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500N 10th Jul 2013 09:45


Yes, I can well imagine.

I travel widely in Melb and Oz plus other jobs (busting shoplifters !)
in the past plus Mil experience, I have seen most cultures first hand
and agree, some just reckon they are entitled.

Why can't they be like the Wogs (term of affection !) of the 50's, 60's, 70's and
80's who generally integrated, worked hard and generally fitted in and enriched
Melbournes Culture. Yes, you had a few bad one's but you do in all cultures
but most were good.

I am partially surrounded by them where I live, Western Suburbs.
I've ranged in various places of religion for future reference !!!

The fat lady Police Commissioner didn't help at all because she empowered them IMHO. Excuse the term I used but she really was a piece of work for someone who was supposed to "command". IMHO she needed to be charged with leaving her post but she didn't see it that was because she said she had delegated. So what ????

Anyway, rant over :O

porch monkey 10th Jul 2013 10:42

You think she was bad from the outside? Try working for her......:yuk:

SOPS 10th Jul 2013 13:19

With some of the people that are coming, I am deeply deeply worried about the future of our country. And I sincerely hope that SHY and the likes of her are held to account one day.

500N 10th Jul 2013 13:25

You have to be joking.

They fcuk everything up but take no responsibility and they will
say they were not in Gov't.

She was the anti thesis of everything I was taught about leadership.
God help you having to work for her.

7x7 11th Jul 2013 00:59

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

More evidence that people smugglers have expanded their customer base from the Middle East to Africa:

NAVY and Customs officers are concerned that people smugglers may have trialled a crewless boat after Border Protection Command was forced to rescue more than 100 Sudanese asylum-seekers in international waters who claimed they were put into the Java sea for Christmas Island with only a GPS to guide them.

There is no shortage of North Africans keen to join the procession to our welfare paradise, and there will be even more as Egypt collapses.

Note a couple of other details which shows how feeble Labor’s response is to what is clearly (what the Press Council says I cannot call) illegal immigration.

First, these boat people were rescued by Australia’s navy from an Indonesian boat in Indonesia’s search and rescue territory just 40 nautical miles off Java (and still 110 from Christmas Island). It was rescued as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was sitting with Indonesia’s President Yudhoyono, offering him another $60 million in aid. Yet Indonesia’s navy did not intercept the boat and Rudd did not ask Yudhoyono - as he offered him millions in aid - whether Indonesia in exchange could at least take back the boat people we were at that moment picking up.


Tired of waiting for permission to emigrate to Australia? Can’t meet the entry requirements? Can’t prove you’re employable?

Never mind! There is now a wide open door out the back:

Senator Carr said asylum seeker numbers had spiked and 20 per cent of Australia’s immigrants now arrive courtesy of people smugglers.
How long before the first bulk carrier carrying a couple of thousand Syrians to pulls up in Fremantle Harbour?

500N 11th Jul 2013 01:03

WTF are we doing "First, these boat people were rescued by Australia’s navy from an Indonesian boat in Indonesia’s search and rescue territory just 40 nautical miles off Java (and still 110 from Christmas Island)."

Haven't we got enough coast and sea to cover already without
taking over Indonesia's area ?

sisemen 11th Jul 2013 02:58

This morning on ABC 720 Perth - Jenny :yuk::yuk: Macklin extolling the "benefits" of the Disability Scheme:

"We have already opened offices in x, y, z etc and, as soon as WA signs up offices will be opened here as well"

So the money is being spent on bureaucracy eh Jenny?

"The places I have just mentioned are not a 'trial' - this is the beginning of the rollout"

So how come the statements from your government say that the scheme starts in 2018?

"While people over 65 are not covered they will have their needs taken care of either through the medicare or the aged care system"

So why do we need a separate scheme when the present schemes appear to cater for present circumstances? Not about creating more bureaucracy and Federal control is it Jenny?

Questions that I would have asked had I not been driving:

"You still on speaking terms with Gillard Jenny??"

"Why do you seem to be the worst offender, even worse that Gillard, at pronouncing t's as d's?

"Why do you look like one of those scary dolls in horror movies?"

Andu 11th Jul 2013 03:39

He was given a pretty soft ride by the MSM, and allowed to duck the one question that should have embarrassed him - Trish Crossin's (but no mention of Simon Crean's) taxpayer-funded holiday.

It saddens me to say it, but he could pull this off. The one huge plus he has going for him, despite how bad he was during his earlier time as PM, is that he isn't Julia Gillard. I for one would not have been able to sit through Gillard making the speech he just made, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

Am I the only one to notice how often he slips in the phrase "when I was Prime Minister" at every opportunity?

'Flim flam' is the phrase that comes to mind.

500N 11th Jul 2013 04:22

"It saddens me to say it, but he could pull this off."

I also hate to say it but he might just do it.

Worrals in the wilds 11th Jul 2013 04:57

I can tell you for certain that the offenders were from a culture that has little respect for anyone in uniform and one, who via our generous welfare system, had an overblown sense of self entitlement . Ambulance in Victoria is free to pensioners, low income earners and refugees. The mother of the aggressors had a laceration to her elbow , not her head as reported, was ambulant and perfectly capable of being driven to a nearby hospital by the same thugs who managed to pile out of a vehicle and threaten the paramedics concerned.
Yeah, fair enough. Thanks for the info. I've long thought ambos should be armed with non-lethal weapons (tasers and cap spray) which would dissuade vicious speed freaks and the above sorts of ferals treating paramedics like punching bags. I know a lot of paramedics don't agree with being armed and of course it's their choice not mine, but IMO it's better to be able to fight back on superior terms if required.

IIRC One of the reasons Queensland went to a 'free' ambulance service for all (acutally paid for via electricity bills, Beattie introduced it) was because ambos were copping a lot of aggro from feral people who didn't deserve an emergency response service. There was also a lot of argy-bargy about what constituted an emergency. They weren't from That Group, either; the locals are quite capable of acting like chimpanzees as anyone who spends time in a night club precinct is well aware of. :(

We actually don't have many of Them in SEQ, which I admit may give me a rosy view about immigrants. Most of our ME Queenslanders are Iranians and Afghans, who don't seem to have the same level of aggro and sense of entitlement. Also, the coppers never gave them the leeway that ME immigrants got in Sydney and Melbourne.

The fat lady Police Commissioner didn't help at all because she empowered them IMHO.
If a criminal group (whether ethnic or otherwise) gets the idea that they're above the law they'll start behaving badly. I'm not calling every member of that ethnic group a crim because they aren't, any more than every guy with a Harley and a beard is an OMCG member. However, there are distinct criminal groups within Sydney and Melbourne from that enthnic group, and by hamstringing their police services in the name of PC (and voters in key seats :yuk:) both state governments allowed them to flourish throughout the 1990s-2000s. If the Vietnamese crims, the Triads and the Mafia had been given the same immunity they would have also become a problem. They weren't (by and large) and criminals from those groups were targeted by law enforcment without fear or favour.

They've created a massive rod for their own backs, because they're now stuck with a generation of young crims who think they're seven foot tall and bullet proof. Of course people who think they're bullet proof can be quickly dissillusioned, but it requires a certain amount of lawless law enforcement (1970s style) that's very politically unfashionable at the moment :suspect:.

500N 11th Jul 2013 05:07

A good example was the Carlton Mafia. OK, they were killing each other
every so often and even though the police investigated no one was too
concerned UNTIL they did one in broad daylight at a Sunday kids soccer

Then all hell broke lose and they felt the full force of the law.

Even Broady (Broadmeadows, Northern suburb of Melbourne)
at it's worst in the 70's and 80's (and maybe 90's) was ruled
hard and fast by the coppers, don't take shyte and even though
you had a bad lot in there, they were kept under control.

Even the Vietnamese, Chinese, etc know don't take on the cops
as it just attracts heat they don't like. The current ethnic mob
we are talking about couldn't give a shyte.

Re "lawless" law enforcement, sometimes a clip across the ear
or a smack or two pulled on hell of a lot of roudy kids into
line in the past, now they know the cops can't legally touch

As you say, just look at the nightclub district / Kings Way
- or wherever it is nowadays !!!

Ovation 11th Jul 2013 06:25

It saddens me to say it, but he could pull this off.
While Rudd might be having a wonderful honeymoon and the MSM are fawning over him, the inescapable fact is there are too many seats that will go against the ALP on 14/09 or whatever the date might be. The seats held by Oakshott and Windsor will almost certainly change to LNP, as should the seat held by the brothel frequenting Craig Thomson. There's enough to change government alone.

Add to this those marginal seats where the sitting member has retired and the advantage of incumbency has been lost - there would have to be 2-3 seats there. Then, there are a couple of extremely marginal seats that will fall to the LNP with just a slight swing, so I sincerely doubt the ALP will be the next government.

Which brings me to the point I want to make.

The change to Rudd has absolutely nothing to do with the Lower House - they know they're finished so it's all about control of the Senate. The electorate will vote more along party lines rather than on local electorate issues, and the ALP would have lost control of the Upper House had Gillard led them to a glorious electoral defeat.

With Rudd and his "presidential" persona they may just keep control and that's the one and only reason he's there. Once they get past the election, Rudd will be given the heave ho once again.

500N 11th Jul 2013 06:33

I must admit I keep forgetting we had a hung type Parliament.

As long as the Greens get kicked in the teeth and lose seats
and don't have any power left, I will be happy.

Andu 11th Jul 2013 08:19

I think you're on the money, Ovation. However, I also believe he'll manage to rescue a number of Lower House seats that were total lost causes under JEG.

He seems to appeal to that 'Jack's as good as his master' gene in all too many Australians, an innate 'if a nerd like that could be PM, maybe I could if I put my mind to it'. (Very similar to that trait that any airline pilot would be familiar with when a least a dozen times in his/her life, he meets someone at a social occasion who tells him that HE would have been an airline pilot 'if things [too numerous to mention] had been different'.)

I watched most of the 61 minutes of his performance (the only word that comes to mind) today at the Press Club. He didn't say a bloody thing - but sounded OH SO GOOD saying it. And the MSM let him get away with it, laughing dutifully, (no, not dutifully, eagerly and very enthusiastically), at the repeated barbs directed at Tony Abbott.

What will be most interesting will be the "tell all" books, some undoubtedly already underway, from both the Rudd and Gillard camps, telling very, very different stories about what "really" happened in both topplings and behind the scenes in each regime.

Worrals in the wilds 11th Jul 2013 08:23

Ovation, agree re sandbagging the Senate. I'm personally amazed at the way the polls have bounced back post-Rudd; much as I detest him as a pollie he certainly has public appeal. Or... maybe just more appeal than Gillard. I've heard many people say that they want to support Labor but didn't feel they could under Gillard.

I don't think the Coalition are particularly popular with traditional Labor voters, far from it. There are many reasons for this; some people dislike Abbott. Others (myself included) don't mind Abbott but detest the Libs' connections to Big Business and their obvious influence on IR policy.

Likewise the ALP are not popular with traditional Coalition voters, and for good reason. The mining tax, the imaginary class warfare drummed up by Swan and McTernan (an unelected, foreign advisor) et al and their failure to protect the borders have disgusted many people, and rightly so.

All I hope is that we don't end up with another stalemate government ruled by crazy and/or self interested independents. I'd rather see Abbott and Co win outright than three more years of that. If that happens and Labor retain the Senate then at least the lower house will be fettered. Recent history suggests that neither side do well when they have control of both houses; it's like giving a kid their very own McDonalds restaurant.

On a random note, RIP to a notable Queenslander and Brisbane legend. Eddie Liu's funeral was so well attended that they had to hold it at Brisbane City Hall. Even when I was young (not that long ago, thanks for asking :}) it was unusual to see Chinese people in Brisbane. He never let that bother him.

With so much discussion about immigrants and their place in Australia, I think it's important to remember the many, many success stories. Liu was high profile, but many other foreign looking people with strange eating habits have come to Australia with nothing and succeeded, to the benefit of both themselves and the community. I think we need to remember that, and support the people who want to succeed, even if at first they don't seem obviously Australian.

Eddie Liu Funeral Marks Life Of 'Trailblazer'

TWT 11th Jul 2013 09:35


sisemen 11th Jul 2013 09:41

but many other foreign looking people with strange eating habits have come to Australia with nothing and succeeded, to the benefit of both themselves and the community.
That's because they kept and nurtured their cultural differences but joined in and accepted the culture and ethos of Australia with open arms. Unlike the mob whose religion cannot be mentioned (not all of 'em).

Takan Inchovit 11th Jul 2013 09:47

Forgive me TWT, I just had to save that image. :D public appeel indeed.

sisemen 11th Jul 2013 09:54



Worrals in the wilds 11th Jul 2013 10:46

Unlike the mob whose religion cannot be mentioned (not all of 'em).
Correct. Separate the crims from the decent people, hunt down the crims and the problem goes away. The problem is not Muslims. The problem isn't even Lebs (there, someone's said it :ouch:). The problem is crims, and a law enforcement system that allegedly has not been able to deal with them due to political influence on the two relevant police services.

No pollie wants to say that, because whatever side of the house they skank around in, they're part of the problem. Either they pushed it or they allowed it. Either way, it was politically expedient at the time, otherwise it wouldn't have happened. :bored:

Imagine (G'day Caco :E) that bikies were an identifiable ethnic group, rather than a bunch of dudes with beards and bikes. Imagine that certain members of the said bikies' ethnic group engaged in criminal activities like drug smuggling, illegal firearms trade and standover rackets (say it ain't so :}).

Imagine then, that instead of police and government identifying key members of the OMCGs as the crims they are and committing to hunting them down and locking them up without unfairly targeting law abiding individuals with bikes, beards and tatts (of which there are many) the government/ police instead issued huggy fluff statements about rights and how we should be accepting and welcoming to all members of the community. Imagine then that when the community correctly gave them flak for letting criminals run riot, the government/police accused the community of being wasists who unfairly hate men with beards and motorcycles. :ugh:

This is how ridiculous it is. Some members of an ethnic minority are crims. This does not make all members of that minority crims and nor should anyone think that way. However, those who are crims should be hunted down and dealt with, yeah? Like all crims? :confused: Why is this so hard??

Why? Becuase it got Political, and said ethnic minority is a bit shy when it comes to giving up the guilty :hmm:. That's not a new thing but it shouldn't be encouraged. IMO it's about time they stand up and be counted.

As the Irish, the Italians, the Viets and the Romanian communities (among others) have learned the hard way, there comes a time when the immigrant group has to choose whether to hide the minority crims in the interest of ethnic solidarity, or support the greater majority in the interests of law enforcement. This is when the question arises; are you an Australian or not?

Of course, this is not purely an ethnic problem. Many person has wrestled with their concsience when it comes to a wayward relative. Do you call the coppers or let them be? How many people are they hurting with their drug habit and suspicious source of income? Crime is not the sole perogative of the Lebs. There are plenty of Anglo Saxon drug traffickers, rapists, thieves and standover men out there. They also have families and communities, and all to frequently those families and communities leave them to their activities without standing up and being counted. However, it's not as newsworthy. The papers can't make race mileage out of it.

Here's a story from the Good Ol' Days, back when Aussies were white, men were men and sheep were scared. The good ol' days before we had immigrants and women were safe. Yeah, right.

The Lebs didn't bring to Australia the concepts of gang rape or community fear/inaction. These things were here long before they arrived. :yuk::yuk: Many witnesses saw these women in distress, and still left them to die. If you want to call the Leb community wussy go ahead (you'd be right) but remember it's not exclusive. The good people of Toowoomba were just as bad, and these two women were left just as dead. :mad:
'Putrid pool of miscreants' probably killed nurses: coroner | Toowoomba Chronicle


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