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Worrals in the wilds 28th Aug 2013 10:40

Wasn't there a poster here by the name of Pan Pan Yourself? :}
I didn't see it, but Rudd's always had a tendency towards petulance so I'm not surprised. One of the many Labor leakers was quoted the other day basically saying that Rudd needed external reinforcement from the press and couldn't function without it. Maybe that's the problem, because either way he's looking and sounding really unbalanced recently... :uhoh:

It would be really nice if one day Queensland could produce a pollie who doesn't froth at the mouth. :}

7x7 28th Aug 2013 10:46

If the RAN brings the country shoppers to Christmas Island from this boat, all pretence has been abandoned - our naval forces are under orders from this government to facilitate a tacit invasion of this country by self-selected "immigrants".

SOPS 28th Aug 2013 11:05

And those chemically enhanced people that have been arriving, are they some sort of special forces? Maybe some of the real loonie left and the watermelons have a plan for an uprising after Sep 7th. I would put nothing past these idiots.

And Kev is certainly starting to look somewhat unbalanced. I think if he does not have constant adulation, it tips him out of his tree. About 9.00pm on the 7th could be interesting!

500N 28th Aug 2013 11:17

God I can't wait for this to be over.

parabellum 28th Aug 2013 12:00

The journos gave tonight's debate 45 Rudd to 38 Abbott so Abbott probably won in a landslide! The bits I saw Abbott held his own and Rudd was flustered.

In 2007 the MSM wanted Howard out and used the Tampa, kids overboard and any other muck they could rake up to sway public opinion, completely ignoring the strong economic position we were in then. Now, the same MSM have had six years to realise they were wrong and are determined it won't happen again, Rudd just can't see this, he still thinks people like him.

BenThere 28th Aug 2013 12:47

For me the stars are aligning for the wife and I to move to Australia. We were going to split time between the American South and Adelaide (at this point probably Glenelg). But now that the Aussie dollar has come down from the stratosphere, my mandatory retirement is 33 months away (though I'm continually tempted to walk before then), and the American people seem increasingly committed to decline, I think we're going to make a lock, stock and barrel move to OZ.

We can always move again, pretty much when and where we want, and why maintain two households?

Australia's imminent election of conservative government is icing on the cake.

sisemen 28th Aug 2013 13:27

The ABC seem to be making a positive move against Rudd - he appeared to take a hammering on the news, 7.30 Report, Gruen and, probably les so on Hamster. But they have plenty of material to work with. But they can't help having a bob each way by having a go at Murdoch.

And welcome to our time zone Ben There:ok:

7x7 28th Aug 2013 13:36

Off politics for one moment.

Adelaide.... Hmmmm... I assume it's the trouble and strife's home town, BenThere? How familiar are you with the town? Not many Australians are.

SOPS 28th Aug 2013 13:49

Do you think Ben There is coming by boat?:p

Buster Hyman 28th Aug 2013 14:37

Did anyone bother to check those GPS coordinates? Unbe-fking-lievable! :mad:

SOPS 28th Aug 2013 15:32

Yes, like I said Buster, they could almost swim back to the beach from where they are. I really hope this madness ends soon.

BenThere 28th Aug 2013 15:41

How familiar are you with the town?
I spent a month there in last year.

Played a little cricket and Aussie Rules at my brother in law's local club. I helped him make a batch of home brew, had some good beach time, and overall liked it quite a bit. I really like my in-laws, and I have four nephews and a niece hitting adulthood. I can function there as well as here I think.

Now that prices are getting more reasonable since my retirement is paid in USD, we'll do just fine.

500N 28th Aug 2013 18:35

Had to laugh at rhe headline in the Herald Sun

"Is it too late to bring back Julia?"

"KEY Labor figures are openly questioning whether Julia Gillard would have
done a better job than Kevin Rudd, as panic rises over their faltering campaign."

Hey guys, it's a bit fukcing late for that !!!


Andu 28th Aug 2013 21:27

You couldn't make this up.

After the third debate, which the MSM pronounces that Kevin won, his campaign bus wouldn't start, (perhaps the driver flattened the battery listening to the debate???).... so Kev's bus required a jump start.

....from Tony Abbott's campaign bus.

The implied message in that could not be lost, even on the most rusted-on Labarite - like those supposedly 'undecided voters' who came out of last night's debate declaring Rudd the whiner. Sorry, the winner.

As I said, you couldn't make it up.

The killer comment of the night, in my opinion at least, was the bloke, (for 'bloke' he was), who mentioned how it doesn't sell well when the fork lift driver from Mount Druitt has to pay for some 'pretty lady lawyer from the Northern Suburbs when she decides to have a baby'. As the bloke himself said, that's not an accurate assessment, but perception is everything, and that's how it's undoubtedly perceived in places like Mt Druitt.

If they're going to stick with the Paid Parental Leave scheme, (as they undoubtedly are), I can't understand why Abbott and the Liberals aren't pushing the point strongly and repeatedly that they're just offering to those women in private enterprise what's already an entitlement for women in the Public Service - oh, and parliamentarians, two of whom, both Labor, have had maternity leave on full pay (one a Minister), since 2007. (Before someone leaps to Tanya Pillsberserk's (sic) defence, I know she took only three weeks off. The other one took six months.)

Abbott has mishandled selling the PPL to the electorate to an incredible degree, giving Labor what amounts to a free kick, which they have exploited to the fullest. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Worrals in the wilds 28th Aug 2013 23:12

Australia's imminent election of conservative government is icing on the cake.
When the government swings back to Labor will you be moving out again? :};)
Seriously, welcome and hope it all goes well. When it gets freezing cold down there it's time to visit sunny Queensland. :ok:

"Is it too late to bring back Julia?"
No. It's time to get rid of both of them, along with a whole bunch of other self serving professional pollies infesting the federal ALP. A bit less spin and a lot more integrity would be appreciated by the party's long suffering supporters. The past three years have been a debacle.

I think one of Abbott's problems with the PPL is that a lot of his own people don't support it. It's basically a Labor style policy dressed up as conservatism. I think he's honestly keen on it, but it's hardly big L Liberal.

sisemen 29th Aug 2013 00:43

Maybe, just maybe, it might stave off the population crisis that we could well be entering.

The birth rate for the upper socio-economic bracket is well below replacement levels whilst, thanks to the baby bonus, the slow-of-learning and hard-of-understanding brigade are producing tomorrow's social problems like it's going out of fashion. Add to that the fecundity of our muslim brethren and one can start to see the attractions of persuading "the lady lawyer from the northern suburbs" to produce more kids.

Ovation 29th Aug 2013 01:37

For me the stars are aligning for the wife and I to move to Australia. We were going to split time between the American South and Adelaide (at this point probably Glenelg). But now that the Aussie dollar has come down from the stratosphere, my mandatory retirement is 33 months away (though I'm continually tempted to walk before then), and the American people seem increasingly committed to decline, I think we're going to make a lock, stock and barrel move to OZ.
There are a lot worse places to live (all but 4 of them in fact). In a recent press release Adelaide was voted as the 5th best city in the world (I've lived here since 1975) and I'd have to agree. It's easy to get around, the state ALP government will be turfed out next March, there are great restaurants and it's easy to escape from the city. My biggest gripe is Adelaide seems to miss out on a lot of world class live entertainment shows and if you really want to go see one you need to get across to Melbourne or Sydney.

I'm guessing this picture was taken from the apartments (formerly a hotel) on the south end of O'Connell st. I'm lucky enough to live about 650 metres due North of where this was taken.


Up-into-the-air 29th Aug 2013 01:41

Finally Albo is asked a question on Aviation
Ben Sandilandlands and Prime's Chris Reason have broken the drought on real aviation questions:

Further information is on:

PelAir in Open | Assistance to the Aviation Industry

Let us all keep up the questions to the Minister and keep the pressure on.

A useful source is: #aviation and #pelair on tw-tter.com and let albo know on @albo and tell them:

Aviation needs your help

#aviation #pelair @AbbottPressHQ @warrentrussmp @Nick_Xenophon @TurnbullMalcolm @SMirabellaMP @cnegroni @CUhlmann

500N 29th Aug 2013 01:42

"In a recent press release Adelaide was voted as the 5th best city in the world "

And Melbourne was 1st :O

I think Melbourne and Adelaide are similar cities,
Green, slower pace than Sydney.

Ken Borough 29th Aug 2013 01:48

Silence of The Polls
Why are so many candidates hiding, and why won't they make themselves available to electors? Quite a few of Liberal candidates are apparently making a fine art of 'dodgem'. The following article is in the Sydney Morning Herald today:

They are the political class that could sweep Sydney and help hand government to Tony Abbott - but they won't take questions from school students.
Ten days before the election, Coalition candidates poised to win a host of seats across Sydney are being shielded from interviews and refusing to turn up to local events.
This extends to high school interviews - where students grill candidates about what they would do for the electorate and answers are published in local newspapers.
Two weeks ago, Fairfax Media contacted more than 50 sitting members and candidates for Sydney seats to ask them about issues in their seat.
Nine from the ALP, including Immigration Minister Tony Burke, gave interviews. But only one Liberal, opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull, responded.
For the Liberal Party, poised to win next Saturday according to the polls, the silence appears increasingly systemic, with multiple examples emerging of candidates pulling out of events or interviews.
One senior Liberal source involved in marginal seat strategy said there was little to be gained in exposing candidates to media, particularly metropolitan media.
''If its a request for a TV interview or a newspaper, it would generally be a 'no'. There is more that can go wrong than the benefit from a good interview.''
Another Liberal operative working in western Sydney seats said: ''You just don't expose the new guys who have no experience.''
SBS News reported that ''the Coalition is banning some of its candidates from speaking to the media or their electorate'', with Andrew Nguyen, Liberal candidate for Fowler, being refused permission to take part in an SBS-run community forum.
And in western Sydney, Fairfax Community Newspapers has been trying to organise ''job interviews'' in high schools, where students question candidates about their suitability for the job of local member, with their answers to be published in several local papers.
At the first interview last Thursday in the seat of Greenway, Labor MP Michelle Rowland and Greens candidate Chris Brentin turned up to Glenwood High School, but the Liberals' Jaymes Diaz, who is favoured to win the seat, did not.
Mr Diaz conducted an infamously poor interview earlier this month with Channel Ten that gained international notoriety and 220,000 YouTube views in a little more than a week. On Tuesday night, he failed to attend a candidates' forum in Blacktown.
On Friday morning, sitting Liberal MP for Macquarie Louise Markus did not show up for a similar event, leaving her Labor and Greens opponents to face the grilling of Richmond High School students. Penrith City Star editor Roslyn Smith said the directive to decline the invitation appeared to come from headquarters.
''I think there might have been some candidates who might have been keen,'' Miss Smith said.
She said she had spoken to Mark Tobin, who is working as an adviser to candidates in western Sydney while on leave from Premier Barry O'Farrell's office, who told her the interviews were not part of the Coalition's ''strategy''.
On Tuesday, Mr Tobin said: ''We get a number of media invitations and we can't accept every offer.''
Fairfax Community Newspapers has also been told by Liberals' NSW headquarters that candidate for Parramatta Martin Zaiter would not turn up for an interview at James Ruse High School.
Liberal candidate for Lindsay Fiona Scott was not planning to show up for one at Penrith High School, and Isabelle White, the party's candidate for Chifley, would not be turning up for one in her electorate.
Labor's candidate for the seat of Mitchell in the Hills, Andrew Punch, has also said he would not attend, though his opponent, sitting Liberal Alex Hawke, may yet.
Mr Turnbull said he would not comment on decisions his colleagues had made.
''Generally I'm very available, as people know,'' he said.
Mr Turnbull, who spoke while on a train heading to a campaign event, said when he was campaigning for the seat of Wentworth in 2004, he did not find door-knocking a ''particularly productive'' way of meeting people, preferring just to be ''out and about''.
''I think personal contact is important, but clearly you reach people using mass media.''
Greg Turnbull, a former media adviser to Paul Keating and Kim Beazley, said it was not surprising some candidates avoided the press when campaigns had become ''gaffe-athons''.
''The whole game seems to be to get a candidate to make a mistake and embarrass the leader,'' he said.
''In that environment do you really blame campaign directors for saying 'for goodness sake keep your head down'?''
Political marketing expert Andrew Hughes said the ''Jaymes Diaz effect'' had candidates ''running scared''. ''The Coalition are running a small target campaign anyway. But this is really small target minimisation at such a micromanaged level, it's just ridiculous,'' said Mr Hughes, a marketing lecturer at the Australian National University's Research School of Management.
Interview requests with Coalition MPs referred to in this story were denied.

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