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sisemen 2nd Jul 2013 09:12

He is great Australian

There doesn't appear to be anything in his CV which would mark him down as "great". So he's the first muslim elected to the Australian parliament - so what. That doesn't make him "great". In fact I defy anyone to sift through his CV and find something that puts him into that exalted class.

Or perhaps this is another example of the "true believers" grasping like drowning men to any piece of positive news about their shambolic, incompetent and Machiavellian reign.

Edham Nurredin Husic (born 3 February 1970), Australian federal politician, is a member of the Australian House of Representatives, elected to represent the seat of Chifley in western Sydney for the Australian Labor Party at the 2010 federal election. Husic was raised in Western Sydney and attended Blacktown South Public School and Mitchell High School. Husic completed a BA (Applied Communications) being amongst the initial wave of students to graduate from the University of Western Sydney

Husic comes from a Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) family, and often describes himself as a Muslim who doesn't involve himself with the activities that are part of the faith.[1] His family background has gained media attention at various times, most notably when he stood as a candidate for Greenway at the 2004 federal election. He is the first Muslim to be elected to federal parliament

In the 1990s, Husic worked as a research officer for the Member for Chifley, Roger Price.[4] Husic was first elected as a Branch Organiser in 1997. In 1998, he was elected as Vice-President of the Communications Division of the AWU. From 1999 to 2003, Husic worked for Integral Energy, as a Communications Manager.[5] In July 2006, he became the Secretary of the Communications Division of the CEPU.[6] Husic was the National President of the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union of Australia (CEPU) and was the Divisional Secretary of the AWU (Communications Division), prior to being elected to federal parliament

Husic unsuccessfully contested the federal seat of Greenway at the 2004 federal election,[6] representing the Labor Party. Husic lost to Liberal candidate Louise Markus. Following the decision by Roger Price not to run for re-election, Husic contested and won the safe Labor seat of Chifley in 2010.[1][2][8]
When Kevin Rudd announced the Second Rudd Ministry in 2013, Husic became the first Muslim sworn on to the Australian federal government frontbench, taking his oath on the Koran

All freely nicked from Wiki.

Flying Binghi 2nd Jul 2013 09:32

So he's the first muslim elected to the Australian parliament - so what...

When we get an elected female holding up that koran, then we gots a newsworthy event..:)


Captain Sand Dune 2nd Jul 2013 09:42

They're baaaaack!!

CoodaShooda 2nd Jul 2013 09:53

Yes Cap'n. There must be an election in the offing.

Worrals in the wilds 2nd Jul 2013 10:04

Or a faint hope. :}

owen meaney 2nd Jul 2013 11:06

Na Worrels, would say the fight is on.

Worrals in the wilds 2nd Jul 2013 11:27

True. At least there's a fight though; while well deserved the Qld wipeout hasn't been good for either side.

On the Opposition sofa (it's not big enough to be called the bench :}) are a small group of people desperately trying to hold the fort and make as much noise as seven people can, while on the government's side of the House there's a huge rabble of also rans, amateurs and outright spivs who wouldn't have seen the light of day in a normal election but this time around managed to crawl out of the swamp and add an undeserved 'Honourable Minister For' to their title. Driscoll, Flegg and Bates; here's looking at you, kids. :ugh:

There are also some good LNP MPs (and I don't mind Newman, despite the jackboots and aggro; Seeney should go back to stringing banjos or whatever he used to do for a living) but all too often they're drowned out by white noise and petty little nest featherers who aren't even any good at running rackets. :bored:

Flying Binghi 2nd Jul 2013 11:46

Hmmm... now who would try and stir up sumthin like a (media/blog) race riot..:hmm:

"...one poster calling themselves Dinki Di Sheila..."

Heh, now that must be one really really genuine poster because she's dinky di..:rolleyes:

Husic defends taking oath on Koran | News.com.au


Worrals in the wilds 2nd Jul 2013 12:57

For sure.
In answer to your previous question, my view would be probably a bit of both.

Having experience both viewing and looking after public Facebook sites, they sure attract a lot of weirdos. There are some very trolly people out there, and as an MP I'm sure Husic gets his fair share. I helped administrate a very benign FB page, but we still got some crazy, hate filled posters.

I have no doubt that some of the anti Muslim stuff on Husic's page is genuine, ie people posting what they think. However, as you suggest some of it is probably counter-insurgent stirring. Brave New World with a new media outlet; people are going to milk it both ways. If it turns out that some of the comments were from Islamist groups pretending to be anti Muslim supporters I'd not be surprised. However, I'd expect that some of them are genuinely hateful.

As pointed out on The Project, Gillard took her oath on a Bible despite being a self proclaimed athiest :uhoh:. Maybe they should all take an Affirmation rather than an Oath and leave God out of it. The whole idea of swearing on a religious document is very old-fashioned and personally, I won't do it. I'm basically religious, but that's got nothing to do with whether I tell the truth or not. Every major religion has its priests/mullahs/sharmans etc who are proven liars; IMO the connection between truth and religious belief is boringly irrelevant and legally dodgy. :zzz:

Here's an alternative:
I swear to tell the truth, act in the best interests of the Commonwealth of Australia and its citizens rather than my grotty little self and not bull:mad: people, lie my arse off and feather my own nest. If I do so, I accept that they will prosecute my sorry, self-interested self-serving arse for perjury, lying and Being Yet Another Disappointing Sack of Shite.

For this, my recompense will be a cushy salary/super plan, contacts for life, a Qantas Chairman's Club/Virgin We're Trying Our Best To Be Classy Club membership and all the top shelf whisky/rum I can drink anywhere I go. Also, I'll get ready access to all the good restaurants without making a reservation.

I swear that by the almighty power of What Everybody Knows, Because They Know a Bloke. :cool:

It could work...:}

sisemen 2nd Jul 2013 16:05

Today's Fairy Story Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.....

Julia Gillard suffered a turbulent reign as prime minister because many Australians could not handle seeing a women in authority, departing crossbench MP Rob Oakeshott says.

The NSW independent says it's disingenuous to suggest Ms Gillard did not experience greater scrutiny because of her gender.

"I'm not a gender politics expert, but it was there and no one can deny it," Mr Oakeshott told reporters in Sydney on Tuesday.

Speaking at the launch of a book charting Ms Gillard's troubled three years as prime minister, Mr Oakeshott said the 43rd parliament had shone a light on Australian attitudes to gender.

"One of many issues was how we deal with women in authority," he said.

"I think many Australians couldn't handle it."

RJM 2nd Jul 2013 16:13

As if there weren't plenty of other reasons to ditch Gillard.

Oakeshotte should admit the real reason he's not standing again - he doesn't want the ignominy of attracting almost no votes.

500N 2nd Jul 2013 16:43

I think Julia for a pretty good run early on,
both as Deputy and as PM.

Once she started making stupid decisions and
bringing in stupid policies or making stupid statements,
that's when she lost people, not because she was a woman.

OK, maybe she did "experience greater scrutiny",
so, get over it, HTFU and get on with it.

Flying Binghi 2nd Jul 2013 21:47

via Worrals in the wilds:
...Gillard took her oath on a Bible despite being a self proclaimed athiest...
Hmmm... you'd have to admit though that in Australia an athiest doing that is a non issue. There was no need for Gilard to use a bible, coulda done the affirmation without it.

Husic says he is non practicing so why use a koran? He didn't have to use any 'holy' book.... unless he was just trying to create an opportunity to do an Abbott Abbott Abbott..:hmm:

...anyway, moving on from covering the usual labor grime, lets have a look at the loopy:
Fairfax reports that Mr Fraser will will campaign with Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who is competing against the Liberal Party for the sixth and last Senate spot in South Australia.

Malcolm Fraser to campaign with Greens | News.com.au


owen meaney 2nd Jul 2013 22:54

Worrals, is very important in the Westminster system to have a strong opposition to the government.
At the very least Rudd will provide that in the next federal parliament.

500N 2nd Jul 2013 22:59

Got to love the article in the Age today re Rudd.

Showman taps into beat but still prone to hitting odd notes

"After years of coyly playing the wallflower in the beauty pageant that is Australian politics, personality has nudged aside policy as the way to the electorate's heart.

How else can Kevin Rudd's amazing 16 per cent rise in popularity be interpreted?

Just four days after his showman vanquished Julia Gillard's statesperson, Rudd's 16 per cent opinion poll return as preferred prime minister over her
was surely the victory of showbiz over management or mismanagement."

"wonders how long the Rudd sheen can last. ''The polls certainly found their favourite but listening to Kevin Rudd in recent days, his strange way with words, suggests it's still the same old bloke who fell from favour three years back,'' she said."

I'll leave you to read the rest.

Worrals in the wilds 2nd Jul 2013 23:28

Senator Hanson-Young and Mr Fraser will co-host a sold-out public question and answer forum at an inner-city Adelaide cinema on Saturday afternoon.
Wow, that's just weird. :eek:
I see Oakshott's getting pouty in 500N's article, too. :bored: To quote him; "In just four days, the polls showed a personality change can be a game changer, not policy. What does it say about the place of policy in Australia? There's now apparently little place for policy".

That's because we all know you pollies all just make it up for the nightly news and then backtrack on it. Now hurry up and go away. I am so sick of him carrying on like he's some sort of King/Queenmaker.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 3rd Jul 2013 05:44

Maybe this will help people understand policy better?

MinusIQ | The pill to lower your IQ permanently - YouTube

500N 3rd Jul 2013 05:50

Mr Fraser, a farmer, campaigning for the Greens.

The mind boggles.

Agree with the comment above re strong opposition,
I hope the Greens lose out big time in this election.

Andu 3rd Jul 2013 07:16

The topic of the day on talkback radio has been the election date, with the majority of callers believing Kevni will string it out to November so he can wear the mantle for as long as possible.

2GB played part of his speech at the US Embassy at the 4th of July celebration. It was ubercringeworthy, even on the Rudd scale, with Rudd trying to be funny while slipping in 'Prime Minister' when referring to himself as if he just had to remind everyone there that that's what is is again.

I never thought I'd find myself saying it, but I miss Jools. She was just embarrassing with the way she mangled the English language. Krudd is cringeworthy in the extreme in the way he demands the world should take him seriously.

Respect is earned Kevni - you can't demand it. And you're yet to earn it from anyone with an IQ above the current winter temperatures.

Captain Sand Dune 3rd Jul 2013 08:13

Julia Gillard suffered a turbulent reign as prime minister because many Australians could not handle seeing a women in authority, departing crossbench MP Rob Oakeshott says.
Oh FFS, why does the fool even bother!:mad:
So when Julair sacked Trish McCrossan was it because she couldn't handle another woman in authority?:hmm:
Gee, we're so intolerant of women in authority aren't we Rob? So much so that we have two female state governors an a female governor general. :hmm:
And having a female queen is really grating on our nerves too, isn't it?
Obviously Rob is not aware of the saying that it is better to keep quiet and have people think you're a fool, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.
Speaking of which, Krudd can do that in Chinese too!!

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