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chute packer 25th Jun 2013 01:10

I could never figure out why, if you are a legit immigrant, access to Government freebies is banned for 2 (3?) years and yet, if you pitch up without papers on a rickety boat, the largesse starts flowing immediately and continues without interruption.
Unless you're a Kiwi and then it never starts no matter how long you're here for. Have to pay the levy for the NDIS but cant access it, maybe we could claim our bit back in our tax returns?

Andu 25th Jun 2013 01:27

Re post 6269: I can't help but think that Eileen will be labelled Madame Defarge by many commentators for the rest of the election campaign.

7x7 25th Jun 2013 01:52

Talkback radio this morning was interesting in that a large number of callers were ringing in with almost the same message: "It's important that we have a strong opposition."

Blind Freddie would be forgiven for suspecting that this is Labor's new election catch phrase. To paraphrase, their message seems to be: "They (the Libs) are going to win, so maybe you should still vote Labor so they don't win by too big a margin and ride roughshod over all your rights."

There are idiots out there who'll fall for such a line. The message to Labor Pardee HQ needs to be clear and unmistakable - you ALL stink to high heaven - and the only way that message can be rammed down their collective throats is by a huge defeat at the polls. Hopefully, if the message is clear enough, they will replace each and every one of the current lot of incompetents and crooks and put in a new lot who haven't yet learned as many tricks of the trade as this lot have.

John Eacott 25th Jun 2013 01:56

Oh dear: I laughed :p

500N 25th Jun 2013 02:01


That is very good.

500N 25th Jun 2013 02:10

And now we have arguments over whether it is a good look for
the PM or not :ugh:

Julia Gillard Knitting|Australian Women's Weekly

Flying Binghi 25th Jun 2013 03:22

The politics of the ABC will come under ever more scrutiny...

"The path for ABC coverage for climate heretics is paved with broken glass.

Thereís no doubt that ABC has a problem when it comes to fair and balanced reporting on the issue of climate change. Around this time last year the ABC gave two prominent Australian climate researchers almost carte blanche access to its radio, TV and online networks to spruik a paper they had written that claimed recent temperatures in Australia were the warmist in a 1000 years. Researchers David Karoly and Joelle Gergis scored almost blanket coverage on ABCís AM, Radio Nationalís Breakfast Program, Radio Australia, ABC TV news, The Science Show. If was even tweeted by ABC Local Radio and was featured on ABCís online website. None of these articles featured criticism from independent experts.

Gergis and Karolyís paper was short lived. Online climate sceptics lead by Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit found methodological problems with the work, and the paper was subsequently withdrawn from publication to the embarrassment of the authors. The paperís withdrawal was covered by News Limited and Fairfax press but was not covered by the ABC. The only mention by ABC was a brief editorial comment posted at the end of online articles. To our knowledge no formal correction was broadcast on ABC radio or TV.
For those who agree with the ABCís vision of a nightmarish global warming future it seems the path to publicity and fame is paved with honey. However when you publish a paper that doesnít fit the ABCís entrenched position on Climate Change a different path awaits..."

http://abcnewswatch.blo*gs*pot.com.au/ (as usual, remove the stars from spot the blog)


Worrals in the wilds 25th Jun 2013 03:24

It was causing much mirth at my local newsagent this morning, and as an interstate paper the Telly doesn't usually get much notice. Practically every female pollie in the country has done an AWW spread at some stage (usually depicted sewing, gardening or baking :hmm:), but IMO it's better to save them for when your popularity is up, it's mid term and nothing politically contentious is happening. Otherwise they just add more grist to the ridicule mill.

Blind Freddie would be forgiven for suspecting that this is Labor's new election catch phrase.
It was certainly their catchphrase at the last Queensland election, and its lack of success is now history. :ouch:

John, that is funny.

500N 25th Jun 2013 03:36


Why doesn't that surprise me. Lefties setting the agenda.

As for "
Researchers David Karoly and Joelle Gergis",
so they can publish a paper without peer review which
I gather is still the accepted norm ?

And are they just "researchers" or do they actually have
any qualifications themselves ?

And as for not interviewing the author of the other paper. :ugh::ugh::ugh:

sisemen 25th Jun 2013 15:03

Just watching Oakshitt on Lateline (yeh, we're a bit behind in the west) doing his rehearsal for his "yes, I lost and badly, but......"

The bloke has absolutely no idea. And that goes for Windsor as well. May they spend the rest of their lives wondering about the "what if's"

And why wasn't the Chief Idiot chucked out of the House for his scurrilous allegations against Abbott?

CoodaShooda 25th Jun 2013 21:52

If you thought Swannie's cheap shot was a bit ordinary, you should have heard Conroy in Senate question time.

Forget "fighting in the streets". This mob are so far into the deep sewers, rising to gutter level is only a vague aspiration. :mad:

Oakeshott has now announced his retirement.

I guess he and Windsor can now go down in history as the guys who revealed to the world just how bad a socialist/green government can be. :E

500N 25th Jun 2013 21:55

Oakshott retiring ?

He must have seen the writing on the wall.

Was he looking like he would lose his seat ???
I can't remember the numbers.

Worrals in the wilds 25th Jun 2013 22:00

If you thought Swannie's cheap shot was a bit ordinary, you should have heard Conroy in Senate question time.
I didn't see Conroy, but Swan's effort goes a long way towards explaining the ALPs record lows in the polls. Peurile and juvenlie are an understatement, and the PM's no better.

Maybe they think Labor supporters like that sort of thing, but that's not what I'm hearing from people, particularly female people (and not what the polls are reflecting, either :8). Labor supporters liked Keating's nastiness, but Keating was funny and clever. These guys are just abusive and rude. :zzz:

Was he looking like he would lose his seat ???
Annhilated, according to a politically middle of the road friend who comes from Port Macquarie and still has family there. He seemed to think people were waiting for Oakshott with barrels of tar and feathers.

Buster Hyman 25th Jun 2013 22:42

I think the three Amigo's have set the cause of the Independent back 20 years! :ugh:

500N 25th Jun 2013 22:58

He got them $1.2 Billion is projects and other things.

Not bad for an independent !!!

CoodaShooda 25th Jun 2013 23:13

Hi Worrals
Conroy was broadcast on the ABC News network live Parliamentary coverage.
I'm afraid I'm one of those sad people who drive around with the radio tuned to it. :O

Is that promised or actual expenditure?
Labor has promised a lot without actually delivering.

500N 25th Jun 2013 23:18

Don't know. Some has been delivered, some probably not because
it was only announced in the May budget !

I have given up listening to Politics at the moment, just counting
down the last 80+ days to the election.

Worrals in the wilds 25th Jun 2013 23:32

Thanks Cooda.

He got them $1.2 Billion is projects and other things.
And they still hate him. Not a bad effort :E. Even in 2011 he was polling badly on all fronts and I hardly think his popularity would have increased in the meantime.

Speaking of polls, here are the latest odds from Sportsbet. If the ALP were a horse I might make a small punt with those odds, but not on a federal government. :eek:
  • Sworn In Government
    • Pay on party which supplies the Prime Minister following the next Federal election.Bets settled at time of swearing in. All bets carry over if the Gov General does not swear in a PM because supply cannot be guaranteed.Coalition refers to the Liberal Party
      22:30 Sworn In Government
      Markets (1)

      Coalition 1.08
      Australian Labor Party 7.00

7x7 25th Jun 2013 23:32

Larry Pickering's latest editorial, GILLARD'S DARK SIDE MATERIALISES - The Pickering Post, if accurate, should cause most people to walk away shaking their heads wondering if it's possible for some to be more cynical in milking the government benefits system to its fullest.

It left me wondering about my fellow man.

500N 26th Jun 2013 00:03

Not sure if it has been posted before but
I see Windsor is also exiting Politics.

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