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sisemen 27th Aug 2013 16:36

Ain't that past it yet :}

Got a 50th reunion (joining RAF as a boy entrant) and catch up with daughters and brother (plus sundry others).

500N 27th Aug 2013 16:41

Yes, but you aren't 82 and 86 like my parents :O

Anyway, have a good trip :ok:

Flying Binghi 27th Aug 2013 20:31

Consistency and class...

When you board the VIP RAAF 737 carrying Opposition Leader Tony Abbott around the country this election campaign, it’s like stepping back in time to an era when plane travel was still glamorous. There are huge blue leather seats, wood panelling, a carpeted hush and hors d’oeuvres before takeoff.

But best of all are the charming RAAF flight attendants. They whip out crisp white tablecloths to serve delicious chicken caesar wraps with Petaluma Riesling, and bustle around efficiently all flight...

continues - Abbott?s dirty tricks? Consistency and class | Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine Blog


Worrals in the wilds 27th Aug 2013 21:44

Riesling? Step back in time, all right. Do they also serve Cold Duck? :E :}.
Seriously, Kevvy's obviously peed the media off on a personal level, not just via Murdoch. Weird, because only six years ago he was the media darling who could do no wrong in their eyes. I wonder why he's changed and become so unco-operative? :confused: Bad idea, anyway.

Andu, the High Court don't always sing from the government's songbook. Remember this decision?
Lateline - 01/09/2011: Gillard attacks high court over ruling
While they are undoubtedly Labor leaning (as the former High Court was undoubtedly Liberal leaning) I think it's a big call to accuse them of tailoring decisions to suit the government.

Perhaps the most arguable was the plain packet decision using 'just terms', but TBQH most of the country agreed with the concept whatever the legal argument was.

Buster Hyman 27th Aug 2013 22:43

Why has he changed? Maybe he hasn't, but he's misunderstood how much they loved Jools before stabbing her in the back?

Worrals in the wilds 27th Aug 2013 22:50

But they didn't. The media were awful to Gillard :ouch:. I was harking back to the Kevin 07 days when according to all the papers, Rudd could do no wrong. Did he used to be punctual and polite, or did they just ignore his foibles?

Andu 27th Aug 2013 22:51

A succession of posters over on Larry Pickering's (unmoderated and immoderate) site are saying he's stark raving mad.

I haven't read one post disagreeing with them.

Andu 27th Aug 2013 22:55

Hi Worrals, re your earlier comment: I wasn't accusing the High Court of tailoring their decisions to Labor government diktats, but more to its judges being overwhelmingly of a like mind to Labor government diktats and policies.

Buster Hyman 27th Aug 2013 23:59

Ok, maybe they hated him for taking away their favourite whipping girl|??? :p

Ken Borough 28th Aug 2013 00:54

Of the current High Court, three Justices were appointed during the Howard regime while the remaining four were appointed during the terms of Gillard and Rudd. With but a few notable exceptions, High Court appointments are non-political. In fact, some of the claimed political appointments have delivered judgements that have belied their perceived political leanings. In every case, the Federal Atoorney-General consults the States and Territories before recommending an appointment to help ensure balance and appropriate choices.

CoodaShooda 28th Aug 2013 00:58

Way back, several on this site nominated Rudd as the future leader of the ALP on the basis of his Sunrise persona.

He won significant voter support by presenting as a Howardesque alternative to a 'well past his use by date' John Howard.

The luvvy media stuck with him long after the flaws began to show; as has been commented here over a long period. After all, he was leading labor and they were on record as singing his praises.

That some of them are walking away, or at least trying to sound balanced and critical now, you can put down to self interest; in that they see the writing on the wall and are trying to suck up to the probable new government.

Those in the ABC turned against him when he eschewed their Green principles and scrapped the carbon tax. And they have a $1 billion reason for now getting the libs on side.

500N 28th Aug 2013 01:04


"Way back, several on this site nominated Rudd as the future leader of the ALP on the basis of his Sunrise persona."

I was probably one of those, although I might have come in after the event
and said his Sunrise persona was what got him the top job by raising his profile to a level where he was known nationally.

I will readily admit that his flaws were well covered up on Sunrise.

I wouldn't have voted for him though !

Ken Borough 28th Aug 2013 01:24

Independent. Always.
Just reverting to some previous comments..

The Fairfax media (SMH, The Age, the AFR, CBR Times inter alia) have adopted this slogan as a message to readers that they will report and seek the truth without fear or favour. There's a full page ad in today's Herald outlining its position. There must be some merit in its claim: a significant shareholder in Fairfax is that well-known purveyor of right-wing views Gina Rinehart. It's fairly obvious to Fairfax readers that she does not enjoy favourable coverage in Fairfax publications. On the other hand, do the Murdoch journos write what they think or what they think their proprietor thinks?

500N 28th Aug 2013 01:27

"do the Murdoch journos write what they think or what they
think their proprietor thinks?"

They write what the Editor wants the slant to be as he has been briefed
by Murdoch and if not, the phone call from the US comes through :O

I think it has a great similarity to Kerry Packer :O

Buster Hyman 28th Aug 2013 02:02

I've given up on both these news outlets Ken. I look at the headlines, see they want me to pay, and then go elsewhere. The News guys might be writing the way they do for fear of their job, and the Fairfax guys may just want her out & are united enough to try & force her by writing against her...I don't honestly know. I do know that they don't like her there at Fairfax.

Oh, and you can add her to my persona non grata list too! No particular reason... :E

500N 28th Aug 2013 02:08

"I look at the headlines, see they want me to pay, and then go elsewhere."

For the Herald Sun, I cut and paste the headline into Google
and then read the article in one of the other newspapers.

With the Age, I either stop the page loading before the overlay
comes up telling me I have read my monthly quota of articles
or I just go to the SMH, Brisbane Times or WA Today and
read the article there.

At this stage i am not paying to read them.

Worrals in the wilds 28th Aug 2013 09:07

Fair enough Andu.
So far I think the modern Justices of the High Court have managed to leave their politics to one side and consider the law. This is often to the dismay of the government of the day, which is a good thing.

The day the High Court becomes a tool of the government is the day democracy in Australia can pack up and go home, so despite some fairly obvious political appointments (from both sides) we should be grateful that those Justices have not played along and kowtowed. Of course once a lawyer gets that competent they're probably too smart to listen to a bunch of half-baked pollies...

We're also lucky that there are seven of them and the federal government usually changes frequently enough that both sides get a crack at the appointments.

Andu 28th Aug 2013 09:40

Seeking one word to describe Rudd's performance at the Rooty Hill debate tonight, 'petulant' was the one that came to mind.

Ovation 28th Aug 2013 10:08

Being played for suckers again?

Official communique from AMSA just now:

FM RCC AUSTRALIA 280606Z AUG 2013 AUSSAR 2013/5809
That location is only 30km from the West Java coast, but of course WE are expected to come to the rescue.

SOPS 28th Aug 2013 10:23

Beat me by 5 minutes, Ovation. They age only 30ks from Java, for gods sake. Why are we even worrying about them? They could almost swim back to the beach from there. Give me strength.

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