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CoodaShooda 13th Apr 2012 04:12

ABC TV has run an interview with a Greens state MP who said the party has been discussing Bob's future for several months.

Nothing like running on an "open and honest government" ticket. :ugh:

I feel sympathy for whoever follows this labor/greens parody of a government into power.

It's likely to take a very long time before the electorate regains any form of grudging respect for what is a very important social institution.

MTOW 13th Apr 2012 04:54

Am i the only one who thinks that after the "Fellow Earthians" speech, (if not before) BB was given the option by his Green fellow travellers: resign of "be resigned"?

Clare Prop 13th Apr 2012 06:27

I think he took the whole Green thing a bit too far when he started talking about the Little Green Men.
Better the devil you know? At least for all his whacky ideas he stood by what he stood for instead of lying and spinning his way through each day.

Takan Inchovit 13th Apr 2012 08:02

I'd have preferred to see Brown thrown out, but this will have to do. Next Please! :E

Worrals in the wilds 13th Apr 2012 08:57

Julia dumped the carbon tax, then resigned?
I don't think she's the resigning type, more the 'kicking, screaming and hanging on to the furniture' type of pollie. Could be wrong, of course.

At least for all his whacky ideas he stood by what he stood for instead of lying and spinning his way through each day.
I agree with that. Complete whackjob, but what you see is what you get. I think that was a big part of the appeal to the disgruntled Labor Left who have been voting Green in increasing numbers. It will be interesting to see how the Greens go without him, because he's been the party's major public face; if you think of The Greens you immediately think Bob Brown. When you see some of the other members in action the reason for that is obvious, particularly the gobby ones. :ooh: Bob's always been there and he's undoubtedly their biggest star.
History | Australian Greens

I don't know how much control he had behind the scenes, but whether they can retain their moderate supporters without him remains to be seen. If they let Hanson Young et al off the leash too often, even the most disgruntled Labor left are going to get a bit :eek:. The Greens current manifesto is a heck of a lot tamer than what they advocated in the 1990s and it's still the same people. They've just got a bit more savvy about what they put on the website.

clay ramback 13th Apr 2012 11:40

I was trying to figure out something positive about Bob Brown and then it came to me - he is responsible for destroying the ALP brand.

Maybe he's not such a loony after all.

MTOW 13th Apr 2012 19:49

Christine Milne has a nasal whine that's almost as annoying the the Great Leader's. Mad as a cut snake, but not even in the same paddock as "SHY" for fingernails on the blackboard annoyingnesss. I'd love to see "SHY" let loose as Big Green One. Give here three months rabbiting on about welcoming all the poor and oppressed from eery country other than Australia and and she'd send all but the absolutely loopiest running so far from the Greens, they wouldn't even be able to field one person at each booth to hand out how to vote cards.

tinpis 13th Apr 2012 22:17

The Greens? Um....remember the Democrats?

CoodaShooda 14th Apr 2012 00:30

At least for all his whacky ideas he stood by what he stood for instead of lying and spinning his way through each day.
You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time......................

The guy was a grandstanding hypocrite when it came to principles.

Just another politician who briefly held more power than he deserved.

Fliegenmong 14th Apr 2012 00:43

Bob Brown......it was like he was there, and suddenly 'Poof'.....he's gone:E

parabellum 14th Apr 2012 01:30

Nice one Fliegs!:ok:

More seriously, could it be that an insider has told BB that the Thomson affair is about to explode resulting in a General Election within months, if not weeks, so BB decided to go at his own pace, rather than as the leader of a failed and defeated party?

Worrals in the wilds 14th Apr 2012 03:52

Nice work as always! :ok:

eagle 86 14th Apr 2012 04:38

BB was the "greenest" of the current greens - you will now see something that is very close to an elected communist party. Whilst I'd like to think those that predict the demise of the greens as a political force are correct I'm afraid there are enough Australians who still believe they are going to save the world environmentally - they don't need many votes to gain/maintain seats in the Senate. I believe they will still hold the balance of power in that place despite what may happen in the HofR after the next election. My prediction - a double dissolution in early '15.

Takan Inchovit 14th Apr 2012 08:26

Perhaps "Green" will now get a 'little Brown around the edges'.

Worrals in the wilds 14th Apr 2012 10:19

BB was the "greenest" of the current greens - you will now see something that is very close to an elected communist party.
That may well happen. If Hanson Young and co had the guts to call themselves the Australian Communist Party at least that would be honourable. Of course no-one would vote for them...:\

Over the past thirty years or so, many green groups worldwide have been very good at pushing a far left political agenda under the guise of 'green'. Of course 'green' is far more palatable to the average punter than communism. Lots of reasonable people support 'green'. The sort of people who care about koalas and buy organic carrots like The Greens because they purport to be concerned about the environment. So do idealistic teenagers (and we've all been one :\) who think the world would be great if it worked like it was supposed to. :}

I don't think there's any doubt that whatever his politics, Bob Brown is an ardent environmentalist, but the rest of the party (particularly the strident ones)? Dunno. :confused:

Their recent media statements and policy have been big on the socialism, without a lot about the koalas or the carrots. One suspects that like a lot of 'green' groups, the koalas and carrots are primarily to get reasonable people involved to pay dues, cast votes and generally support the party. Whether the party's actual agenda matches up with their itinerant voters' expectations is questionable, because it's only when you get heavily involved with these sort of groups that the actual agenda becomes apparent.

The average koala lover doesn't get heavily involved. They vote Green and feel proud about it, because they buy the surface spin that a vote for the Greens is 1. a vote for the environment and 2. a vote against the dysfunctional ALP that has managed to alienate both left and right wing supporters at the same time. :} They don't generally look further than the slogans, because most voters don't spend too much time thinking about who (or what) they're voting for.

I know of activist organizations (not necessarily green) that were started by concerned individuals to advocate a cause, only to be infested by barrow-pushing self promoters with a completely different agenda. Before too long the original activists were sidelined or dissillusioned and left, and the organization continued on a different path but ostensibly pusing the original cause. :uhoh:

There are also activist organizations that are set up as a front from the start. I don't know any of those but militant groups across the spectrum from the WSPU to the IRA were experts at it. It's a technique that's as old as insurgency.

With The Greens, I don't know whether the primary agenda started as green and then got hijacked by far lefties or whether the far lefties started the 'green' thing to gain legitimacy. What I do suspect is that either way, the party has less to do with 'green' and more to do with 'red' than their organic carrot buying supporters would like to believe. I think that one way or another, their true agenda will become more apparent in the coming months.

The trouble with koala loving organic carrot buyers is that they tend to be idealists who think the best of everyone. After the koalas get ignored and the carrots get appropriated, they're left standing around saying 'What went wrong? Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was nice'? :\:eek:

parabellum 14th Apr 2012 12:33

The original Greens in UK were heavy on environmental issues, like waste dumping, erosion of green belt land etc. but never went near organic food issues etc. then they went down the 'Ban the Bomb' route and the anti nuclear route and after that I knew they were all completely nuts!

RJM 14th Apr 2012 15:30

They wear green hats, but the Greens' strongest suit is the acquisition political power by fishing outside the mainstream. They find policies - often extreme ones - that neither Labor nor Liberal will defend, thereby gathering an army of extremists. As Worrals has pointed out, unthinking koala lovers vote for this crowd, they achieve the balance of power and bang - we have a climate tax and so on.

It's in everyone's interest to have stable, steady government. Change can be very costly if it occurs too quickly - and at a political scale there is plenty of time. Evolution rather than revolution is not a recipe for stagnation but safe, steady progress.

It's been put this way: "The Greens' objectives involve a radical transformation of the culture that underpins Western civilisation and their agenda threatens the Judeo-Christian/Enlightenment synthesis that upholds the autonomy of individual lives as well as the economic system that has resulted in the creation of wealth and prosperity for the most people in human history."

MTOW 14th Apr 2012 18:56

Worrals, have you thought of submitting your last post to 'The Australian' or (just joking) 'The Sydney Morning Herald'/'Age'?

I see that the findings of the case against Craig Thompson are now out on the WWW. If those findings aren't sufficient for the DPP to undertake a case against him, I'd be interested to see what is required before they'll make a move - a signed and witnessed confession with video/audio tape included?

On the up side, he (or his then wife) has, almost single-handedly, kept the Australian domestic aviation industry afloat, if on his union membership's money.

Andu 15th Apr 2012 00:37

MP Craig Thomson won't talk to cops over HSU scandal | thetelegraph.com.au

LABOR MP Craig Thomson has confirmed he has refused to be interviewed by the NSW Police Strike Force Carnarvon over allegations of corruption at the HSU East branch.

The besieged former union official - accused of misusing union credit cards to visit prostitutes and to withdraw $100,000 over a five year period - told The Sunday Telegraph last night that he had made the decision on legal advice.

Mr Thomson, who has repeatedly denied using union funds to visit prostitutes, stressed that the investigation by NSW police did not involve the arm of the union he was directly involved in or the allegations involving himself.
I keep imagining how I would fare if a couple of wallopers appeared at my door and I decided "to refuse to be interviewed".

If the lady (Christina Thompson) who racked up all the Qantas frequent flyer points on the HSU credit card is his ex-wife, I can see why he traded her in on a new model - his grounds for divorce could have been desertion. She was never home.

sisemen 15th Apr 2012 10:11

"We asked them for areas they wanted to ask me about and they declined to do so. On that basis we declined to talk to them," Mr Thomson said last night.
So, if the wallopers "declined" to tell him what areas they wanted to talk about then how can he make a statement that

that the investigation by NSW police did not involve the arm of the union he was directly involved in or the allegations involving himself.

Meantime, with nary a word from the ratbag at the top of this worm ridden pyramid other than to express her continuing support for this particular worm, the public perception of a government which exists merely to keep their salaries flowing is strengthened.

Surely any pretence that Gillard (in my mind I spit that word out much the same as the left used to spit out the name Thatcher) has any moral compass and any ethics as understood by the majority of us is now over and just adds more power to the swing of the baseball bat.

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