Kevvy.

SOPS 29th Aug 2013 15:35

Ok, I'm a bit confused..being overseas at the moment. You guys are saying Pong and Co have been caught out on costings, I have read the report on the ALPBC, and they are still reporting a Liberal costing blowout. Now, I need to know...who am I to believe?:ok:

(can any one link me to the truth please?)

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