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SOPS 20th Jul 2013 07:54

Yes, it was sort of a rhetorical question 410. I fear you are 100% correct. And I read somewhere this morning that only single males will be going to PNG at this stage. So standby for things to happen just as you predicted.

Fliegenmong 20th Jul 2013 08:00

Not exactly mirth & hilarity Ops!!

So the first one going to PNG was intercepted in the Early hours of today!....... lets see how long it takes for them to stop coming then!!

So the carbon tax is gone (a good thing, but did anyone ever notice that one? It was all that TA would yap about day in day out months on end, and then it was here and then.....I never noticed it:confused:) Anyone, it's gone, good thing, not so good moving to howards ETS scheme, simply because any of this carbon trading BS, is just exactly that!

Boats only going to PNG from now on...good thing....

Which way will non gospel TA go now?

CoodaShooda 20th Jul 2013 08:51

Where has the carbon tax gone?

The aspirational change announced by Mr Rudd still needs to go through Parliament to make it happen.

But the uncertainty his announcement makes is certainly causing a few problems for what's left of the motor vehicle industry and the leasing industry.

Saltie 20th Jul 2013 10:39

Sky reporting 60 million dollars damage done to the facilities at Nauru in the riot. Also reporting the 81 "unlucky" Iranians on the first boat to arrive after K Rudd's big announcement "will be sent to PNG".

What about the women and children on that boat? (There seems to be more than a few.)

What about the males who are accompanying those women and children? (Do they rate as 'single men'? - I doubt it.)

Where exactly are they going to go to in PNG given that the facilities at Manus are yet to be built? (There'll be a few beds available after the families were moved out.)

Everything about this big announcement by K Rudd is classic K Rudd - heavy on eye-catching headlines and very, very sparse on details and how it will actually work. It's an election stunt, and nothing more.

I know I'm not the first to say it, but the man's a total fake.

SOPS 20th Jul 2013 11:15

For Kevs sake, they had better send someone to PNG, or the media just might wake up to what Saltie says, that the man is a complete fake.

500N 20th Jul 2013 12:32

Re Nauru

I see they say it is 80% destroyed and they are trying to work out what
to charge the ring leaders with :ugh:

Well, how about "we don't want people like you in Australia even as refugeees " so send them back to where they came from and let them start again.

Fcuk em, if they can't see they were on a better wicket in Nauru than
Indonesia, they should be sent home.

Pity the Nauruan's didn't go in with a few baseball bats and halt
the riot by cracking a few heads of the ring leaders, might have sent
a message of what will happen if they do it again.

sisemen 20th Jul 2013 12:49

Aha! The cracks start to appear.

Several senior Tasmanian Labor politicians have taken to social media to attack the Federal Government's new asylum seeker policy.
In a tweet, Police and Economic Development Minister David O'Byrne said: "It is always a test for communities when faced with a choice of how we treat those less fortunate. As a country we have failed that test."
Attorney-General Brian Wightman also took to Twitter, saying: "If Tony Abbott welcomes any Labor announcement then it's proof we haven't got it right."

parabellum 20th Jul 2013 13:05

Meanwhile, there'll be riots, hunger strikes, lip sewing,
Hopefully Sarah Hanson-Young and Christine Milne will be the first to volunteer to have their lips sewn up, in sympathy, yes?

I lived on Nauru for a year, living outdoors is no problem, good climate, hardly any rainfall, we used to sit and watch huge rain bearing clouds sail past! Water used to come in as ballast in the tanks/holds of the phosphate ships. Just occasionally a storm would dump it's load on the island, celebrations all round!

SOPS 20th Jul 2013 13:11

I assume that the next thing they will be doing on Naru is rioting because there is nowhere to sleep,cook,eat, as they have managed to destroy the place. They were not invited here in the first place, so load all on an aircraft and fly the to the nearest UN camp or home...which ever is furthest from the Australian coast line.

Fliegenmong 20th Jul 2013 20:45

Where has the carbon tax gone?

Dunno Cooda........but I am still trying to figure out where it hurt me??? I didn't see it on a pay slip....I didn't see it anywhere :confused:

Do you suspect the 'aspirational' change will be prevented from going through parliament?? By who?

500N 20th Jul 2013 20:52

I see well known ex refugees, 4 of them commenting on the new immigration policy.

One mentions these people wanting to be refugees because they are being shot at in their home countries ??? I didn't know Iran was at war.

Mr Football, ex Hungary comparing today to Hungary in 1957.

The list goes on.

Fliegenmong 20th Jul 2013 20:59

Les??? From Soccer Bloody Soccer??

500N 20th Jul 2013 21:01

Yes, that one. He was born in a refugee camp.

Big diff in my opinion between his parents reasons for leaving
and the current crop.

I don't even consider Iraq or Afghanistan or Sri Lanka to be worthy
of refugee status but's that my HO.

Takan Inchovit 20th Jul 2013 21:47

It just struck me too, that PNG must have a wonderfully functional self funded welfare system.

Captain Sand Dune 20th Jul 2013 22:03

Don't worry mate, it's only a short tinny ride across the Strait to welfare Nirvana. I foresee a boom in small boat manufacturing in PNG.:E

CoodaShooda 20th Jul 2013 22:52

It's not in your payslip but its in your outgoings and the loss of jobs around the country.

The suggestion is the greens won't support the change because it makes carbon too cheap and the libs will block it because they're the libs. :p

Rudd's secret recipe is to present grand ideas as fait accompli while fudging over the detail. Then he rushes on to something new while it all turns to shit behind him.

The real saving grace for labor in bringing him back is that it cleared a lot of dysfunctionality from Cabinet and let them replace the proven spivs with some possible substance (Emily's listers excepted).

parabellum 21st Jul 2013 03:09

but I am still trying to figure out where it hurt me??? I didn't see it on a
pay slip....I didn't see it anywhere
Not had to pay an electricity bill recently Fliegs?

chuboy 21st Jul 2013 03:27

Originally Posted by parabellum (Post 7951817)
Not had to pay an electricity bill recently Fliegs?

Separate discussion altogether... carbon tax has little to do with it though it makes for a convenient scapegoat for the fat cats in charge of the power companies

chuboy 21st Jul 2013 03:28

Afghan asylum seekers in Indonesia say they will not travel to Australia after PNG deal - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Buster Hyman 21st Jul 2013 03:48

Recent company closures, possibly not reported on the ALPBC so you may not have seen it, may have some cause to blame the Carbon Tax...oh wait, no...it's these "fat cats" causing all the mayhem. Sorry, forgive me.

Well, I guess the only solution is a fully Socialist state where there's no fat cats...unless you're a card carrying ALP member of course. Is this what you're after Chuboy (I can wait for you to come back from Whirlpool if you like). This would show all those nasty capitalists who dare to be entrepreneurs & try to think beyond 4 year terms. We can all enjoy the wonderful benefits that our benevolent Leade, "The Rudd", will bestow upon us. Glory be to the Rudd!


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