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Fliegenmong 19th Jun 2013 11:26

Dutifully I do hand over to you Worrals!!! This is way too much for me!!! I really am too busy working to raise the taxes to keep the nation running to spend the time articulating your accurate replies!

chuboy 19th Jun 2013 11:52

Originally Posted by Flying Binghi (Post 7897908)
chuboy, it costs nearly as much to make/distribute/sell a small car as a big car. Funnily enuf, the older demographic who cared about Oz used to be prepared to spend more money on a bigger car hence the Oz manufacturers could afford to make cars here in Oz. Demographics do age though...

Suggest a bit more research there chuboy...

I stand corrected. I guess even Toyota struggles to make it work.

The key of course is that exports are crucial in making the production viable. Australia is too small a market to build a single vehicle for. Holden AU CEO himself said a car needs to be in the top three best sellers in AU for it to profitable in its own right.

A combination of factors led to their demise...
1. Change in fashion. You can't debate this one, sales of large sedans of all makes in Australia have been struggling. Not just the Falcodore - the Nissan Maxima/Honda Accord/Mitsubishi 380/MB E-class/BMW 5-series/et al. You can't blame it on Aussies not being patriotic, all vehicles in the segment suffered. Besides, are we not entitled to spend our money on vehicles that meet our needs?
2. A failure by the manufacturer to acknowledge number 1.
3. Rising fuel prices. Argue until you're blue in the face, the "humble" Falcodore will remind you frequently how much it costs to run. Even people who want large sedans don't want to be filling them up all the time. I once mentioned this in a discussion with someone and he insisted his Commodore wasn't bad on fuel at all, in fact he got 600kms a tank! I almost laughed in his face.
4. Strengthening AUD reducing exports.
5. Rising labour costs - although this could be debatable as a large enough export market would offset this if it existed.

I often wonder, if Australia were a country which used right-hand traffic/left-hand drive, if our vehicle manufacturing industry would be any different.

Buster Hyman 19th Jun 2013 13:44

So, there's no sympathetic ALP commentators in the alleged MSM. Interesting.

You might want to give away the childish "what day will the boats stop" line too Fleigs. People new to the thread will think you are being serious, and that it's the sum total of your argument. Then again, you've probably pre empted the first 6 months of the ALP's Opposition & their skilful "stickin' it to da man" tactics.

gassed budgie 19th Jun 2013 15:14

Martin Ferguson fronted up on 7.30 earlier this evening to explain why he was backing David Feeney for the seat of Batman ahead of other candidates who have put their hand for the job.

The three most interesting words that he managed to mumble we're almost lost amongst the rest of the piece. When asked to explain the reason for his support, he suggested that Weeney would be a "key shadow minister".

Julia would've been apoplectic if she'd been watching the telly. The dog would've been throttled, the cat would've got a kick up the blurter and Tim would've had his conjugal rights denied until at least September the 14th. Poor bastard (or maybe not).

At least someone in the Labor party isn't living in cloud kukoo land.

MTOW 19th Jun 2013 22:43

The three most interesting words that he managed to mumble we're almost lost amongst the rest of the piece. When asked to explain the reason for his support, he suggested that Weeney would be a "key shadow minister"
Love it!

And don't for one moment think that that was a slip of the tongue by Ferguson. He knows exactly what effect that 'slip' will have on the ongoing leadership challenge.

parabellum 20th Jun 2013 00:11

Sky News, AM Agenda this morning, a Labour minister talking about industry, "We know that after the election the opposition are going to strip billions of aid from industry", so they have given up already!:E

500N 20th Jun 2013 00:15

A comment on the media portrayal of same sex couples.

For years Bob Brown was always shown going to functions
by himself, then near the end of his years as a pollie it showd
a little bit of his partners arm (not holding hands though !).

Now I see today that Penny Wong and her same sex partner
are shown going to the ball hand in hand.

Either a year makes a big difference or 2 females is OK
but 2 makes isn't !

Buster Hyman 20th Jun 2013 01:04

You bluddy misogynist you!!!!! :=:=:=

david1300 20th Jun 2013 02:10

Rumours are Growing
about a change in leadership, but for the sake of all of us, PLEASE, PLEASE make her stay until sweet September. I want the satisfaction of hearing her concession speech - it will be the only time I put up with that voice, and actually change the channel to listen to her, rather than change the channel to avoid her.

500N 20th Jun 2013 02:23


That is a good point.

Although I think she'll put on the biggest load of spin you have
ever heard in your life, totally deny it was her fault and walk
out with a half a million $ smile on her face.

Andu 20th Jun 2013 02:51

Although I think she'll put on the biggest load of spin you have
ever heard in your life, totally deny it was her fault
Something along the lines of "Well may you say 'God save the Queen', because nothing will save Tony Abbott."? (With apologies to Australia's now third worst Prime Minister.)

500N 20th Jun 2013 03:32

How about "a drovers dog could have won the election".

RJM 20th Jun 2013 05:12

I think Labor will win the election under Julia Gillard if we unite behind the Gillard government and focus on the amazing record of achievement of the last three years and focus on the issues.
Paul Howes (AWU secretary, echoed by Joe de Bruyn, SDA secretary).

There's no way Gillard can win and Howes and de Bruyn know it. That statement clearly shows that the union bosses who put Gillard in power and kept her there would rather she stayed in the job, guaranteeing a huge loss for Labor, than switch to Rudd with the small chance that he might win and the, probably forever, diminish union power in the ALP.

Now we can see the real nature of union bosses like Howes and de Bruyn.

Their loyalties: First, their own jobs. Second, the union movement; third, the ALP; fourth, the nation.

How can you read it any other way? Is Gillard going to recover from 30% to about 47% in ten weeks?

PS - Another plus for Howes, de Bruyn and mates is that if Julia really gets hammered, it will be a long time before they'll have to put up with another bloody woman in the top job...

RJM 20th Jun 2013 05:35

I've just watched outgoing Labor MP Sharon Grierson praising Gillard for her 'miraculous' leadership and lauding Gillard for her 'continuing grace and dignity under relentless attacks of misogynistic abuse'.

What a crock of sh*t - but a valued addition to the 'misogyny myth' Gillard's supporters seem to be building. I thought it was 'relentless negativity' that Gillard was withstanding. Apparently not. It was 'relentless mysoginistic attacks' all the time, only no-one but McTernan noticed it.

Here it is - see if the URL works:

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

RJM 20th Jun 2013 05:38

Either a year makes a big difference or 2 females is OK
but 2 males isn't !
Well, which would you rather watch, 500? :cool:

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 20th Jun 2013 08:05

I listened to Trish Crossan's farewell speech . From teacher at Yirrkala to Labour NT senator. A work history of uselessness while firmly attached to the public tit. My heart bled when she recalled all those arduous trips between Darwin and Canberra Qantas Clubs in seat 1A. Talk about unrepresentative swill.

FullOppositeRudder 20th Jun 2013 12:24

Julia Gillard - Great Australian Lie - American Pie parody - YouTube

I almost feel sorry for her ....

(Pull yourself together man, get a grip) :=

sisemen 20th Jun 2013 13:08

It was good to watch Craig Emerson on the 7.30 Report tonight auditioning to replace Comical Ali as the Iraqi "Information" Minister.

When he wakes up on 15 Sep the first words he'll say will be "WTF happened?"

500N 20th Jun 2013 22:30

This is a bit of a surprise. I thought Shorten was one of Julia's
biggest loyal supporters ?

"BILL Shorten has been cut out of Julia Gillard's inner circle and strategic decision-making team as
pressure mounts on him to resolve Labor's leadership impasse."

No link as I could only get the first line fro the Herald Sun
but I am sure it is in all the other newspapers.

Cactusjack 20th Jun 2013 23:39

Has Rome finally burned?
A chill wind blew down from the Brindabellum Mountains and over Capittaline Hill as footsteps echoed across the Forum in the pale light of the long-awaited dawn. Wrapping her cloak tightly around her, Julia Caesar shivered. How had it all gone so horribly wrong?

She gazed up at the statue of her illustrious predecessor, Bennelongus Imperium. Relaxum and Comfortabilis was his motto. How ordinary these words now looked, etched in stone and covered in bird poop. Yet, she now realised, they possibly represented the greatest triumph any leader could achieve?

Passing the vomitorium, she could hear squeals of delight and faint laughter intermingled with sounds of dry-retching and puking. No doubt, she thought to herself, Slipperius was down there in his black toga regurgitating his cab charges.

Where on earth, she wondered, did he go on all those long journeys? And what debauchery went on in the back of those chariots that had so depleted the imperial coffers?

Swiftly walking past the Unionatis Hospitalis, she shuddered at the thought of her favoured son, the handsome Dobellius, taking tithes off the lowly slaves who toiled to clean soiled bed-sheets while he cavorted in the Via Bordello.

She turned abruptly, certain she could hear someone following her. Treachery and subterfuge swirled around her, clothed in darkness. Her enemies were everywhere, plotting, waiting for the right moment to strike. But she knew she could defeat them all, she was certain of that. " They may have knives", she thought to herself, "but they are as nothing compared to my formidable political skills, my acute sense of timing, my renowned judgment, my phenomenal ability to communicate with the masses and my mesmerising vocal skills." Her enemies didn't stand a chance!

But still, that nagging feeling kept creeping back: where on earth was Kevino Septimus?

One by one she mentally ticked off her foes. There was Minimus Shortus, the diminutive former slavemaster who had recently taken to mocking her in the Forum. "Whatever the Empress says, I support" he had proclaimed to roars of laughter from the crowds, "even though I have no idea what it is she said."

More cunning was Praaetor Smith, with his cash-starved armies outside the city walls in the Fields of Duntroon. For 18 months he had patiently waited for the moment to strike, like an adder in the grass.

And what of Senator Carcero, the great orator with the booming voice, who as tribune of Nova South Walesium had razed it to the ground with his Punic land tax while entertaining the proletariat with extravagant Games in his specially built colosseum?

How smart had it been to let him back into the Senate? Had his ambitions been sated? Still on travels to distant lands, imposing Roman law on the Fijians, she was relieved she had sent him far away.

She turned to look at the foundation stones of the Basilica Julia, where her statue was being built, a magnificent testimony to her legacy, emblazed with her own epithet: Nos sunt nobis: we are us. It would be the largest statue in Rome. After all, wasn't her most towering achievement, the introduction of the Carbonara Tax, a 23 dinar levy on all pasta production, a triumphant political victory that future generations would honour her for?

Most dangerous of all, she knew, were those closest to her. Such as Quastor Waynium Swannus, the man she trusted more than any other with the regulation of marketplaces. His day of glory was fast approaching, when he would trick the plebeians by showering them with surplus bread and treasure. She felt an icy chill run down her spine. Somehow, she couldn't help thinking, whenever a leader was overthrown it was he who was always left standing.

Or Gregorius Combatus? A soldier of fortune who'd made his name all those years ago, fighting injustice among the patrician galley-owners. He was now chief priest of the goddess Gaia, a powerful position from whence he could scrutinise the entrails. What had they really told him about her future? Even old Creaanus, could she really trust him?

She stopped to listen, certain someone was close by. She froze as she heard the serpentine hiss of steel being drawn from leather. "Julia!" a voice whispered behind her. She spun around and couldn't believe her eye. "You?" she said. "What on earth are you...? But already it was too late.


Moses said to the children of Israel ...

"Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land."

Whitlam said to the people of Australia,

Put down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land."

Today, Gillard has,

Stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, put camels in plain packaging, and mortgaged the Promised Land!

(Rowan Dean, who wrote this brilliant piece, is an Australian Financial Review columnist.)

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