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500N 25th Jul 2013 00:09

Lisa Wilkinson

She can get pretty fired up when she wants to.

And she's a mother of I think 3 so I would say she
knows how to rule the roost :O

Buster Hyman 25th Jul 2013 00:30

Hmmm...okay. Never seen her do that before. Didn't work mind you, but you learn something everyday.

CoodaShooda 25th Jul 2013 00:53

Whereas, Virginia Trioli on ABC24 this morning went to town on anyone who voiced opposition to government policy. :yuk:

Flying Binghi 25th Jul 2013 00:56

IPCC informs Oz government...
Hmmm... interesting, "Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" writes a cheap sex novel. Fair enuf, do what he likes in his time off from being chairman of the IPCC. Why though does one of the worlds largest banks get involved... "book launch was sponsored not only by the publisher, Rupa & Co., but by HSBC."

Donna Laframboise is looking into it. Should be an interesting read when she's done..:)
Nobel Laureate Summer Reading ? Part 1 | NoFrakkingConsensus


500N 25th Jul 2013 00:57


You get Lisa on her high horse and off she goes.

Wobetied anyone who gets in the way.

My comment re her being a mother was not a put down,
just you see how some mothers do it so well !

Didn't work on Rudd - I reckon you would need to
hit him over the head with a baseball bat for him to listen.

Anyone noticed the media - newspapers - are starting to take
apart his policies and seeing through what he is saying ?

Buster Hyman 25th Jul 2013 01:04

Didn't read it as a put down 500, they can be scary! :ooh:

I have noticed the Age putting in some questioning of the policies. Probably because his "Plan" is to turn 'Right' before the election, then swerve 'Left' immediately after it!

RJM 25th Jul 2013 01:37

People you'd like to see interview Kevin Rudd:

- John Howard

- Amanda Vanstone

- Janet Albrechtsen

Worrals in the wilds 25th Jul 2013 01:49

Mark Latham. :E

RJM 25th Jul 2013 01:52

Perfect, Worrals.

- Crean, McClelland et al.

500N 25th Jul 2013 02:13

My vote would be for the perfumed steam roller, good old Jana Wendt.

I reckon she could tame him.

Buster Hyman 25th Jul 2013 02:18

Norman Gunston

Charlie Foxtrot India 25th Jul 2013 02:40

Dame Edna...then Sir Les could take him to a strip club after.

heated ice detector 25th Jul 2013 03:10

"Hey soldier what's that medal for",
" It was given to me by Prime Minister Abbott for defending my country against unarmed men women and children legally arriving by boat seeking asylum"
" wow, is that what you joined up for?"

Don't you think we all need a reality check!

Buster Hyman 25th Jul 2013 03:18

Err, you do know the ADF have been up there rescuing for years now don't you? Perhaps letting them coordinate it isn't such a bad thing.

Having said that, I wish Beasley's (I think it was him) push for a proper Coast Guard would have been a better option...if we had one of course. :rolleyes:

500N 25th Jul 2013 03:25

I read in the paper this morning, 12 agencies involved that
Abbott wants to combine under a 3 star general.

WTF ???

The Military are probably the best co-ordinators, the problem
is everyone under them, do they have to follow orders ?

Are they going to use the Mil just to drive boats and board them ?

MTOW 25th Jul 2013 04:07

Heard on the radio that 500 have arrived since Kevni did his tough guy act, with many more busting a gut to follow as soon as they can get their arses into a boat.

I think you're bluff's been called, Kevni, and I don't think you're half the poker player that any random selection of people smugglers are.

WhoyagunnablameKev? No prizes for guessing the answer to that.

Buster Hyman 25th Jul 2013 04:52

I think Kev will be the first to experience "Konfrontasi"....from his back bench!

CoodaShooda 25th Jul 2013 05:15


Defence has 500 serving personnel involved in the current debacle. It's called Operation something beginning with "R".

Not to mention the patrol boats being flogged to death in the seas between Indonesia and Christmas Island.

Combined with the savage cuts to Defence spending.

Regardless of how bad the libs may or not be, how can you support the government that's put us in this position?

500N 25th Jul 2013 07:03

10 Armidale Patrol boats based out of Darwin.
21- 29 crew, maybe a few more because of high intensity activity.

So we have seen at least 4 if not 5 Patrol boat names mentioned
in one week in the media which is probably all of the operational
one's. The others being on down time or servicing.

So that is say 210 - 290 people and that's just the boats.
Then you have support Staff at the Navy base in Darwin.

Then you have Border Command HQ staff, some of whom are Mil.

It soon adds up.

And that's without bringing in any specialist units like SAS, Commandos
or the RAR Unit which is going Amphibious so might be used once

But IMHO, the biggest issue is as you said "the patrol boats being flogged to death in the seas between Indonesia and Christmas Island."

What is the expected life of these now and who is going to pay for new one's ?

7x7 25th Jul 2013 07:56

It's often said that the Australian voter has a very short memory.

I have to put my hand up and plead guilty to that charge, because, while Julia Gillard was (to borrow a phrase) "at the (disconnected) helm", I thought no one could be worse than she was. But my memory had failed me. The Labor Faceless Men didn't take the unprecedented step of removing a first term Prime Minister for no reason - Rudd in his first attempt at Prime Minister really was so incredibly bad that the Faceless Men simply had to remove him.

The fact that the person they chose to replace him as equally (of differently) bad was incredibly unfortunate, both for the Faceless men and for Australia as a whole.

But... what are we at? - three weeks into Rudd's second attempt at steering a Rudderless ship and it's becoming more and more clear that Gillard, as bad as she was (and let's not forget that - she really was bad), she was not as bad as Rudd.

The man's a fake, and will do anything to maintain power. If the polls told him that pulling on a pair of jackboots and a swastika armband would increase his numbers, he'd grow a toothbrush moustache and be goose-stepping down Northbournestrasse in an instant with as much aplomb - and as much lack of sincerity - as he piously announces that he is a fiscal conservative.

In the nastiest possible way, he's the epitome (in Juliaspeak, "epi-TOME" :) ) of Grahame Richardson's infamous line: "Whatever it takes".

I just wish he'd take his own advice and ZIP. Really, really soon. I fear he won't, for he's just loving every minute of being "somebody", and I think he knows in his heart of hearts that after the election, he'll be a nobody, and because he has alienated so many within his Party,without even that loyal band of adoring followers who remained faithful to another abject failure of a Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam after his fall from grace .

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