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500N 19th Jul 2013 01:41

"I think the idea is the residents of PNG will eat them! Part of the food aid package."

I have corrected your post :O

Arabs would love it in PNG, put them in PM with the rascals
and see how they survive.

I do think the media is or some are slightly tempering or
having a joke with some of the articles.

500N 19th Jul 2013 03:02

Here we go.

And example on the front page of the Age.

"New poll shows Abbott-led Coalition would beat Labor. A Turnbull-led coalition would obliterate it."

7x7 19th Jul 2013 04:11

It could be a devilishly clever ruse on Krudd's part of convince the hopefuls that life back in Kabul/Karachi/Teheran wasn't so bad after all. When it comes to skulduggery and standover tactics, I think POM's raskol gangs could teach the Taliban a thing or two.

I can see a thriving second hand tinny market appearing from nowhere in Daru. The Fly River puk puks will be salivating.

500N 19th Jul 2013 04:16


It's a hell of a lot shorter boat trip from PNG !

But yes, plenty of tinnies already there and ready to go
and with a bit of cash thrown around, easy money for a
quick trip.

parabellum 19th Jul 2013 05:10

A least slipper only tried to get away with $1000
Yes, pales into insignificance when compared to what that other MP stole, what was his name? Craig Thompson was it?

7x7 19th Jul 2013 05:56

I think it's important to note that they culled charges over the many instances - and many thousands of dollars - where Slipper milked the system down to a few which were absolutely watertight and that he wouldn't be able to wriggle out of. The dodgy cab charges alone, let alone the many other instances, far, far exceeded the $900 they charged him with over improper spending.

Most of us are familiar with the outrageous rorting of expenses by British MPs - very few of which were ever dealt with. I have very little doubt that if someone did a thorough audit, our mob - on both sides of politics - would be right up there with their British counterparts.

Before Whitlam, the Libs at least had the good grace to be a bit circumspect about it. When Labor got in, they were like kids in a candy store and just couldn't keep it under the parapet as well as the Libs mostly managed to do.

It's only got worse - and more blatant - ever since, with Slipper taking it well beyond to the point where it even embarrassed most pollies. Quite a feat.

Slipper rorted 'only' $900? Give me a break.

Captain Sand Dune 19th Jul 2013 06:01

Would that be the same Craig Thompson who was too dodgy even for the ALP? Funny how he's now saying he wants the matter resolved as soon as possible now that it will be heard in front of a magistrate instead of a jury.
On a slightly different matter, is the Great Leader going to divulge how much the five-fold increase in the size of the Manus Island detention centre will cost? I'm sure the PNG government will be happy with the arrangement.

500N 19th Jul 2013 06:05

Maybe Rudd's visit to Indonesia did have an effect.

This can only be good, even if I am suspicious of the timing
of the announcement !

"Indonesia says it will tighten visa restrictions for visitors from Iran, in one of the first moves in the region aimed at stemming the flow of asylum seekers entering Australia via Indonesia. The Indonesian Minister for Law and Human Rights has signed a letter preventing people Iranian citizens entering Indonesia from obtaining a ''visa on arrival'' according to the ABC.
The visas can be bought at airports for about $25 and entitle people to stay in Indonesia for 30 days."

CoodaShooda 19th Jul 2013 06:31

Well he's certainly gained some concessions from Indonesia and PNG.

Sadly, we won't get to hear the cost of the deals but I don't expect it to be cheap.

Indonesia is also increasing its uptake of live cattle again.

With all the effort he's putting in, Rudd must get some things right.

It's all the other things he's doing, with their unintended consequences, that worry me.

Did I hear right in that Craig Thomson's lawyer managed to avoid the case going to the High Court by indicating that Thomson will not be contesting the charges?

Magistrates Court has a 5 year limit on sentences.

Perhaps the Magistrate could give him 5 years on each charge "to be served consecutively".

Parliament should also send him down for misleading it.

500N 19th Jul 2013 06:42

"but I don't expect it to be cheap."

I reckon this will be a flow on from the C-130's and Patrol Boats
for free instead of having to pay for them which was the original plan .

Wasn't that a Julia idea ??????

500N 19th Jul 2013 06:49

Well well well, look what Rudd has announced re AS
Look what Rudd has announced. He sure does want to negate
Abbott on this subject.

Would like to see the detail but this was all they had in the paper.

"Any asylum seeker who arrives in Australia by boat will have no chance of being settled in as a refugee, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced."

If he does that and it stops the boats coming, he could well win.

Andu 19th Jul 2013 06:52

As for Craig Thompson, it will all depend on which magistrate he gets, won't it?

CoodaShooda 19th Jul 2013 06:54

Listening to the news conference on radio n

Rudd is absolutely brilliant at the superficial level.

He's signed us up to a scheme that will probably cost the taxpayer even more than we are currently spending and snuff out what's left of PNGs social cohesion but he makes it sound very attractive to the bogan in the street.

SOPS 19th Jul 2013 06:58

I wonder how attractive it will sound to your average AS?

Ovation 19th Jul 2013 07:07

I firmly believe that Tony Abbott has values and morals that stand out like a beacon compared to the ALP leadership, and the best anybody can come up with is a bungled expense claim by a staff member?

For a lack of honesty start with the Centenary House scandal when the ALP rorted the taxpayer for multiple millions of dollars in a transaction that was not at "arm's length". The Labour government leased the property from the ALP for about 3 times the market rate. ALP Rort

Then we need to look at the No Carbon Tax Lie from former PM Gillard, and remind others of her deep involvement in the AWU Workplace Reform slush fund scandal with one of her then married boyfriends. And wasn't it Gillard that staunchly defended Craig Thomson in parliament? Honesty and morals missing here?

Then there's the former ALP National President Michael Williamson who was rorting the HSU and will surely go to jail sooner or later.
HSU Boss rorts

Who of the ALP diehards don't understand the role of dear leader Kevin in the Heiner Affair? He was the Chief of Staff for the QLD Premier and was involved in the unlawful destruction of evidence from the Heiner Inquiry.

Open your eyes - join the dots. See a pattern of dishonesty?

Andu 19th Jul 2013 07:15

Oh... my... God... Krudd ended the press conference with "We've got to zip."

Kevin says his new "plan" is going to be expensive. Now that's a real worry. We'll be paying through the nose for his grand plan for generations to come.

And there's about to be a huge market for second hand tinnies in Daru - a tinny is all they'll need to get to Thursday Island.

Predictably, Peter Van Alsoran is on Sky singing Rudd's praises to the high heavens. I can't believe they haven't looked at a map. At least, if they come via PNG, they won't be on the Australian public purse, but what will they have cost us in the meantime in brib... sorry, aid to PNG per head?

Now Krudd can safely call the election before Joe Public sees that this plan will be as empty in delivery as every other plan he's ever come up with. God help us all, there might just be enough fools out there who'll fall for it.

Any bests on Aug 31st?

Andu 19th Jul 2013 07:19

The ALPBC and the commercial networks will already be planning a string of "tear out your heartstrings" pieces showing poor, unfortunate asylum seekers (sub teenage females preferred) living in fear of the raskol gangs of Port Moresby.

7x7 19th Jul 2013 07:23

My guess is that the election will be called and held before one hammer hits one nail on a new building on Manus Island - and after the election is over, like all Rudd's previous promises, the plan to house 3000 there will be quietly shelved.

Watching Milne and Twodads currently on Sky. I can't help but feel that their howls of outrage over Rudd's new plan aren't part of the Labor Party script - and they know it and are happy to play along with it. Anything to keep the Libs on the Opposition benches.

Buster Hyman 19th Jul 2013 08:02

Would any true believer care to enlighten us as to the cost of Kevvy's latest re-election gimmick...sorry, get tough on asylum seekers deal? You guys are so on the ball with Abbotts expense claim, this one should be easy? Anyone?

Nobody? How about a comment on the return to Kevvy's "me too" policy directions?

SOPS 19th Jul 2013 08:05

I don't know if this PNG idea is a good one or a bad one, at least it is something I suppose. However, I will say this, as much as it hurts me to, I will say this for Rudd, in just a few weeks he has managed to do something about the AS problem (ignoring the argument about how successful it will be) when over a period of years all Juliar could do was blame TA and whine on.

I'm starting to worry that Krudd just might pull this election off.

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