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500N 23rd Jul 2013 01:14

It's good she is getting some exposure.

parabellum 23rd Jul 2013 01:24

Let us hope Krudd starts to panic as the numbers drop in his favour and he goes ahead with an early or on time election, get rid of him and we don't have to listen to anymore of his BS.

Andu 23rd Jul 2013 01:36

On the Pickering site, someone has reported that a pallet of toothpaste has been dumped in the local tip at Christmas Island because the asylum seekers do not like the taste.

A pallet? That's a LOT of tubes of toothpaste.

You couldn't make this up.

As for the photographs of the laptop-toting 'refugees'. They look very much like the people you'd encounter in any shopping mall in Dubai. Thinking about it, I suspect they are the very same people you'd encounter in any shopping centre in Dubai. 5 will get you 10 that they all arrive with their Emirates' frequent flyer points stocked up from their trip out to help towards the cost of the trip 'home' after they get their residency.

500N 23rd Jul 2013 01:44

So what if they didn't like the taste of it. Tell them to use it or give
them salt to use instead.

Shaz made a comment re teh laptop bags. She gave up counting
them as she was sick of seeing how many their were.

Why oh why do we let ourselves in for this.

sisemen 23rd Jul 2013 01:49

Why oh why do we let ourselves in for this
Because we're soft cocks and the system allows gits like SHY to get a seat in Parliament even though hardly anyone voted for them.

500N 23rd Jul 2013 01:55

Yes, I know.

It just saddens me that we haven't go the balls to stand up
to these people and tell them No, on a plane or whatever.

Australia was built on immigrants, we have always had them
from the first Chinese in the gold fields to the major influx
after the war. No one has a problem with them, just the
queue jumpers.

"Because we're soft cocks"

My favourite expression, good to see others have picked up on it :O;)

SOPS 23rd Jul 2013 06:02

And I see the latest is they can't charge anyone with burning down Naru, because all their papers were destroyed in the fire. This is just getting totally out of hand, and I mean completely, totally, spiral death dive, out of hand.

500N 23rd Jul 2013 06:04

I heard that.

I would have thought that for a group of people that were well known
to destroy papers the Gov't dept would have taken copies of any papers
they had or were issued.

After all, it's not bloody brain surgery !!!

Andu 23rd Jul 2013 06:30

You can't help but feel that this Labor "government"(!) is in on the joke that's being played on the people of Australia over this ongoing debacle. 60 million dollars damage and no one can be charged? Under Rudd, all I can say is: "predictable - totally predictable". they'll all be on bridging visas living in the Australian community within weeks.

I showed the photographs of the beefed up "asylum seekers" to a rusted-on laborite colleague today (a 10 Pound Pom). He immediately launched into a heartbreaking tale about an asylum seeker (now true blue Aussie) he knew from Sierra Leone, and how incredibly unfair it was that this man was denied a visa to travel to the US on his ink not yet dry Australian documentation, because the Yanks feared he would stay.

He didn't want to know about Arnie lookalike the pictures. They didn't fit his "narrative".

500N 23rd Jul 2013 06:56

Re this "missing paperwork" saga.

I can't help thinking back to Army days, one folder for each soldier
that had all the paperwork in it, you name it, it was in there and
referenced when it had gone in, Birth Cert, etc etc.

Surely they must have a copy of all the AS paperwork in some
sort of file ?

BTW, re your Sierra Leone mate, it doesn't surprise me that he was refused.

Worrals in the wilds 23rd Jul 2013 07:57

He didn't want to know about Arnie lookalike the pictures. They didn't fit his "narrative".
They don't fit my traditional narrative either, but that doesn't make them imaginary. It's becoming increasingly obvious that many of the current crop of boat people are middle class economic migrants rather than true refugees. Unfortunately both parties are milking public sentiment for all it's worth with emotive crap, rather than looking for a solution to the problem. Why aren't the Libs using Shaz's pictures in their campaign?

Aside from that, these recent arrivals doesn't mean that there aren't also true refugees out there. There are, but I doubt many of them have the money to pay for these commercial boat trips. They're the ones languishing in African refugee camps, trying to do things properly and ending up further back in the queue, because our refugee quota is being taken up by laptop toting Iranians who can afford top dollar tickets on a criminal organization's boat. I don't see many Africans on these boats, even though Africa is a major source of Australia's legitimate refugees. :hmm:

500N 23rd Jul 2013 08:05

"Why aren't the Libs using Shaz's pictures in their campaign?"

I wonder if they would have known about them until today
when Shaz went on the radio.

I know they keep track of media but alot more of it to keep track
of than in the past.

Andu 23rd Jul 2013 08:38

Some of Shaz's supposedly genuine (and by inference, at least, recent) pictures have been 'out there' on the web for at least two years. One, (the particularly beefy gent with the 'second skin' blue t-shirt, was posted online in 2012, so we can only assume he's currently working as a bouncer in Marrickville to beef up his CentreLink payments, and has been for some time.

So the Libs might do well to verify all such pics with a bit more proof than Michael Smith's blog or a phone call from Christmas Island before using them.

sisemen 23rd Jul 2013 08:40

Why aren't the Libs using Shaz's pictures in their campaign?
Because some limp-wristed huggy fluff will complain that it's "infringing their human rights". :yuk:

Fliegenmong 23rd Jul 2013 11:12

So, can anyone explain why this is any different to the AWB 'scandal' a few years back?

Apart from UN, sanctions in at the time, none as far as I can tell.

Um...wasn't it that the AWB payments were under the table to a Middle Eastern Despot, whose country we were planning to invade,payments the vast majority of Australians never knew about until exposed??

Whereas the payments to PNG are the aid we've always given to them, and I would argue most Australian are aware of that, but rather than overseeing the administration of such funds, we're allowing Peter O'Neill to administer himself???

Sure, open to wide spread corruption in PNG, no doubt at all.....but rather different to secret payments exposed to someone like saddam.

And hey, that reminds me now, am I correct in that the only time Oz has ever participated in an initial invasion of a Sovereign state, was when we participated in Iraq 2??

500N 23rd Jul 2013 11:17


The payments to PNG are only open because they can be !!!
If not, they would be under the table as well :O

Invasion ?
I would say Interfet was nearly an invasion of Timor.

Fliegenmong 23rd Jul 2013 11:29

No no 500, we've been giving aid to PNG for years, we all know that, and heavens knows the help PNG gave us by way of the Fuzzy Wuzzys in WW2 was/is still well appreciated, I really don't mind repaying that kind of stuff, my Grandfathers were in PNG in WW2, the difference I can see is that as a Nation (Nayshun, if you prefer), we all knew aid was going to PNG....not all of us knew bribes were being paid to saddam....

Having said that, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, maybe everyone was aware Oz Tax payers money was being paid to the psuedo enemy....I didn't though, until it was exposed at least.....

Can only imagine how far further behind PNG will fall with this ripe for corruption arrangement :rolleyes:....still and all, if it does stop the boats you'll all have the cost to moan about!!!

Sometimes it's like talking to the MIL, she's not happy until she's got something not to be happy about!! :p:rolleyes::ugh::ok:

RJM 23rd Jul 2013 11:39

Some of Shaz's supposedly genuine (and by inference, at least, recent) pictures have been 'out there' on the web for at least two years.
Speaking of checking, Andu, do you have a reference for any previous appearances of the photos? I actually know Michael Smith, and I'd be happy to pass the information on. Smith is a stickler for cross-checking, and I'm sure he'd like to know.

PM me or post here.

Buster Hyman 23rd Jul 2013 13:52

So, instead of being repayment for services rendered to the Fuzzie Wuzzies, it could have been an advance for the collaboration of anti Saddam Iraqi's?

Cool. This "ALP Twist History" game is easy!

sisemen 23rd Jul 2013 15:14

I sincerely hope that Our Dear Leader is having sleepless nights - go for an election now while the great unwashed think I'm God, or wait for the prize of the media opportunity at the G20 and risk the electorate remembering why they were going to kick me out in the first place.

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